• Day127

    Day 127: Why to Fortaleza?

    November 24, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    This morning I left Rio, an arranged shuttle took me at 8:15 right on time and also nice to have this for free as I expected a ride to the hotel when I arrived.
    Said goodbye to the nice views in Rio and Sugar Loaf looked very beautifull. I was ready to go to Fortaleza. Why Fortaleza of all places? Well it's the only logical way to get to Boa Vista (in the Cape Verde Island group) and let me explain what is logical. There are almost no flights from South America to Afrika since they have almost no connection in language or history. What the connection is comes from Europe so most flights go to Europe directly from both continents. There is a connection from Johannesburg to Sao Paulo if I am correct and than there is my flight. So after waiting 5 hours at the airport I really wanted to check in early to ensure a seat in front of the airplane. Since my brother arranged an earlier flight to Boa vista on the 25th instead of the regular on the 27th. The challenge was that I had 1hour and 40 minutes to catch it and I had to get a visum, go through customs, maybe get my backpack, check in, go to customs again and board 30min before take of. So 1 hour 10minutes remained but check in would close 40 min before so 1 hour for the formalities in an African country 😉. Let's do it... so in line for check in 4 hours early there already was a qeue of 30 ladies with each 1 full cart of luggage. What the ??? Ok I waited in line and after 30 minutes I saw really bad news on the screen "Flight cancelled". Well here we go, after 127 days 1 changed flight out of 20 flights... it had to happen haha. Also this flight was already rescheduled 5 times in the past 5 months so I wasn't surprised. But... what to do now? Well ask the desk of Capo Verde which was unmanned for the whole day already except 5 minutes before check in. So wait in line like everybody already did. They actually checked in the luggage so I grabbed an extra shirt at the last moment checked in and fired my questions. They couldn't or didn't tell me when I would arrive in Boa vist but they promised me i would haha. Huh??? Yes not to much info there 😂. I showed my printed ticket that ( I well prepared as I was printed in Rio) showed I would miss my connection (the one my bro arranged). Because I did this I got a hotel in Praia with transport and free food ( which I didn't now at this time) a good present from my brother after all ;-). So Cabo Verde arranged a new flight in 24 hours and 2 hotels plus transfers... not bad, not bad. I was in Fortaleza in no time and it had some nice decorations on the way. Looked like Christmas was coming haha. Some food and a drink and time to rest and enjoy the extra's ;-).Read more