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  • Day151

    Majorca, Spain

    October 4, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    I’ve spent the last 3.5 months living in a bikini soaking up the summer rays and it’s a bit surreal to think I’m now in Majorca enjoying my last day of sunbathing until I return to New Zealand. Majorca was never part of the plan but after the coach tour, I knew I’d enjoy some serious alone time to reset before the last two months of my travels. Having talked with Steph Mackie about the island, I hired a rental car for my three nights which meant I could get around the island easily. Thank goodness I did because I’ve been able to explore ends of the island that would of otherwise been far too difficult to get to! My first night here I went to a cheap thai restaurant and shared a table with Suzana from Ljubljana who I got to know over dinner and then we grabbed a drink after. It’s these sorts of moments that I love the most - meeting people unexpectedly in the most random places and just clicking like you’ve known then forever! My first day of exploring I set off to Sant Elm after recommendations from Suzana and climbed the cliff to Sa Trapas which was stunning!! It was a slightly challenging walk, mainly because I’m so unfit compared to normal, but so rewarding once at the top and the views of La Dragoneta surrounded by blue waters were gorgeous. I then sunbathed in the afternoon at the beach before heading back to my hostel. My second day I spent at Cala Agulla, a white sand beach along the East coast of Majorca. It took 1.5hours to get here from my hostel but it was a very cool drive with lots to look at and good jams on the local radio station! While it’s been good having a car, parking has been a nightmare and caused a few stressful moments but I can’t really complain when that’s all I’ve got to worry about! I caught up with Suzana again and we had authentic Spanish tapas and sangria. It was great to finally have real tapas as I haven’t had the Spanish cuisine much on my travels. Fair to say the octopus wasn’t a fave however the ham and spinach croquettes were delish! Suzana and I chatted the night away and its friendships like these that make me so happy - completely out of the blue, unexpected and random at the best of times but genuine, authentic and someone I’ll keep in touch with for sure!Read more