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  • Day1

    Erste Übernachtung

    June 14 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Heute haben wir uns ein schönes Übernachtungsplätzchen in Belgien gesucht. Nach dem die Zuwege zum Campingplatz durch Baustellen versperrt waren mussten wir uns durch die idyllische Umgebung arbeiten bis wir dieses schöne Stündchen Erde gefunden haben.Read more

  • Day12

    Bruges, Belgium

    June 11 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Off to find Belgium waffles in Bruges! Or Brugge? As I researched, I was confused on which city to visit or if they were the same place or not. Even navigating was tricky, because the train listed both names. Come to find out it goes by two names depending on which country you come from. The Dutch and German call it Brugge, while the French and English call it Bruges.

    What a beautiful city! Windmills, boating on the canal with swans, playing at the park, strolling the cobblestone streets, drinking local beer (often cheaper than water or soda around here) and eating waffles were just some of the things on our agenda for the day.

    We wondered towards the city center taking in the architecture, history and the constant smell of waffles & chocolate that swirled around us. We sat in the Market Square people watching as horse hooves clopped across the cobblestone. Addy and I love that sound!

    Dozens of chocolate specialty shops surrounded us as we explored the town, so of course we tried some. Well, everyone except for Adalynn of course. She could not relate to this city's love of chocolate. They even have a museum called the Belgium Chocolate Story here! My favorite chocolate in Belgium has been the bar Demi gave me earlier this week, but the caramel filled truffle today was very good too.

    We tried two waffles today. The first from House of Waffles while on the go. It was dense with something caramelized on it's surface that made it heavenly. We added whipped cream and strawberries on top for the girls. We let Addy pick the toppings since she did not have any treats because she loathes chocolate. This waffle was rich and full of flavor. Delicious! Later in the day, we tried our second one as we dined in at Lizzie's Wafels. They brought out little containers for the girls pre-wafel that had animal crackers and candy that resembled circus peanuts. Seth ordered pancakes and waffles for us all to share. Both were ginormous and almost too much for the five of us to finish. Both were delicious, but the first waffle of the day wins for me. The pancakes came with a brown sugar crumble powder. The pancakes were crepe like but with a bit more fluff. Sooo yummy!!! I would definitely order those again!

    Next, we hopped on a boat to see Bruges by water on the Zeebrugge (aka Boudewijn) canal. We rode under the lowest and oldest bridges of Bruges. Swans and cygnets stood on the banks nearby and few ventured into the water. These birds are protected here. According to the boat captain, if you kill one of them, you get five years in prison. That is serious! The boat ride was informative and relaxing. Many of the buildings here are original, as they were lucky enough to avoid the bombings during the World Wars.

    We enjoyed the sunny, breezy 18 degree (trying to teach my brain to convert to Celsius) weather as spent most of our day outdoors. We played at the park, ran over bridges and climbed stairs to see a windmill.

    After this full day, we were all tuckered out and ready for one more chill day in Belgium before we are off to see another country.
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    Mark Blanck

    what a wonderful wake up! It makes one want waffles, for sure! The three and four languages making for place-spelling confusion is crazy! Loving chocolate is almost pervasive, and Belgium has a reputation as some of the best! Addy's getting special considerations is a measure of the empathy and compassion in your family that amazes me. Windmills! Canals! Is Zee a word for canal? Google will know! All so wonderful!

    Mark Blanck


    Mark Blanck

    Amazing and beautiful couple

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  • Day10

    Astriplein Beach

    June 9 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    This was my first day to attempt navigating us on an excursion. Nobody died! That is a win! I lean heavily on Seth for this in life, but it is fun to learn. We took a tram to a nearby town and my only mistake was having us exit one stop early. On the bright side, we got our step count up. ;)

    I have never had so much trouble keeping up with the days of the week or time. I'm switching my brain over to military time so it takes me a second to process. This makes planning things a little funny, because I really have think about which day it is.

    We ventured to Astridplein Beach to watch shrimp fishermen on horseback. We waited almost a week to see this, only to be shown up by a hermit crab that they caught just before the horses arrived. However, the crab escaped and the horses were interesting for the girls again. Ha ha!

    As we waited on the fishermen, the two big girls and Seth played in the cold, wet sand. Meanwhile, Mabel and I relaxed on the warm, dry sand. If you know me, this Canada like climate is quite chilly for me. Seth is thoroughly enjoying being away from the Texas heat.

    Several enormous Clydesdale horses arrived on the beach. They moved into the ocean seemingly unphased by the power of the waves or the chill. They pulled large nets behind to catch shrimp for local restaurants. After fishing, he shared about his catch with all the children in Dutch - this language makes the people always sound serious. The girls held tiny flounder and giggled as they were chased by multiple crabs. The nearby seagulls had been patiently waiting for the humans to clear out and as we did they quickly devoured the scraps.

    On our way home, we popped in for a quick bite, which of course included the famous local frietjes with mayonnaise sauce (best fries I have ever had). We grabbed some ginger snaps from a bakery and I navigated us home with three sleepy girls.
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    Mark Blanck much fun to read. So much!

    Mark Blanck

    Demi looks European! LOL!

    Mark Blanck

    Is that Addy's "top of head?"

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  • Day19

    Het is droog 👍

    June 8 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Als het droog is, is een stad bezoeken natuurlijk nog veel leuker. En Brugge is echt een mooie, sfeervolle stad. We drinken er een lekker kopje thee op.
    “Onze” regen komt nu “jullie” kant op… maar wees gerust: het wordt dus ook weer droog!Read more

    Susanne Van der Veer

    Goed geslaagd zo te zien

    Marian en Frank on the go

    En dan had Frank ook nog tasjes… 😉

    Susanne Van der Veer

    Daar ging ik al van uit

    Marian en Frank on the go

    We hebben zelfs vintage gekocht… 🤑

    Susanne Van der Veer


  • Day8

    Westende, Belgium

    June 7 in Belgium ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Our high speed train out of England came with a three hour delay in London, which made it a bit less speedy. We took the opportunity to pop around the city and tried more of the local cuisine. The kids showed great patience! We had a full day of travel that totaled nine hours.

    We were on our way to the coast of Belgium. As we raced UNDER the English Channel through the train tunnel, I felt a little nervous as I realized English would no longer be the primary language from here on out. The three primary languages in Belgium are Dutch, French, and German. This feels a bit intimidating for sure!

    We are further north than Maine, which means we have super long daylight hours and cooler weather than Texas by far. The sun doesn't go down until after 10pm and rises before 6am. We have been layering clothes since we packed for a mild summer. I will be glad when we things heat up.

    Here we have tried to establish a rhythm to our days. This spot has a nice view of green spaces and unique, historic houses. We have been cooking in our apartment, drinking coffee on our balcony, working out, playing outdoors, hitting the local markets, buying fresh baked bread, starting summer school, and playground hopping. The girls have been excited about this place because they sleep in a triple bunk bed. The toilet here flushes like a tsunami, so watch out! On average, I walk around 12,000 steps a day. People ride bikes everywhere here rain or shine, cold or warm. Oh! And we found a laundromat nearby. Woo hoo!

    We celebrated Seth's birthday by visiting the local butcher for his choice of steak. He and Mabel cooked them to perfection. He prefers his birthday cake to be steak flavored.

    We have discovered at least four playgrounds nearby and explored the beach. Demi and Seth surprised me with a lovely Belgium chocolate that was dark with the perfect amount of sweet. Yummy! We also realized you need half euro coins handy if you need to use a public restrooms while you are out. I had considered going behind a tree, but luckily Seth was able to exchange our bills for some coins.

    The beach here is lovely with some pier like formations covered in moss with rocks at the end. Demi feels they are shaped into mermaid tails. Mabel dug so deep into the sand that she found water. She was amazed at herself.

    Today, we will venture out for fresh bread, groceries and maybe more chocolate! Hoping to not be scolded in Dutch again today. Ha ha!
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    Mark Blanck

    Those facial expressions!

    Mark Blanck

    This is serious!

    Mark Blanck

    Great picture of Addy!

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  • Day2


    June 4 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Die erste Station des heutigen Tages war Brügge - 1h Zugfahrt mit dem IC. Die Stadt ist sehr schön erhalten, die alten Backsteinhäuser sehr idyllisch und an jeder Ecke wartet ein hübsches Restaurant oder Cafe auf die vielen Touristen.
    Für den Überblick ging es auf einen Turm und danach in einen Schokoladenladen (um die Schokimünder glücklich zu machen 😍) Und der erste Waffelladen wurde angesteuert, sehr lecker!
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    S. Hinze

    Wir nehmen auch einen leckeren Kaffee und eine voll fette und ungesunde Waffel! Kannste gleich bestellen 😅🤗 Viel Spaß euch allen 💪


    Kommt gleich vorbei, wir schicken was aus Brügge los 😋😊

    S H

    Als aufmerksame Leserin habe ich einen Fehler bemerkt:p....dies ist der Kunstberg in BRÜSSEL! Hab ich den Preis gewonnen? :)

    Natalie Hinze

    👏🏼 Du bekommst eine Waffel mit Schokoladensoße!

    S H

    Gleich?....ich komme ;)...

  • Day3

    Wenn wir schon reisen….

    May 26 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    …. dann gleich durch die ganze EU, in Mini und obendrauf gab es noch einen echten Raketenstart einer Ariane 5.
    Anschließend ging es nochmal zur Nationalbasilika und nach dem späten Mittag zurück ins Zentrum für Jeanneke und Zinneke Pis.Read more

    Neele Reinboth

    Was für ein Land ist das? 🤔

    Stefanie Lange

    😂😂😂 Belgien

  • Day2

    wie echte Touristen

    May 25 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Ordentliche Touristen die wir sind, haben wir heute erstmal eine Hop-on Hop-Off Tour durch die Stadt gemacht. Vorbei am Atomium, der Nationalbasilika des Heiligen Herzen, dem Justizpalast, der Kathedrale von St. Michael und der schwebenden Kakaobohne und vielem mehr.
    Natürlich mussten wir uns das Europäische Parlament ansehen mit dem Plenarsaal, der Rundgang mit dem Audioguide war richtig gut und informativ. Zum vorläufigen Abschluss sind wir dann noch etwas durch die Altstadt gelaufen.
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    Gerd Lan

    Sert löblich Ihr Touris 😉

  • Day1

    Erste kleine Sightseeingtour

    May 24 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Die erste kleine Erkundungstour haben wir schon hinter uns und natürlich durfte das kleine Männchen da nicht fehlen.
    Dem Hart-Rock Café und einem typischen belgischen Waffelladen haben wir auch gleich mal einen Besuch abgestattet.Read more

  • Day3

    Auf nach Brüssel bei schlechtem Wetter

    May 23 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Beitrag von Emily:

    Nachdem wir gestern noch einen schönen, langen Spieleabend hatten, haben wir richtig gut geschlafen. Wir haben an unserem gemütlichen Platz gefrühstückt, alles zusammen gepackt und ausgecheckt. Alles läuft bis jetzt wirklich reibungslos:)
    Dann sind wir die Fahrt angetreten, die wir mit einem Besuch bei der Tankstelle begonnen haben. Unglaubliche 2,34€ pro Liter. Wir haben nur 10 Liter getankt, in der Hoffnung, dass es in Belgien wieder etwas freundlicher wird. Und tatsächlich...Nach der Grenze haben wir für 1,97€ pro Liter vollgetankt, also ein richtiger Schnapper. Damit konnten wir beruhigt weiter fahren und haben morgen, wenn es nach Paris geht kein Stress.
    Der Check-in unseres Hostels war super easy und hier haben wir alles was wir brauchen. Da es seit der Hälfte der Fahrt geschüttet und teilweise gewittert hat, konnten wir heute leider nicht mehr in die City. Wir haben uns also vorhin ein paar Sachen im Supermarkt geholt, hier gegessen, ein Film auf Netflix angemacht und unsere Nägel lackiert. Jetzt liegen wir im Bett und freuen uns auf Paris. Unser Plan ist es aber morgen früh, nach dem Frühstück doch noch ein paar Eindrücke von Brüssel zu bekommen. Etwa 25 Minuten brauchen wir von unserem Hostel in die City. Dort gibt es einen schönen Marktplatz und einen hoffentlich noch schöneren Garten. Mal sehen wie viel Zeit wir morgen noch haben.
    Wir sind super müde, daher werden wir gleich schlafen. Morgen geht's weiter in die Stadt der Liebe....oder irgendwie so:)
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    Anja Münch

    Ihr macht das Beste draus, richtig so 👍🏼 Drücke die Daumen für besseres Wetter morgen und eine gute Fahrt nach Paris 🍀❤️

    Emily Münch

    Das machen wir 🥰 Vielen Dank, ihr werdet geupdated☺

    Corinna Westermann

    Perfekt euer Timing .....schönes Wetter im Zelt☀️🏕 und Regen🌧 im 🏨Hostel.

    Emily Münch

    Exakt. Man muss immer das Positive sehen😊🤷🏻‍♀️

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