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Curious what backpackers do in Bolivia? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.

Most traveled places in Bolivia:

All Top Places in Bolivia
  • Day51

    We spent two days exploring Lake Titicaca. The first day from Puno we took a boat out to the floating islands. These are man-made islands which float - as the name suggests. They each have communities living on them and they choose to join up with other islands or break apart every so often. We got to see their houses and speak to the people living there.
    On the second day we crossed the border into Bolivia to visit Copacabana. From here we visisted another island on Lake Titicaca - Isla del Sol. This was very pretty and we had a great day.Read more

  • Day49

    Breakfast was at 8am and consisted of pancakes with dulce de leche (a caramel type sauce) which despite being cold were pretty good. We then packed our bags and jumped back into the jeep for our days adventures. We made it about 5 minutes up the road until Ruben shouted "lunch" and did a u turn back to the hostel as he had forgotten our lunch!

    Our first couple of stops were of natural rock formations, Copa del Mundo (a face) and Camello de Roca (a camel). Si and I decided that we wanted to have a picture on top of the camel but didn't anticipate quite how hard it would be to get up or back down again, we nearly got stuck! Fortunately there were people on hand to help us. There was also another rock formation in the shape of a heart.

    On the way to our next stop, some more lagoons, Ruben pointed out lots of llamas and let us stop to try and take some selfies. It turns out llamas are not a massive fan of selfies so it was a lot harder than we anticipated to get one.

    In addition to the llamas, we were also fortunate to see some flamingos (it was a LOT warmer today).

    For the rest of the day Ruben pointed out llamas, they were everywhere! He also decided to nickname Jordan DJ Llama, as he provided us with the days tunes.

    On our next stop, Ruben parked up between some rocks and then gestured for us to follow him up over the rocks. We clambered up behind him and behind the rocks was another gorgeous lake, Laguna Negro. We then walked down around the lake where there were hundreds more llamas!

    After this we stopped for lunch which consisted of tuna, salad, rice and a potato and egg dish which was pretty good. The boys also tried some local beer, one was made with quinoa, another with coca leaf and the third with cactus. The coca leaf one was definitely the nicest.

    After lunch we headed to Cañón del Inca, a huge canyon. Simon didn't hang around on the canyon for long though as he was a little afeared.

    Our final stop of the day was Pueblo de San Agustín which had a railway line where they transported out some of the minerals. We are not entirely sure if it was still being used. There was also a shop where you could try some more of the local beer but as we had already had some at lunch we didn't bother.

    This evenings accommodation was the Hotel de Sal (Salt Hotel) which was made out of salt. This was like the Ritz in comparison to the previous nights lodgings and wasn't freezing which was amazing. We also got to have a really hot shower for 10 bolivianos (approx. £1). It was worth every penny!

    Whilst waiting for dinner, there was a power cut so we sat around and played some cards by torchlight with our fellow tour mates. The power eventually came back on and for dinner we had a starter of soup followed by some chicken, rice and vegetables and a bottle of Chilean wine to share. Within the vegetables was what looked like a normal green pepper but when Simon put it in his mouth it looked like smoke was about to come out of his ears. He said it was the hottest thing he had ever eaten! I'm just glad that he tried to before me so that I could avoid it. I'm not sure I could have coped as I am a right wimp when it comes to spice.

    The hotel was at a slightly lower altitude than the previous evening so we were at around 3,600m. Nick didn't make it to dinner that evening as the altitude sickness had caught up with him and Robert wasn't feeling too peachy either. Fortunately me and Si were still doing ok
    Read more

  • Day48

    We were the first picked up from our hostel at 7:15am and after we picked up our fellow comrades we headed to border control to get stamped out of Chile before we could cross over into Bolivia. There were hoards of people queuing to get their passports stamped and some people appeared to be getting interrogated. Fortunately our group sailed through so we didn't have to hang around for ages.

    Our driver then got into the van, told us to wait and drove off. We all looked at each other and were slightly concerned as to what was going on as all of our bags were in the van but then as if by magic he appeared behind us and was setting up a picnic table so we could all have breakfast. Breakfast consisted of fresh baguettes, 2 types of cheese, avocado, salami, cookies, cake, bananas and coffee which was amazing.

    There were 9 of us in total, 2 couples from Germany; Carolina and Flo and Julia and Stefan, 2 lads from the Lake District, Jordan and Nick and one man from New Zealand called Robert.

    After our picnic breakfast we left Uyuni and headed over the border to Bolivia. Waiting at the border for us were 2 4x4's at which point we were split into 2 groups. We were put with Nick, Jordan and Robert and introduced to our tour guide / driver, Ruben.

    Before we could head off we needed to get our passports stamped by the Bolivian border police. The border is around 4000m above sea level so just walking to the office to get our passport stamped left us out of breath. It was also very windy and bloomin freezing (the coldest day of the year so far apparently)!

    After we got the technicalities out of the way, we jumped into our jeep and headed off to our first stop on the tour. Ruben spoke very little English and between the 5 of us we spoke very little Spanish so we weren't entirely sure how the next 3 days were going to go!

    Our first stop was Laguna Blanca, a gorgeous icy lagoon where we stopped for some pictures. We then headed off to Laguna Verde, a beautiful green lagoon. Ruben explained a little bit about each lagoon and between us we managed to get the general gist of what he was saying.

    After the lagoon we headed to the August Termales (hot springs) for lunch. Ruben pointed out some vicunias (we are still not sure what these are but they look a little bit like deer) and let us stop to take some pictures. Ruben then continued to shout "vicunias" every time he spotted them for the rest of the day!

    It was so cold that it took some deliberation as to whether We were actually going to get in the hot springs. The thought of taking all our clothes off and walking outside to the hot spring in the freezing cold was not very appealing. We did it though and it was like sitting in a really hot bath. Around us we could see the volcanos (names of which I've forgotten) and despite sharing this view with around 20 other backpackers in the small hot spring it was lovely. The next challenge was to get out of the pool and get changed in the outside changing room before catching hypothermia.

    Once we were changed we joined the Germans in the other 4x4 and sat down for a yummy lunch of salad, smash, hot dogs and a chicken and vegetable type dish. We were now at around 4400m and some of our group were starting to feel the effects of altitude sickness with headaches and dizziness. Me and Simon however where smashing the altitude! I felt fine, just a bit out of breath when I did anything and Simon had a small headache.

    After lunch we went to see the Géiser Sol de Mañana which was pretty cool, followed by Laguna Colorada, a red lake. There are usually lots of flamingos here but Ruben advised us that it was "mucho friyo" for them so they weren't out which was a bit of a shame. He also explained that the minerals in the water that made it red, also made the flamingos pink (we think that's what he was saying anyway).

    We then headed off on the hour and a half journey to our hostel. Nothing could have prepared us for the cold, concrete abode that was awaiting us! It was freezing! We sat inside with all of our clothes on, including hats and gloves shivering. We were relived when Ruben told us that coffee would be arriving in 15 minutes but in those temperatures water doesn't stay warm for long so the luke warm coffee didn't warm us up like we had hoped.

    For dinner, we had some vegetable soup, followed by a spaghetti and tomato sauce dish. For dessert we had half a tinned peach. Ruben then came in and asked if we wanted a sleeping bag to which we all said yes! The driver for the other half of our group (the Germans) got hot water bottles as well! Unfortunately Ruben didn't have any hot water bottles for us so we went to bed at 8:30 in the hope that maybe it would be warmer in there. I can tell you now it wasn't! We somehow managed to luck out with a double bed despite being told previously that we would be in 5/6 bed dorms but in hindsight perhaps some extra body heat would have helped. Despite sleeping in my thermals, a cardigan and fluffy socks, inside a sleeping bag liner in a sleeping bag under a sheet, 2 blankets and a thick quilt I was still freezing! You can imagine how annoyed I was as well when I woke up in the middle of the night needing a wee!
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  • Day6

    Die Nacht war halbwegs warm, aber die Höhe von 4200 m hat man trotzdem gemerkt. Morgens haben wir beide Kopfschmerzen, und wir sind total eingeschneit. Trotz null Sicht findet unser Fahrer trotzdem irgendwie den Rückweg, nochmals an der Laguna Colorada vorbei, und zurück in etwas tiefere Lagen. Hier scheint auch endlich wieder mal die Sonne und wir machen eine kleine Wanderung über die Felsen, die eine kleine Lagune umrunden. Danach noch ein kurzer Stopp im Valle de la Rocca, bevors zum Mittagessen geht.Read more

  • Day6

    Wurden um 15 Uhr schon abgeladen in einem kalten Salzhotel. Unmut nicht nur bei uns, dass man an diesem Tag nicht noch was anderes unternommen hat, nachdem die ganzen Lagunen schon nicht möglich waren. Das Wetter wäre gut gewesen, stattdessen Karten spielen, essen und kalt duschen.

  • Day7

    Morgens um 5 los zum Sonnenaufgang in den Salar. Irgendwie ist der Wurm drin auf dieser Tour, alles wolkenverhangen. Faszinierend und toll ist diese endlose Salzebene trotzdem, und wir haben viel Spaß beim lustige Fotos machen. Dauert eine Weile, bis mans drauf hat mit dem Fokus. Danach vorbei am Salzmuseum, eisenbahnfriedhof und schließlich noch Mittagessen in Uyuni. Am Tourbüro werden wir dann abgesetzt, wo wir noch unseren Nachtbus nach La Paz buchen. Alles in allem hatten wir uns echt mehr erhofft von diesen Tagen, da müssen wir wohl nochmal herkommen, wenn das Wetter nicht mehr verrückt spielen. Jetzt hoffen wir mal, dass es besser weitergeht.Read more

  • Day129

    Der zweite Tag ist so voller Highlights, dass es sich kaum in Bilder fassen lässt. Mit dem großen Ausflugsboot fahren wir bis zum Rio Mamoré, um dort den rosa Flussdelfinen beim fischen zuzusehen. Das tun wir dann auch richtig gemütlich von unseren Hängematten aus=).
    Nachts gehen wir auf die Suche nach den Krokodilen, die sich rund um das Gelände von Chuchini verstecken und finden sogar ein Kleines...Read more

  • Day25

    (Achtung viel Text)
    Heute ging es endlich nach Bolivien, gemeinsam mit dem Kanadier den ich am Abend zuvor im Hostel kennengelernt habe gings auf zur Grenze, wir hatten uns schon auf Stundenlanges warten eingestellt, überraschenderweise war alles innerhalb 5 Minuten erledigt.
    Haben dann unser vorläufige Zugticket eingetauscht und und auf die Suche nach einem Restaurant gemacht, war gar nicht so einfach, alles hatte zu und das Laufen in 3400m Höhe mit 12kg Gepäck ist gar nicht so ohne. Während unserer Suche, haben wwir auf einem lokalen Markt tote Lama Babys entdeckt und andere tote Tiere. Nach dem etwas längeren "Spaziergang" wurden wir dann endlich fündig und sind dort gleich auf weitere Backpacker gestoßen. Max aus Australien und Lahave aus Israel, beide hatten auch geplant mit dem Zug zu fahren.
    Nach ca. 6h warten ging dann die Zugfahrt endlich los, wahnsinnige Landschaft! Ich konnte gar nicht genug bekommen. Als wir beim ersten Stop waren, dachte wir das es nach 20 Minuten weiter geht, allerdings wurden daraus 2h! Irgendwas an den Gleisen musste repariert werden. Nach einer schier nicht Enden wollenden Fahrt kamen wir nachts um 3 Uhr endlich an. Das ich kein Auge zubekommen habe und die lautesten Schnarcher ever vor uns saßen war irgendwie abzusehen 😅
    Zum Glück hat dann auch alles mit dem Hostel geklappt und wir mussten nicht im dunklen rum irren.
    Read more

  • Day5

    Das Wetter spielt hier total verrückt. Nach Regengüssen in San Pedro waren die Berpässe wegen heftigem Schneefall unpassierbar. Am Vortag stand es noch total auf der Kippe, ob wir überhaupt irgendwie nach Bolivien kommen, so dass wir dann froh waren, dass es am nächsten Morgen losging. Fünf Stunden aussen rum über die Grenze bei Ollangüe blieben uns leider viele Highlights verwehrt. Auch an diesem Tag von Wetterberuhigung keine Spur: Schnee, Wind wolkenverhangen und eiskalt. Am Abend sind wir immerhin nach langer waghalsiger Fahrt in unserer sehr sporadischen Schutzunterkunft angekommen. Gutes Abendessen mit der netten Truppe und gut eingepackt in Decken und Schlafsack danach ins Bett.Read more

  • Day132

    Der kreativ-wildeste Verkehr seit Beginn unserer Reise und unendlich viele Märkte, auf denen man ALLES kaufen. La Paz fasziniert=).

    24./25.05.2017: Die Stadt und die Märkte erkunden
    26.05.2017: Death Road mit dem Mountainbike

You might also know this place by the following names:

Plurinational State of Bolivia, Bolivien, Bolivia, Bolivië, ቦሊቪያ, Bolibia, بوليفيا, Wuliwya, Boliviya, Балівія, Боливия, Bolivi, বোলিভিয়া, བོ་ལི་ཝིཡ།, Bolivija, Bolívia, Bolívie, Bolifia, Bolivia nutome, Βολιβία, Bolivio, Boliivia, بولیویا, Boliwii, Bolivie, An Bholaiv, Boilibhia, બોલિવિયા, Bolibiya, בוליביה, बोलीविया, Բոլիվիա, Bólivía, ボリビア共和国, ბოლივია, បូលីវី, ಬಲ್ಗೇರಿಯಾ, 볼리비아, बोलिविया, بۆلیڤیا, ໂບລິເວຍ, Mbolivi, Bolīvija, Боливија, ബൊളീവിയ, बोलिव्हिया, Bolivja, ဘိုလီးဘီးယား, Boribiya, Bolivtlān, Bholiviya, बोलिभिया, ବୋଲଭିଆ, Boliwia, Puliwya, Bolivïi, බොලීවියාව, Boliifiya, பொலிவியா, బొలీవియా, โบลิเวีย, Polīvia, Bolivya, بولىۋىيە, Болівія, Bô-li-vi-a (Bolivia), Bolivän, Orílẹ́ède Bọ̀lífíyà, 玻利維亞, i-Bolivia

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