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Curious what backpackers do on the Bahamas? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day10

    Why was I there at sunrise? While at SunNFun, I was told that the Hermitage was best experienced at dawn. Hmmm... okay. Meant to leave at 6 but did not wake until 6:05.

    By 6:10 I was on the road in the (free use) bike with the least soft tires. I pedalled that one-speed as hard as I could for as long as I could in the pre-dawn, Due to the full moon and and the white sandy surface, visibility was okay. I was ready to quit when I saw the entrance sign to the Hermitage. I slogged the narrow foot trail to the summit with aching muscles and wheezing breath.

    I am glad I went. Was the cardio stress worth it to get sunrise shots. Meh.

    I leisurely biked back, stopping frequently, reaching the resort at 7:58, Breakfast began at 8:00. Went to my cottage, showered, changed showing up for breakfast at 8:30.
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  • Day9

    Airport is beyond fire. While approaching I could only see the smoke and was worried that the fire might have closed the airport.. a concern since that was my declared customs arrival point. But not a problem although I decide to go around the smoke instead of through to reach te runway.

    The east side view was typical Bahama serenity.

  • Day10

    Another family resort as is Fernandez Bay. Where Fernandez Bay was more "do your own thing", Small Hope was more like a summer camp. At the Bay there were small private tables for dining. At Small Hope they were longer. If someone was at an empty table, one of the personnel, e.g. diving crew, would sit there too.

    Small Hope is organized around activities that guests choose: scuba diving, snorkeling, batik making, nature hikes, etc. This appears to be a scuba diving mecca where many came to be certified for specific capabilities.

    There was also a broad age range of guests when I was here although the average age tended to be younger than at the Bay. There were a half dozen of pre-teens here.
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  • Day9

    This is the first of two places recommended to me at SunNFun. Good choice. Tony, the owner is also a pilot.. I arrived at happy hour. I was happy.
    This is my first resort for the trip. Their approach was quiet, secluded and full service. their website details the features of their family resort..
    When I was there the clients appeared to cover every decade from an infant to the eighth decade.
    It was very easy to relax and unwind. It would have been very easy to stay much longer. No one stays just one single night at place like this.Read more

  • Day10

    This was built by an architect hermit priest from local materials. It is on the highest point in Th Bahamas, Mount Alvernia, at 206 feet. Looking east to sun rising on east coast. Looking west shows the western coast and waters beyond.

  • Day10

    On the wharf down the hill from the Hermitage.
    This was one of only two (wild) birds I saw on Cat Island. Excluding fish, I saw very little wildlife in the Bahamas (no cats on Cat island!?). Vegetation tended to not be lush either. I suspect the soil is not very fertile being derived from coral-originated limestone. On the other hand it makes for pristine beached withe little seaweed.

  • Day10

    Both historical and modern construction relies on the widely available limestone.
    Newer construction uses reinforcing rods for larger structures.
    Neither tend to spend much effort on the roof. I was told that was because sooner or later, a roof would be blown off in a hurricane anyway; "when not if".

  • Day11

    Where Fernandez Bay faced west, here we face east.

    The windy day kept bugs away. Actually, the whole time I was in the Bahamas, I remember seeing no insects and doing only one automatic mosquito swat. Apparently this was unusual.

  • Day11

    Unplanned encounter. This is how one pilot guest said goodbye to Small Hope Bay.
    The Bahamas must have mellowed me because my more typical reaction would have been to dive flat on the deck.

    I was walking out to the dive center when I heard a drone to my right. I glanced right and saw the plane 'coming straight at me'. My mind jumped into high gear and everything went into slow motion. Thoughts that ran through my mind:

    It must be .. from last night... he was leaving today;
    It looks like I am being attacked by a Zero in a Pearl Harbor reenactment;
    Do I have to do anything to avoid being hit?;
    Nope he is going to miss me;

    Then time jumped to fast mode and I managed to get some serendipitous photos.
    To get a sense of actual distance, the camera lens was at a wide angle, 25 mm, equivalent.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Bahamas, Bahama, ባሃማስ, الباهاما, Bahamalar, Багамскія астравы, Бахамски О-ви, Bahamasi, বাহামা দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, བྷཱ་མས྄།, Bahami, Bahames, Bahamy, Y Bahamas, Bahamas nutome, Μπαχάμες, Bahamoj, Bahamak, باهاما, Bahamaas, Na Bahámaí, બહામાસ, איי הבהמה, बहामाज़, Bahama-szigetek, Բահամներ, Bahamaeyjar, バハマ国, ბაჰამის კუნძულები, បាហាម៉ា, ಬಹಾಮಾಸ್, 바하마, बहामास, بەھاما, Ynysow Bahama, Insulae Bahamenses, Bahamen, Bahamasɛ, ບາຮາມາສ, Bahamų salos, Bahamase, Bahamu salas, Бахамски Острови, ബഹാമാസ്, बहामाज, Baħamas, ဘဟားမား, Bahamat, Bhahamas, Bahama’s, ବାହାମାସ୍, Bahaamas, بهاماس, Багамы, Bahâmasa, බහමාස්, Bahamet, Бахаме, பஹாமாஸ், బహామాస్, บาฮามาส, Bagama Adalary, Pahama, باھاما, Багамські Острови, بہاماس, Ba-ha-ma (Bahamas), Bahamuäns, Orílẹ́ède Bàhámásì, 巴哈马, i-Bahamas

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