• Day86


    August 23, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Landing in England was a weird experience. It had been about 3 months since being in a primarily English speaking country so having that be the main language on all signs was weird. It actually took some adjusting to get used to, I would naturally look at subtext first on signs assuming that would be the location of an English translation. Getting through customs was thankfully easier than expected. I was worried about getting through them since Marc had issues earlier in the summer with having Russian stamps on his passport. Since I had that as well as 90 days in the Schengen region I was worried that would look sketch but luckily there was no problem! I’m sure me wearing one backpack on my back and one on my front with a lederhosen bear keychain sufficiently helped me look like a harmless tourist. After getting through customs we got our bags and went straight to the hostel since it was already late. We started the next day by going to the TKTS booth to get cheap day-of tickets. The line wasn’t long and we were able to get half off tickets to see kinky boots! We then grabbed cappuccinos at a nearby coffee shop before lunch. For lunch, we went to the top rated Indian restaurant in the city. London is apparently known for its Indian foot since there are many great Indian chefs due to colonization. Naomi and I split samosas, paneer tikka masala, chicken and rice, and a molten chocolate dessert. It was all delicious and I sadly forgot to take a picture of it. After lunch we toured the west minister abbey. The abbey was beautiful and it was cool to see the memorials and graves of so many famous British people, especially the authors who I’ve read books by such as Oscar Wilde and the Bronte sisters. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so I only have pictures of the outside. After leaving the abbey we walked around the area to see sites such as the London eye and Big Ben. Big Ben was undergoing major construction so we could only see part of one of the clock faces. You know what they say, the next best thing to seeing Big Ben is seeing part of one of its faces! It started to rain while we were walking so we scurried on over to our preshow cake and gin reservation at Mr.Foggs gin parlor. The gin parlor was absolutely adorable! All of the staff was dressed in old timey costumes and all the decorations made it look like a British antique parlor. The cakes provided were delicious with my favorite being the fruit scones. The real show stopper was of course the gin. The parlor has in house over 200 types of gin. This is why we decided to visit since gin is Naomi’s favorite drink and London is famous for making it. The gin did not disappoint! My first drink was a sweet fruity lemonade type drink that was so good that Naomi ordered one after trying mine. My second drink was really unique with weird ingredients such as peanut butter in it! It surprisingly seeks its the gin and was also quite tasty. We had a lovely time at the parlor, and it was a perfect pre-theater activity. After enjoying our gin experiences we walked around the theater area for a bit and then went to see kinky boots. We wound up having great seats right in the middle with a perfect view of the stage. The actors were phenomenal and the show was a ton of fun! When the show was done we went back to the hostel to sleep. We were woken up at about 5 an by one of the people in our hostel loudly sleep talking. We found this a bit concerning since he was a big guy who seemed a bit unstable at the time, but everything wound up being okay. In the end we were able to get some London shut-eye!Read more