• Day3

    Salt fields, Slave houses and relax

    January 7, 2019 in Bonaire ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Woke up a bit more tired due to the wolves in the night ;-) but with the same schedule as yesterday it would be a relaxed day anyway. We got the rental car for a few short trips across the island. We did the salt fields and the little slave houses today. Driving to the south part of the island these showed up fast enough since the island is not that big. We passed a lot of kitesurfers at one point since that was the best spot for it. Little boats helped the kitesurfers when they drifted to far from the horde ;-). The salt fields had different colours and for ships they had pilars near the sea that marked the different sorts of salt there. The pilars are red, white, blue and orange for representing the dutch flag. The houses were for the slaves that used to work there. Now you see more machines and tourists than something else but the salt is still a product foe export. The right side of the island had much bigger waves and watching them was great. Back to the hotel for some lunch and more relaxing around the beach for the day. Sam did her first dive and had a great time also. The sunset looked great especially with these cruise ships leaving the island. Like yesterday I did my workout but a bit rougher and tougher to really feel it this time. Plan is to do sports everyday and diving is a sport for sure ;-). Diner was again good and we could even keep it a healthy one. Some wine some cocktails before and after and all was good for the day.Read more