• Day206

    @ Katherine again :)

    September 2, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Hüt morge simmer zum Gunlom Wasserfall und bis obe ane gloffe/klötteret zum im Infinitypool bade. Wunderbar isches gsii :) und es bizeli heiss... (35 Grad und gueti Luftfüechtigkeit dank em churze Räge i de Nacht)

    Jez simmer wider heil in Katherine aacho, ussert das en Riss i de Felge wider uufgrisse isch... Wohl oder übel hemmer am Bruce en Schönheitsfehler müesse iiboue - d Felge vom Ersatzrad :)
    Hoffentli chemmer de Riss in Cairns denn flicke lah...

    Today we hiked up to the Gunlom falls infinity pool, wich is only about 500m away from the carpark - but we had to climb half the way. All that at 35 degrees and high humidity (thanks to the little bit of rain during the night).

    Now we're back in Katherine, we have to replace the cracked rim with the one from the spare tyre and hope to find someone who can fix the rim when we come to Cairns.
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