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  • Day67

    Mit einem letzten gemütlichen Frühstück nahmen wir jetzt Abschied von Michi und der Toskana. Anschließend machten wir uns dann auf die lange Rückreise nach Augsburg.
    Irgend etwas hatte sich unterwegs verändert, wir wussten nur nicht so genau was es war.😂

  • Day18

    We cracked our first 1000km on a section characterized by plenty of hills and heavy wind - and rewarded ourselves with a cocktail in the evening :-)
    From the Greenways, we went onto the Iron Curtain Trail and crossed the 'No Man's Land' between the Iron Curtain and the actual border, whose inhabitants were forcibly removed and their villages demolished. Between 1948 and 1989 a total of 390 people were killed on the Czech part of the border while trying to escape.
    Yesterday, we reached Lower Austria,
    cycled through a large wine-growing area and earned a few curious "Grüß Gott" until we reached our campsite in Pulkau.
    Now we're heading to Vienna and really look forward to meet our host Samuel and spend a few regenerating days.
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  • Day42

    It was cold this morning, still a bit drizzly, but you only get one chance, so we set off to catch a couple of buses to get to the cable car which takes you up to the 1853m summit of Mt Untersberg. This is part of the mountain range which borders with Germany, so you have views of both Austria and Germany from the top.

    Given it was rainy, we could see that the top of the mountain was in cloud, so in some ways I thought all we would get to do really is take a cable car into the clouds, have a hot drink and come back down again.

    Whilst waiting for the cable car we saw a sign advising it was -1ºC at the summit! Just a wee bit chilly...

    The cable car was over 3km in length and was a great trip up the mountain - about 10 minutes or so. Just as we arrived it started to snow! Only tiny little bits of snow, but snow none the less. We walked out on to the terrace, lasted less than a minute because it was so cold, in cloud and very windy.

    What we did stumble on to out on the terrace though was a lot of Austrian military, new and old, in the middle of some sort of ceremony. When I asked it was a WWII commemoration for fallen soldiers. Very elaborate military uniforms, including swords, fancy axes, feathers on hats, capes, men with curled handlebar moustaches... Of course, in WWII the Austrian Army was fighting for the Nazis so hardly an Ally, but they saw sense by the end (it was a good excuse to go and read a bit of Austrian military history whilst having a hot drink - not wine!).

    Finn declared it the best thing we have done on the holiday so far and was begging to go back out into the snow (quite possibly because Kate had thrown a snowball at him and he needed retribution?). Anyway, as we were eating lunch, over the space of about 45 seconds, the cloud completely cleared away to reveal blue skies and views over Austria and (we presume) Germany - we couldn't stay outside to work out where the boundaries occurred - it was too cold.

    There were lots of Austrian older generation soldiers stomping around in the snow, so managed to sneak a photo of one who was in his cape, amazing hat with feather etc. Also a frau in a dirndl... and I reckon she must have had very cold ankles!

    We had soup for lunch - husband never willingly eats soup. Photo worthy event.
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  • Day41

    Today when we woke up, we were ready to go and catch the bus to the snowy mountain. From the bottom of the mountains we could not see much and where the sky rail even stopped.

    As we went up the cart slowly moved into the cold, dark, hazy fog... we saw nothing. Then, as we came out of the fog there were small white icicles dropping all over my window. Then the mountain became clear, there was cold, white snow drops on the little hills. There was tall trees covered in the snow that we saw in front of us. We came to a stop. Time to get off at the top. You will see the cold snow outside the frozen doors. A place to eat and settle down. As we walked outside we got hit by the snow falling from the sky and the hard wind that never stoped. We discovered that it was too cold to stay outside so we came inside, had something warm like a hot chcolate and tea. Findlay and I wanted to go outside to look around and feel the ❄️. When we were coming back I picked up some snow and I wanted to throw it at Finn so I did. Then I started laughing and dad was too.

    Soon after we came down we visited a palace. We saw a fountain with big fish and everywhere you went there was a water trap, this place was called the trick fountains. One of them was at a dinner table and whoever sat at the head would not get water shot up their bum. At the next trick we went into a grotto where there was the rolling stone and a fountain that made sound made by splashing water in different ways. As you walked out you got squirted. There will be two moose statues that you walked under and got soaked at. There was wet sprays coming out of the stairs the people stood on B.T.W. YOUR LEGS GOT WET A LOT.

    The last trick fountain was a little hill smaller than me on top of the hill was a party hat sort of thing, cone shaped and it will be shot up into the air by water. Water was coming out from underneath you too. When we where walking out of the last grotto there was some water spouts that shot from above you I was happy that being short was an advantage for once. After that the guide warned us to watch out at the end it seemed that he was right I turned around as I did that there was some people that were shot everywhere by water. I was shot in my eye. This day was fun even though it was cold snowing and raining. The funny thing was even though you where inside you where always wet and cold.
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  • Day46

    When you are staying somewhere with lots of mountains, it is inevitable that a “thing” you want to see if on the other side of several mountains. The case today, where we drove nearly two hours back around the top of Salzburg and then south, and then west to get to the Dachstein Mountain in the Austrian Alps. Agenda: A cable car up to 2,700m, a walk across a suspension bridge, a daring walk down the “stairs to nothingness”, a journey through the “ice palace” carved inside a glacier, and then once we had come back down in the gondola, a 1.5 hour hike.

    We were blessed with perfect weather today – clear blue sky, 20C up on the mountain (but a lot colder in the wind) and 30cm of snow. The views across the alps were simply breathtaking.
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  • Day46

    So there is a suspension bridge which takes you across a ravene, with the option on walking out onto a platform called the "Stairway to Nothingness". I was the only one up for the challenge, until Finn, my boy who is usually afraid of heights, decided to join me. There is no logical reason why this increases the fear factor, but the last three stairs and the platform are made of glass, and really slippery with ice, and just stepping onto them increased the heart rate considerably.

    Good fun though!
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  • Day37

    Dinner and music night. How else are you meant to spend a night in Vienna?
    Enjoyed a great dinner followed by an orchestral performance including a selection of pieces by Strauss, Mozart and Chopin.
    Included Opera and waltz dancing.

  • Day32

    28 of September. On this day we went to Sovana it was stuck to the side of the mountain. There was a rain forest at one end and a Vie Cave Etruscha. This was a narrow path that had hills on each side caves all around it and a small cold river flowing on the other side of the hill. As we went into one of the caves there was a sign on the sign it said watch out for boor and porcupines both witch can kill you. I saw a boor foot print and I picked up a porcupine the fell from a tree and said here is a porcupine. It was funny. Soon after our walk we had lunch and headed back to our castle on the hill.

    THE END!!!😃
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  • Day232

    Day trip time! Just to the west of Vienna is a world heritage site known as the Wachau Cultural Landscape which runs along a long narrow valley of the Danube. Without a car the only way to visit was a long day-trip, so off we went (without poor Schnitzel who spent the day at home on his own).

    Up to the Westbahnhof where we bought our tickets and hopped on a train to St Polten about an hour west of Vienna, then another train northwest to the small town of Melk. Here is a huge monastery, one of the largest in central Europe, known as Melk Abbey. It sits on a tall hill above the town, very imposing, so we walked over and checked it out. Nice museum exhibition here where I wasn't allowed to film of course, followed by a church where I also wasn't allowed to film. I still don't know why they don't allow it in all these places!

    Wandered around the gardens for a little while then headed back into the town and grabbed some lunch at a restaurant. Decent food though a little overpriced for what it was - tourist town fare I guess. Next up we walked over to the wharf on the Danube where hundreds of grey-haired people were waiting for river cruises. We elbowed our way to a separate wharf and boarded, managing to snag a nice spot on the upper deck in the sun. Lucky for us they had table service too so we could enjoy a couple of drinks watching the river roll by!

    This stretch of the river is characterised by vineyards up steep hills, a couple of ruined castles, and some nice little old hamlets as well, though our boat didn't stop at any of them, just cruised past. We were on board for probably about 90 minutes and quite enjoyed it, though I'm generally not a big fan of wine-growing world heritage sites. I find them a bit same-y and not even that unique I guess? Wine is grown in a lot of areas.

    Finally arrived in Krems by around 3:30pm, a much larger town this time. After a quick skim of the literature we decided to just film a little bit and then head off, as nothing in town seemed that appealing. It was OK, just a bit bland I guess!

    Hustled to the station where we just made it in time for a train to St Polten where we caught the next train back to Vienna, arriving back around 5:30pm. Given that we'd left around 8:30am, it had been a long day! Microwaved dinners again as neither of us felt like heading out!
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  • Day15

    Total distance hiked: 187 km
    Total elevation gained/lost: 9330/8970 m
    Total days hiked: 9

    Hiking wise, it was menat to be a bit of a test.... and some things already worked really well. For example, I'm very happy with the new stove and sleeping bag. Other things could be better like the overall weight of the pack and the selection of food to carry. Of course with all the beautiful mountain huts around I did not have to rely on the food I carried. It would have been pretty boring... Physically, it's been strenuous but really ok. My "recovery" even included a 45min run yesterday.... hahaha.

    Last but not least a big Thank you! to Margit and Lacky, not only for hosting me but also for putting up with my endless ramblings about tents, bags and musli bars. (not to mention the live water cooking demonstration yesterday... how very exciting!!!)

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Republic of Austria, Republik Österreich, ኦስትሪያ, 오스트리아, オーストリア, អូទ្រីស, ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରିଆ, ออสเตรีย, ອົອດສະເຕຼຍ, An Ostair, Áo, ʻAositulia, Aostria, Aotrisy, Austerrike, Austri, Austria, Áustria, Àustria, Austria nutome, Austrija, Aŭstrujo, Austurríki, Ausztria, Autriche, Avstrii, Avstrija, Avstriya, Avusturya, Awsteriya, Awstria, Awstrija, Awusituriya, Eysturríki, i-Austria, Itävalta, Nuortariika, Oostenrijk, Oostenryk, Öösterriek, Orílẹ́ède Asítíríà, Österreich, Österrike, Østerrike, Ostiriya, Ɔstria, Østrig, Østrigi, Otilisi, Otiriis, Otirishe, Otirisi, Otrîsi, Rakousko, Rakúsko, República d'Àustria, اتریش, اتريش, آسٹریا, النمسا, نەمسا, אוסטריה, Αυστρία, Австрија, Австрия, Австрія, Аустрија, Аўстрыя, ཨསྟྲི་ཡ།, ཨས་ཊི་ཡ, Ավստրիա, ავსტრია, अष्ट्रिया, ऑस्ट्रिया, ઑસ્ટ્રિયા, ఆస్ట్రియా, ಆಸ್ಟ್ರಿಯಾ, ஆஸ்திரியா, ഓസ്ട്രിയ, অস্ট্রিয়া, অস্ট্রিয়া, ဩစတြီးယား, ඔස්ට්‍රියාව, オーストリア共和国, 奥地利

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