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  • Day18

    Concert at Esztergom and Dorog

    September 27, 2015 in Hungary ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We headed back in the same direction today, but this time our destination was Esztergom, on the Hungarian side of the Danube. We had to leave quite early to play a promenade concert at the cathedral. We passed some really interesting buildings, almost Japanese looking, which used to be a a Russian military barracks.

    This cathedral at Esztergom is enormous and we found out that it is the largest church in Hungary. What an absolutely awesome place to play! We were dwarfed by the colonnades around us. We had to wait a little while for a service inside to finish, and when we started playing quite a crowd gathered around us. After packing up, we were given a guided tour inside and around. Inside was spectacular as expected. The organ, currently being refurbished and enlarged (since 1980s) will have 146 pipes when finished. Liszt played the organ in here and some of the original pipes are still in use. There are also several relics of saints on display. We then walked around to the rear of the church, the top of a precipice with a lovely view down to the Danube and the bridge over to Slovakia on the other side.

    We were able to walk to our lunch spot as it was basically underneath the cathedral, with the interior design a continuation of inside the church. There were also great explanations of the major wine regions in Hungary explained on the walls. After lunch and a bit of a relax we headed the fairly short distance to Dorog. A bit of a surprise was in store, as the Dorog band were waiting for us when we arrived and played a couple of pieces on the square outside. We were surprised at the colours in their uniforms- similar to ours.

    We changed and got ready for a rehearsal with Dorog band, as we were to play a number of pieces with them, with Rae conducting some, and their conductor doing others. The concert proper started at 5. It was quite a cultural experience, the combination of the two bands, two cultures, two languages, with one interpreter. There were also some formal presentations as to commemorate our visit. We found out later that the entire concert was recorded and handed to us on DVD, as well as uploaded to youtube.

    The culture house itself was quite an elaborate building, and afterwards a lovely spread of food was waiting upstairs for us...and drinks of course. What we didn't know was that the Dorog band was going to entertain us with several sets of music, which they played for hours. Such stamina after starting in the afternoon when we arrived!

    Although we very much appreciated their efforts, it had been a long day for us and we looked forward to getting on the bus, and travelling back to our beds in Budapest!
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    Trish Forrester

    Originally a Russian Military Barracks

    Trish Forrester

    Concert in front of the Esztergom Cathedral

    Trish Forrester

    Huge Colonnades

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