• Day17

    Concert in Sturovo

    September 26, 2015 in Slovakia ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    We headed for the flea market this morning for some free shopping time. However, with a concert later in the day, we had to pack the instruments and uniforms onto the bus with us. The flea market was great with lots of local fresh produce downstairs, including souvenir paprika which we bought. Upstairs were some great bargains, the usual tourist stuff a la paddies,but also lots of locally made linen and so on.

    We stopped at a crowded food stall and wondered whether they had ever actually made coffee before. Back on the coach, we headed for Dorog where we had lunch in Grante Etterem. The tables were arranged very much like wedding tables. We had some lovely potato soup for entree, then a second course of pea soup with a schnitzel on the side, with some sort of tossed bun with poppy seeds.

    Passing Esztergom, we drove across the Danube in to Slovakia (Sturovo). Because of the rain, we had a problem in that the location of the concert was being used by some folk whose concert was originally supposed to be outside, delaying our changing and rehearsal. We were taken to a separate venue for a quick rehearsal and tune before going back to the Culture House. We mooched around a bit, and eventually got into the place. There were people dressed in majestic regalia, like mayoral robes for a 'wine knights' event. A couple of people were presented with some sort of certificate, and one wore a sash for 2015. Maybe some sort of promotional awards? We couldn't work it out.

    The second concert went well. The audience was again appreciative, and we had learned how to handle the encores without doing 6 of them! However, when we got back on the bus we found out that it had no power, so we walked down to the restaurant El Camino, I suppose about a kilometer away. Actually a bit of walking was a great idea after all the heavy food and bus travel.

    We sort of thought we might get some Spanish food, but Hungarian traditional seems to be the choice made for us - schnitzel, potatoes and pickles. At some stage during dinner, Bill had a brain snap and started telling Judith off when she tried to tell him not to tidy up the empty plates. It was a little unpleasant and uncharacteristic, and we were later told, possibly incorrectly, that she was taking photos of him eating with the wrong teeth! Not sure that we can still blame jet lag!
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    Trish Forrester

    All packed up for the gig

    Trish Forrester

    Budapest markets

    Trish Forrester

    Lunch in Dorog

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