• Day1

    24 hours of movement

    September 6 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Feeling nervous and tired I woke before my alarm. Wanting to get going so I wasn't late, always the worry that I will be late, I'm never late, well very rarely. But I still worry.
    I had 24 hours of travel a head and so much could get messed up.
    Flew with United Airlines, you realise that this isn't a great idea, a few things that were annoying and stupid. Lets count them, 1- couldn't check in online, ended up queuing for ages (annoying). 2- They never asked about food, so no vegan food for me on the flight (pissed off). 3- Had to pick up my own luggage when transferring, and walk around the corner with them and give them to this one guy who scan the barcode and shouted the destination (Stupid, so stupid). 4- Second flight was so rough I felt sick the whole way (annoying). 5- The flight was so rough they couldn't serve food (so hungry).
    Although there were loads of issues, there was so many lovely people who I met, from the lady in the queue at check in who was going to New York, to the older guy who I sat next to and had a vegan meal he didn't want and gave it to me so I could eat.
    Also met lovely Irish girl who my transfer was with, Siobhan was so nice and we said we would hang out tomorrow. Felt so much better for knowing I had met someone.
    Checked in and went to my room, so tired and have been moving for 24 hours, I finally lay down and could not sleep. Why oh why won't you just fall asleep!!!
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