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  • Day13

    Brugge: Beer, waffles and chocolate!

    September 15, 2016 in Belgium

    What more could anyone want from a city that has the best beer, waffles and chocolate?! This was our second visit to Brugge and it was just as great as we remembered. We love this city not only for its food and drink but also because of its quaint feel and charming character. We'd highly recommend a visit or next time we plan to go back we'll let you know!

  • Day14

    So I just happened to arrive to Bruges on Asencion Day. Bleachers in Markt Square and a bazillion peeps. I couldn't cross the street to find my hotel so I surrendered and looked upon this minor inconvenience as a bonus. Floats, animals, 1700 locals, body tan makeup, wigs, even proper period footwear! Pretty impressive.

  • Day1

    Manneken Pis

    August 22, 2017 in Belgium

    Zwar nur eine Kopie und auch irgendwie nur ein pinkelnder Junge, trotzdem eines der Wahrzeichen Brüssels und somit ein Muss 😄 von seinen mittlerweile über 950 Kostümen hatte der Manneken auch eins an. Es gibt sogar eine Ausstellung, in der ein Teil seiner Kostüme präsentiert werden - verrückt 😂 Vorher waren wir noch auf dem Grand Place 😊

  • Day14

    In Bruges, literally

    May 10 in Belgium

    This morning, I took the RER C train from Versailles to St. Michel.
    Transferred to RER B train to Paris Nord.
    Took the Thaylis High Speed train to Brussels.
    Connected to the Intercity train to Bruges.
    City bus into town and Voila, here!
    Nobody said independent travel is easy!
    Actually, it all went super smoothly.
    When I got on the train to Bruges, the woman across the aisle leaned over and said "This is 1st Class". I acknowledged that I was aware of that.
    Yes, I did look a little travel weary but lordy, attitude from this Euro
    Louis Vuitton wanna-be was uncalled for!

    Travel tip to live by: read and follow the very clearly posted signage
    in stations first, then if you're still unsure, don't hesitate to ask anyone who will listen:)
    Read more

  • Day16

    Yet another parade when I enter a new city! This is starting to be a thing. Found out its called the Zinneke Parade and it went down the street where I am staying and continued to the Grand Place, where the floats and peeps hung out to continue the reveling. The parade theme was ILLEGAL. A cultural event that uses residents along with artists that work together to build bridges between all cultures. A very enthusiastic group!Read more

  • Day1


    August 22, 2017 in Belgium

    Das Atomium wurde zur Expo 1958 erstellt und sollte nach der Weltausstellung eigentlich wieder abgebaut werden. Es war jedoch so beliebt, dass es stehen blieb. Eigentlich sollte es noch höher gebaut werden, aufgrund der Flugsicherheit ließ sich das jedoch nicht umsetzen, und so ist es nun 102 Meter hoch :-) Leider sind wir nicht auf die Aussichtsplattform gegangen, die sich in der obersten Kugel befindet. Das holen wir beim nächsten Brüssel-Besuch nach 😄Read more

  • Day14


    May 10 in Belgium

    I do believe that Bruges IS "the cutest city in Europe".
    Just adorable with lots and lots of sights to see in a relatively small area, all walk-able. Of course I had to go to 't Zwart Huis (The Black House), where they filmed
    the bar scene in 'In Bruges' and I might have sat at or very near the location.
    I wanted to take a photo but this just wasn't that type of place and I didn't want to be rude. It was a COOL, hip vibe. Took the brewery tour at De Halve Maan ending with a lovely pint of my fav Brugse Zot. The guide mentioned that we would be drinking the unfiltered, fresh as fresh can be version since we were drinking it on-site. It was extra tasty and I could tell it was more flavorful than at the bars.Read more

  • Day17


    May 13 in Belgium

    Just scratched the surface but glad that I visited Brussels. Hotel La Legend was perfect, location stupid close to the train station and the Grand Place a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Took a walking tour and would have never found the bar that was tucked away down an alley. It boasts a Guinness book record for most varieties of beer sold in a week, 2000 of them. They have since reduced that to 100, such restraint. Tried my first Belgian chocolate, Galler, a local confectioner that does not export, yum. I found the city to be easier to navigate than Bruges, I could not pull it together there, even with my handy dandy compass. Final word on Belgium, they like to celebrate!Read more

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