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Curious what backpackers do in Australia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • This morning was our last breakfast together with adrien. I bought him to a train station in Melbourne. It was a good couple of weeks together. We had some fun! Thanks mate!

    I had a short walk though a nice Park in Melbourne.

    I got some gasoline at a fueling station. It took a long time to fill the tank so probably the last of the gasoline. And when I was driving I smelled an rotten egg smell. Glad I didn't filled up the tank. So tomorrow tank some decent and not old gasoline.

    I also went to a mechanic for my powersteering, and when I wanted to drive away. The pump broke again. But now I need a pump and rack. So even more expensive. Lucky I found some stuff and gonna pick it up tomorrow.

    I did some shopping and went to the aldi. And I wanted to have an snorkel and goggles. And guess what I found in the aldi? Yes a complete snorkel set. Just perfect and cheap!.

    In the evening I found out that the battery is getting extraordinary warm. Lets see what I can see in the morning. Probably the 2nd battery is dead. So an unexpected perfect day!. Pfff.
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  • This night wasn't to bad but a lot of wind and bit of rain. It was almost 15 degrees colder than the night before.

    We went to some beaches and some lookouts. They were okay and good. Then we went to Philip island. We went to a koala park where they live in the wild. But unfortunately we couldn't spot one koala. But there were a lot of Flys. They where. Very annoying and sat with their whole family on our back.

    In the evening we went to see the pinguin parade. The smallest pinguins (30cm) live only in Australia and are blue-white (instead of black-white). In the evening at dusk they come out of the sea and go to there nest. When they come out of the sea it looked liked they marched like a Pelton of army man to the coast. So funny to see. And ofcourse we witnessed real live pinguïn porn. Haha
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  • This morning I woke up around 6:30 and did some running around a lake. And afterwards we went together walking around that Lake. It was a park in a city.

    Then we visited 90 miles beach. That's the longest beach in Australia of 150km long. Further than you could see with your eyes!

    Between the long Beach and the next national park we visited a waterfall. Also pretty nice!

    In the afternoon we went to a national park in the south. It was really nice over there. We did some hiking over there and had a lot of nice views.

    In the evening we drove some further towards Melbourne. Probably we arrive tomorrow in Melbourne.
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  • This morning I woke up and had some breakfast. Then we went for a drive of 2 hours. First trough the forrest and next into the mountains. Saw sheep, cows and Kangaroo's on the road. It was a really good ride. It was almost 2 hours of gravel road.

    Then we arrived at a gorge, it was 610m deep with a little River in it. Then we went to the waterfall of the little River and did a short hike.

    Afterwards we went on the road again and it was only asphalt. But it was a nice ride trough the mountains.
    Time-lapse video:

    Then we arrived at some caves, unfortunately it was only tours and stuff so we didn't got in the caves. The drive back to the coast was pretty easy but still with a lot of corners. We had some other nice views. Then we did some groceries and again some pizza from domino's!

    Unfortunately is the Powersteering still leaking and it's making more and more noise. For now it's working so just drive.

    In the evening we drove to an other city and parked the car there for sleeping. The way to the city was totally the opposite whe had this morning. The street was totally straight and the landscape was pretty flat. Almost thesame as in the Netherlands.
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  • In the morning we drove to a national park. And in Australia they have. National parks everywhere!. The dirt road we followed wasn't the best road. Everywere holes and stuff. We arrived on a beach and we saw a lizard of 1.2m on the beach. Luckily we didn't had to go back over the road we came on. The other road was also a dirt road but it was a lot better! We went to a lookout, we could see one beach but it was cloudy. After waiting a few minutes the clouds where almost gone and you could see a lot more.

    Then we went on a trail it was beautiful. You could see very far away. Then we did a hiking track that was also beautiful. It was within a dead forrest. And that was really nice to see! The track ended in a coastal line of rocks. That was a nice view!

    On our way we wanted to do a road but it was a dirt road and we tried a shortcut and it was a bit more 4wd than expected. I really needed the 4wd and I even drove over a tree that was lying across the road. That was some experience and fun! Luckily it was a short road and not an half our or more.

    Then we arrived in a city were we saw some pelicans. They are really huge!. It's definitely a meal for 8 persons :-P.

    We went to secret beach, it wasn't that secret because there were signs all over the place. And it was just another beach. But on the beach was a sea cave. We were lucky that it wasn't high tide so we could go in the cave. It was really good exept for the annoying muskitos.

    We found a free bbq next to the beach and cooked there noodles with salami, egg and mushrooms. That was a really good meal!

    Then we drove a lot. Just a small bit via a touristic route trough the forrest. Then to some lookouts. We took a really flat dirtroad and made a shit load of dust behind us. We ended up in a forrest And took a little walk. There were some palm trees inside the forrest. On our way back I started a time-lapse. We drove on the dirtroad. Then on a normal road, visited a lookout. Then continued our way to a bigger city to eat over there.

    After our dinner I drove to a campsite more land inwards. It was a drive just a bit more than 1 hour. It was a really nice road. There were a lot of corners and stuff. We had to stop for a tree on the road. We got the tree of the road and drove further. We saw some Kangaroo's and -herten- on our way. I didn't know they lived also here. And in the end we finally arrived at our campsite.
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  • Heute sind wir den Great Ocean Drive gefahren🚗 Das ist ein Loop bei Esperance der alle schönen Spots abdeckt und 40km lang ist! Der erste Spot war Blue Haven und war ein Strand mit dem türkisesten Wasser, dass ich je gesehen hab! 😍 Weiter gings dann zu Salmon Beach, Fourth Beach und Twilight Beach. Dort haben wir uns dann etwas niedergelassen weil dieser Strand einmal als schönster Strand Australiens gewählt wurde🏖 Es ging weiter mit Observation Beach, 9 Mile Beach, 10 Mile Lagoon und 11 Mile Beach! Am Ende des Loop konnte man dann noch den Pink Lake anschauen, der aber gar nicht Pink war😔Read more

  • Der Cape Le Grand National Park ist ein sehr schöner Park 40km westlich von Esperance! Unser erstes Ziel war Thistle Cove, denn dort wollten wir Jason treffen (den Sohn von Lidia) aber nach einer Stunde haben wir die Suche aufgegeben ohne Jason gefunden zu haben😪 Der Strand war jedoch, wie fast jeder Strand hier, sehr sehr schön also haben wir einfach eine Weile dort entspannt und haben uns dann noch den Whistling Rock angesehen👀 Dann sind wir zu Lucky Bay, dem wohl bekanntestem Strand hier denn den Kängurus scheint es hier auch gut zu gefallen und deshalb hüpfen diese dort am Strand auf und ab🤗 Als Reiti dann von ihrem nächtlichen Spaziergang zurück gekommen ist, saß sogar ein Känguru mit ihrem Baby vor unserer Tür👶🏻💗Read more

  • Den Vormittag haben wir bei Little Beach und Two People Bay verbracht, zwei wunderschöne, weiße Strände🏖 Im Meer sahen wir etwas großes, schwarzes mit Flosse und wir vermuten, dass es ein Wal war obwohl die Walsaison eigentlich schon vorbei ist🐋🌊 Dann sind wir weiter in den Fitzgerald National Park und wollten dort zwei Spots anschauen aber da die Straße leider nicht mit unserem Auto befahrbar war konnten wir nur einen sehen und zwar den West Mount Barren⛰ Kurz vor Ravensthorpe haben wir uns noch den Kukenarup Memorial Park angeschaut💁🏻 In Ravensthorpe selber haben wir dann einen schönen Platz zum Übernachten gefunden und wollten uns Reis mit Currygemüse kochen🍚🍴 Leider ist uns die halbe Dose Kokosmilch umgefallen und da unser Auto hinten etwas erhöht stand, ist die Milch langsam aber stetig nach vorne geflossen - also einmal durchs ganze Auto😪 Wir mussten es also komplett ausräumen um die Kokosmilch aufzuwischen🙄 Gott sei Dank waren wir kurz vor Einbruch der Dunkelheit damit fertig und konnten ins Bett gehen💤🛌Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Commonwealth of Australia, Australien, Australia, Australië, Ɔstrelia, አውስትሬሊያ, استراليا, ܐܘܣܛܪܠܝܐ, Avstraliya, Аўстралія, Австралия, Ositirali, অস্ট্রেলিয়া, ཨསྟྲེ་ལི་ཡ།, Aostralia, Australija, Austràlia, Awstralya, Austrálie, Awstralia, އޮސްޓަރުލިޔާ, ཨས་ཊེཡེ་ལི་ཡ, Australia nutome, Αυστραλία, Aŭstralio, Austraalia, استرالیا, Ostaraalii, Avstralia, Australie, An Astráil, ઑસ્ટ્રેલિયા, Ostareliya, אוסטרליה, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, Awstralska, Ausztrália, Ավստրալիա, Ástralía, オーストラリア, sralygu'e, ავსტრალია, អូស្ត្រាលី, ಆಸ್ಟ್ರೇಲಿಯ, 호주, ئۆسترالیا, Ostrali, Awusitureliya, Ositáli, ອົອດສະຕາລີ, Ositali, Austrālija, Ò-tāi-lī-a, Австралија, ഓസ്ട്രേലിയ, Awstralja, ဩစတြေးလျှား, अष्ट्रेलिया, Avstrualii, ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରେଲିଆ, Австрали, آسټراليا, Austrália, Ositaraliya, Ostralïi, Sotralïi, ඕස්ට්‍රේලියාව, Avstralija, Awstaraaliya, Australi, Аустралија, ஆஸ்திரேலியா, ఆస్ట్రేలియా, ออสเตรเลีย, Australya, ʻAositelēlia, Ostrelia, Avustralya, Autereraria, ئاۋستىرالىيە, Австралія, آسٹریلیا, Australia (Úc), 澳大利亚, אױסטראַליע, Orílẹ́ède Ástràlìá, i-Australia