• Day2

    A day of hanger and enjoyment

    April 5, 2016 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Today we have walked the streets of Reykjavik...a lot!! After we awoke from our mammoth sleep last night we ventured off to get a traditional Icelandic breakfast. We found a quaint little place near the church that Fil had recommended to us called Loki. Here we tucked in to mashed fish on rye bread (very yummy, a bit like scrambled egg) and herring and eggs on rye bread (slightly sickly by the end of it). The food was much nicer than I thought, however the portion sizes weren't quite up to Aidens standards...which led to a day of hanger!!! After we left the cafe we went to the city's church. The architecture was stunning...apparently it's meant to reflect the country's landscape, and had a ginormous organ inside. We then went for a very brisk walk down to the old harbour. Iceland had kindly tricked us yesterday into thinking that the weather was Luke warm and spring like...we were mistaken. That arctic breeze can pack a punch!! Lesson learnt, we will wear appropriate winter attire from now on, and hope that one day Aiden regains the feeling in his fingers. The view from the harbour was breath taking, snowy mountains and volcanoes. Managed to get a cheeky pic with the statue of the sun voyager too. After an eventful supermarket shopping trip where Aiden was replaced by a hungry irrational raging tourist for 5 minutes, we went to Iceland's national museum. Aiden managed to take in all of the political history, and I managed to find a room to play dress up! The armour they used to wear during fights was insane, the chain vests weighed around 12kgs. Somehow within all of this, we stumbled across a random chess board and had a cheeky game (whilst a group of French school children pointed at us and took pictures. Highly embarrassing since Aiden beat me. And by beat I mean destroyed me). We then took a walk to buy our food for the next few days, noodles, cut up sausage and a pepper...sounds yummy yea?! We tried to book to see the northern lights but it's too cloudy so fingers crossed we can do it over the next couple of days.Read more

    Rachel Smithson

    Lol love this pic X

    Jo Morris

    😂 love that you found this room sarah... Can't believe I missed out!! You are clearly in your element😉

    Sarah Cobbold

    Did you miss this room? It was the best one!!! Haha x

    Jo Morris

    No I don't remember seeing a fancy dress room😂 x