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    Day 610: Flying to Paris

    October 17, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    One of the great complications of travelling with a dog means that you don't have the flexibility that you have otherwise. So we couldn't go directly from Athens to New York, even though it's possible with several airlines. Instead we had to fly to Paris, where we'll catch a separate flight tomorrow.

    So off we went, back on the subway out to the airport in plenty of time, onto the plane for the long 3.5 hour flight across much of the continent. Arrived in Paris on time, and out of the airport by around 8:20. It's been a long time since I've been in Charles-de-Gaulle, and I'd forgotten how massive it is!

    Getting the free shuttle bus to our hotel proved to be an ordeal - we had to get the train from terminal 1 across to terminal 2 which took about 30 minutes, then waited another 15 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. It wound around through a few other hotels first, then eventually got to the Campanile where they had no record of our booking. We were at the wrong hotel! There's two Hotel Campaniles located near CDG (it's a chain we've stayed at before), and we'd come to the wrong one. 30 minutes and a 15 euro Uber ride later, we finally got to the right hotel and made it to our room.

    Made sure to stay up late since Paris is already an hour different from Athens, but will need to adjust our body clocks for a longer time zone change tomorrow!
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    Trish Forrester

    Oh' the joys of travel! I bet you were 'peeved'