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  • Day218

    Quepos and Manuel Antonio

    July 22 in Costa Rica ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    We headed south along the Pacific coast to our next stop of Quepos, a small functional town which is nestled between the sea and the rainforest, the gateway town for the very popular Manuel Antonio National Park.

    The park is very well organised once inside it, but to get to it is another story. There is no official parking at the entrance, so along the last few kilometers of the road, people literally step in front of your car to try and coax you into their parking lot. A bit of a nightmare but we think we got a good deal and ended up parking very close to the entrance which was good as we did quite a lot of walking within the park.
    We started along the the 'Sloths trail', but unfortunately didn't see any sloth. Then we went up to a view point, it was probably 100% of humidity in the forest, and very hot! The view point was good though and we got to see some monkeys on the way. We then walked back down all the way to the beach where we regretted not having brought our swimming suit! We had a little rest on the beach and observerd the "Bernard l'ermite", there were so many of them it was crazy! After all this hard work exploring we relaxed at a nearby restaurant called el avion, because...yes the owners bought an old plane and installed their restaurant around it. The real good thing about this restaurant is the view on the bay where we could nicely see the rain approaching! Just before it started to rain, we drove back to our hotel. Our experience of the rain here was that it usually stops just on time for dinner, however today it just continued to pour down so we decided to have delivery pizza! First delivery meal in a while 😄

    Next day, more adventure in the rainforest! We drove up to the "Rainforest maker", a privately owned patch of rain forest which someone has decided to make their garden and a place that everyone can enjoy! It was fun to walk up almost to the canopy and go from tree to tree on their suspended bridges. It was again very very hot but the waterfalls on the ways managed to cool us down just enough to finish the trail! We were lucky that the sun was still out on the afternoon as we visited the little town of Quepos, not much to see, but the marina had a nice restaurant and bar.
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