Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda

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    • Day 170

      Die Küste Antiguas entdecken

      January 22, 2020 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Ach war das heute eine entspannte Entdeckungstour. Auf einem Segelkatamaran schipperten wir die Küste entlang. Inbegriffen waren natürlich einige Schnorchelstops um sich im türkisfarbenen Wasser zu erfrischen. Anschließend nahmen wir noch Kurs auf einen einsamen Traumstrand. Idylle pur!Read more

    • Day 125

      Antiguas Hauptstadt Saint John`s

      March 10, 2022 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      Wir wollen auf Antigua uns natürlich auch die Hauptstadt anschauen. Hierfür segeln wir in die Bucht von Saint John's. Wir ankern allein neben den Anlegern für die großen Kreuzfahrtschiffe und treffen auf einen Delphin der an uns vorbei schwimmt. Hier am Hafen wurde extra eine kleine Shoppingmeile im Kolonialstil, mit dem Namen Heritage Quay, für die Kreuzfahrtgäste aufgebaut. Das macht erstmal ganz schön was her, wirkt aber etwas unecht. Nachdem wir die 300 m der Shoppingmeile abgelaufen sind, kommen wir in die eigentliche Hauptstadt. Hiervon sind wir ganz schön enttäuscht. Es gibt hier viele heruntergekommene Häuser, kleine Straßen mit kaputten Bürgersteigen und popelige Geschäften. Wir bewegen uns in die Richtung der von weitem sichtbaren Kirche bzw. Kathedrale. Als wir ankommen sind, sind wir abermals enttäuscht. Das Grundstück ist verschlossen und das Gotteshaus in einem maroden Zustand. Wir besuchen ein einfaches örtliches Restaurant und bestellen Bokits. Das ist so eine Art karibischer Döner. Eine Teigtasche mit Kartoffeln, Currysauce und Fleisch oder Fisch. Das ist sehr lecker! Anschließend schlendern wir noch etwas durch die recht belebten heruntergekommenen Straßen und kehren durch durch den schönen Heritage Quay zurück zur Enjoy.Read more

      Traveler  Suess, so richtig verträumt 😂😂

    • Day 10


      December 21, 2022 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

      Our second port of call — St John’s, Antigua. An early arrival at 7:00a. Since we had agreed to join fellow-passengers Terri and Jim on a tour they had organized with a 9:30a departure, we didn’t have to hurry off the ship.

      Our guide, Lawrence of Antigua, was waiting for us at the head of the North Pier. Following inland roads, we crossed over to the south coast where we made stops at the Block House and Shirley Heights for spectacular views … especially from the lookout point at the latter spot.

      Then, we drove down to Falmouth Bay, where we had a wander at Nelson Dockyards … which bills itself as a UNESCO World Heritage site. What I found disappointing was all the “commercialism” … shops and restaurants housed in the historic buildings. Kind of ruined the ambiance if you ask me.

      And now we are at Valley Church Beach. The water is an amazing color … all different shades of bottle-glass green to deep navy way out in the distance. The beach is a long stretch of white sand. Lovely. If only it was a quiet beach like the one we went to yesterday on Tortola. As peaceful as Brewer’s Bay was, it is the opposite here … loud people who seem to think everyone has to listen to their conversations … loud music that makes those people talk even louder. Oh well, you win some … you lose some.

      Tomorrow is another day … another port.
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      Traveler  ohmy. this just makes my heart sing


      Sonia Gelman  It will be -13F in Denver tonight.


      Two to Travel  A bit cold 🥶

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    • Day 2

      I AM serious, and don't call me Shirley.

      January 22 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      We wake a little before 08:30. Probably around the time our taxi was booked to pick us up yesterday actually. We've both slept the sleep of the righteous - deservedly or not. Suitably refreshed, we grab a late breakfast, and almost immediately follow it up with a Carib, a Trinidadian beer that's found throughout the Caribbean. I comment to Vicks that it's really only on trips like this that I still drink lager. There's something about the combination of tropical sun/heat and ice-cold, crisp pilsner that works brilliantly together. That - and the total lack of other beer based alternatives, obvs.

      We repair to our room as the sun is beginning to toast our alabaster skin, and are able to reflect in daylight how beautiful it is. The star turn is the terrace, with an open-air bath, and a plunge pool that looks out over the beautiful, tropical gardens of the hotel. I decide to take a dip. It transpires 'plunge pool' in the local dialect means 'fucking freezing.' It certainly stimulates the pink bits.

      It's quickly time for some lunch and some wine, and then to head off to Shirley Heights, the social Sunday focal point on the island. An amazing steel band, a big barbeque cook-out, rum punch so strong it would be illegal in most countries, and a band. Oh, and all accompanied by a stunning view of the sunset, and down to English Harbour. It's one of our very happiest places.

      This is the first time we've travelled to Antigua in January, all of our previous trips having been in May. It's demonstrably busier at Shirley Heights than we've seen it before. By 18:00, the bar queues are something to behold. We switch our boozing strategy to a bottle of wine in place of individual rum punches, as it stretches the time required between bar visits. The steel band build to a frenetic finish - every time we see them, they amaze me.

      Our eating strategy has been less successful. We're heading back to the hotel for dinner later, but Vicki is rapidly becoming hangry. The queue for the BBQ is massive, so we concoct a variety of frankly idiotic schemes to feed her - ranging from distracting someone while we steal their plate of food, to begging one of the BBQ chefs for a bread roll. A bottle of Rosé seems to do the job temporarily, and all too soon we're back in our bus back to Escape.

      Dinner is a delicious, if slightly hazy affair. We're tucked up in bed once again by 22:00.

      ROCK. AND. ROLL.
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      Traveler  Rock and breadroll


      Traveler  Excellent use of fill in flash and longer exposure


      Tim's Travels  I don't how what this means, but thanks!

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    • Day 3

      We have misplaced the calypso window.

      January 23 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      I wake early. 05:45 or thereabouts. Little bit of jet lag I think. Vicki purrs quietly next to me, so I go and sit outside on our terrace. It's still dark - dawn is a good half hour away, and the sky is just beginning to grey up where the sun is on its way...

      I write and read for a couple of hours, and then realise I'm being eaten alive. Mozzies everywhere. I figure 10 hours is enough sleep for Vicki, so head back into our room. She stirs.

      We're planning a day of doing absolutely fuck all. A late breakfast, and suddenly the bar is open (10:00 since you ask). We have a beer each, followed by another. Somehow I end up drinking wine before 11am, while Vicki makes the sensationally sensible move into Vodka.

      The clouds build, and we have a couple of short, sharp rain showers. The calypso window is missing in action. We befriend some people, and prop up the bar for most of the afternoon. By sunset, the clouds have largely shifted, and the view across the bay is stunning.

      If you ask me what I had for dinner, I'm not sure I'd be able to tell you. We collapse into bed around 21:00, and moments later are asleep.

      This is our Caribbean lifestyle, and I adore it.
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       Ffs [Rowan]


      Tim's Travels  😂


      Tim's Travels  I basically started this blog purely for you ❤️


      Traveler  That sounds like a tough day

    • Day 9

      Jolly beach

      February 3 in Antigua and Barbuda

      I dag fick vi golfbilen som vi ska hyra under tiden vi är här, och körde den till mataffären. Kul! Det gäller att komma ihåg att det är vänstertrafik😊Sedan strosade vi till närmsta strand och njöt av värmen och det svalkande turkosa vattnet. Många amerikaner från kryssningsfartyg. Vackra blommor och snäckor, och fågelläten som vi inte är vana vid. Ljuvligt!Read more

      Traveler  Låter så fantastiskt! Strosa till närmsta strand låter som en saga.


      Traveler  Eller hur?!😍


      Traveler  mysigt


      Traveler  Ja, det är underbart!

    • Day 74

      Sherlys High - Enjoy treibt ab

      January 31, 2020 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Wir liegen mit unserem Boot in der Bucht von English Habour und laufen nach dem Frühstück zum Aussichtspunkt Sherlys High auf einen steilen Berg hinauf. Oben angekommen erfrischen wir uns mit kühlen Getränken und genießen die phänomenale Aussicht. Plötzlich sehen wir das die Enjoy einige Meter abgetrieben ist. Es scheint als würde der Anker nicht richtig halten. Regina und Jens rennen den Berg hinab, um Schlimmeres zu verhindern. Als wir am Boot ankommen fehlten nur noch zwei Meter bis zum nächsten Boot. Da haben wir nochmal Glück gehabt! Wenig später treffen dann auch Matze, Bella, Marina und Olaf wieder am Strand ein.Read more

      Traveler  Crazy Alptraum 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

    • Day 7

      Antigua - English Harbour

      February 12, 2020 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Nach einer weiteren stürmischen Anreise auf hoher See sind wir nun in English Harbour einem alt englischen Marinestützpunkt angekommen. Ein traumhafter Hafen mit einem sandigen Strand an dem es Muscheln gab. Als wir Anker setzten sehen wir schon die erste Schildkröte die dann aber auch wieder schnell weg war. Zum Schnorcheln gab es wenig zu sehen außer ein wirklich interessantes altes Frack in dem sich große bunte Fische aufhielten und extrem große Seeigel. Zu essen gab es endlich die langersehnten Penne Arrabiata und Salat mit Hühnchen.Read more

      Traveler  Da kommen Erinnerungen hoch! Von hier bin ich bei der Überquerung gestartet 😵 Schon ne mega Runde, die ihr macht!

    • Day 20

      I deportati ad Antigua

      December 21, 2021 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Cristoforo Colombo avvistò le isole di Antigua e Barbuda nel 1493 durante il suo secondo viaggio dando a quella più grande il nome di Santa Maria de la Antigua. L'Inghilterra riuscì a colonizzare le isole nel 1632, con Thomas Warner come primo governatore. Successivamente l'isola fu oggetto di una densa deportazione di galeotti, che trovarono il modo di scampare alle prigioni inglesi per coltivare tabacco, indaco, zenzero e canna da zucchero.
      Nel 2021, a seguito della pandemia diffusa in tutto il mondo, una nuova deportazione ebbe luogo ad Antigua. Protagonisti della deportazione furono i pensionati italiani, che furono tenuti sotto stretta sorveglianza all'interno delle navi sulle quali erano stati trasportati. Il 21 dicembre 2021, nel porto di Saint Johns si potevano contare ben 4 navi, delle quali ben 3 piene di deportati italiani in regime di semilibertà. Le navi furono attraccate una di fianco all'altra, così che i deportati, messi al corrente del loro comune destino, non muovessero una sollevazione popolare. In serata, poi, fu organizzata una cena di gala, nella quale, alla presenza del comandante, fu somministrato una cena di lusso tale da sedare gli animi
      Read more

    • Day 22


      January 24, 2022 in Antigua and Barbuda ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

      Had a bit of a shock this morning when I rose out of bed, threw back the curtains and found the Queen Victoria parked right next to us. She does not look good. She needs urgently painting and there are clearly no passengers on board. A lot of furniture is piled up on the balconies. So why is she in Antigua? It probably confirms the rumour spread in Barbados that she is being used for another purpose, possibly as a hospital ship.

      Antigua had no Covid restrictions for our visit other than a temperature test and the need to wear masks everywhere.

      Very warm here but a bit drizzly but the forecast is better for later. Currently sitting in a bar drinking iced coffee with Jean, who dances with us on board. Already visited the local church, which badly needs repair and walked around the town of St John but not particularly interesting.

      A lot of speculation taking place as to how many passengers are currently in isolation suffering from Covid. We know that people who have danced on board are in isolation with the virus but the interesting thing is that yesterday, trying to access the rear of the ship we came across one of the security doors that secures the isolation areas at the rear but which a crew member had left open briefly and there were trays, which would have held meals, lying empty on the floor indicating that there were several people in isolation along that particular corridor. We are still testing ourselves twice a week with an antigen test and we continue to be negative.

      St Kitts tomorrow and a visit to the beach.
      Read more

      Traveler  I think lots of the ships need sprucing up, last time we were on Arcadia there were buckets everywhere! Hopefully you both stay safe and Covid free. Hope the crew are recovering ok. Enjoy St Kitts.


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