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  • Rendez-vous with my best friend Joke and my mom.
    For the very first time in my life I am trying some wedding dresses.
    By the way... do you have any idea how expensive wedding dresses are???!! *shocked*
    I am not paying that much for a dress you only wear once... no way! Need to find a solution... :(

  • Stress!
    Days are passing by and we still didn't find a location and a date.
    After many visits and some disappointments, we finally found D-place! Finally!! So so so happy...
    Hurry up! We have to plan a wedding!

    Location: big secret for now :)

  • Okay, location check! That's already a big thing! Now we can finally move on!
    Next big thing on the list... FOOD!!!
    So many choices... buffet, tapas, à la carte, fingerfood, cold, hot, etc.. etc..
    The choices are endless... the prices... well yeah. Like the Belgian expression says "let's bite through a sour apple" it's gonna hurt a bit but you only marry once (when you do it right lol).
    And for now it's a challenge to find the perfect combination between good food, cool concept, affordable price and delicious taste for everyone.
    Yesterday I had an appointment with one catering, next week with another one,... During the renovation of our house, I have to keep looking for the best formule for our wedding. Challenge accepted!
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  • We stayed just 5km from the Belgian border and felt up for a cycle ride so we took the tandem and headed for the little bridge over the stream that turned out to be the border.

    The photo of Vicky facing forward is taken from France while she is in Belgium and visa versa for the photo she is turning round in.

    It is a real pleasure to be able to move so freely between the countries over here.

  • Today, we took advantage of our late check-out (11 am 👌).

    We of course ventured around the city, one last time before we had to leave.

    We're explored some local sides of the city and it's nice to see that a lot of stores are closed or have reduced hours on Sundays. We visited the markets and sat in on a mass at St-Michel cathedral.

    We got to the airport earlier as there is a lot of security around brussels at the moment. Our flight was suppose to depart at 9:25 pm and arrive in Barcelona at 11:30 pm. Of course with our luck, our flight has been delayed 3 times, but is finally on its way and we should board the plane at 3 am. We're anxiously waiting to get on.Read more

  • What more could anyone want from a city that has the best beer, waffles and chocolate?! This was our second visit to Brugge and it was just as great as we remembered. We love this city not only for its food and drink but also because of its quaint feel and charming character. We'd highly recommend a visit or next time we plan to go back we'll let you know!

  • After a somewhat stress and tension filled navigation out of Paris we are enjoying the country side from our steed. To be fair, Nick is doing really well driving and there have only been a few choice words in the last few hours. I sent us back to the airport so that didn't help haha, but apart from that my navigation/co-pilot duties are going well. Since we picked up the car straight after we arrived we're actually now ahead of where we would've been if our flight wasn't cancelled.

    It's amazing how many churches are, seemingly in the middle of no where and less than a few kilometres apart. As Nick so eloquently put it, they have churches like NZ has pubs. I've seen many exciting signs about frogs, pheasants and deer but I'm yet to actually see any.
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  • Today we started with a visit to Passchendaele. This town was involved in one of the battles for the Ypres Salient in 1917. This offensive involved British, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian troops. We went through the war museum which was very impressive. They had a great display of relics and you could actually walk through recreated trenches. I couldn't get over how narrow and small the trenches were, even in some underground trenches I had to crouch down to get through!
    After that we visited Hooge Crater Cemetery. Here we were told the story of Patrick Bugden. He recieved the VC for his continued heroic efforts during the battle of Polygon Wood in 1917. He used machine gun fire and grenade launches to clear the way for his fellow soldiers. In doing so he saved wounded soldiers and continued going back in until he was killed in action.
    Following this we walked through Polygon Wood. This area was one of the main offensives where the Australian 5th Division pushed back the Germans from Menin Road. Although this is a heavily wooded area now, it was totally cleared by heavy artillery in 1917. On the other side of the wood is a beautiful cemetery.
    In the afternoon we walked the craters and what is left of the tunnels at Hill 60. I was amazed at how small an area this is. In one spot the distance between the Allied front and the German front was only 25 steps! I walked it twice to measure it as i found it ridiculous that they were so close!
    Finally today we visited Langemark German Cemetery. It was really good to hear about the German side of the war. The cemetery itself has a dark and bleak outlook to it comoared to the Allied cemeteries, which are bright and look like a cottage garden. The entrance has two small rooms attached where all the names of the German Student Reserve are listed. These students were recruited as German troops were being killed at an alarming rate. The problem was that these poor boys were not fully prepared for what awaited them. They were easily and quickly disposed of by the Allies. We were told that the room we stood in today was the exact same spot where Aldof Hitler laid a wreath in the 1940's. It was quite a freaky feeling to know that I had stood in the same place as him!
    💡Things I learnt today.....
    1. Aldof Hitler was a soldier in the German Army during the battles of the Ypres Salient and that the Allied soldiers had numerous chances to kill him, although he didn't have the same reputation then. Imagine how different history would have been🤔
    2. Although the summer temperature here is mid to high 20's, the humidity is a bitch!😥
    3. It is amazing how much laundry you can do in a bathroom sink. 👕👖👗
    4. Belgium has their own version of a 'Cruiser' drink called 'Finley'🍸
    5. How determined a German pilot named Werner Voss was.
    During 1917 when the Red Baron Von Richter was doing his thing, when he amassed 50 kills he was awarded the Knights Cross (German version of the VC). Voss decided that he too wanted the Knights Cross and set his goal to get 50 kills before he went on RnR. On his last day before leave he had 48 kills in the bank, but he was determined to get his last two. So he took to the skies again and came across five British planes. A heavy dog fight ensued, with Voss fully in control as his plane manouvoured more easily than the British planes. Voss finally defeated all five planes, but while he was preoccupied with these five planes he failed to notice the other ninety planes which were heading his way. He was shot down and killed. Maybe he should have called it a day?
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    I always thought Brussels is kind of boring and well, totally uninteresting. But Brussels surprised me! Brussels is different. I’ve visited Brussels on a cold weekend in January, without any expectations. And while I was walking through the city, always looking for a cozy place where I could warm up, I did find many cool places and stuff, I really didn’t expect. And as I’m not that much into sightseeing (and I think sightseeing is overrated all over the world btw), I’ve compiled some of my favourite cafés, restaurants and shopping tips (and some sightseeing, but just a bit, which I found pretty irritating so I had to share).

    Here are my travelous tips for a perfect city trip to Brussels:


    L’atelier En Ville

    L’atelier En Ville is a mixture of café, bar, furniture shop, fashion shop and beer garden. In other words: you get five things at once. Perfect to stroll around, drink a coffee and especially in summer the beer garden must be perfect for a relaxed evening.

    Coffee Company

    A cute little hipster café with some yummy yummy cupcakes! Perfect for people-watching!
    Cafe Pom

    I’ve tried different times, but every time I’ve been there, Café Pom was closed. Damn! But it looked sooo cool from outside, I really hope one of you can go there one time and tell me if it’s as cool as I think it is!

    OR Espresso Bar

    The best coffee in town you’ll get in OR Espresso Bar and super yummy self-made lemonade and ice tea too!


    Les Filles. Plaisirs culinaires.

    „Les Filles“ is still an insider tip in Brussels as this cute place just opened end of 2013… I’ve found it by accident on Foursquare! A really really cute café run by some friends. You sit here on long tables together with strangers for lunch or dinner and on weekends they also offer breakfast! It’s a little bit hard to find and you have to ring the door bell to get in.

    Arcadi Café

    Arcadi Café is as Brussels as it can be. First I thought it’s too crowded to ever get a table but after two minutes waiting I got one. The waiters were pretty friendly to me but I’ve heard they can be a bit rough sometimes. Don’t be put off if they aren’t that friendly, the food is definitely worth it.

    Fin de Siecle

    At Fin de Siecle you’ll get good, local food, served on long tables (I think the people in Brussels kind of love sitting on long tables with strangers). The atmosphere here is a mixture of Belgian charm with Bavarian beer garden. It can get really crowded after 7pm.


    Manneken Pis

    Manneken Pis belongs to Brussels like beer, fries and waffles. But I really don’t get why everyone is so excited about this pissing boy. It’s really not THAT amazing. I actually didn’t know that he has a sister: Jeanneke Pis (which is pretty much the same not THAT amazing), who’s peeing since about 30 years in a side street of Rue des Bouchers. What I actually really liked was Zinneke Pis, the peeing dog. Well ok, the dog is not really peeing. But normally there’s no huge tourist crowd around, why I really liked it. You can find Zinneke Pis at the corner of Rue des Chartreaux and Rue de Vieux-Marche.

    Street Art

    Street Art in Brussels is actually pretty cool. At every corner you stumble upon some new cool pieces. Sometimes I took a picture of something I found a neat piece of street art hidden on the corner of a house I didn’t see before taking the picture! If you’re into street art you’re going to have a lot of fun in Brussels to discover all the hidden master pieces of artists like ROA and others…


    Gabriele Vintage

    Gabriele Vintage is a true treasure chest for all vintage lover. I just stepped inside there to find shelter from the rain but then I nearly didn’t leave this place again. There are so many cool clothes! Some aren’t that cheap but the collection is really amazing. You can find clothes from nearly every century here and the matching accessorizes.

    Het Ivoren Aapje Book Store

    Het Ivoren Aapje is a book store like in the movies. I wouldn’t have been surprised if there would have been some magic books or magic wands hidden in one of the shelves. If you love books you’re going to spend hours here! And you’re going to love the owner Frederik Deflo and his dog!

    Halles Saint-Gery

    Actually I didn’t like Halles Saint-Gery that much. BUT I was lucky enough to be in Brussels on the first Sunday of the month and that means there’s a cool vintage market happening there. Perfect for a shopping stroll after brunch! If you’re into flea markets but not in Brussels on a first Sunday of the month you can also go to the flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle, which happens there every day.
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  • Our first full day in Brussels! Last night, after getting in and finding what seems like the only open waffle house and watching the Brussels game/orange is the new black, we got a little sleep before getting up and heading out on a walking tour at 10:30am.

    The walking tour was amazing and our guide, Adrian, made it even better. We started out at the Grand Place of Brussels - an amazing square which houses the city hall, kings house, and various old guilds now dedicated to public services. The only guild still housed in the Grand Place is the guild a brasseur: the brewers guild. Brussels is known for its beer and trust us .. There is a reason for this 🍺

    After taking in the splendor that is the gilded buildings of the Grand Place, we headed to our next stop: Mannekin Pis. This unique statue represents a little boy peeing into a well... And they honestly don't know why. The best guess they have is that back in the day, many items had to be dyed with a mix of ammonia and where can you find ammonia for cheap? In your urine. The statue is bit of a legend now, and (though small) definitely brings character to the city.

    After mannekin pis, we traveled through to see the church of St Nickolas, the church of St Michel and the opera house (all beautiful but I'm too tired to think right now) and ended up past the Sablon to the city hall overlook.

    Once the tour was over, we decided we wanted to go to the (in)famous bar "delirium" where there are hundreds of Belgian beers on tap including several of their house brewed. Honestly we just went for the pink elephant glasses... Which we may have walked out with. I'm not sure. Ok I'm sure. We have the glasses.

    After the successful raid of the pink elephant glasses we headed back to the hotel to change and shower before coming back into the city to grab food and watch the Germany vs. Italy game. Yay Deutschland!

    As usual, we were out far later than we thought we would be and headed back to the hotel to get some rest before checking out tomorrow .
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