• Day18

    Great Barrier Reef

    October 17, 2018 ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Last full day in Oz today and we spent it on a luxury catamaran out at sea where we did lots of snorkelling. There were 30 of us on board and lots of crew members to ensure we had the best time.

    We stopped off at two snorkelling areas. Michaelmas Bay and Hasting Reef both of which are on the outer areas of the Great Barrier Reef. The water looked so clear and was a pure tropical blue and the sand was so white and silky. Paradise! As we got into the water Mart put his face into the shallow water to check his mask was working and saw a massive Sting Ray just looking right back at him. We saw lots of different fish including colourful Parrot fish and even Nemo! At one point I felt something on the side of my face so I reached up to see what it was and I pulled a jelly fish off my face which had stung my face and then my hand as I pulled it off.

    We had a lovely spread for lunch with lots of different salads and cold meats. After lunch we did more snorkelling and had a little trip in a glass bottom boat.

    We went out for a great meal this evening at a local steak house. The food was incredible. We had little belly pork bites for starter and steak for main course. And of course we had a Schooner...or two.

    One important thing that we learnt today was that it is illegal to cross a road in Australia if the green man isn’t showing (It’s called jay walking). We have wondered for the whole trip why people aren’t just crossing the road when it’s safe and clear but now we know why!

    That’s our last day finished. We are very sad to be coming home and we don’t think any holiday will ever trump this one.

    Flight is at 15:15 tomorrow so we have a nice relaxed morning before heading for the airport.

    See you soon
    H xxx
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