• Day85


    August 22, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We spent our last day in Paris by visiting Versailles. Before heading over to the palace we got a quick brunch. I had the French toast since it seemed like a fitting thing to eat in France. When we were done eating we checked out of the Airbnb and stored our bags in the nearby train station. Storing our luggage was one of the most frustrating things I experienced during my travels. We had to go through security and a 30 minute line to store our bags which was weird. Once we finally stored them we were trapped in the room for a bit because the door to get out was super confusing. It was a series of two glass sliding glass doors, the first set had to close to open the second set, and you had to push a button to open the second set but not the first. It was a truly great horrific engineering design. If I could graffiti anything in the world it would be those doors. After finally finishing storing our bags, we were a bit frantic to try and make it on time to Versailles for our skip the line entry time. Luckily, we made it in time for us to use skip the line which was super worth it. People who didn’t skip the line had to wait in line for about 4 hours! Once we got in it was really nice to tour all the rooms of the palace. The best room was of course the iconic hall of mirrors. The palace was huge and each of the rooms were very ornate. When we were done exploring the palace we walked around the gardens. Naomi studied the gardens in a class on gardens she took at Rice, so it was especially cool for her to see in person. When we were done strolling the gardens we headed back to the city to have a quick lunch with wine before retrieving our bags then heading to the airport. At the airport we realized we had to spend all our remaining euros since England used the pound, so we bought some snacks and drinks. All the shopping for small items to use up our euro caused us to discover a great perfume sale so we also each bought a perfume. Foreign currencies win again at getting us to buy things! After our airport shopping extravaganza we boarded the plane and said goodbye to the EU. It’s Brexit time baby!Read more