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  • Day137

    Cause I'm leaving Mabul Island

    April 13, 2019 in Malaysia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    I finally left Mabul today and I'm happy, that I had such an amazing experience on that beautiful Island! Mabul is my favourite place of my whole travels and I spend almost one month on this beautiful Island. I'm actually really sad to finally leave this place... because I know, coming back won't be that easy for me. But it's not all about the diving or about the beauty of this Island... mostly it's about the people at Scuba buddy. Looking back they are not only friends, but family for me. Scuba buddy is like a second home. I had so many funny moments with all the people working there and I had the chance to get to know them closer and making insane memories with each of them. Tahir who was my instructor and introduced me to all of them. Playing the guitar and singing every night... I almost died under water, cause i couldn't stop laughing because of him.
    Samrin, my sayang, I did lots of stupid things with him under water, while Tahir teached his customers. He teached me how to make bubble rings and we become really good friends, especially in the last week. Making jokes and just hang around.
    Captain, who is a really nice guy, always there for joking and I really liked to have him as my buddy. Especially laughing at him because he was always freezing under water after 5 minutes already...
    And his almost wife Christina, she didn't stay here that often, but when she was at scuba buddy it was always nice to talk to her.
    Kenon, don't believe him, but trust him. I've never met someone who is talking so much shit everyday hahaha. He was making up stories all the time. At the beginning I didn't know that and believed every single word he was saying.... After a while I realized that every second word he was saying isn't true... (reminder: don't forget to celebrate his birthday tomorrow... there is always a reason to drink #Tanduay)
    Ivan the big boss managing this place together with Qawiem... he's a really nice person letting me stay for almost one month at his place and charching almost nothing. I really love the way how he handles his stuff and how welcoming he is to everyone. The place I stayed is actually not a hostel. It's just a diving school with some rooms for the stuff.
    I got to know Ivans partner Qawiem only for a few days, but he is a really nice person as well and an awesome instructor and really good teacher.
    Sirih, one of the best boatman... he can't really speak english but I had a few nice sessions with him on the boat when we listened to the "scorpions" and enjoyed life in the hammock, watched the sunset and he showed me how the locals chew tobacco here.
    And our cute kitchengirl, she showed me how to cut Tuna, but her english wasn't really good either... So it was a little bit hard to communicate with her.
    And then last but not least: Aril & Aik, they actually don't work at scuba buddy, but have there own boat and kind of live here as well. Those two came here three times when I was here and stayed for about 4/5 days. Island vibes are guaranteed with those two.... Really nice to hang out with and just talk and laugh....

    Stay with the locals! It offers you the best experience in an other country. I learned how to use my hands for eating and I've been eating rice three times a day and loved it! Rice with Tuna, simple but I will miss it so much. Actually the whole stay was just very simple. There was nothing special happening every day, but at the same time so many small and simple things happening were so special to me. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to meet all these people. And I was actually crying yesterday, because I had to leave and this time I knew I'm not coming back too soon. For sure I will remember all these beautiful people and souls for my whole life.
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