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  • Day26

    As the oil soaks into the earth..

    February 19 in Algeria ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    One of the main points for choosing Algeria as destination, is it's rich history of Roman sites. Tipaza, Kehmissa, Tiddis, Djemila, Timgad...
    But it is closer than expected.
    Next to Lieske a old Roman collum is lying in the oil spoiled earth and has seen a lot of strange thing passing by.
    As we expres our interest, our host takes us up in the hills, to see the old Roman graves and remains of a villa, nobody cares for.
    As we return from this soothing walk, we have coffee at his brother in law, who lives in the hills.
    And you can imagine,.
    We sit on a Roman stone, A piece used as doorstop, and just lies there..for centuries to come?..
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  • Day18

    Hey man, We are in Tlemcen!

    February 11 in Algeria ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    After a real nice, but short stay in Oran, we had to continue our trip.
    I was a bit worried if Lieske could make the high ramp out of the underground parking.
    But just as always .. she did it. Easy. Were is my confidence?
    Our next destination is Tlemcen.
    But before we leave we say goodbye to all the new friends we already met.
    Driving in Algeria is just do as you like. If there are traffic lights, you respect them. But not too much. Nobody is patient and all are in a hurry. Push, honk, go!
    So, sadly, Nika had still not driven Lieske on the African soil. But she will.
    Highway driving is ok. But city. You need eyes everywhere. Fun part: Our Lieske is not the slowest vehicle on the road! Hurray!
    Driving from Oran to Tlemcen (next to mis a EXIT or two, so you see quite some interesting hidden "gems",) means also regular police roadblocks. On this go, around 180km, we had 4 roadblocks, and in two of them, we were actually stopped and checked. Once only papers, second time also inside the car to see if we were just us two.
    But it is all friendly and easy going.
    I forgot to mention, that as soon as Lieske hits the road, almost everybody is waving, thumbs-up and honks at us.
    People take pictures and even film us as they drive by.

    Just before Tlemcen, we decided to take the side road into town and head directly for our new host Fatima.
    It's not as easy as in The Netherlands with fixed postcodes and street names. So we have a Google location, and take it from there.
    But as soon as we arrived, people come to show us were we should be, and in an blink of an eye, we are seated and threated as kings.
    After a welcoming lunch, a meet with Father, mother, brothers.. Fatima took us up to the famous Plateau Lalla Setti. Up with a cablecabin and have a beautiful look over the city.
    We had a nice walk around the park and wanted to go down. But sadly, the cable cabin was closed, so we had to take a taxi.
    Being with a female host, means looking at the Algerian society from -for me- another side.
    It's sure not like with the boys in Oran. Having a drink on a nightly terras or boulevard...
    I am typing this a day late.
    As after again a wonderful dinner, coocked with love and also vegetarian, we talked about our trip and the time we might need. So It was late as we went to sleep.
    Now I am awake. Nika is still asleep. I have to do some home work. ;)
    Goodmorning Tlemcen. Let's see what the day will bring!
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  • Day17

    Feet up in Orán

    February 10 in Algeria ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    It was a long and intriguing day.
    Started with a wait for our friendly and comforting host at the front of the Sheraton Hotel of Oran. Who than brought us as quickly as possible to a telephone shop so we could, as modern people need, buy a simcard to communicate with the world again. Even navigation was a problem without!
    The traffic is ..let's put it easy.. another thing.
    It's a chaos but manageable. Now.
    We will see tomorrow as we leave for Tlemcen.
    We have been in the city of Oran and have been in the caring hands of Moussa, a cousin of Chafik, a man who witnessed the grow of the intention of this journey and the creation of Lieske during almost a year, only by messenger and Facebook, and I would love to visit and thank for all he did to make us believe in this.
    We were the only tourists in this city. So guess how surprised people are.
    Lieske is as always the showgirl.
    Many beeps, horns and thumbs-up. Selfies and pictures.
    At this moment. Lieske sleeps in a underground garage, and we are 6 high in a apartment, somewere in Orán.
    In need for a sleep, as this day was full of new and very intense meetings, talks and experiences.
    Busy, crowded, intens, sometimes terrifying but always kept safe by our new friends.
    Many thanks! Ali, Snoucy and Moussa!
    I am doing short to you, bu t i really need to sleep. One day, we will make up.
    Viva Algeria!
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  • Day20

    Halleluja, Diarrhea!

    February 13 in Algeria ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Last night I was a bit foolish to take a nice chocolate eclair with lovely creamy filling at the tea shop we visited.
    I think that one did the trick.

    Nika did a short drive, her first drive in Afrika!!but I was too "short sighted". So I will officially anounce that we had our first... exactly.
    My fault. Again.

    We are now in a hotel in Ain Sefra, because I am absolutely not wel.
    I have a 39° fever, and a nice headache after we drove 340 km to the gate of the Sahara desert.
    I will take a double paracetamol and have a early night.
    Maybe...Maybe watch the sunset. But that's over 2 hours. So we see.

    More tomorrow..

    Enjoy the pictures of a goodbye, and maybe Nika took some more.
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  • Day22

    Houston, we have a problem!

    February 15 in Algeria ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Because Lieske is asleep above a smear well (??) In Dutch we call it a "smeerput", I grabt the opportunity to check her out. Smear as much as possible and see if all the bolds a nuts are still tight.
    And there it was..
    The rubber of the "intermediate bearing" is "gone".
    So this needs repair.
    We are going to try and order it at Mercedes Benz in Constantine. Otherwise have it shipped from Holland.
    We will see how far she will bring us before it gets critical...
    Please keep your fingers crossed!
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  • Day22

    All good things end..

    February 15 in Algeria ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    But not yet.
    Today we enjoyed a full day as tourists in Taghit.
    Visited the prehistoric sites, oases and the K'sar on the hills.
    Climbed up a sanddune, horrible, to watch the sunset, ran it down,..wonderfull.
    Relaxed and had a nice diner in the desert.
    Now we have put our mattresses on the roof of our home, and sleep outside, listen to the concert of frogs in the oases, and howling dogs.
    Tomorrow morning we want to get up early and climb the dune again.
    Good night!
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  • Day23

    Goodbye Taghit !!

    February 16 in Algeria ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    We slept on the roof of the Kasr.
    We were lucky to have the opportunity to stay in this wonderfull place. However it was not suitable for tourist, but ... We are no tourists. ;)
    In the very early morning we went up that bloody sandhill again. Man what a job.
    But our own choice. We wanted to see the sunrise.
    And I am happy, grateful and proud that we did.
    Took a few snapshots of Lieske in the Desert, and took of, to a place, and on a route all are afraid of...
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  • Day23

    El Bnoud??!! .. No Good!!!!

    February 16 in Algeria ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    What should you do, if every local, every policeman and even gendarmerie and who ever more tells you NOT to go on the N6B to El Bnoud??
    You Go!
    Even with a small handicap on the car.
    We are Dutch explorers. Ain't we?!

    325km desert, no communication, no help, ..No nothing.
    And....We made it. Of course.
    As we arrived in the little desert town of El Bnoud, (look it up!), it did not last long before the police found us at the local "pitstop".

    "You are a very courages but foolish man. You took a great risk!"

    But it was worth it. Almost every kilometre.
    The desert changing, the road and landscape was breathtakening. The Dromedaris...
    We made one mistake, by leaving a elderly man on its own, who was hiking. But we decided in France, that Lieske has no space for an extra passenger. I, the driver, should had made a other decision. And hoped that karma would not hit us in the face.
    At the last 100km there was a change of driver, and suddenly also a change of road. Did I drive 250 km on a flat sheet, now it became almost a desert path with deep holes. This lasted for about 30 km, changed to better, and at last, good tarmac for the shaken old Lady again.

    We had to register at the policeoffice, got the private number of the chief in charge, and were ordered to park the car in front of the police headquarters.
    So tonight.. We are guarded as babies!
    Tomorrow, we sadly do not go to Ghardaïa, as planned, but go up into the direction Tissimsilt, to meet another waiting new friend.

    -Too much to see, too little time-
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  • Day25

    Is this The End??

    February 18 in Algeria ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Was i proud on the old lady yesterday, as she was humming like a summer bumblebee.
    Today, as we took of she started to smoke horribly as the engine was stationary.
    We thought first it would be the bad fuel.
    But 100km up the next village I smelled coolant.
    No signs on the meters, so we just pushed on.
    Tested her stationary again, and yup. Smoking like a old sailor.
    I immediately thought about the headgasket.
    And I am for sure it is.
    We pushed another 200km and arrived at Billal, our host for now, and maybe a bit longer...
    Checked the engine. No coolant. Hot as a oven, and now temperature is rising.
    As it looks, the wind had it cooled for the ride.
    We are going to see how bad the damage is.
    But .. to be honest..

    This might be it....
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  • Day26

    Dirty fingers and letting go..

    February 19 in Algeria ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    It is very difficult for me, to let go.
    I had this car longer than the love of my live.
    And it was always a dream fixing her up. So now, as other people under these conditions are tearing out the intestine of my baby, it's hard so see. So again...I cry. .. I am really a softy.
    I have to let go, and trust the mechanic.

    It took us three hours to take the "head" of, and indeed we found a broken gasket.

    Now we are on the quest for the "Holy Gasket"

    But in my stomach it feels like we might be lucky.
    Help is everywhere,
    We even made it to the Tissimsilt Newspaper.
    So what can go wrong now?
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