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  • Day10


    May 21 in Austria

    Today was a trip to the alps. Uschi and Theresa came over and we all climbed into Stefan’s wagon and headed to the Allgau. It was a beautiful day and driving through the lush green country was gorgeous. All the little towns looked quaint with their typical German houses all decked out in their spring flowers.
    After parking the car we caught a little train to a small lake up in the mountains. Stunning vista with the blue lake, green mountains still with snow on the tops, waterfalls and blue sky.
    After a slow walk around to the end of the lake we stopped for lunch at a typical alpine hut. Wurst und kase! After filling our bellies we continued our walk around the lake.
    Nate had his first experience with stinging nettles after walking through some grass by the side of the road. Not very impressed by the experience.
    To return to the beginning of the walk we had to cross a bit of snow that was across the path. Nate had made some ice picks from sticks and thought it was a great adventure.
    Just as we were returning to the train lightning and thunder started around us.
    When we got back to town we stopped for a well deserved coffee and ice cream.
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  • Day9

    mighty shall fall

    August 29, 2016 in Austria

    And so we powered across the border to Austria and on to Bregenz....
    I had a fall trying to jump a kerb, and Jan may have fallen from a stand still at lights which prompted the nearby ambulance to check she was ok...

    We realised earlier in the day that I did not have offline maps of Austria on my phone which meant that we had no easy way to find the accomodation. We ended up using the coordinates and it was like ultimate caching...
    We found the others at the accomodation...all is good with Sherils bike...
    We did 58km today

    Illy, Sheril and I went and had a swim in Lake Constance (Bodensee) which was lovely cause I am a little bit sore in the legs and shoulders (my bum is doing good though)
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  • Day18

    Hello Austria

    September 16, 2017 in Austria

    We cracked our first 1000km on a section characterized by plenty of hills and heavy wind - and rewarded ourselves with a cocktail in the evening :-)
    From the Greenways, we went onto the Iron Curtain Trail and crossed the 'No Man's Land' between the Iron Curtain and the actual border, whose inhabitants were forcibly removed and their villages demolished. Between 1948 and 1989 a total of 390 people were killed on the Czech part of the border while trying to escape.
    Yesterday, we reached Lower Austria,
    cycled through a large wine-growing area and earned a few curious "Grüß Gott" until we reached our campsite in Pulkau.
    Now we're heading to Vienna and really look forward to meet our host Samuel and spend a few regenerating days.
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  • Day2


    May 1 in Austria

    Am 1. Mai Feiertag haben Alisa und ich einen Tagesausflug nach Salzburg gemacht! Wir fuhren knappe 2 Stunden mit dem Zug und haben dann einen wunderschönen Tag verbracht! Wir waren auf der Festung Hohensalzburg, sind durch die Innenstadt geschlendert und haben Pause gemacht im Mirabellenpark🌷

  • Day66


    August 11, 2017 in Austria

    We have four whole days in Vienna so today we had a relaxed morning before catching a train on the subway into Karlsplatz one stop from the town centre. We had lunch at Naschmarkt, Vienna's most popular market which has existed since the 16th Century. Located at the Wienzeile over the Wien River, it is about 1.5 kilometres long and has an amazing range of fresh fruit and vegetables, exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods such as bread, meats, and seafood. There are also many small restaurants and stalls selling clothes and other souvenirs.
    We walked around OldTown for the rest of the day and night and saw just a fraction of its beautiful buildings. It was a surprise at every turn - we just couldn't stop ourselves going through just one more arch to see what was on the other side even when we were freezing (yes freezing - caught us by surprise), and hungry!
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  • Day67


    August 12, 2017 in Austria

    A night of culture followed our bus touring day - a Vienna Mozart Concert at Musikverein Goldener Saal (Golden Hall) - yes even Alan! The music was wonderful. The Concert Hall, home the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, is considered one of the finest concert halls in the world due to its highly regarded acoustics.

  • Day68


    August 13, 2017 in Austria

    Today we took the bus line to Burgenland, the easternmost and least populous state of Austria. It was another chance to see more of Austria. The drive went through wine country and farms and little quaint villages. We got to see the Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt, the capital of the Burgenland state. It was constructed in the late 13th century. For many years musician and composer Joseph Haydn lived and worked at the court of the Esterházy family in Eisenstadt. Rozzie may have been a little excited about today's trip 😊 to see Hayden's house and where he lived and worked. Also on our program today was a stop at Lake Neusiedl which is the largest endorheic (closed drainage basin) lake in Central Europe, straddling the Austrian–Hungarian border. The lake is known as the "Sea of the Viennese", as it offers sailing and windsurfing at a reasonable distance from Vienna. Bordering the western shore of the lake is the town of Rust. As well as being known for its wines, Rust is also known for having a stork nest on the chimney of most of its houses. A special "Association for the Protection of the White Stork" has been successfully conserving and creating feeding areas and taking care of nests. The stork population has stabilised over the past few years and in the summer months approx. 15 pairs breed on top of the chimneys of the old houses where they rear approximately 32 young storks.Read more

  • Day25

    Hallstatt, Austria

    September 27, 2016 in Austria

    It took us 3 hours on the public bus to get to Hallstatt but it was totally worth it! The trip went by quickly even though we had to change buses 3 times since most of it was spent admiring the scenic drive through the mountains and small villages of the Austrian Alps. We also got to watch all the local kids get on and off the bus since we quickly realized they don't have traditional school buses.

    Once we made it to Hallstatt we came upon such a tranquil and pristine view of the lake that surrounds the tiny town in the heart of the Alps. We rented a little cottage apartment right by the park where we got to sit out and enjoy the swans in the lake. The following day we had a little adventure where we went to the ice caves formed over 10 million years ago and hiked the Alps to get some amazing views and fresh air! We also discovered a new hobby we hope to take up one day.... paragliding! How cool would it be to soar about the mountains and experience things from another perspective!?
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  • Day49

    'Climb Every Mountain'

    August 5, 2017 in Austria

    Up into the clouds today! Mountains are covered in cloud. From Innsbruck we took the funicular, then 2 cable cars up the Alps and then hiked the last bit to the top. Looking down to Innsbruck was just a mass of cloud. Beautiful and a little eerie.

  • Day50


    August 6, 2017 in Austria

    Just a couple of extra little glimpses- we visited the Swarovski factory just outside Innsbruck ( of course you can buy jewellery not just impressive statues!). Also broke my watch band but found a Swatch shop in Salzburg so now have a nice new band.

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