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  • We sailed 32hrs through the Gulf Stream to arrive at Morgan's Bluff to check into customs. We only anchored two night here. We anchored in about only 10ft deep blue aqua beautiful water! The Bahamians are very friendly but a bit disorganized. We paid $300 per boat for customs and immigrations. We had to raft-up along Migration in a small risky area. Fortunately, we didn't have to back in as they first suggested us to do. Made us all really anxious!Read more

  • We sailed about 6hrs from Stocking Island to Hog Cay Cut. Our buddy Mike suggested this spot for good spearfishing and good wind protection. The cut is very shallow so we each had to follow each other carefully. One of our buddy boat ran ground for not paying attention to his charts. We were the only 5 boats at this anchorage. Very isolated which is what everyone likes. The ladies walked the beach for miles while the guys spearfished.Read more

  • We spent 8 days at Long Island. There were alot of boats at this anchorage, everyone fled for north wind protection. There is a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays. They have plenty of fresh produce and other stuff. Down the same street is a phenomenal grocery store and a couple hardware stores. The cruisers always have an event going on. The greet and meet with sun downers was nice. One of the cruisers organized groups to volunteer to help those residents that lose alot during the hurrican that occurred October of 2015. We all volunteered. The following week we rented two vehicles to tour the entire island. We visited a couple of gorgeous beach front resorts. Cape Santa Maria Beach is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. We also visited the Columbus Monument and Deans Blue Hole. We really enjoyed Long Island. Almost every day we walked over to the Atlantic side to spearfishing and walk the beaches for treasures. This is where I learned about sea beans. Now I love walking the beach in search for sea beans!Read more

  • Gorgeous anchorage, we anchored two nights here. Right across of Jaws Beach, where they filmed part of the Jaws movie. The water is absolutely amazing. We filled up with fuel at Lyford Cay Marina just north from west bay. The marina is a really high end marina. It took us about 8hrs from Andros Island to arrive to West Bay. Curt and I jumped on a bus on the beach which ended up taking us 30 minutes into Nassau. Curt needed a BTC phone. Nassau is very touristy, there's alot of shops!Read more

  • We anchored in Pipe Creek for a couple days. We were protected from all winds but the current was really strong. Our anchor broke loose three times! I had "anchor stress" ever since The beaches near by are gorgeous! The sand is so soft your feet will sink in deep. Curt found us a few conchs, some were to small to eat but the biggest one was yummy! There are trails throughout Pipe Cay that take you to beautiful water sites. They are also a pretty good exercise!Read more

  • We only anchored one night at Black Point. We all needed to do some laundry. There's a pretty good size laundromat with a convenient store. The dingy dock are poorly built, they are extremely high. The people are really laid back. The entire town is just off one road. We had a dinner buffet at Lorraine ' Cafe, the food was amazing! First time I tried Conch Fritters, nummy. Everyone keep ragging about Bahamians Coconut Bread so we finally got some. We were amazed of how good it was!Read more

  • We anchored one night at Rudder Cut Cay. The cay is privately owned so the beach was restricted. Despite the restrictions, we still gathered with our boat buddy's for sun downers on the beach. It was only 7ft deep where we dropped anchor. We anchored right in front of a cool cave. There's also a full size piano with a mermaid sculpture submerged at about 10ft deep water, was pretty neat. The guys were able to finally do some spearfishing. Bob enjoys that very much.Read more

  • We got lucky and were able to sail the entire way to Emerald Bay Marina on the Great Exuma Island. Although the Atlantic was really choppy, the ocean was beautiful filled with dozen of sailboats with all their sails out. The marina was great! They only charge $1.00 a foot and they have free laundry. We rented a car to tour the island for only $60.00. The island like many others only have one main road. The landscape is desert like with dry trees and bushes. There are a lot of cemented block homes unfinished. Really poor but gorgeous water.Read more

  • We anchored at Elizabeth Harbour along Stocking Island to join our other buddy boats. Really busy harbour since the Reggada is going on. The island is pretty cool. There are loads of hiking trails throughout island and across to the Atlantic side. There's a cool spot called "chat n chill" on Volleyball Beach where everyone hangs out. We had drinks and a hamburger there with our friends. They had 2ft waves in the harbour the prior night. Lucky we stayed at the marina!Read more

  • We spent almost 2 weeks at Georgetown on Elizabeth Harbour. The George Town "harbour" is nine-nautical-miles long by one-nautical-mile wide and lies between the mainland of Great Exuma Island and barrier islands, Stocking Island to the north and Elizabeth Island to the south. The harbour is really busy since the Reggada is going on. There is a great food market store with pretty much everything you need. Bob had to order a new outboard at Minn's Watersport for our dinghy since we were having problems with the old one. We hung around here until it arrived. There is also a good hardware store called top to bottom. We attended the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival which was great. I had my first experience hitchiking! Though, here you don't just stick you thumb out, you put out your hand and dribble your hand as if you were dribbling a basketball. Funny but it works! We got picked up really quick. Georgetown is great, very convenient with alot to do. We provisioned our meats (chicken, steaks etc.) at Prime Island meat market, they are awesome! The laundromat is okay, there is a lady that assigns the washers and dryers as customers come in but she's very helpful keeping everyone in line. They even hand write the timings to know when each load is ready. It works! The water here is gorgeous! We had a dolphin swim laps around our boat about 15 times, was so cool!Read more