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  • Day171

    Das beste kommt zum Schluss 🏝🍹☀️
    Ich hab mir mal so gedacht, dass eine Woche Urlaub vom Urlaub gar nicht schlecht wäre.. und da ich schonmal in der Nähe bin, gehts auf die Bahamas. Genauer gesagt auf die Insel New Providence mit der Hauptstadt Nassau.

  • Day88

    Durante la comida conocimos un amable invitado (Gerard) que llegó al Ashram en su embarcación "Go Habs!", vive en ella desde hace 4 años y ha logrado atravesar el Atlántico en cerca de 30 días. Produce su propia agua a través de un sistema de ósmosis inversa, produce su propia energía a través del sol y el viento, gracias a ello depende poco de gasolina, posee un sonar para detectar especies marinas y pescar. La embarcación es una casa con dos habitaciones, cocina, baño, comedor y una pequeña sala. En nuestra entrevista nos contó que además de saber navegar, sabe que especies pescar, sabe bucear, práctica snorkeling y paddle board, debe realizar actividades de mecánica y limpiar el bote durante al menos dos horas cada día. En nuestra visita nos ofreció conocer su casa, un delicioso vino blanco y apreciar el atardecer.

    Lorena AF
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  • Day90

    Como en todo lugar hemos conocido personas muy especiales que han estado en nuestro camino ayudándonos y compartiendo. Diferentes países de origen pero la amabilidad de la gente del nuestro.

    1. Andrea (Mex), Lorena, Cinthya (Uru), David, Eduardo (Ven-EU-Bel)
    2. Mahadevi (Mex), Lorena, África (Esp), Majo (Ecu), Sister Leona (Can), Isabel (Col- EU)
    3. Lety (Mex), Lorena, Mahadevi (Mex)
    4. David, Majo (Ecu), Diana (EU), Ana (Mex), Lorena, Rita (Suiza), Alphonse (Can)
    5. Majo, Claudia (Ita), Gianella (Uru), Lorena, Gigi (Isr-Can) y al fondo Gerard (Fra-Can)

    Lorena AF
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  • Day138

    So was Dekadentes hatten wir auch noch nie: einen Tagesausflug mit dem Propellerflugzeug! Aber weil auf den Bahamas so ziemlich alles unfassbar teuer ist, wars eh schon wurscht.

    Also billigen Miniflieger eingetütet, wo man bei der Buchung sein Gewicht angeben muss, und ab zum "Flughafen" (= ein paar Holzhütten) Staniel Cay. Von dort ist es mit dem Boot nur noch ein kleiner Hopser zu den borstigen Berühmtheiten der Bahamas 💗

    Nach den Schweinchen haben wir noch Strandleguane gefüttert und den Ammenhaien vorm Yachtclub einen Besuch abgestattet. Die kann man übrigens sogar streicheln, wenn sie Lust darauf haben!

    Beim Heimfahren vom Flughafen hatten wir etwas Pech mit den Jitneys, den lokalen Sammelkleinbussen. Fast eine Stunde kam keins, aber eine hilfsbereite Einheimische hat uns das Stückchen mitgenommen.

    Jetzt gehts dann erledigt in die Heia und morgen gleich weiter, zuerst ein paar Stunden nach New York und dann nach Island.
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  • Day1

    We sailed 32hrs through the Gulf Stream to arrive at Morgan's Bluff to check into customs. We only anchored two night here. We anchored in about only 10ft deep blue aqua beautiful water! The Bahamians are very friendly but a bit disorganized. We paid $300 per boat for customs and immigrations. We had to raft-up along Migration in a small risky area. Fortunately, we didn't have to back in as they first suggested us to do. Made us all really anxious!Read more

  • Day18

    We sailed about 6hrs from Stocking Island to Hog Cay Cut. Our buddy Mike suggested this spot for good spearfishing and good wind protection. The cut is very shallow so we each had to follow each other carefully. One of our buddy boat ran ground for not paying attention to his charts. We were the only 5 boats at this anchorage. Very isolated which is what everyone likes. The ladies walked the beach for miles while the guys spearfished.Read more

  • Day20

    We spent 8 days at Long Island. There were alot of boats at this anchorage, everyone fled for north wind protection. There is a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays. They have plenty of fresh produce and other stuff. Down the same street is a phenomenal grocery store and a couple hardware stores. The cruisers always have an event going on. The greet and meet with sun downers was nice. One of the cruisers organized groups to volunteer to help those residents that lose alot during the hurrican that occurred October of 2015. We all volunteered. The following week we rented two vehicles to tour the entire island. We visited a couple of gorgeous beach front resorts. Cape Santa Maria Beach is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. We also visited the Columbus Monument and Deans Blue Hole. We really enjoyed Long Island. Almost every day we walked over to the Atlantic side to spearfishing and walk the beaches for treasures. This is where I learned about sea beans. Now I love walking the beach in search for sea beans!Read more

  • Day10

    Why was I there at sunrise? While at SunNFun, I was told that the Hermitage was best experienced at dawn. Hmmm... okay. Meant to leave at 6 but did not wake until 6:05.

    By 6:10 I was on the road in the (free use) bike with the least soft tires. I pedalled that one-speed as hard as I could for as long as I could in the pre-dawn, Due to the full moon and and the white sandy surface, visibility was okay. I was ready to quit when I saw the entrance sign to the Hermitage. I slogged the narrow foot trail to the summit with aching muscles and wheezing breath.

    I am glad I went. Was the cardio stress worth it to get sunrise shots. Meh.

    I leisurely biked back, stopping frequently, reaching the resort at 7:58, Breakfast began at 8:00. Went to my cottage, showered, changed showing up for breakfast at 8:30.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Bahamas, Bahama, ባሃማስ, الباهاما, Bahamalar, Багамскія астравы, Бахамски О-ви, Bahamasi, বাহামা দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, བྷཱ་མས྄།, Bahami, Bahames, Bahamy, Y Bahamas, Bahamas nutome, Μπαχάμες, Bahamoj, Bahamak, باهاما, Bahamaas, Na Bahámaí, બહામાસ, איי הבהמה, बहामाज़, Bahama-szigetek, Բահամներ, Bahamaeyjar, バハマ国, ბაჰამის კუნძულები, បាហាម៉ា, ಬಹಾಮಾಸ್, 바하마, बहामास, بەھاما, Ynysow Bahama, Insulae Bahamenses, Bahamen, Bahamasɛ, ບາຮາມາສ, Bahamų salos, Bahamase, Bahamu salas, Бахамски Острови, ബഹാമാസ്, बहामाज, Baħamas, ဘဟားမား, Bahamat, Bhahamas, Bahama’s, ବାହାମାସ୍, Bahaamas, بهاماس, Багамы, Bahâmasa, බහමාස්, Bahamet, Бахаме, பஹாமாஸ், బహామాస్, บาฮามาส, Bagama Adalary, Pahama, باھاما, Багамські Острови, بہاماس, Ba-ha-ma (Bahamas), Bahamuäns, Orílẹ́ède Bàhámásì, 巴哈马, i-Bahamas

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