• Day14

    Edinburgh - food

    August 14, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Continuing with my food-sampling (I'm thinking this will become a regular topic) I tried more Scottish fare: scotch pie (similar to a NZ meat pie except with thin hard pastry instead of soft flaky pastry, and the filing was less rich and "meaty", maybe because it's lamb/mutton instead of beef mince). Decent, but mostly just made me miss mince pies.

    Next up, macaroni and cheese pie! (pic) Same crust as scotch pie minus the top. I wouldn't expect it to work (double carbs) but it's actually very good! Also cheap (for UK) - only 1 pound.

    Oh yeah, food is pretty expensive here - some seems to scale so it's roughly the same price as NZ converted into pounds, others seem to just replace the dollar sign with the pound sign and be done. Worst conversion I've had is a 70p McDonald's ice cream (roughly 3x the price). And it was smaller too!

    Finally, had a Cornish pasty. Basically take all the ingredients of a roast and put them in a semi-circular pie of flaky pastry. Also pretty ok and perhaps a bit healthier (less unhealthy?) than a purely meat pie.

    Oh yes, I also had Yorkshire pudding a while ago. It is not pudding (I was kinda expecting that). It was also pretty basic (just empty puffed pastry with gravy on top). Maybe that's unusual?
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