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Curious what backpackers do in Australia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Stayed 2 nights at Berry Showground. Quaint little town that comes to life on the weekends when the Sydneysiders come to visit. Drove up to Bald Head Lookout to view the amazing Sea Cliff Bridge.

    Meandered our way down the coast through many seaside towns including Gerringong, Gerroa, Kiama and Shoalhaven Heads. Had a good look around Kiama including the Blow Hole and Rock Pool.

  • Some days are a little less glamorous than others. It's 4pm and I have been driving most of the day I stopped at Port Wakefield and Wallaroo but now I am parked for the night at a free camp on a closed school oval. The town is small and there is nothing to do except dor the pub.I will go for a walk have some dinner and go to bed early hopefully tomorrow will be a little more exciting.

  • Pack up day for Shona today she has been great company but has to go back to work, so now I will have to talk to myself. The photos are from the beach which is only a few steps from the caravan, I went for a fish there tonight but there was too much seaweed.

  • Day 22 // Went to Main Beach to do some bodyboarding // Very nice day with great waves // The Trees were filled with loads of adorable parakeets // Went to the Spit after to enjoy the calm and look out over the open ocean and the city

  • Wensday evening I started to drive from adelaide towards rupanyup. On navigation I got a message to go right after 281 km, and that wasn't right but just straight. I think in total the road was for almost 450km just straight.

    In the meantime I visited a pink Lake. Yeah it's actually pink! I didn't swim in it so I think I'm still straight :-P. And it was really salty the whole bottom was salt. The pink color comes from the presence of an algae. And it's only really this pink when the sun shines.

    I hoped it was a bit cooler on the farm than in adelaide. Unfortunately it was everywhere hot. It's was 45 degrees today. So without airco it's bloody hot!.

    This weekend Peter and Eileen went to the wedding of their son Tim. So I had to babysit the farm. Feed the horses, chucks and dogs. Fixed the ute of Peter and also fixed roofracks of my own car. I wasn't allowed to work more then 8 hours so I just watched some movies in the meantime and applied for some jobs. Total 6 movies in 3 days. :-P

    Sunday it was pretty cold in the morning, around 15 degrees and a hard cold wind. I even needed a jacked. Pretty weird having 30 degrees difference in 3 days.. Because of the hard wind I had to move a fallen tree with the tractor off the road.

    The rest of the week I did some weeding and slashing of straw.

    And now up to wandiligong!
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  • In to Adelaide today for a day with a bit of a music theme. Lunch was at the Largs pier hotel which is where Jimmy Barnes got his start and wrote a song about it, it also has a alot of history with ACDC and other Aussie bands. Then we looked at the historic part of Port Adelaide and then into Rundle Mall which had loads of buskers because of the fringe festival. Finished the day with a concert by the Brewster brothers from the Angels.Read more

  • Day 24 // Walked around the Canungra Markets //Drove up to Lamington National Park // Walked the Tree Top trail & climbed the tree up to the look out // Fed the adorable birds at O'Reileys // Petted the Alpaca's at the Alpaca Farm

  • I did am off road trip today. First time of my life. We were driving with KTM 350 4 stroke. First I got some gear from the guys. Unfortunately no protection, only boots, pants, shirt, helmet and goggles. When we drove away I drove straight against a small branch and hunted my foot a bit. But it was okay.

    We started with a normal 4wd track. And then went into the forrest (1 part of video) on a really small track. After the small track we went on some other 4wd roads. Sometimes a bit steep up or downhill. But with a enduro bike it was not to bad. First time down hill was a bit scary because you couldn't see properly where you were going. Mostly we drove for 5 or 10 minutes and had a break of 2 minutes. So that was good! Halfway the day we ended up at a photo shopped place for lunch. It was really beautiful, mostly you only see that in magazines or adds but here it was real! We had some wraps for lunch so that was good.

    After lunch we drove again. The hills were a bit steeper and the climbs and downhills where longer. We drove through some creeks. And one time drove upstream a bit trough a creek. That was really cool. Along the way we could take 2 ways. Go steep uphill or just go down the long way. 1 person tried to go uphill but made a mistake and came down again. And then I went for it. I got all the way up! So that was an amazing feeling! Then the 5 minutes driving afterwards was an unreal scenic view of the valley!. Near the end of the day most people where getting tired, and I was just warmed up :-P. One guy fell down and ripped his hand open. He was able to drive but more slowly. But we got back eventually.

    The bike was really driving amazing and the views and tracks where awsome! The weather was perfect, we had dry 20 degrees so not too warm and not too cold.At the end of the day we did about 130 km.

    And with every amazing sport you gonna have a few beers together :-D.

    I definitely know that I gonna try to buy an off-road bike when I'm back home! Thanks dad for sponsoring this trip I really enjoyed it!

    Videos will come later this week. One from Me and one from the organization. So don't miss it out!

    One video already, I'm the second one:
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