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  • Day90

    Ankara the capital of Atatürk

    October 29 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    After the end of the Ottoman empire and several "liberation wars" it was general Mustafa Kemal Pascha who founded in 29.10.1923 the Republic of Turkey. He became the first president, later to be nicknamed "Atatürk" (which means "father of the Turks"). Separating religion from the state (unlike Turkish politics nowadays :S), he is considered the founder of modern Turkey and is still a kind of Superstar. You find his portrait and name everywhere, especially when you by chance visit the capital on the country's foundation day and thousands of Turkish people come to worship the tomb of its idol.
    As Judit followed her dream to go surfing on a longterm in Sri Lanka and I could manage to get my Visa in the Iranian embassy, Ankara was the place were after 3 months of adventure we said goodbye to each other for some weeks..next chapter together: India :)
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  • Day86

    Breathtaking Cappadocia

    October 25 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Okey, Cappadocia is a very touristic place and everybody says that is very beautiful but, so beautiful??? This place was a very special one for us with stunning rock formations and breathtaking views that let you feel that you finally landed on the moon.

    Waking up early is a must when you are in Cappadocia to see the hot air balloons flying into a wonderful sunrise. During the day we got lost through the canyons that join Rose and Red Valley and conquered a small summit. Once there we could have a 360° view of the hole region and we kind of felt like being on another planet.
    We stayed at a hostel that is below the ground. It used to be a cave and some people still live in caves in this region.

    The rest of the days we trekked through other beautiful valleys and took hundreds of pictures of this magnificent place. Just enjoy the photos... ♡
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  • Day85

    Very sweet Chinese women at a salty lake

    October 24 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    At the hotel in Konya we met Wendy and Folter, two Chinese women living in Australia that were about to leave to Cappadocia. We spontaneously joined them and we enjoyed a funny and very nice drive to Tuz Gölü, a salty lake between Ankara and Cappadocia.

  • Day83

    Konya and a more traditional Turkey

    October 22 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    We'd been told not to go to Konya. Sometimes people said that we would be robbed, that people there have an obsession with money; that Konya is full of Syrian refugees (many Turkish people don't see with good eyes that their country is asylum for around 3M Syrians). Others said that there is nothing to see.

    To make our own experience we ignored all kinds of 'stupid' recommendations and discovered a very traditional city full of people wearing less modern and more modest clothes. Their traditional dishes were all cooked with meat, so we kept it also traditional with our favourite vegetarian combination: lentils soup + rice + white beans. Konya isn't used to see the amount of foreign tourists that other cities receive, so the locals were very interested on us and treated us like their guests meaning also that they didn't try to rip us off.
    Besides discovering who was Mevlana and the dervish tradition, we also discovered that Konya university has many students from abroad. We got to enjoy an entire evening with two of them, Ahmad (Jordan) and Emi (Algeria), and shared some different points of view about life, politics and religion. Thank you for your kindness guys! Shukran!
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  • Day77

    Hitchhiking along the coastline

    October 16 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    On our way hitchhiking along the Mediterranean coast we met some very helpful and friendly people. Alibaba aka "Shoe doctor" invited us to camp at his farmhouse close to Kaş. Most of the products served during dinner and for breakfast came from their own garden.

    In Finike heavy rain stopped us from hitchhiking. It turned out to be the right place. In our guesthouse we felt once more like home. Ramazan's family shared their meals with us and at night we all enjoyed some moves dancingTurkish music. Furthermore the destiny brought us to the twin city of Mosbach :)

    We spent our last days at the coast in lovely Çıralı. This has been one of our favourite places so far. We found a piece of paradise here. It has a wild, wide and quiet beach where we enjoyed either beautiful sunrises, long walks nearby the beach or chill swims. A magical place which is even more special for having Yanartaş on the background, a mountain that you can hike during the sunset to find fire coming out of the mountain. This unique rocky mountain site has literally been on fire for thousands of years. The reason lies in abiogenic methane gas that reaches the surface through several holes.
    People grill marshmallows and sausages in the fire while enjoying the sea view and some shooting stars.
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  • Day74

    Hiking the Lycian Trail

    October 13 in Turkey ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We hiked a few kilometers on the 500km long Lycian Trail; we named a isolated beach after our names, visited ruins dating back to 2000BC, climbed dunes, wild camped at the coast and stayed in a hippie community.

  • Day66

    Pamukkale & Karahayıt

    October 5 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Pamukkale is famous all over the world for its natural site build by carbonate mineral left by flowing water. Seen from the bottom, for us it was just an overpriced white mountain full of tourists searching for the perfect photo.
    But as always the good lies not far from the bad. In Karahayıt, a small village nearby, we enjoyed a sunset bath in the beautiful hot springs surrounded by many Turkish families.Read more

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