• Day25

    25: Salmon, Zipline, Old growth & chill.

    September 29, 2018 in Canada ⋅ 🌬 7 °C

    When you think you did so much and than you find this list with things you wanted to do? You just go out there and do them. We were so lucky with Jane again that we could take the car out. Everybody was a little slow this saturday morning and Jane got a ride to a birthdayparty so we could have the car to go exploring again. We went to this Kokanee Creek where Salmon would come and spawn and actually there were a few probably doing that since they would turn redish when they do that. I got some nice gopro footage and we went on sincd the Ziplines tour would start at 12. Doing that was awesome, I first tought the security was a little to much. But I understand with groups of 10 you can't keep an eye on everybody. The ziplines went from slow to faster and the last one you could reach 90km an hour. I think we went like 60 on the last one but the ones before were more fun since we could play around more.. we both hang upside down on one and that's actually a great feeling. I also noticed again that I lack the fear of heights for sure. The adrenaline i got was more from the speed than heights. Maris also is growing over her fear of heights no worries about falling for sure.
    When we were done we got some food at a gas station and went back up again to walk the Old Growth trail. It really is one very beautifull trail, wouldn't have missef that one. A lot of big trees (Ciders mainly if I remember correct) and a nice creek what resulted in a nice playground for us to climb on trees and such for cool views and pictures. It was only 5,7k round but we had almost 2 hours of fun ;-).
    From this trail we went to the other side of Nelson to bring back what we borrowed plus extra. Loved the tiny house we saw there, to bad we couldn't meet the owner ;-). So we moved back to J&J and decided to do a movie night with some pizza and beers. Normal life is actually really nice for a change. Good night ;-).
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