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  • Day74


    August 11, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We got into Lisbon super tired after the overnight train from Madrid. Second class of the train wasn’t the best for getting a good night sleep. We didn’t have beds so instead had to sit up right, and they didn’t turn the lights off in the cabin until a few hours into the ride. I was worried that they would leave the lights on the entire time so I attempted to construct a sleeping mask out of a pad. It did a pretty bad job of being a sleeping mask so I was very relieved when the lights were finally turned off. When we got into Lisbon we dropped off our bags at our hostel and then lounged in the common room of the hostel until the provided free walking tour. The walking tour was an interesting experience. At first we weren’t a fan of the guide because he was the hostel worker that got irritated whenever we would ask for the key to the luggage room. However, by the end of the tour it seemed almost like there was a contest between other people on the tour to see who could be the most annoying person on the tour. This caused us to feel bad for the guide, and we did learn a lot about Portugal during the tour so at the end we did not have any problems with the guide. During the tour we learned how the entire city was destroyed in a fire then tsunami in the same day so that is why all the buildings are so new. Lisbon looks like San Francisco with its trolley cars and red bridge, mixed with Rio De Janeiro with its Christ the Savior statue, mixed with Spanish terra cotta roofs. It’s absolutely beautiful and you have great views at the top of each of its 7 hills. Our tour ended at a flee market that happens every Saturday called the market of thieves. It was cool to see and Grant especially had a great time being the scavenger he is. When we were done at the market we went back to the hostel to finish the laundry that we started before the tour. However many people were wanting to do laundry at this point with a line of people waiting to use the hostels single washer and dryer. Since we had wet clothes that needed dry pronto, I walked to a nearby laundromat to do the laundry. Upon arrival this place was closed even though it was listed as open online. I then found another laundromat close to the one I was at and trekked their with all our clothes. By this point I was pretty frustrated with this whole ordeal and with the machines being difficult to use so I wound up getting into a little spat with a guy at the laundromat over a dryer. Both of us were in the wrong when arguing over who gets the dryer. I wound up letting him use it and he chose a fast cycle which was nice so all was good in the end! When the laundry was finally done we decided to walk around and see some iconic spots in the city such as Praça do Comércio, Rossio square, and Miradouro de Santa Catarina. In Praça do Comércio there was a restroom advertised as the “sexiest wc in the world”. We were super curious what this meant so we went in and the restroom was very fancy with tons of colored toilet paper and fancy sinks. It did not disappoint! In Rossio square there was a shop called Sardinha Portuguesa which was a huge extravagant sardines store which sold sardines from each year starting as far back as the 1950s! Portugal is very proud of its sardines which was a cute novelty but I had no desire to try 60+ year old sardines. We then had a pre dinner snack of, pastel de nata, which is a very famous Lisbon egg tart. They were so tasty that we had them many other times during our visit to Portugal! We then had the hostel dinner which was a 4 course meal with unlimited drinks for 10 euro. It was actually very tasty for a hostel dinner and well worth the 10 euro! After dinner Naomi decided to go to bed and Grant and I went on the hostels pub crawl. The crawl cost 12 euro and had unlimited drinks at the first bar, a free shot and the second, and then ended at a club with a big window lookout over the water. We had a lot of fun and stayed out partying until about 4. When getting back to the hostel, two friends we made during the crawl, Angel and Sarah, and us were craving food. We found out that we had 10 minutes until the nearby McDonalds closed so we literally sprinted there to get late night fries. Sprinting to a McDonald’s before it closed is probably the most American thing I’ve ever done and I didn’t even do it in America! The scenery must have just made me confused into thinking I was in San Francisco instead of Lisbon :)Read more