• Day23

    Day 23: Whoop there it is,Train7 Beijing

    August 12, 2016 in China ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Ooooooh shiiiiiit ;-), ok and that is why I set my alarm before I went drinking :). I fell vast a sleep while I was trying to figure out what time I should get up, I woke up looking at my phone in my hand to find out I didn't even come to that point. The alarm thankfully woke me because I apparently already had set it haha. Taxi to the right trainstation (this one is farther away), through scans like all the other sheep on the station, succeeded again and was just in time to get in line to scan the ticket again at the waiting area and on we go the herd was running again to the platform. Actually this time was not as bad as the other 3 I had in China. How come? I have the fast train wooooohoooo a pleasant surprise because I didn't know. Just that it took 4.5 hours. I couldn't assume it and was afraid to be disappointed ;-). Fast is 311km/h so I have seen, that's a really nice last part of my moscow to beijing / peking express journey, hurray and hell yeah was my positive attitude before this fast train after one hour went totally nowhere for 2.5hours. The train suddenly stopt when all power went out, precisely next to another train so knew something was wrong. The hard part, no airco with so many chinese in one small space. They go really nervous really quick. I tried to sleep and save energy and oxigen ;-). Well I was used to long train rides by know. So I managed and was happy when I was in Beijing and strated searching for the hotel..... well don't do that is my advice, without google maps, a location and only the street in English writing... I tried 30 minutes, than asked a cab driver and 2 others. A man helped me explain to a driver and after that i called the hotel and quess what... spoke no english so i gave my phone to the driver. This was a noisy conversation. He knew were to go, but after 10minutes driving we had to call again. Circled around and call for a 3th time. Now the guy from the hotel came to the street. Yeah I made it after 2 hours from the train station. A beautifull hostel actually, simple but nice. A quick walk in the area was all the energy I had left in me. A tip: when you are tired even the fun things are less fun. So I went to bed early :). The adventure happens anyway so I am conent :).Read more