• Day11

    Day 11: Cinque Terre all the way

    October 19, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    The second day in Cinque Terre (although it felt as the third) started nice, getting some nice breakfast and walking to Vernazza didn’t take very long. We decided to enjoy the view on the village while having lunch, this was excellent since it was perfect weather and very steep so a good view.
    We had to plan the walk today to make sure we had the boat trip in time to see Manarola and end in Riomaggiore before dark. We also wanted a drink in Monterosso, so after enjoying Vernazza and taking the photo’s that are well known on the internet we walked to our last stop. We were in time to buy the ferry tickets and for me to have a swim in the sea but the drinks became 2 corona’s that we drank while waiting in the queue for the ferry haha. This fell really good, and in Manarola we had one hour so we added some more drinks and got some free small bites with this. We paid and hurried of when we saw the boat approaching, we even had to run and sadly found out that it was a different boat and that ours came within 15minutes. Well we enjoyed every moment anyway so relaxing a bit more staring at waves is a good way to spend your time on holidays I think. When the Ferry brought us to our starting point yesterday we looked at it differently, Riomaggiore has more houses I guess but more compact and lay in this valley shape really close to sea level. The others were smaller and more higher up except for Monterosso which looked like a beach resort ;-). We had to eat and drink in every village so we still owed Rio a diner with drinks. Pizza in the middle of the street was a great idea and after it was even a better idea to get out of there before darkness would make the drive to Spezia a little more difficult ;-). The guest house in Spezia was one of a kind haha, allmost everything was self service, the colour pink and ran on trust in both ways ;-). Excellent and cheap :DRead more