• Day105

    Day 105: Malvinas / Falklands

    November 2, 2016 in Falkland Islands ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

    The fourth day of the cruise and we could go on shore today at 9:00 so breakfast was early and al lot of people ready to go at 8:30 inclusing me. I was in the second zodiac (10 passengers per Zodiac so there would be 12 at least) and therefore one of the first on land yeah. First foot on this Falkland Island named Carcass Island felt like being one of the first explorers and when they called out for the "longwalkers" I was there also as one off the first. We had to walk up the hill and parallel allong the coast and we saw a lot of birds and parents with little geese. Everybody was very excited and even more when the Penguins appeared.
    Ok this is the point this app has fullfilled it's name. I found penguins here and now and it is the first time I saw a colony in the wild and even better: I was among a colony in the wild, because penguins are like honeybatchers they don't care (youtube honeybatcher ;-) ). But serious they don't know predators so they are not afraid and more likely to come to you being curious than to run away from you. As long as you just be part of their environment and walk very slow or sit still they can even walk up to you and cuddle. When this happens I will tell haha, so far they just came close or walked around me. So we landed near the settlement and walked to the far end of the beach and than crossed the Island on the smallest part to see the other beach. Penguins everywhere, 2 species actually, the Gentoo and the Magellanic Penguins. The last I have seen on the Ballestas Island also and is the one Penguin that travels also occasionally to the northern hemisphere. I thought I have seen this Penguin in New Zealand but can't find the picture, we saw the Rockhopper for certain in Milford sound.
    Than I was one of the few that walked back also, half of the longwalkers went back by boat, but finally on land I decided to grab the opportunity of a bit more excersize on land.
    When we arrived back at the settlement we had to go almost instantly because the wind had increased and the captain wanted to go. On the boat we had lunch and after we had a really exciting time because they were deciding if we could go to land or not. It al depended on the wind and waves in the bay. Finally they decided we could try, and of course we ( Rob and me) were the first in line to get off before they changed their minds 😆😉. I am so glad we could get off, especially when we arrived on the beach of Saunders Island between the Penguins. We walked across the island past thousands of Gentoo Penguins to the beach on the other side of the island where King Penguins stood and went up the mountain and came across thousands off Rockhopper penguins to go to the Black-browed Albatrosses on the cliffs. I really loved the Rockhoppers since they look so funny and act even more funny. Set up my go pro in a little stream where they walked and they got a good look at my camera and jumped around like they constantly do. Within this colony of Rockhoppers 2 Penguins tried to hide beneath their mega yellow brows, and so we saw the Macaroni species that's the 5th species already wow. Mega fun, walked back to take all the time needed with the King penguins and the expedition crew really needed to drag us back on board haha. Way to much fun on this Island to leave, and especially with the perfect weather and light. A wonderfull day and after re-cap and diner we enjoyed even more with scrolling through the photo's. I was glad with being active today but also did my second workout on board to stay in shape, showered after this and went to sleep and dream about Penguins 😆
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