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    Belize city 3d
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  • Anna Lacey
    Dangriga, Belize 2w
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  • Caye Caulker truly is the definition of laid back. Three nights here and feel like could stay for a lot longer but so much more to see! After the ultra tacky Mexican cities it has been a breath of fresh air to come to the true Caribbean! Jerk Chicken everywhere you look and an abundance of fresh fish on street BBQs.

    Yesterday we went on a day snorkelling trip and just about saw it all on the second largest reef in the world. We swam with green and leatherback turtles, 2m long stingrays, 2/3m long nurse and reef sharks, giant schools of fish, the occasional squid and not to forget some impressive coral! Oh and then we went and saw some Dolphins. Not bad eh?!

    Tomorrow we are heading inland to Guatemala and the ruins of Tikal. Country number 11 coming up...
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  • The smooth crossing into Belize turned into a real bumpy ride but we made it. Smuggled some bananas through immigration and we were on a chicken bus to Placencia. Placencia is a small town which is otherwise known as the island you can drive to; we took the boat though obviously! Palm trees line the white sandy beaches where we have been spending all our time. Unfortunately 'seagrass' has invaded so the water isn't its usual turquoise blue (first world problems) but I guess the regular dolphins just off shore almost make up for this.

    Our time here has come to end and we will be sorry to leave Belize again - not your standard 'backpacking' destination but one we have really enjoyed - and tomorrow we are going to try and make it all the way back to Mexico. Fingers crossed we are going to make it otherwise we will stop overnight in Belize City!
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  • The sun is shining when we wake up (finally!) and we head to the pier for our snorkeling trip at Silk Caye. Silk caye forms part of the barrier reef and we were promised sightings of manta rays and sharks.

    Alas the seas are too rough so a change of plans and we head to the closer Laughing Bird Caye instead. Once on the boat we can see why.. its a bumpy trip out! Suki somehow ended up in the worst seat and gets drenched.

    We spent a nice day on the Caye snorkeling and pigging out on the delicious barbeque chicken and cheesy potato meal Tipa cooks for us. The snorkeling is not as good as we had hoped but we do see some giant lobsters and 4 big baracuda.
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  • The lush greenery that we enjoyed as we rode across Belize to the Caribean coast was the reward for getting rained on from time to time. We enjoyed the quaintness of San Ignacio, but the capital city of Belmopan was the most underwhelming city we have experienced on this trip, as we searched without luck for some sort of downtown, or even people about - granted, we did ride 'through' on the Sunday morning of a long weekend, but still... From there we rode the Hummingbird Highway to the coast, a hilly route through small towns in beautiful jungle valleys where the main crop is oranges. We were passed by a dozen or more heavily laden orange trucks on their way to processing plants near Dangriga. Sadly, the heavy truck traffic meant the road was in terrible shape as we neared the end of our 100 km day, so we arrived in Dangriga in serious need of a vacation.Read more

  • Chill little island. More of a backpacker friendly atmosphere but very expensive. Watched a local soccer game, that was fun. People were very much into it, probably because half of the island was playing. Some locals watched the game from their golf carts and used the horn as their vuvuzela. Not much more going on, just nice warm water, kayaks and bbq. There was a nice place to get beers and drinks at the north end of the island during happy hour it was cheap.
    Other than that dirty mc nastys is cool place and they give you free rum.
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  • Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world next to The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The islands by the coast are absolutely amazing. It took us all day to get to Caye Caulker, but it was worth it. Met a group of friends along the ferry ride down: 2 Germans, 1 Hong Kong American, 2 Kiwis, and shared some great stories togther. Only traveling like this brings people of different background together on a small island. It is moments like this that make us smile.Read more

  • We spend our first full day in Caye Caulker exploring the island (3 quaint streets) and figuring out what activities we want to do. Suki beats Trav in the sack throwing game at the bar to Travs surprise and disgust :-)

    After a bit of umming and ahhing Suki books in for a full day dive of the famous blue hole the next day. Trav decides to give it a miss just in case his ears play up. We also planned to do a snorkel trip that afternoon however on the way to the legitimate, well rated establishment, we get intercepted by a Rastafarian guy on the side of road. He tries to sell us an alternative trip (and/ or weed). We get lured in by his promise of spearfishing and lots of fresh fish so put a deposit down for a trip on Thursday. His credibility starts decreasing over the day though as we see him hustle people and try to sell food (lobster tails).

    Bad news though when we find out the dive has been cancelled due to bad weather. We wake the next morning to high winds and torrential rains.. and its doesn't look like its going to improve until Saturday :-( We decide to cut our losses and high tail out of there.. the rain subsides and we catch the next ferry outta there... Off to San Ignacio!
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  • We wake up in excitement and anticipation for our trip through the Aktun Tunichil Muknil Cave today.. its a 10 hour adventure through an old Mayan cave, where the Mayans used to perform blood letting rituals. Its meant to be amazing!

    But Alas, the cave is closed due to the recent heavy rains. Our guide Carlos is confident it will reopen tomorrow so we spent the day at some nearby Mayan ruins (forgot the name, starts with an X!).

    Luck is not on our side as we find out the next day the cave is still closed :-( We cut our loses once again and head south to Placencia!
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  • We had a lazy morning, munched some granola and sat outside reading. We headed out to get Anna her iced coffee, me a not great coconut and a fruit smoothie to share (4,5,5B). It was absolutely roasting and we were hot and sweaty when we returned so jumped off the dock into the sea.

    After hiding in the aircon for a bit we headed to the bakery for a cinnamon roll and a ‘cookie’ which was sort of shortbread with sprinkles and jam. Then we settled at Sip N Dip, a colourful dock with seating and ladders so you can pop in and out of the water to cool off. Anna tried 2 more beers whilst I had 2 ice creams - one was chocolate fudge brownie which was absolutely amazing. Once the sun had gone, we went home to change and then came out for the sunset at the Split which wasn't great and the sand flies were out in force as there was no wind.

    We went to Aladdin’s for dinner and had lamb and falafel wraps, iced tea and sour sop (a nice local fruit smoothie) for 41B. It was probably the best falafel wrap I've had on all our travels so far...absolutely perfect! The poor lady then told us how her ex boyfriend was trying to destroy her business / life and she had to go to court soon - Latino men don't seem to make great partners from what we've heard. As we were having dinner we saw a bright red, huge, full moon rise out of the sea! It slowly turned to orange and then normal moon colour as it rose higher. An amazing sight I don't think I've seen before.

    Quote of the day from a rasta man: Slow down or you'll get a speeding ticket! Hannah will attest to the fact that we walk pretty slowly these days. We don't seem to be able to walk down the main strip without everyone wanting to talk to us. It already feels like we know half the people here and has such a lovely vibe. Definitely my favourite place so far.
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  • Spent half a day fishing snappers by the reefs. Our guide first went to catch some bait fish by the mangrove forests with cast nets, and then took us to 3 different fishing sites. We both caught 5 snappers and 1 ballon fish (cute little suckers that blow up into bubbles!) Cooked up the snappers in a meal for our new friend! Good times!