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  • Day83

    Goodbye Bahamas, Hello Jamaica

    June 8 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    Left Inaugua, Bahamas this morning at 6 am to make our way to Port Antonio, Jamaica.

    Inaugua was full of the happiest Bahamians we have met yet. Which we found surprising since it was really a nothing town. The only big operation there is a salt production factory, Morton Sea salt. We took our one wheels exploring around the island to check out of customs, go up the beautiful lighthouse and see if the grocery store had anything fresh. It was sad to see they had absolutely no produce left. They said their mail boat hasn’t come in a couple weeks and they weren’t sure when they would should up but that didn’t stop these people from smiling and waving every time we went by. When we were coming out of the grocery store there was a little Bahamian boy staring at the one wheel. He asked to ride it so Carson held his hands while we guided him through how to do it. I swear it made this little boys day, he couldn’t stop smiling and staring as we took off. The past couple days we did some quick dives about 50 yards behind the boat where there were drop offs that went from 30 ft to 1000s of ft. The reef there was so alive and beautiful! Monster fish everywhere of every kind but we struggled getting a good shot on any of them. They had reef and holes to hide in all over but we had fun with the challenge. Yesterday I finally got a shot on a nice size strawberry grouper and within seconds there were 3 8 ft reef shark circling around us. When we got the fish back to the boat and started swimming again I looked behind me and the sharks had surfaced and were within 10 ft from me. Carson guarded them off and we jumped into the boat. We weren’t ready to end our last Bahamas dive but after that we called it for the day. They were getting pretty aggressive.

    We met some amazing people in the anchorage during our stay. All of them were heading to rio dulce too so we decided to meet up at the lighthouse restaurant to talk over our plans. Some of the most amazing people. We loved hearing all of their stories. These people were from all over. We all took off this morning in our own little sailing regatta. There is 7 boats in total. We decided to compete to see who makes it there the fastest and can bring in the biggest fish in. We started in the back of the crowd and have blown past all of them to the point where we can’t even see them behind us anymore. It’s safe to say we have won one of the competitions. We knew our boat could sail but really didn’t think it could sail this great! Hopefully we can get the biggest fish 🎣 too!

    We are approaching Cuba now. We can barely see the huge mountainous tops. Wish we had time to stop by but we should get some good views from our pass by.

    Another 24+ hours to go!
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    Rebecca Hall

    Love this!

    Allysa McKenzie

    sharks really wow you go girl!

    Beauty! [rhall]

  • Day74

    Kindest Island, Long Island

    May 30 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    Arrived here a couple days ago. Dove in right away to find 30 beautiful sand dollars underneath the boat. They were dead so we were able to scoop them up and maybe do something cool with them one day. 😊

    Next morning we woke up to a nice calm anchorage. Only three sailboats surrounding us. We decided to hit the spearfishing spots our friend Steph gave us. Within an hour I got 2 hogfish and Carson got a nice tiger grouper! The ledges and ocean bottom floor here are incredible. We were within a 5 minute dinghy ride to the boat, the diving was in our backyard!

    Went into Clarence town that evening to walk around only to find the guy that we met a few weeks back that works on a sports fishing boat at Flying Fish Marina. He invited us to have some Kalik's. We got to meet the other fisherman on the dock that we’re around our age and hear what their stories were. These guys bosses pay them a nice income, benefits, food/drinks, stay, etc to stay on their boats while they are away and then when they come around they take them fishing for big game fish like blue/white marlin, yellowfin tuna, etc. They were telling us that catching a blue marlin the way we did the other day is unheard of. One guy gave us a couple lures to test out during our travels because they said what we were using is ok but not great. Obviously it’s been working for us though! Such generous guys!

    Baxter, the guy we met last time, let us use his mini van the next day to visit the Shrimp Hole, Max's conch bar and the grocery/liquor stores. The shrimp hole was breathtaking. Super pink/reddish shrimp everywhere, blind cave fish swimming around, bats flying across the caves roof and not a soul in sight but us. We had the whole place to ourselves. The cool part is to get to the cave you had to park in front of this old abandoned church. The walls on this place had to be over 2 ft wide. Max's Conch Bar did not disappoint either. Met some locals that insisted on buying us a round of shots and drinks. They were called the Rowdy crew and things did get Rowdy! Everyone on the island is SO excited about the sailing regatta happening this weekend. It'll be the 53rd regatta they have had on the island but the past few years they cancelled it due to Covid so they are thrilled for it to be back. Heck, their already starting the party! They said vendors and DJ's are coming in from Nassua to help throw on the party. Yes, we will be staying for this fun-ness and we cannot wait!

    Time to learn how to party like a Bahamian!
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    Love hearing of your journeys and now I can visualize everywhere you are!! [Patricia]

    The Clam Shack


  • Day73

    Sail from Great Exuma to Long Island

    May 29 on the Bahamas ⋅ 🌙 72 °F

    We are now on full sailing mode after our last visitor left. Our boat insurance wants us to be in a certain area for hurricane season by July 1st and so do we. The last thing we want is to get trapped by a hurricane when everything we own is on this boat. The second we dropped mama Pat off at the airport we set sail for Lond Island. We had horrible winds but we made the best out of it with lots of reading and naps. Thankfully, weather conditions were perfect so we really enjoyed it. Right as we were coming into our anchorage for the night, there were like 30 birds diving hard in front of us. We circled around to them and caught a couple Bonita. We decided to try to pass by them one more time and we caught a TUNA! This was in the same area we caught the Wahoo a couple weeks back.

    The next morning we woke up early and started sailing for Clarence town which was on the other side of Lond Island and farther south. Right away we hooked a little mackerel which in our opinion is some of the best sushi. After 5 miles into our 30 mile sail the winds started to die again which was to be expected. We had to leave this day either way with storms pushing through the next couple days we may have not made it until later next week. So we motor sailed the rest of the way and followed the coastline where there were some major drop offs. We had both lines out, hoping to land some more fish to make the trip more thrilling. A little over half way there and our big rod gets slammed with a fish! Carson comes down to fight it while I lay off on the motors. All the sudden, we see a Blue Marlin jump several times out of the water!!! We couldn't believe it. He almost completely spooled the line before Carson was able to get him to swim towards the boat. After 15 minutes of fighting we got him to the boat where we had to try and revive him for a few minutes before releasing him. Carson was holding him by the bill swaying him around to get him back to normal again. You could tell he was exhausted. We were able to release him safely and he swam off.

    We landed a 200 lb Blue Marlin while sailing 2 miles off the coast of Long Island!! Still in total shock! Not even 30 minutes later, we hooked another one, a bigger one! Saw him jump a couple times then he came off. We were actually happy as we may have not won that fight lol.


    Ended the day, with homemade tuna and mackerel sushi rolls. NOM NOM
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    Bill Verdonk

    Wow great Fish!!!!!!!

    The Clam Shack

    Awesome right!

  • Day71

    Bahama Mama came and Conch-quered

    May 27 on the Bahamas ⋅ 🌙 61 °F

    On May 24th, mama Pat came for her 1st trip aboard the Salty Clam! We picked her up from the dinghy dock and took her out to where the catamaran was parked. Shortly after, we had some dolphin fiends arrive right by the boat, a mom and baby! I hopped in the water right away and they got within a foot from me! That afternoon, we had a great sail to Lee Stocking Island, Exumas. The anchorage we were at felt like we were in another country. Huge hilltops with coconut palms all over the beach line.

    The next morning, we went on a hike to the top of the hilltops right in front of the anchorage. The hiking was some of the best we had. Saw huge blue crabs, wild rosemary and the abandoned airstrip. Apparently Lee Stocking Island was left abandoned. We wanted to go into the abandoned town to check it out because people say its like walking into the walking dead movie. They say it looks like the people had an hour to pack up their items and leave the island. Still don't know what really happened but when we tried to explore it there were workers fixing it up. I heard they are trying to make it a sustainable living area for workers. That afternoon, we went diving for conch at a spot our friend Sascha told us about. She said the conch were just everywhere in this cut and they were! Carson and pat hopped in the water and said right away they saw 20 but not of size to keep. It wasn't even an hour and we had already got 6 conch, one of them being the biggest one we got yet! That evening we moved closer to the North end of Great Exuma where we adventured into the town called Barretarre. We went to dinner at a place called the Same Ole Bar where there wasn't one tourist in sight. We got the true Bahamian experience and met some awesome locals that told us all about their town. We got fresh cracked conch, HUGE coconut shrimp and Carson and I got the best chicken sandwiches we had ever had. Like better than Chick-Fil-A...

    Day 3 of Mama Pat's trip, she was ready to get back in the water and watch Carson do some spearfishing! There was this cut that Carson and I had our eyes on when we were moving anchorages that we went to explore. At first there wasn't much there and they were ready to call it and move spots. As they were about to get into the boat, Carson yelled hand me my spear! He took off on a monster grouper that led him to a rock ledge that had the most beautiful life. Instead of coming back up with a grouper, he came up with the biggest lobster any of us had ever seen. The tail alone was a foot long!! He shot the grouper but he was so buried in a hole that it was the first time Carson had to leave a fish behind.. Luckily, it was dinner for a 12 foot nurse shark that was waiting patiently. For lunch we ate the legs off the lobster, they were the size of a king crab leg. To top off the end of the trip, we got to see some amazing blow holes on this beautiful beach and for dinner that night we made conch chowder and grilled lobster with Kendra's fresh french bread.

    We hope we showed mama Pat a good enough time to come back. We loved every second of having her out here. Until next time... :)
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    Rebecca Hall

    That lobster is huge

    The Clam Shack

    Isn’t it!

    What an excellent journal of the week..loved every minute and will return back to the Salty Clam and my kiddos soon! Love and miss you guys! [Patricia]

    The Clam Shack

    Love you!!

  • Day62

    Vaca Mode with our 1st visitors!

    May 18 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

    Been awhile since I have caught up on here...

    Honestly, we have just been enjoying ourselves our so much & we have had a couple visitors come that has helped us go on full vacation mode for the first time since we have been out here. Most of our friends/fam think we don't work out here but the funny thing is we work A LOT but when fam/friends come out we take advantage.

    A few weeks ago, my Dad and Ana flew into Stainel Cay, Exumas. We did so much in 6 days with them.
    - Saw the world famous Thunderbolt Grotto from the original James Bond movie. Probably one of the coolest underwater caves we will ever see! Coolest experience of the trip I must say.
    - Rented a golf cart to explore the island and did some hiking
    - Had the best Pina Coladas any of us had at the Stainel Cay Yacht Club!
    - Went spearfishing and got some hogfish for dindin. Carson shot a massive black grouper that bend the shaft of his poles tip. It would have been the biggest black grouper he has ever shot. We saw a broom tail grouper that we tried to get out of a whole but after 30 mins we eventually had to let him go. One of the coolest looking groupers!
    - Went hiking to a cave with little pink shrimp that tickled your toes.
    - Off Little Farmer's Cay we drift dove for 7 conch's and a couple lobster. I made some amazzzzzing tropical conch salads and conch chowder under our whoel full sailing day. We had the hardest time figuring out how to open and clean a conch but now we have mastered the processed. Thanks to our friend Sascha for the conch spot :)
    - Had dinner one night at the Ocean Cabin on Farmer's Cay. Literally felt like you were in someone's home. We were one of their two customers that night and you had to call in on the radio to make reservations. Bahamaian Mac n Cheese was our favvvvv
    - Hiked up the Monument in Great Exuma Cay where you could see the whole island and all the sailboats

    We had the best time with Ana & my Dad. Missing them like crazy already! When they left we got back on our work grind for a week before our besties Jessica & Kaylor came out. During that time, I got severely ill for 5 days. No need to go into those details, I hope to wipe those memories away. Thankfully, nurse Jes and my Mom helped guide me through what to do being out here on our own but on day 5, I had to have Carson take me to the hospital to get some antibiotics in Great Exuma. There was not a soul in sight in this hospital, it felt like we were in a Zombie movie. When we went in for testing, the nurse didn't collect any ID's or insurance cards then gave me had written medications to take home and let us walk out without collecting any $ from us! Really bazar! But also a refreshing experience unlike hospitals in the US that need $ upfront and insurance before they even see you. A couple days later and I was feeling back to myself again & J&K arrived to the Bahamas!

    Another trip for the books! Recap on our trip with J&K:
    - Hungout at Chat n Chill the first night
    - Hiked all the trails around the Momument
    - Sailed over to Long Island and on our way we caught a 5 foot 53 lb WAHOO!!!! Still my fav experience of this trip
    - Spearfished the next day and got like 7 different species of fish
    - Went to came Santa Marie bar on the island for drinks and complimentary conch fritters. They were serving us free drinks and shots so you could just imagine how that night ended. Let's just say we thought we lost our bag with passports, wallets and phones in it but it ended up being on our new friends boat that we went to later that night.
    - The next day, we went spearfishing on some huge, beautiful coral heads where we speared a ton of more fish. We had more fish then we knew what to do with. We had so much Wahoo to still eat that instead of eating the fresh fish we made Wahoo sushi rolls that was the fav dinner of the trip.
    - Rented a car one rainy day to explore Long Island and go visit Dean's Blue Hole. BREATHTAKING BLUE HOLE! Another fav of this trip.
    - We had the best conch salad at Max's Conch Shack where Mad Max (Gary) the owner gave us a bag of sea salt he scooped up from the islands beaches. That night we went out for dinner at Tiny's bar where we got pizza and wine. The owner there gave us some fruits we have never tried before, Guanabana and mini sugar bananas. They were delicious!
    - We sailed back to Little Great Exuma island and had our best spearfishing day out here yet. Speared MONSTER hogfish, yellowfin grouper and nassau grouper. The boys got harrassed my sharks trying to get Kaylor's massive hogfish out of a hole. Jessica probably added 5 years onto to her life after watching that, let's jsut say she was ready for some tequila drinks when we got back to the boat lol but Kaylor & Carson loved every sec of it.
    - That night, the boys built a beautiful bonfire on the beach and grilled our fish on the fire. It was magical.
    - Next day, we had a beautiful sail back to the main Great Exuma island with epic sailing conditions. We got to sail with our spinnaker the whole time going around 5.5 knots. On the last night with J&K we toasted to a great trip with wine, lobster chowder and homemade french bread.

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    Love reading this and the incredible experiences! Can’t wait to join you on Tuesday!! [Momma]

  • Day23

    We made it!

    April 9 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    45 miles later and we are officially in the Bahamas!!!! 🇧🇸

    Started sailing around 8 am this morning. Thought the sailing conditions were going to be pretty good when we checked the night before but once we got out there the winds died down and it was a dead down wind which made it difficult to sail. We ended up having to motor the whole way which was a bummer but we weren't about to wait another day to get to the Bahamas! Plus, autopilot was working great again so we got to sit back, relax and sip on some drinks. We actually tried doing a work out at the bow of the boat but the 6 foot swells didn't line up with that idea, lol..

    As the winds picked up a bit we got to test our spinnaker sail for the first time. Truthfully, we had no idea what we were doing but with a tug and a pull on lines here and there it released this beautiful royal blue sail. We were beyond excited!

    Around 5 PM we anchored outside of immigration in Bimini and checked in. There is many reasons why we love the Bahamas but the smiling faces and welcoming Bahamian music really sets the island mood 😊 After that, we went to pick up a sim card in town at the Bahamas wifi store to get our wifi back and running on the boat. The lady at the front desk pointed us in the right direction to get some of their famous knock out rum punches and conch salad. Those knock outs go to your head quick! There were mountains of conchs stacked up on the shore line, we never seen so many in our life! It looked like they were using the conchs to build up more shoreline.

    We left the south end of Bimini and went to the North end to anchor up for the night. There wasn't one boat where we anchored and a gorgeous beach line with trees surrounding us.

    After 5 + months of moving and outfitting this boat we have finally made it to our new home 🥳 Tomorrow we will be sailing to the Berry Islands, our longest straight sail yet, 70 miles.
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    Arlene Vickers

    So awesome!!!!

    Arlene Vickers

    What a pretty spinnaker. Conch salad, yum!

    Jessica Caputo

    Yay! 🇧🇸

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  • Day105

    Fala Flamingo in Great Inagua 🦩

    January 21 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Braachrauabrchuaaaaaa genau diesen Ton mache ich wen ich kotze. Leider musste ich-aber nicht weil ich Seekrank war, sondern weil mein Magen nicht so gerne komische Tomatensose mag, Suschi aber umsomehr. Das schlimmste war das ich kotzen musste während wir am Wind gesegelt waren, also hat es die Ganze Zeit über Bom Bom Bom gemacht, es war richtig holprig.
    Als wir in Great Inagua angekommen sind sahen wir den Meeresboden, auch wenn es 25 Meter tief war. Im Hafen hatte es noch 3 andere Boote darunter 1 Deutsches, 1 Französisches und ein Katamaran wo voll gegen den Steg gefahren ist und jetzt einige Schrammen hat. Alle Leute sind dort mega nett sie Hupen dich an,winken und fragen immer wie es dir geht. Auf dem Französischen Boot hatte es 2 Kinder: Juliette 6 und Sacha 9 Jahre alt. Ihr Vater Pierre, ihre Mutter und 3 Dänische Helfer 2 Frauen und 1 Mann, er ist ein Hippie aber der neteste von den 3. Die 2 anderen sitzen nur auf dem Boot und machen nichts ausser reden und bitten machen die nie in Erfüllung gehen können. Aber das beste ist das sie ein Ferrocement Boot haben das heisst das Boot ist aus Beton. Mit ihnen sind wir dann auch auf eine Flamingo-Safari. Die Hälfte der Insel ist ein Saltzwassersee. Er ist nicht mit dem Meer verbunden aber sie machen sehr viel Salz und Flamingos brauchen die Saltzwasserseen. Flamingos haben wir gesehen! Die sind wirklich knall pink und wenn sie Rennen im Wasser sehen sie richtig witzig aus. Dann segelten wir zusammen weiter nach Man-o-war-bay. Dort war das beste Korallenrif das ich je gesehen habe. Es hatte kleine, grosse, rote, blaue, pinke, orange und Gelbe. Und riesen Rochen. Mein lieblings Fisch war der Discofisch. Er war schwarz-bläulich und hatte silber-hologramefekt glitzernde Punkte. Jay und Luc fingen ihre ersten Fische mit den Franzosen. Jay und Sacha wurden sehr gute Freunde, auch wenn Sacha nicht Englisch könnte.
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    Karin Geisseler

    Hallo ihr Segler und Fischer, die letzte Tage auf See tönen ja echt abwechslungsreich🙃Wir wünschen euch noch tolle Ferien und bis bald Zuhause im ❄⛄⛄🏂Wir freuen uns auf euch!

  • Day70

    Paradies auf Erden…Bahamas

    January 9 on the Bahamas ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Das Reisen nicht gleich Ferien bedeutet merken wir erst jetzt, nach dem wir uns diese „Pause“ am paradiesischen Strand auf Harbour Island gegönnt haben.

    Wenn ihr die Geschichte von Robinson Crusoe kennt, dann wisst ihr bestimmt, dass dort die Rede von weissen Sandstränden mit türkisblauem Wasser die Rede ist. Und wir fühlen uns hier tatsächlich so als wären wir auf einer solchen Insel gestrandet (leider nicht allein😉).

    Unser Hotel liegt am berühmten Pink Sand Beach. Warum dieser so heisst wird vor allem bei der Dämmerung ersichtlich, der Strand funkelt tatsächlich pink und dort, wo die Wellen brechen sieht man es klar und deutlich. Das liegt daran, dass sich im Sand nicht nur abgewetzte Korallenteilchen und Muscheln befinden, sondern auch Überreste der knallroten Foraminiferen (Fossilien) enthalten. Das ganze durchmischt ergibt dann diese hellrosa Farbe😃🥰. Wunderschön und traumhaft zieht sich der Pink Sand Beach an der Ostküste von Harbour Island über 5km lang. Das Dörfchen mit seinen bunten und einladenden Häuschen lässt sich ebenfalls zu Fuss oder mit Golfcarts erkunden.

    Das romantischste dieser ganzen Reise, war der Antrag meines Freundes, den er mir bei Sonnenuntergang gemacht hat💍🥰😍❤️ ein leckeres und wunderschönes Abendessen hat diesen Tag perfekt gemacht!

    Diese Auszeit haben wir gebraucht und geniessen sie wie Weltmeister😃☀️🥰❤️
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    Barbara Stähli

    No einisch härzlechi Gratulation!❤️😘 Gniessed die Zit uf däre wunderschöne Insle!🌞🐠🌴


    Danke Mama❤️❤️❤️

    Willi Stähli

    So ein Strand alleine für 1 Person. Das ist ein Wunder das jeder möchte. Weiterhin viel Spass und danke für die schönen Fotos.


    Das stimmt🤗

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  • Day171

    Moving south, Exumas

    March 22 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☀️ 75 °F

    Arriving in the Exumas late this year, we expected most of the fronts to be over with. Since the absence of a windlass is keeping us from wanting to move around a lot, persistent frequent wind events haven't really bothered us. We went right back into our favorite hideout in Norman's Pond on Norman;'s Cay for 6 days when a northerly came through. We were able to enjoy all our favorite spots there but, much to our dismay, the resort and upscale home development which we have been watching get underway for the past couple of years has really progressed. A member from one of the old families there confirmed our fears that the roads and beaches will be off limits before long. Luckily, we don't see a way the Pond can be made inaccessible...

    From Norman's we made short jumps down to Shroud and Hawksbill, which we hadn't visited in 3 years. Both among the Land and Sea Park Cays, they offer some of the most breathtaking array of aquamarine colors. This water is what keeps drawing us back....

    We anchored next near the grotto at Staniel Cay for a few days and got fuel and a few groceries and got rid of trash. Sunday we spent several hours attempting to catch fish on the Sound between Staniel and Great Guana Cays but only succeeded in losing a brand new lure to something big that Dave saw jump out of the water behind us. We're here now at Black Point on Great Guana Cay with newly clean laundry waiting for some winds to die down before we move a little further south.
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    You are killing me with your pictures. Hawksbill is one of my favorites. [Prue]

    Suzy Hurwitz

    Me too!


    Some of our favorite spots! Enjoy!! [Chrisy]

  • Day18

    Arrival Bimini, Bahamas

    January 31 on the Bahamas ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Well, it looks like we are getting off and ending the cruise in Bimini. We will take a ferry to Fort Lauderdale tonight. So, the Crystal Grand Voyage of 132 days ended in 14. The other ship is the the Symphony that made news headlines, just like my ship.
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    Tim Seul

    They need more options other than liking a post like this!

    Funatabi Cruises

    Ha ha! What type of comment do you want to leave? What's not to like? 😄

    Tim Seul

    I probably should refrain from answering here!😂


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