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  • Day84

    Qobustan sites

    November 21, 2017 in Azerbaijan

    Our way south out of Baku along the blue shimmering Caspian Sea was in the sense of oil production. We passed countless kilometers of pipes, refineries and flames of the burning waste gases along the road. Yes, Azerbaijan is the land of fire!

    The lazy two of us reached the Qobustan National Reserve one hour before darkness so that we had to camp in front of the gate. The policemen promised to take care during the night against a small obolus. Somehow we had mixed feelings but in the end it was the right decision to stay.

    The next morning, the museum of the reserve turned out to be the best museum we've ever seen abroad - it was absolutely worth to make a slight detour to get there. We then climbed up the mountain behind the museum to see the prehistoric rock art of the people who had lived there at least 20,000 years ago. Not only the petroglyphs but also the bizarre rock formations are really fascinating.

    Leaving the reserve, we just tackled some of the famous mud volcanoes when a taxi driver insisted on taking us the 10km up to them because it would be impossible with bicycles and the wild dogs would bite us. We declined with thanks and an hour later we had climbed the volcano site, without any bite :)

    The funny noises of the bubbling mud which scared us easily with a fresh splash in the face, hardly made us to stop watching the
    moving mud. At sunset, we had the volcano all to ourselves and were again fascinated by the surreal landscape.
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  • Day82

    Diverse Baku

    November 19, 2017 in Azerbaijan

    Baku is historical, Baku is fascinating, Baku is chaotic, Baku is delicious, Baku is developing fast, Baku is full of interesting people, Baku is vivid, Baku never sleeps, Baku is hilly, Baku is the "City of Winds", Baku is full of palaces (key word oil boom) - in short, Baku is an impressive metropolis.

    We stayed four nights at Nariman's place who is living with his cousin Nabi. From the balconies of his flat in the 19th floor we had great views over the city. During our stay we got to know more family members including four nephews and were kidding around with them while Nariman's mum and aunt prepared traditional food like Dolma, Kutab and Plow. As Nariman is doing some renovation work in his flat Hauke could help him with some electronic stuff, which led the two of them to do some shopping at a big bazar whilst Silke discovered the city on her own as she is not that much into electronic stuff...

    Another day, of course, we met our friend Tural again who is currently jumping from one radio or TV interview to another after more than 2 years on the road. Our day was really amazing, thanks again for everything Tural! Even for him strolling around the old town and the city center was quite interesting as some places had changed. We climbed the Maiden Tower, which had actually been the city's main landmark before the famous flame towers were built.

    As you can't pass a town in Azerbaijan without a park or monument which is dedicated to Heydar Aliev, you can not only find parks in Baku, but also the Heydar Aliev Center with its remarkable architecture. We saw different exhibitions varying from Azerbaijan history and culture over puppets to Chinese contemporary art - and a lot about "him" (which you can easily skip without remors if you don't want to spend a whole day). We also met some of Tural's friends, had a tea with Dimar and his son Murat and a great feast with former colleagues. This evening we should also learn that an Azerbaijani never drinks alcohol without a toast on something so that everybody took time to propose a toast. And never forget that the last toast of a night is always dedicated to the parents!

    To get rid of the hangover, the men joined early next morning to have some Khash: Heavy soup with cow feet, along with cow tongue and stomach as sides. Sounds disgusting, but helped.

    Entering the metro which is built so deep that it also serves as a bunker (and photographs are forbidden), reminded us of video scenes from the metro in Tokyo, solely there are no "pushers" (yet). There was no chance to enter, so we went up again, but going down there had been absolutely worth it just because of the beautiful mosaics in compliment to the famous poet Nisami. People in this region love poetry!
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  • Day74

    Salam Azerbaijan!

    November 11, 2017 in Azerbaijan

    Questionable border procedures, three days of rain, muddy showers from passing trucks and the clouds hanging so low that we could only see a few mountain peaks - our start into a new country could have been better.

    However, people immediately took much care of us when we arrived totally soaked through and dirty in a motel or hotel. Maybe because we're looking so pitiful?

    Apropos pity, 'Piti' would not become our favorite Azerbaijan dish. Fatty lamb meat cooked with chick peas in a soup stock in a large mug simply wasn't ours. At least we learned how to eat it in two courses. And the dining room had a cosy fireplace where we could heat up.

    It can hardly be overseen that national pride and Heydar Aliev are omnipresent in Azerbaijan: Giant flagpoles, all sizes of flags, houses in national colors, oversized placards of and streets, parks, buildings and companies named after 'him'.

    Although the border control felt a bit like chicanery (from one gate to another, paperwork here and there, panniers off and on and a 'Good Luck' in the end), we still feel welcome in this country. We earn "Salam, salam!" from all sides, children with their mothers are waving, smiling and practicing their English with us or following us on their mountain bikes. Some people stop by and give us fruits, nuts and sweets and are curious. And others rip us off when we're buying pomegranates. Which was actually the first time on our trip, we believe :)
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