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  • Both of us like to have goals, A while ago we chatted about our goals for this trip. Here they are...

    -Find out how comfortable we really are with the philosophy "things aren't important experiences are"

    -spend quality time together

    -become closer in our marriage

    -to stretch our comfort zones

    -learn about other's perception of normal

    -live free and become more open minded

    -spend time with our friends abroad

    -have fun and
    more fun
    (ok and keep fit)

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  • Hurricane Karl left us in the morning and by the time it was 5:30, the weather was sunny and gorgeous, the winds were blowing to help keep guests cooler! George & Matt helped to hold up the Ketubah, Fiona did a phenomenal job officiating. All-in-all a lovely ceremony and we were so glad to get married on Caso's Point!!

  • We danced all night with a great DJ, ate some amazing food (raw bar and sushi per Jon was the best), had our toes in the water, and enjoyed cigars! Such great speeches from Kelsey, Ariel, and my parents! We had so much fun and got to soak up the moments of the evening. After all, there was supposed to be a hurricane, and it had such a minor impact that we HAD to celebrate at how perfect the night was for our celebration! So happy family and friends were able to share it with us!Read more

  • What a great way to finish off our wedding by bringing our local Bermuda friends along with our out-of-town guests to share in a cruise through Paradise Lakes including time to swim! Epic. Epic. Epic. We stopped by the Green family home and dropped anchor. Then everyone was chilling in the water. Perfect.

  • We are off to a great start with an upgrade to bulkhead seats for our first flight.

    We had a great morning with the Jaanferds, our last run on the Bermuda railway.
    Hamish and Sambo's goodbye left neither of us with dry eyes.
    By the way Hamish you are a great taxi driver, you should sign up to be a uber driver 😜, thanks for the lift mate.

    We got to spend some time with Cor, Yolande and Francois on the way to Atlanta. Francois took his first selfie, not bad for a 1 year old.

    Enjoyed some Panda Express in Atlanta, Artie would have loved it!

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  • The Roof's off in Saint Georges, our last convertible drive with the Suzuki but typically Bermuda has other plans... it's bucketing down. We never spend a lot of time here, only with events like the Island Challenge, Christmas Walkabout, Paget Island days, the odd cricket match & if we have visitors. Nevertheless had a nice goodbye-drive and an "excellent service" Bda style breakfast with the newlyweds.

    We spend a couple of hours clearing cupboards, throwing out stuff & selling the iron and ironingboard #beingproductive

    This eventful Sunday was topped with a lovely Italian evening at the Homers. We Always have such a great time& good laughs with the Scottish & Saffer trio.
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  • Packing by number, yes i had the laptop handy as i used an excel spreadsheet to plan this pack. Not easy to reduce your life to a few bags.

    Now are bags are packed and we are almost ready to go . . .

    Leaving on a yet plane, don't know when/if i will be back again.

  • Amazing night on the beach with our bermuda framaly (friends who became family).
    Unbelievable full-moon, no camera can do it justice.
    Tonight was really heartwarming, we once again realized that the best part of living in Bermuda was spending time with the amazing people. We are privileged to call our friends for live!

  • It is getting real, operating at the speed of lighting or there about. Enjoying our view for one last week. I Will truly miss the island greet "more my eiland" in the mornings when we open the curtains.

    Our apartment is echoing and all the cupboards are empty, it does not really feel like our "space" anymore. It is quite liberating to get rid of stuff especially some of the second hand stuff that was not ever really my taste, but were functional for 5years. In this declutter/detox of our apartment I once again realized that things aren't important its experiences that are. I started to pack this morning - will it be enough? really need this? - should I add an extra dress ? maybe I can go without this, nah? Oh FYI I am experimenting with the roll method of packing - so far it's pretty epic and seems like we will have way more space ( and wrinkles lol) but lets see how this works in practice when we will actually be living out of a bag.

    Everything is not easy but everything hard is worthwhile.
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