• Day12

    Nicole arrives, shopping in Buena Park

    June 26, 1992 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Neither Pete nor I slept too well again. We were both worried about not getting to the airport on time for Nicole, or even that she would be on the plane. I started also to worry about our money lasting the distance. We got up fairly early and were anxious to get to the vicinity of the airport in plenty of time. We didn't even know what we would do about parking in such a busy place.

    This time I had worked out how to read our large scale map and found out where all the freeway entries were, and I navigated us back in much less time. As we approached the airport, large signs advised us to tune our radio to AM station 503 which gave us instructions as to where we should go and park. We arrived without a hitch, with about 1 1/2 hours to spare.

    At this stage we hadn't had breakfast, so we made our way to the cafeteria. By this time I had noticed that Sean was beginning to look "dotty" and wasn't feeling well. He had a slight temp so I had given him some Panadol before leaving. Anyway breakfast was delicious, but more expensive than any so far - more than $30.

    We mooched around the airport and Nicole finally came out, much to our relief. A group of people had been waiting for Kenny, so we welcomed him too when he finally came out. We stood around chatting for a while and discussing the traumas before phoning granny and then making our exit.

    Since Nicole had been in her clothes for many hours we went back to the hotel to shower and perhaps rest, but she preferred not to rest. We decided not to do anything too taxing during the afternoon, so went to Shoe City where we all bought a new pair of shoes: either Reeboks or LA Gear. By the time we had all chosen, about an hour had passed!

    Went looking for a shopping centre so went to the one in Buena Park. I bought some shorts and jeans. We stayed for a while in a software shop and Nicole bought a couple of games. I also got my films developed and bought another t-shirt. Decided it was nearing dinner time. There was a large eating area there so we stayed there. Quite cheap. Joel and Sean got a cherry icey which they hated. Pete also bought a Doctor Pepper - also cherry flavoured - yuck!

    Also went to the "train" McDonalds which had model trains going round. Had an awful trauma with Sean trying to get him to take more panadol. I had left the chewable ones back in the room.

    Finally I bought a needle & thread, thermos flash and some Panadol syrup before we headed for the hotel much later than we'd expected to.
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