• Day123

    Day 123: The Recoleta Cemetary Maze

    November 20, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Not even hung over but since I bought breakfast yesterday I had no reason to get up early for that. I could do another free walk tour but the tour was ending were I would want to start and 3 hours later haha. The cemetary always a fun place to go haha not really I tought but this one should be different. After a while walking through parcs plaza's and nice neighbourhoods I arrived at the Cemetary. This is just amazingly beautifull, it is like a maze of wannabe thombstones. I think they are thombstones but than high class and without mummy's. Elevated graves or little buildings. All in rows and little streets, I walked here for more than a hour and still amazed me that the whole area was filled with beautifull architecture. It had something romantic actually and also a lot of celebraties where burried here but I couldn't find any I knew.
    From here I walked to some other spots that were on the free walk list and took the Subway to the Centre near Casa Rosada. I knew the other free walk ended there at 6 and it was 6 and I also knew that Gerlinde and Rodney from the Ortelius walked that tour haha. So I found them on my path to Puerto Madero and we arranged to have diner tonight. I followed my way and walked this Urban waterfront area and had a beer watching the sun go down behind the skyline of Buenos Aires. I took the subway to the meeting point with my dutch friends and after a draft beer in the draft 😉 ( it was very windy out there) we went to a really good restaurant called: Barbacoa I never ate pasta so good. I almost ordered a second plate but after all that food on the Ortelius it was time to regain fitness levels👊. It was very gezellig and after diner we said goodbye again and went our own ways. I wanted to take the metro since it was a few km away but the first one on route was under construction the 2nd closed and at the 3rd the police said the whole line was out of order..... Ok time for some excersize :-). It was only 5.5km so I ran as much as I can without atracting to much attention 😉. In 30 minutes I was back at my hotel, I still am glad to have that kind of energy I love that. The 32000 steps today counts as a productive day so I could be content and sleep because my flight to Rio was early morning....😑 again grrr 😉.
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