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  • Day85

    The Mt. Schesaplana C. - Part 2

    September 4 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Totalphütte ( 2385 m ü. NHN ):

    Nach einem ganz wunderbaren Frühstück, brechen wir um 9.45 Uhr zur Schesaplana auf - gemessen von der Douglass-Hütte aus, sind es noch 1000 Höhenmeter bis zum Gipfel. Nächster Zwischenstopp ist die Totalphütte auf 2385 m ü. NHN - los geht's, der Berg ruft 😂😂😂!

    Bei strahlendem Sonnenschein und unter stahlblauem Himmel zu wandern, ist einfach wunderbar - was haben wir nur für ein Glück mit dem Wetter! Der Weg wird sehr schnell steil, die Rucksäcke sind viel zu schwer, aber das uns umgebende Bergpanorama ist echt der Brüller - passt also!

    Nach 2,5 Stunden ist die Totalphütte erreicht - durchschnaufen und Weitblicke genießen, bei Almdudler und Latte Madtschjado 😎😎😎!
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  • Day26

    Exploring European history

    June 24 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today, we cycled another day on the Iron Curtain Trail. We left our campsite and followed a pretty rolling road until we arrived in Hardegg, an Austrian town at river Thaya with an impressive castle. Here, we crossed again to the Czech side and cycled through Podijy National Park. At this part of the trail, we could explore a lot about European history. We saw the former fence between the Sowjet Union and the Western world and climbed a watchtower. It's hard to believe that many people have lost their lives at this border. A little bit later, we passed a bunker that we could even enter. You really don't want to spend much time in this dark whole!
    The next section of the trail was pretty adventurous. Lots of forest trails, gravel and sand. I actually think we accidentally happened to ride the mountain bike option of the trail. But we managed without having to push and it was a lot of fun even though it was exhausting.
    In Znojmo, we stopped for lunch. However, we had to keep it really short as a thunderstorm was behind us and we wanted to get as far as possible before the rain. So we cycled as fast as possible through a beautiful wine region. In Haugsdorf, we found a shelter at a Billa supermarket and waited for the rain to pass. We then continued to Mailberg where we had a warmshowers host for the night. As we were a little early, we looked for a wine bar (as we are in a wine region) and found an awesome self service place in the middle of the vineyards. The place was a renovated wine cellar where you find a selection of local wines and a price list. You can help yourself with the wines and put money into a box. As we didn't have change, we had to buy 2 bottles 🤷‍♀️
    After drinking one and taking the other, we rode to Lisa who welcomed us with a yummy noodle soup in her house.
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  • Day199

    The good old campsite feeling

    August 10 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Yesterday we took the jump into the Alps.
    Although it was not a jump, more a slide.
    I feared it would be more like the Spanish Pyrenees, but it was almost flat sliding between the mountains.
    So in this case... a man suffers the most by suffering that he fears...
    But... we are only on 1/3 still some road to come.
    As real dare devils we are thinking about getting the Felbertaurn route. But.. I think we will keep on the main road to Salzburg tomorrow.
    We might get a fine from the Austrians, as we drove into the country on the motorway without paying the road tax. We passed the first opportunity and turned around, back into Italy, and go back again, but now stop at the border to buy the sticker.
    As we moved on, we saw the cameras just before the place we turned.
    But hey.. We will see.
    We run of the first campsite we visited at this Ossiacher See, as it was a chaos and very, very busy.
    But it seems that it was busy everywhere.
    As the place we are now, resembles the "I don't want to go there places" in Spain or even Italy. Maybe they are even worse.
    As there are many Dutch and German guests.
    Although, this morning we had refreshing swim in the lake, a short walk along the hillside and a lunch in Ostriach.
    Now... we are just lazy again.
    Paid the highest bill ever for two nights.. and tomorrow we are off to Salzburg.
    Hope the road won't have to much fun in making us to climb.
    However a little bit I won't mind.

    Maybe have a swim later tonight, otherwise for sure tomorrow morning.
    For now..
    Hopefully we sent the next message from Salzburg.
    Mozart... here we come.
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  • Day200


    August 11 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    The slide throug Austria continued.
    Mainly because we kept on the safe side. We did not encounter any problem at all. There were moments that I was a little bit sad not to be forced to climb in its first gear.
    We did fairly nice slopes and many tunnels.
    I thought to feel the driveshaft trembling at high.. lol... speed. But could be imagination.
    But it's bearing is already worn out since the discovering of this problem in Taghit, Algeria.
    Spare part is in the boot. But ...I hope we will make it home without having to repair it "on the road".
    But we will see. Maybe...
    So we arrived safely in Salzburg.
    And at least I am very surprised about this city. Did not expect this.
    It's an classic -old- city, open, inviting, clean and relaxed.
    Tomorrow we go to visit the castle and the modern art Museum.
    Today, we just walked around and had a snack.
    It's almost so clear what we missed in Venice.
    It's a living city. Cyclists, cars, traficlights, people with a mission, shops of all kinds, playing children and "real people"
    The city vibe, the humm. Life.
    Maybe more tomorrow, otherwise.. see you in München.
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  • Day60

    Adieu Östereich

    October 30 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Dankem schöne Wätter ised mier wiedereinisch s Zmorge verusse bi strahlender Sunne. En churze Campingputz ghört leider au ab und zue zum Camperläbe dezue.
    Fertig demit, chönd mier entspannt no einisch is Dorf Klagenfurt am Wörtersee gah. Mier schlendered dur d Strasse und mached no en bsuech im Planetarium. Voller neuem Wisse über üsi 8 Planete gads wiiter. Zum kröhnende Abschluss gniessed mier s Znacht noeinisch mit Östrichischer-Chuchi. Nach knappe 11 Täg in Kärnte sind mier wieder parat morn is negste Land wiiter z Reise.Read more

  • Day50

    Vom einte See zum Andere

    October 20 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Nachmene Königliche Zmorge mit Rüerei, Spiegelei und Späck gönd mier chli id Höchi. Üsi Route füerd üs amne Burehof mit Pfaue, Hüener und Änte verbii. Es stückli dur de Wald und scho glii chömed mier im Alperestaurant Bergfried ah. Uf de "Sterneterasse" gniessed mier de Usblick uf de Millstättersee. Natürlich darf es Kaffe und Dessert au nid fähle. Imne schöne Rundgang laufed mier wieder zrugg a Afangspunkt.
    Zrugg gads zu üsem Campingplatz am Faakersee, langsam finded mier de Wäg sogar scho ohni Navi. Zum Glück hend mier no Reste und so isch s Znacht gschnell koched (oder de Glüewii ufgwärmt).
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  • Day201

    Grüß Gott!

    August 12 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Started slow. But early. As we did not have any food stored away, this was going to be a day of spending!!
    So we started of with a nice Austrian breakfast Dutch style.. ;)
    Relaxing start of the day. We booked tickets online for the Festung Hohensalzburg Burcht, were a lift brings you up the mountain were the castle has been build over the more than 1000 years. It's one of the biggest, still remaining castles in Europe... they say....
    Many nice spots and stunning views.
    Also stunning prices for a cup of tea.
    We kept ourselfs to our program, and left around noon, to go down into the city and have lunch.
    As professionals in seeking food, we found a great place with good food. We will not want you to be jealous and spare you the details.
    On with the planning. The "Museum der Moderne".
    Again on a hill. We love panoramas...
    Stroled around the museum, and stayed for almost four hours.
    As we were down to earth, we discovered that we still did not try the MozartKugeln so..
    Quickly bought a few and sat down with a coffee to swallow those things down.
    Now the day was coming to an end, and Nika had seen a nice "Mr Lee, fresh food".. so we closed our tour with a great , and fresh Asian dinner.
    Tomorrow.. (today) we head for München.
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  • Day12

    "Natur" camping

    August 26 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Nachemene nordsee zmittag, ere churze shoppingtour und emene frozen yoghurt simmer über insbruck zu eusem nächste camping düsed.
    Mer hend en camping im wald erwartet, das as natur campingplatz aprise worde isch. Uf de eine siite heds wald, uf de andere siite d de gartehag zu de eifamiliehüsli vom dorf. Mer hend eus denn igrichtet und es znacht bi cherzeschiin gnosse.Read more

  • Day49

    En glungnige Tag

    October 19 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Mitmene feine Gipfeli started mier i Morge. Mier studiered die viele Touristeprospekt und üsi Touristcard wo mier vo üsem Camping becho hend. Voller Ideä gönd mier a Ossiacher See und gniessed en herbstlichi Rundfahrt mitem Schiff einisch ume See ume.
    Wiiter gads zur Burg vo Landkorn. D Ussicht vo dere erhobnige Burg fasziniert üs fast so fest wie d Geier wo sich grad überes Stückli Tier härmached.
    Als negsts nutzed mier no üse Touristerabatt und nämed de zweistündigi Gratisitritt id Therme Kärnten i Aspruch.
    Zrug bim Camping chömed mier langsam wieder zrugg id Winterstimmig, braued üs en früsche Glüehwii und choched es Raclett.
    Ich wurd säge en glungnige Tag. 😊
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  • Day54

    Entspannt gads wieder id Chälti

    October 24 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Nachmene feine Zmorgebuffet und drü Täg mit vill z vill Ässe, rugled mier usem Wellness Hotel use. Leider spillt s Wätter nid so mit und so mönd mier zerstmal es bar Plän sammle. Mier fassed de Plan, die negste paar Täg wiiterhin i de Region Kärnte z Bliibe und dönd üs d "Kärnte Touristcard" zueche
    Als erst gönd mier i Wildtierpark. Det isch es Museum mit diverse Usgstopfte Tier (wo üs irgendwie alli Agstarrt hend). Nah laufed mier dur de Streichelzoo und gönd wiiter i Bereich vo de Hirsche, Reh und Geisse. Sogar en "Hippi-Traktor" gsend mier dette.
    Wiiter gad üsi fahrt zu de Raggaschlucht. Erst det devor gsend mier das sie leider scho zue het. Chli entdüscht mached mier üs ufe Rückwäg. Nach churzer fahrt chömed mier a de Groppensteinschlucht verbii. So gniessed mier de wunderschöni wäg a de Wasserfäll entlang dochno. Chli i de Höchi im Dorf Mallnitz finded mier en Moderne Camping uf 1200m höchi. Zum glück hend mier immerno schön Warm im Camper.
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