• Day24

    London - Natural History Museum

    August 24, 2015 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Another rainy day, another museum... only half of London had the same idea (#1). Even though there wasn't anything stopping people getting in besides how packed the front room was, there was a massive line outside. Luckily the rain paused while I was in line!
    Right inside, there's an almost-complete stegosaurus fossil (#2), awesome! There was also a huge line inside to get into the dinosaur exhibit (#3). You can also see in that photo that it's quite a beautiful building, too.

    And HEAPS of other stuff. (#4 is a whole large room full of different minerals / gemstones, #5 is a ~1500yo giant sequoia with rings labeled for historic events).

    Half an hour before closing time I lined up for the dinosaur exhibit, having rushed through some bits and missed other entire sections. Always cool, the dinosaurs did not disappoint (although I thought the earth/volcanoes/earthquakes section was just as good). I particularly like these fossil teeth where you can see serrations on the edge. Unfortunately I didn't make it through the whole exhibit (going was slow because it was super packed) before the museum closed and they ushered everyone out.

    All up 4 hours spent and needed more time! I should have woken up earlier!
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