Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Day24

    Von Split aus haben wir uns um 10.00 Uhr auf den Weg nach Dubrovnik gemacht. Die Küstenstrasse ist super zu fahren; es war wenig Verkehr und wir waren zügig voran gekommen. 6 Kilometer vor Dubrovnik hatte ich dann einen Platten. Der BMW Service hat uns einen Abschleppwagen organisiert und die Werkstatt hat das Hinterrad direkt ausgebaut. Im Reifen steckte ein Nagel! Ein neuer Schlauch wurde eingebaut und dann ging's weiter. Zunächst nach Dubrovnik in die Stadt, dann weiter nach Trebinje.Read more

  • Day32

    Went to the bridge that sparked ww1 as someone was assassinated in July 1914.
    Had a wonder around Town, made some warmth purchases of a scarf and beanie.
    Then we were treated to a great dinner, Begove corba soup, Cevap for main and Tufahija for dessert.

  • Day33

    Visited a 20m portion of the tunnels used to keep Sarajevo alive during the Bosnia war in the 1990s.
    The tunnels were built in 1993 and were the only way to get supplies in to the city.

    9 people lost their life at this rose location.

  • Day33

    Had a fun morning at a bobsled, abandoned and working.
    Spent a sobering afternoon at the museum of genocide and history.
    There is a wall of kind messages, a man made of bread symbolizing 100 life's lost in one day gunned down while waiting for bread.
    Got cheered up with coffee and food.
    Bought a few cool items, a sugar bowl and a gravy boat.

  • Day34

    So Srebrenica was meant to be a safe haven for all the people whom had now become a refugee in their own country. The UN said they would protect them but the promises fell through. The Serbian troops took over and there was a massacre.
    And this is just one location this happened. They are still finding locations of mass graves and giving peoples loved ones a final resting place.
    This memorial and grave site lays to rest over 6000 people.

    We had a guide that survived. He lost his father, his brother. He had people killed 4m away from him due to a shell falling during a soccer game. Even the aid packages from above would cause casualties. He had someone 10m away squashed as the parachute didn't open and the pallet fell straight down.

    It has been a beautiful, confronting, sobering experience through Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    So much hate led to so many deaths. It appears they're not matching hate with hate. Hopefully one day there may be peace.

    Even though we are tourists.
    I am here.
    I have listened.
    I have cried.
    I have loved.
    I care and I will take this understanding with me for the rest of my life.
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  • Day7

    The Tunnel museum was quite an experience! Tram out of the city, a taxi even further away, and a lot of super scary history with the feeling of walking inside the tunnel leading to the Free Boanian Territory. A dry and clean version of the tunnel though. I can't imagine what it must have been like during the siege with mud and rain and darkness and heavy bags walking back and forth.
    Later at the hostel a guy from Belgium tipped us about the sunset, and through steep, narrow streets along grave yards and small houses we almost made it to the good view in time after a GREAT and well deserved dinner.Read more

  • Day8

    Beautifull stories about a community with mixed cultures and religions living not just side by side but as close friends. After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand different oppinions about the muderer got along. During WWII Muslims saved the lives of Jewes. After the siege in the 90's no hade between Bosnians and Serbs is to find. This city seems so peacefull. No wonder it is called the European Jerusalem.
    At night the streets changes completely: people everywhere, the bars are full, and loud pop music is making the soundtrack. It is hard to find a place with a proper drink; it's beer and coffee one can get in this city.
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  • Day9

    Long and yet great day covering the entire emotion scale. We started out at the childhood war museum reading about, well, childhood in Bosnia in the 90's. Beautifull and scary stories about making the way through life despite the war. The afternoon was all about Turkish coffee, relaxing in the park and finding our way to the train leaving this amazing city. We kinda wanted to stay one more day, but we ended up leaving anyway. Night in Mostar. Beautifull town with a great social hostel and dinner with a free rakija. Ended up as a fun evening! We even got to talk Danish a bit with some guys at the hostel.Read more

  • Day10

    Crazy men jump 22 meters from an old bridge into the river for money. That's pretty much what happens here. We didn't go to the waterfalls because it's a tourist trap and super expensive. I would have wanted to see it though, and to swim in the lakes. But instead we got to spend some cozy time by the river and in the town. Marks from the war is a lot more visible here than in Sarajevo which makes it both scary and beautifull to walk the streets. At least those without all the souvenir shops.
    Our last night in Bosnia Herzegovena was spend at a good restaurant right next to the river coloured by the sunset followed by a walk through a ghosty city to the sniper tower. Just as creapy as it sounds!
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  • Day32

    Today was a travel day. We took a bus from Dubrovnik to Zadar and then a bus to Plitvice Lakes. We caught our first bus at 8 am and got to Plitvice around 6:30 p.m. In between the bus rides, we stopped for a twenty minute break in Bosnia (that 10km we had to drive). They even stamped our passports. I bought a juice in Bosnia that I thought was orange juice, but turned out that it tasted like Sunny D, so I wasn't too disappointed when it wasn't what I thought. For some reason it's one of the only pictures I took today so I figured I'd mention it (lol) besides the route from the bus stop to our hostel.

    We ended up getting to Zadar exactly at 3:10, when our bus to Plitvice was scheduled to leave (our bus was 45 minutes late) so our hearts were racing that we were going to miss it, but turned out to be an hour late so we were lucky. I seriously don't know how we haven't missed one yet (knock on wood), but thank god we haven't.

    When we got to the hostel later (which is the best one yet!), we signed up for the communal dinner of Chili Con Carne. It was nice because we got to sit and talk with a bunch of people and then played Cards Against Humanity with a group of people for bit. We all had a good laugh and then Zoe and I even played a round of "quick play" Monopoly, but still after an hour, we weren't close to finishing so we called it (I won).
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