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  • Day57

    I'm so exited today to have visited the Esterhazy Estate where Joseph Haydn 'the Father of the Symphony ' worked for the very wealthy Esterhazy family/princes for around 30 years and where he composed so many of his works. Also visited the house where he lived next to the Palace. There is also a beautiful concert hall in the Palace. I had the most wonderful day!

  • Day67

    A night of culture followed our bus touring day - a Vienna Mozart Concert at Musikverein Goldener Saal (Golden Hall) - yes even Alan! The music was wonderful. The Concert Hall, home the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world due to its highly regarded acoustics.

  • Day57

    Last night we went to a concert at the 'Golden' Concert Hall in Vienna. Mostly Mozart music but the concert finished with some Strauss waltzes. It was wonderful to think that much of the Music was written in Vienna where I'm listening to it being played.

  • Day67

    Today we took two different bus routes around Vienna - one around the city which gave us a better idea of its layout and one to the outer suburbs of Vienna and lower Austria. We stopped at a lovely wine town called Grinzing and had a delicious lunch and the biggest glass (mug) of wine. The bus continued on to the Kahlenberg, which is a hill some 484 metres high and lies in the Vienna Woods - a popular destination for day-trips from Vienna. You get a great view over the entire city. We then drove on to a twelfth-century Augustinian monastery in Lower Austria - Stift Klosterneuburg. A beautiful scenic drive.Read more

  • Day68

    Today we took the bus line to Burgenland, the easternmost and least populous state of Austria. It was another chance to see more of Austria. The drive went through wine country and farms and little quaint villages. We got to see the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt, the capital of the Burgenland state. It was constructed in the late 13th century. For many years musician and composer Joseph Haydn lived and worked at the court of the Esterházy family in Eisenstadt. Rozzie may have been a little excited about today's trip 😊 to see Hayden's house and where he lived and worked. Also on our program today was a stop at Lake Neusiedl which is the largest endorheic (closed drainage basin) lake in Central Europe, straddling the Austrian–Hungarian border. The lake is known as the "Sea of the Viennese", as it offers sailing and windsurfing at a reasonable distance from Vienna. Bordering the western shore of the lake is the town of Rust. As well as being known for its wines, Rust is also known for having a stork nest on the chimney of most of its houses. A special "Association for the Protection of the White Stork" has been successfully conserving and creating feeding areas and taking care of nests. The stork population has stabilised over the past few years and in the summer months approx. 15 pairs breed on top of the chimneys of the old houses where they rear approximately 32 young storks.Read more

  • Day69

    Last day in Vienna. Went to Schonbrunn Palace. Although we didn't tour the inside of the Palace, just walking around its vast grounds was enough. We got fantastic views of Venice from the Gloriette.
    We then took a boat ride on the Danube canal to the Freudenau lock and the yacht harbour "Marina Vienna". Tomorrow we head to Budapest.

  • Day58

    After visiting the massive Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens in the morning, we took a boat trip down part of the Danube River. Went through one loch. I'm always surprised at how fast the rivers flow here in Europe. Along part of the river there are small fishing huts with a large pulley net that's lowered down into the water.

  • Day76

    A day of sightseeing in Vienna today

    We started off in the morning just wandering and got some breakfast which was an omelette which was a lovely change up from the usual bread roll for breakfast

    Then we went to a bakery which they are known for and got some lovely and delicious cakes!

    We then found the coolest installation in front of a kids museum! A giant waterbed covered in artificial grass! We just later there for like 30mins it was awesome!!

    Then off sightseeing, the Mozart statue, an amazing building filled with a museum, a butterfly garden (probably paid too much for what it was worth), the famous Hofburg family palace with over 2000 rooms!! Then the St Stephens Cathedral with its colourful tiled roof

    Back for a little rest then wandered through the markets and got Asian for dinner which was well needed!

    Another early night though, after 2 months and 1 week the fatigue is starting to catch up so these smaller cities and early nights are great!!
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  • Day5

    Today was a day of wandering! After a chilled morning Eimear and myself headed off around to explore the city and do some shopping. We started in the same direction that we usually took to the centre and then started to head off in different directions. We were like magpies...every time something caught our eye we walked towards it. This resulted in us discovering how accessible everything was to our accommodation.

    In all honesty there is no need to take a bus tour around Vienna. The one we did was unimpressive and bottom of the list in regards all the tours I have done. That includes being lower that Barcelona where I fell asleep for an hour of it. All of the main sights are in close proximity to one another so there is no need for the bus as there wasn't much information included from the recorded tour guide. We went from Graben square, to the university to the city hall to the Parliament building to the Holfburg palace and back towards Graben square again all within a couple of hours. That included strolling, taking plenty of shameless selfies and most importantly snack time!! We racked up about 8,000 steps in our stroll around central Vienna.

    Following a rondezvous with Ais we hit the shops and continued with our strolling around. The magnets needed to be purchased and the famous Austrian Mozart chocolate located. We stumbled across a huge department store called Steffl. It reminded me of Brown Thomas and Maceys. Loads of floors with designer gear whereby the ground floor cosmetics are the only thing we could afford to purchase. To our delight it had a sky restaurant on the top floor so we could have our dinner with an idylic view of the Dom and the the cityscape.

    Here I finally I got my hands on vegetables. This has become my ultimate battle every time I am away. Anyone who knows me can attest that I am not the most prevelant vegetable eater but I do eat veggies every day. Austrians love their meat and it is the focal point of every dish. Then you will get rice, potatoes or chips with it. The end!! No veg or if you do it is a small selection of raw red onion with ribs, as was my experience during the week. Madness!! Thankfully in this restaurant there was an Asian option on the menu so I was able to get a vegetable stir fry with meet. Veggie heaven! Despite the random vegetable we couldn't identify.

    For our final night in Vienna we headed to the banks of the Danube. We had initially planned to go the bars by the riverside on Thursday but the thunder and lightening put a stop to that. All along the river they have bars set up with sand to give the impression of a beach. As a landlocked country I suppose you have to go to extreme measures in some cases. We had great fun down there drinking our new favourite drinks, the Hugo. This is a combination of prosecco, mint, lime and elderflower! Delicious!! We will miss them when we leave Austria. We kept forgetting that all the Austrians have excellent English so who knows what they made of our random conversations!!ha I was probably safe though because I was told once again on this trip that I talk very fast!! It had its perks sometimes.

    A quick pitstop in a photobooth finished off our night in a fit of laughter. We were howling trying to all fit into the booth and the picture phrame. We managed it and the result is very entertaining. A perfect evening to finish off a great few days in Vienna!!
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Republic of Austria, Republik Österreich, ኦስትሪያ, 오스트리아, オーストリア, អូទ្រីស, ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରିଆ, ออสเตรีย, ອົອດສະເຕຼຍ, An Ostair, Áo, ʻAositulia, Aostria, Aotrisy, Austerrike, Austri, Austria, Áustria, Àustria, Austria nutome, Austrija, Aŭstrujo, Austurríki, Ausztria, Autriche, Avstrii, Avstrija, Avstriya, Avusturya, Awsteriya, Awstria, Awstrija, Awusituriya, Eysturríki, i-Austria, Itävalta, Nuortariika, Oostenrijk, Oostenryk, Öösterriek, Orílẹ́ède Asítíríà, Österreich, Österrike, Østerrike, Ostiriya, Ɔstria, Østrig, Østrigi, Otilisi, Otiriis, Otirishe, Otirisi, Otrîsi, Rakousko, Rakúsko, República d'Àustria, اتریش, اتريش, آسٹریا, النمسا, نەمسا, אוסטריה, Αυστρία, Австрија, Австрия, Австрія, Аустрија, Аўстрыя, ཨསྟྲི་ཡ།, ཨས་ཊི་ཡ, Ավստրիա, ავსტრია, अष्ट्रिया, ऑस्ट्रिया, ઑસ્ટ્રિયા, ఆస్ట్రియా, ಆಸ್ಟ್ರಿಯಾ, ஆஸ்திரியா, ഓസ്ട്രിയ, অস্ট্রিয়া, অস্ট্রিয়া, ဩစတြီးယား, ඔස්ට්‍රියාව, オーストリア共和国, 奥地利

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