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Curious what backpackers do in Argentina? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Great day on two wheels. We took a bike tour and it's a city made for cycling with bike lanes and parks and the water side area . The bikes were cruisers with one gear - but luckily it's all flat in BA. We shared the bike lanes with Rollerbladers and joggers. No problem! Our tour group included 2 Dutch girls and one was wearing a cute suede dress and boots as they are used to biking everywhere in regular clothes. Gary and I were the only 2 who opted for helmets.
    The sights of this beautiful city are never ending with a mixture of French, Spanish and even British brick buildings. They all seem to have attacked or liaised at some place in time.
    We visited la Recoleta cemetery and the mauselum of Eva Peron. Hers is not as flash as some but is well attended and always has flowers. La Recoleta is an amazing place to visit.
    After our tour we found a cafe along the waters edge and watched the Portenos relax as even though today is Monday - it's a public holiday. So lots of people out walking their dogs or kids ( often wearing Messi football jerseys ).
    The locals dine late so as we ate our pizza at 8.30pm we sat beside a group of friends meeting for afternoon tea having iced coffee and chocolate cake. Dinner is served from about 10pm.
    Enjoying the tapas served with the drinks, and could easily slip into this lifestyle.
    The fashion seems to be high wooden clunky shoes. Maybe it's the same at home but haven't noticed them this high!

    We're having problems loading the photos so will keep working on it.
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  • Great movie that for those of you wise enough to recall the book. Anyway, our eagle - a Dreamliner actually (AirNz 787) was a breeze, comfortable and quiet. A little late leaving but we had strong tail winds all the way, bumping along at times. Mind you when you get this far south towards the ice you expect wind. Arrived on time, Sunday 4:00pm, having left on Sunday at 9:00pm. Time travelers!
    Quick ride into city as it is Sunday, a day for the locals to worship Saint Messi rather than work, lots of informal games being played along the parks that line the motorway in. Also quick because the driver worships Saint Juan Fangio.

    Nice hotel room, unpacked and ready to step out into the wild.
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  • In the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires are two famous spots to see:
    - "Floralis Genérica" is a 20 metre high and 18 tonne moving sculpture of a flower. The flowers aluminium petals open and close by sunrise and sunset.
    - The "Recoleta Cemetery" became the citys main cemetery after wealthy families began moving to this part of the city. The remains of many noteworthy people rest on the site, including former presidents, writers, nobel prize winners, sportsmen and businessmen. One of the most visitet tombs is that of Eva Perón, more known as "Evita". We were astonished about this extravagant and labyrinthine cemetery!Read more

  • Tageswanderung zur Laguna de los tres mit wunderschönem Ausblick auf den Fitz Roy. Der ursprüngliche Name des Berges heisst El Chaltén, rauchender Berg, da er meistens in Wolken gehüllt ist. Wir haben einen dieser seltenen wolkenlosen Tage erwischt :-)))

    Day hike to the Laguna de los tres with the beautiful view to the Fitz Roy. The original name is El Chaltén, smoking mountain, because it's usually covered by clouds. We were lucky to go there on one of the seldom days without any clouds.Read more

  • Sad enough, the last day of the Antarctic adventure has come, it was time to say goodbye to travel mates, new-found friends, and Ortelius and her crew. The night before, we had picked up a nautical pilot and sailed up the Beagle Channel, back to Ushuaia from whence we had set out earlier. It felt like months had actually passed. Well, it was a whole new year by now after all, and certainly we were not the same anymore after all our encounters with the wonders of the subantarctic and Antarctica.
    This morning our roommate decided to pack his stuff at 5 AM in the morning. With 2 hours to the wake up call it was a bit early but he needed it haha. 20 minutes before breakfast he was ready and I was even more sleepy. I loved this moment of silence and forgot that we were arriving in a beautifull harbour and I actually should have checked this out☝. I slept very good until 7:20 and I know that I can get the nice pictures I can from the same roommate haha 😉 Rob, he's awesome. After breakfast I checked out and I made my own Ushaia pictures 😆. We waited a moment for customs clearance before we disembarked Ortelius. It took a while to say goodbye and thanking the ship’s team, a few last photos had to be made, and finally the staff waved from the pier as our buses were leaving. My journey continues to Buenos Aires 😆.
    Total distance sailed on this voyage: 3.726 nautical miles / 6.900 kilometers. Photo's taken 3 times more than km's 😇 (before selection)😆.
    So after the goodbye's to most of the people and all the staff I dumped my backpack in a truck and with my other awesome roommate Angel I went to walk through the city Ushaia and found a nice wifi spot.
    Wifi after 20 days results in 987 whatsapp messages, 30 emails and a lot of facebook messages. Very busy with this we had coffee in the meanwhile and after more than an hour we decided to walk some more get our bags and go to the airport with a cab.
    At the airport I couldn't find my flight number and when I asked Aerolinas Argentinas they said it already left. More than 2 hours to early but what could I do... not much... I could change my booking and pay the difference (still 150euro). There was not much choice and with this they put me in the same plane as a few other from Ortelius so that was fun. So what went wrong? There was a flight change in the time that I was on the boat but the change was mailed to my ocean-wide email which couldn't handle attachments. This was the best thing to do so I could read it on time, sadly I never got the message. I couldn't have read it on my other email (if it was there) and be on time either. So just a combo of bad luck and a stupid change into the past instead of later. Why change in the first place?
    So at 1600 my flight to Buenos Aires would leave.... but not this one... almost 1 hour delay extra. Ok for me no problem but for some others... a chance to miss their connection. What a mess 😉
    The flight went to Puerto Madryn and than to Buenos Aires, both cities familiar to me 😆. So I said goodbye to the remaining Ortelius passengers and took a amazingly funny cab driver. It's fixed price here anyway and would take me to Palermo in 30minutes instead of 1 hour and 40minutes. I arrived when the bus still needed to leave the airport. The Cab driver played very nice salsa like music and sung with it. I liked this style, the communication about how much the ride cost has never went good so neither was this time. All cab drivers act like they are stupid, but this guy was really funny so maybe he was just that stupid haha. I could sleep easy and without feeling strange after 20 days at sea 😊.
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  • Here we are, back in Buenos Aires and this time I came prepared. I knew where I wanted to stay and it was not the 'old' centre. That centre has the nicest buildings but not the best atmosphere. I was in an area with more space, less people, with teraces and the nightlife was here also. I had no breakfast because finally I could sleep past 8 o'clock so I used that and had lunch in the sun on a spot I had seen 3 weeks ago 😆. A relaxed moment, I staid till 14:30 and took a cab to the free walk meeting point of Buenos Aires. I had tried do to walks before but so far my own plans filled the time. Here it was better to do it this way, more fun also. We had a nice big group which didn't slow us down by the way. So more people and more fun meanwhile the guide explained a few cultural, historical, political and economical things 😉. Most fun facts are: drivers don't stop ever, that 500 years of history can be told really quick, that the current government does and says nothing but fill their pockets, that the money inflation is 45% per year. So pesos is not their favorite money, dollars are collected everywhere. So the tour had some nice places, one that I found interesting was the Palacio Barolo. I would have loved to visit that one because they made all floors like the "Divine comedy" by Dante. This means if you enter the building you will be in Hell as is the basement and from hell you can go up to Purgatory and higher to Heaven. If you take the elevator it will bring you to another floor that only has ways back to hell because you can't skip Hell😈 and Purgatory😱 to go to heaven😇. This is an awesome concept, sadly you need to book in advance and tomorrow is sunday... So youtube should do for now 😆. The tour ended at six and by then I got to meet a nice group from Belgium and a couple from India. I would have loved to hang around but I had appointments even in Buenos Aires 😉. Well I was looking forward to it, because Federico I met in Moscow in the very beginning of my trip. A great guy and it was also really fun to meet again on the other side of the world haha 😆. So we met around 8:15 but in Argentina they eat very late, they still walk into restaurants at 23:00 and that's normal haha. We ate Asado from 21:00 to 23:00 a very good choice from Fede. Asado is a typical Argentinian dish, looks a little like Barbeque but you can order it all at the same time also (like we did). After this delicious foos we walked to a Tango place where you can dance and they also give shows. Fede explained that these places are full of tourists these days and almost no locals dance the Tango anymore. So maybe I was just lucky but I got the chance to dance with 3 beautifull Argentina ladies and 1 lady from the USA. It was fun to try and dance on the slow version of Tango but even with doing the basics and dancing with these wonderfull ladies who just had their first tango lesson was great 😊. After the very good tango and tap-dance shows we left to a backdoor party scene where the 2 Argentina's knew the way and Fede and me just enjoyed a typical Argentinian drink. Very sour and since my Pisco Challenge I was afraid that I wouldn't like it but after a few sips it was ok 😉. The party wasn't really of the roof but we were on the roof 😂 and in this good company we talked some more and got some good tips for sightseeing. Thanks Manuela and Jose 👍 and Fede off course for the whole tour, see you next time, possibly in Holland. The party was almost next to my hotel so that was easy. Safe travels for the remaining 3 in the cab it was awesome and a very good night 😊😴.Read more

  • Not even hung over but since I bought breakfast yesterday I had no reason to get up early for that. I could do another free walk tour but the tour was ending were I would want to start and 3 hours later haha. The cemetary always a fun place to go haha not really I tought but this one should be different. After a while walking through parcs plaza's and nice neighbourhoods I arrived at the Cemetary. This is just amazingly beautifull, it is like a maze of wannabe thombstones. I think they are thombstones but than high class and without mummy's. Elevated graves or little buildings. All in rows and little streets, I walked here for more than a hour and still amazed me that the whole area was filled with beautifull architecture. It had something romantic actually and also a lot of celebraties where burried here but I couldn't find any I knew.
    From here I walked to some other spots that were on the free walk list and took the Subway to the Centre near Casa Rosada. I knew the other free walk ended there at 6 and it was 6 and I also knew that Gerlinde and Rodney from the Ortelius walked that tour haha. So I found them on my path to Puerto Madero and we arranged to have diner tonight. I followed my way and walked this Urban waterfront area and had a beer watching the sun go down behind the skyline of Buenos Aires. I took the subway to the meeting point with my dutch friends and after a draft beer in the draft 😉 ( it was very windy out there) we went to a really good restaurant called: Barbacoa I never ate pasta so good. I almost ordered a second plate but after all that food on the Ortelius it was time to regain fitness levels👊. It was very gezellig and after diner we said goodbye again and went our own ways. I wanted to take the metro since it was a few km away but the first one on route was under construction the 2nd closed and at the 3rd the police said the whole line was out of order..... Ok time for some excersize :-). It was only 5.5km so I ran as much as I can without atracting to much attention 😉. In 30 minutes I was back at my hotel, I still am glad to have that kind of energy I love that. The 32000 steps today counts as a productive day so I could be content and sleep because my flight to Rio was early morning....😑 again grrr 😉.
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  • The capital city of Argentina is, with a population of 13 million people, huge. We kind of felt in love with the way of living here. Maybe because it was very western and safe in the centre and it had a lot of great restaurants, bars and cafes. From the rooftop of our hotel we could spot the iconic "Obelisco de Buenos Aires" which is located at the intersection of two of the citys most important streets.

    The pink government building "Casa Rosada" made the "Plaza de Mayo" to a sight for sore eyes. ;-) Close to this place we found some funny comic sculptures and made a competition out of it to find all of them - and we did!
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  • On our last day in Buenos Aires we booked a half-day-tour to Tigre. It's a town that lies on a delta. Driving in a boat in the channels was very nice. But that was it with our tour. When our tour was finished at 12 o'clock we decided to stay on our own to see some more of this nice place. Our tour guide (not happy at all about our decision) just wished us 'good luck' and left us behind. But the strange feeling when we went on and where left behind was definitely worth it! River channels, lovely parks and markets are typical and were giving a very relaxt atmosphere. And as we could "barely" recognise amongst all the indigenous people, it is the place where all the people from Buenos Aires calm down at the weekends - it was very crowded. A traditional "Mate Tea" with a straw made of steel, which is famous for Argentina and other countries in South America, couldn't be missed out in this place.

    The four days and five nights in Buenos Aires were short and will be in good memories. Even though, we saw quite a lot! But now it is allready time to leave Argentina and go on the catch a ferry to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. But we will be back soon in Argentina, when we visit the Iguazu waterfalls.
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  • The district "La Boca" is famous for two attractions: "Caminato", a street full of colorful buildings and a lot of street artists and the football stadium "La Bombonera" that belongs to the world famous "Boca Juniors". In addition, it is the place where the first Tango in Argentina has been danced. We spent a whole afternoon there, having some beers and wandering between cafés and lots of stalls with self-made art.Read more

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Argentine Republic, Argentinien, Argentina, Argentinië, Agyɛntina, አርጀንቲና, Archentina, الأرجنتين, Arxentina, Arqentina, Аргенціна, Аржентина, Arizantin, আর্জেন্টিনা, ཨར་ཇེན་ཊི་ན།, Arcʼhantina, Yr Ariannin, ཨར་ཇེན་ཊི་ན, Argentina nutome, Αργεντινή, Argentino, Argentiina, آرژانتین, Arjantiin, Argentine, Argentena, Argjentine, An Airgintín, આર્જેન્ટીના, Arjantiniya, ארגנטינה, अर्जेंटीना, Ajantin, Argentína, Արգենտինա, Arjentinia, アルゼンチン共和国, getygu'e, არგენტინა, Ajentina, Аргентина, អារហ្សង់ទីន, ಅರ್ಜೆಂಟೈನಾ, 아르헨티나, ئارجەنتینا, Arghantina, Arigentina, Arizantinɛ, ອາເຈນຕິນາ່, Alijantine, Argentīna, Arzantina, അര്‍ജന്‍റീന, अर्जेंटिना, Arġentina, အာဂျင်တီးနား, Arxentitlān, अर्जेण्टिना, Argentiinu, ଆର୍ଜେଣ୍ଟିନା, Artschenti, Argentyna, Argentin-a, ارجنټاين, Arhintina, Argentinia, Arijantine, अर्जन्टीना, Argintina, Arzantîna, ආර්ජෙන්ටිනාව, Argjentinë, அர்ஜென்டினா, ఆర్జెంటినా, Arjentina, ประเทศอาร์เจนตินา, Arhentina, ʻAsenitina, Arjantin, ئارگېنتىنا, ارجنٹینا, Á Căn Đình (Argentina), Largäntän, ארגענטינע, Orílẹ́ède Agentínà, 阿根廷, i-Argentina