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  • Day1

    Day 2 & 3 - A "Datscha-weekend"

    August 20, 2016 in Belarus

    Well... What to say? I spent a nice weekend in a little cozy weekend-house. I really liked how easy and simple everything was. First we spend some time in a Sauna and later we went in the forest to pick some mushrooms and made a tasty mushroom-soup...

  • Day4

    Day 5 - Ice-Hockey in Minsk

    August 23, 2016 in Belarus

    Today I went to a Icehockey match here in Minsk. Junost Minsk versus Växjö Lakers. The match was really interesting and good. Specially I liked the great and heated atmosphere. When I arrived the sadium, I saw a wonderful complete double rainbow... Maybe a good sign... :)

  • Day8

    Day 9 - Mahiljou

    August 27, 2016 in Belarus

    A weekend-trip to Mahiljou with Olya... Fist a little walk on the Lenin-Street to the old Cityhall. In the Cityhall we found a bust of Nikolay II. From the cityhall we walked to the Lenin Square and after back to the Star Square.

  • Day11

    Day 12 - Brest

    August 30, 2016 in Belarus

    Today I went the Railway-Station in Brest. Just wow... A really wonderful building in soviet style. But you should have a walk there, too. You can find a nice sculpture of a woman, waiting for her train. After, I enjoyed the Sovietskaya-Street with its bars and restaurants. Then to Lenin-Square. After a selfie with Mr. Lenin I visited the impressive Hero-Fortress Brest. A wonderful day in a wonderful city...Read more

  • Day12

    Day 13 - Brest

    August 31, 2016 in Belarus

    In the morning, Vitaliy and Irina took me to the national park Belaweschskaja puschtscha. We had a nice walk there, but unfortunately, we saw only trees and a huge amount of mosquitos. After, we drove to the 5th Fort Museum. A really old fort, which you can discover. Later, I just walked around in Brest. I found a street, Gogolya Street. Amazing... A must see. There were sculptures all along the way. I loved it...Read more

  • Day13

    Day 14 - Baranawitschy

    September 1, 2016 in Belarus

    On my way from Brest to Minsk I had just a little stop in Baranawitschy. To be true, there isn't much to tell about. I directly found the Lenin-Square. And thats all... ;) Maybe I missed the most beautiful places in this city... I really don't know...

  • Day41

    Day 42.2 - Smalyavichy

    September 29, 2016 in Belarus

    I was just interested whether there is a Lenin in every belarusian city. So i stopped in Smalyavichy... And: I found him... ;) There is also a little lake with a nice beach. But the weather was to cold for swimming...

  • Day56

    Day 57 - Minsk

    October 14, 2016 in Belarus

    Today, I had a walk starting at the railway station to the Palace of the Republic. On my way I found nice sculptures and wall-paintings of this sculptures close to a little cafe... And of course... A photo of the obligatory tank... ;)

  • Day15

    Day 16 - Lida

    September 3, 2016 in Belarus

    The LidBeer-Festival in Lida... Together with Olya and Vova(2). Lida is a lovely little city. With a silver Lenin and an airplane sculpture. And a museum of belarusian traditions. The Festival was really nice. Good food, nice people and amazing music... And Bi-2... Sorry, i dont have any photo of them because it was to dark and really crowded. But I have a photo of Neuro Dubel... ;)

  • Day18

    Russian Reflections

    August 21, 2017 in Belarus

    The Pub with no Beer has just started up which I'll take as a signal to record some thoughts about our brief visit to Russia. We've just eaten a big lunch asst a truck stop outside Smolensk, admit halfway to our destination, Minsk in Belarus. After two busy days sightseeing in Moscow, the bus is not complaining about a rest day. Rachel is typing up her blog, Piotr has shown a film about Russian history and another about the crash of a plane in Smolensk which killed the Polish President before he could attend a memorial service for the murdered Polish officers in WW2.
    I probably won't return to Russia but not because I haven't enjoyed myself. The ruble is cheap, the people keen for tourists and its history magnificent. Should I return it will be by plane and not in peak season. I hate the crowds.
    Moscow is not a pretty city like Sydney or even Petersburg.

    Much later on.

    About to go to sleep in our very modern and empty Marriott hotel in Minsk after too much wine, port and vodka. I like the Minsk locals even if they are Dutch. Some of the staff are trainees from Holland. You thought I was drunk! Nyet as we say in Russian. Nice empty hotel. Looking forward to Vilnius ad's Warsaw.

    Read more

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Republic of Belarus, Weißrussland, Belarus, Wit-Rusland, Bɛlarus, ቤላሩስ, Belarrusia, Hwītrussland, روسيا البيضاء, ܒܠܐܪܘܣ, Bielorrusia, Беларусь, Белорусия, Belarusi, বেলোরুশিয়া, བེ་ལུ་རུ་སུ།, Belorusija, Bielorússia, ᏇᎳᎷᏍ, Bělorusko, Бѣла Роусь, Беларуç, Hviderusland, Belarus nutome, Λευκορωσία, Belorusujo, Valgevene, روسیه‌ سفید, Belaruus, Valko-Venäjä, Hvítarussland, Biélorussie, Bièlorussie, Wyt-Ruslân, An Bhealarúis, બેલારુસ, בלרוס, बेलारूस, Bjelorusija, Běłoruska, Byelorisi, Belorusszia, Բելոռուս, Bielorussia, Belarusia, Bielorusia, Hvíta-Rússland, ベラルーシ共和国, ბელარუსი, Hvideruslandi, បេឡារុស្ស, ಬೊಲಿವಿಯಾ, 베라루스, بیلاڕووس, Belarussi, Ruthenia Alba, Wäissrussland, ເບນລາຮັສ, Baltarusija, Baltkrievija, Belarosy, Белорусија, ബെലറൂസ്, Bjelorussja, ဘီလာရုစ်, Berarut, Hviterussland, Bhelarusi, Wittrussland, बेलारुस, Kviterussland, Beloruussii, ବେଲାରୁଷ୍, Bielorusya, Białoruś, Bielo-Rússia, Bilarus, Belausi, शुक्लरास्या, Bielurussia, Vilges-Ruošša, Belarüsi, බෙලරුස්, Bielorusko, Bjellorusia, Vitryssland, பெலாரூஸ், బెలారస్, Беларус, ประเทศเบลารุส, Biyelorusya, Pelelusi, Beyaz Rusya, بېلورۇسسىيە, Білорусь, بیلاروس, Bê-la-rút (Belarus), Belarusän, בעלארוס, Orílẹ́ède Bélárúsì, 白俄罗斯, i-Belarus

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