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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Day32

    Went to the bridge that sparked ww1 as someone was assassinated in July 1914.
    Had a wonder around Town, made some warmth purchases of a scarf and beanie.
    Then we were treated to a great dinner, Begove corba soup, Cevap for main and Tufahija for dessert.

  • Day33

    Visited a 20m portion of the tunnels used to keep Sarajevo alive during the Bosnia war in the 1990s.
    The tunnels were built in 1993 and were the only way to get supplies in to the city.

    9 people lost their life at this rose location.

  • Day33

    Had a fun morning at a bobsled, abandoned and working.
    Spent a sobering afternoon at the museum of genocide and history.
    There is a wall of kind messages, a man made of bread symbolizing 100 life's lost in one day gunned down while waiting for bread.
    Got cheered up with coffee and food.
    Bought a few cool items, a sugar bowl and a gravy boat.

  • Day34

    So Srebrenica was meant to be a safe haven for all the people whom had now become a refugee in their own country. The UN said they would protect them but the promises fell through. The Serbian troops took over and there was a massacre.
    And this is just one location this happened. They are still finding locations of mass graves and giving peoples loved ones a final resting place.
    This memorial and grave site lays to rest over 6000 people.

    We had a guide that survived. He lost his father, his brother. He had people killed 4m away from him due to a shell falling during a soccer game. Even the aid packages from above would cause casualties. He had someone 10m away squashed as the parachute didn't open and the pallet fell straight down.

    It has been a beautiful, confronting, sobering experience through Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    So much hate led to so many deaths. It appears they're not matching hate with hate. Hopefully one day there may be peace.

    Even though we are tourists.
    I am here.
    I have listened.
    I have cried.
    I have loved.
    I care and I will take this understanding with me for the rest of my life.
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  • Day214

    We had a good, much needed sleep in until midday. 🤗
    I showered and tried to wash my hair but the hot water didn't last long enough. very cold. 😩
    We planned on a lazy day but first we wanted to have a quick look around.
    We walked to the bridge and I already love this place. 😍
    It wasn't as wide as I thought it would be.
    We were both planning on jumping off it - you have to do a training course first but unfortunately we don't think the weather is good. The water will be freeeeeezzzing! And the level looked really low today.
    It's a 20 - 24m drop depending on the water level.
    Hamish and Andy did it on their gap year - it's a local tradition that at age 16 all boys must jump off is they want any success in their life. Apparently only 5 females have ever done it... I don't know why.. it didn't look that scary 🤔
    Another time. I already know i want to come back here - It's beautiful!!!! Every thing is stone and everything is cobbled. Trees hanging over everywhere AH I LOVE IT. lots of wood but things selling stuff. It reminded us of the bazaar in Skopje.
    Love love love love.
    We walked around and too photos on a platform thing underneath the bridge for a different angle.
    We then walked home because we planned to do our proper exploring tomorrow.

    On the way home the cat the man stamped at yesterday popped out and followed us home. I ran inside and and back out to feed him :)

    I then went inside but soon heard this really loud meowing.
    "Great. Look why you've done" said a cranky pants William. I opened the door and it was a different cat then then bolted up the stairs and tried to come in.
    I went and got her food too.
    I went back inside.
    She cried again
    So I went out and we cuddled for another an hour.
    She was shaking so much - her purr was ridiculous, she was so happy and content.
    She curled up in my jacket as I protected her from the sprinkling.
    I went and got her more food because she had demolished the previous pile and I went inside.
    We had a nap heh.

    Woke up and headed out to dinner.
    It ended up being the most ridiculous situation.
    We ate surrounded by 9 cats. At one point their was 11.
    They just sat next to us staring. We fed them all by throwing our food off the balcony. Some wanted pats and others didn't. One had real balls and kept climbing the table. I plonked It on my seat next to me hahah cheeky!
    They hissed and scratched each other when fighting for the food so we tried to spread it out but there was one cat smarted than the rest and he kept getting all of it. Lol
    I can't believe how many cats there were! The food was crap so we didn't mind sharing - we both had Bosnian schnitzels which was the chicken stuffed with ham cheese and sour cream which sounds delicious but really wasn't lol

    We went home and I read another 40% of my lusam book and got so into it I went to bed at 3am 🙊
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  • Day215


    So we tried to send off that damn box BUT THE POST OFFICE WAS SHUT AGAIN
    We have now failed in 3 separate cities. They need to get their shit together.
    I carried the box the whole way because for some reason Will found it harder than I did 😂😂💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    We went out and bought drinks and lunch - I cooked my mi go reng and we are relaxing.
    I did burn my foot when cooking though because the kettle leaks :( it hurt.
    I also pulled the front door into my head earlier too. Sigh.

    I finished my book. Lovedddd it. But I'm sad I have to wait so long until the next one and the next one is the last one 😭

    We went to dinner. Finally found food I consider cheap! It was delicious too!
    I took some of my left over kebab meat and fed it to all the puddings along the way home lol.

    I love this place 😍

    I was really sick through the night. We bought strawberry juice earlier on which is what I'm assuming upset my tummy cause my vomit was pink. Will calmed me down and hushed me to sleep ☺️

    There is a heater (the shitty leave on all day type) but old habits die hard. I'm enjoying sitting next to it haha

    We did washing earlier on do and had to translate the buttons
    First one translated to slingshot.......
    second one translated to on.. we went with that one.

    We hope they dry before morning because we don't have a rack so I have spread them around over door and draws and it looks like a bomb site - we have a tour tomorrow with our host. Don't want them Seeing it in such a state lol.
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  • Day216

    Good start to the morning..
    washing wasn't dry so I had to use the hair dryer and dry them for 20 minutes before I then bumped my head on a window 😂 we used the juice as an ice pack because a small egg started 👍🏼

    Tarik is our Bnb host but he has a cold so his girlfriend took us on tour today - her name is Arna.

    Our first stop was Blagaj.

    I don't think this stop was necessary but still enjoyed it.
    It was an old house thingo where - from what I understand the Muslim version of traveling monks come.
    We went inside this building- I had to put a head scarf on and Will had to put on a skirt cause he was in shorts + take our shoes off.
    Veryyy basic. All floors were covered in rugs.
    There is also 2 tombs. 1 of them possibly contains the bodt of the dude who is seen as the person who brought Islam to Europe I think.
    He made a plan before he died - there are 7 different coffins with "his body in it" and they got sent out to the places that wanted him. No one knows who got the real body.

    The water here was really clear and people come just to film their water bottles up from this sacred water source.

    They haven't ever explored the caves - they tried in 2004 but one man died so they stopped.

    It's more of a nice place to have lunch more than anythjnh.
    The traveling museums people - the ones who wear white, the hats and spin.. they still come.
    The place was abandoned during the Yugoslav communist era but is coming back to life.

    Next we went to Medugorje. It's a pilrgirm sight where 6 children claim that The Virgin Mary appeared to them in 1981. Since then over 30 million people have come to the spot and many have reported supernatural things.
    Our host was Muslim so she didn't come and went to have a coffee - the walk up the hill was intense - she gave us an hour which I thought was extreme but turns out that was an appropriate allowance lol. The rocks were so jaggered you had to really concentrate where you were stepping! For sure people have rolled and broken their ankles here.

    It turns out we went the wrong/long way around but we finally found the Mary statue. She was surrounded by a fence - many people had left flowers. It was so quite everyone was in prayer. We sat in some flattened rocks and stayed a while. I prayed.
    One lady couldn't walk and got carried up the hill on a stretcher. That was cool to see. It made it seem like such a sought out place and privilege to be there wether we believe or not.
    I'm not sure on my thoughts about it.
    It's not a no from me but I'm not sure either.

    We walked back down the hill of potential death and got baxk in the car and headed to Kravica waterfalls.


    The water falls were lovely. It would be wonderful to go swimming there in summer.
    We didn't stay too long because of the sun position and there was nothing really to do once we had been there 15 minutes.

    Next up was Pocitelj which Will really enjoyed. It's an old fortress village - first written record from 1444. We liked it because once you had bothered climbing the stairs you could walk around for free and actually interact with the building. The view from the top was fabulous too! We were really close to the Croatian border.
    I like Ottoman style buildings. It's cosy and warm looking lol.
    No specific special person lived here but still an awesome building.

    Pomegranate juice is big here and our host Arna was surprised to bear Will doesn't like it lol.

    She drove us back. The tour was 27€ each which is expensive but once you consider how much driving she did and we saw 4 things it was definitely worth it.

    My kitty was waiting so she got some food 🙊🙊

    We booked Montenegro 👌🏻

    Off to the capital tomorrow! Yay more hostels ... 😅😅
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  • Day18

    Breakfast in Croatia, lunch in Montenegro, Dinner in Bosnia... not often you can say that!

    Sadly left our amazing accommodation and beautiful Dubrovnik today and headed back to return our car rental in Montenegro. We took the wrong road and accidentally ended up in Bosnia which we weren’t meant to do with the car so that was a bit stressful but everything was fine! Phew. On our way back to Podgorica we took a détour up the mountains to Ostrog Monastery- a big white church that’s been built into the rocks. It was very pretty but it was the view from up there that was the most incredible part. It was very peaceful- although I can imagine it being a completely different vibe in high season.

    We sat and ate a picnic up there in the sunshine with the amazing views- feeling very lucky.

    Miraculously, we made it to Podgorica hassle free and without any traffic jams!! First for everything. I thought I was going to get in a weird situation with the police though. I was sitting with all the bags across from the bus station while Stéphane returned the car and two policemen came up to me and asked for my ID. I think they were confused why I had so much stuff- they asked me what I was doing and if everything was mine... (to be fair, I think we have taken a ridiculous amount of baggage) Everything turned out okay though and they seemed friendly - I just had ideas of corrupt police in my head thanks to our last Taxi driver and didn’t know what to expect.

    We then took a surprisingly expensive bus (€18) to Mostar in Bosnia which was 5 hours of extremely bumpy and windy roads through the mountains with possibly the most popular guy in Montenegro as a driver. (Don’t think there was one moment that he wasn’t texting or calling someone) - despite this... we made it there safe! :D
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  • Day19

    We started today with a free walking tour around the city. Due to low season, it was a very small group (only 4 of us). The tour started in Spanish square- exactly where the front line of the war took place in the early 90s. Despite the war ending 20 years ago, it felt so recent due to the many buildings that are still half destructed from shell bombs. You can also see bullet holes all over the buildings and areas where buildings used to be. It’s very surreal. Our guide told us that a lot of these buildings have not been fixed due to financial problems and also because there is a law that ensures all reconstructions have to honour the original building design. A lot of these buildings are from the Austrian/Hungarian ruling and therefore were quite fancy and unfortunately too expensive to redo. It’s a shame. A lot of old communist style cheap buildings remain - and there are a few reconstructions going on in the city but the amount of abandoned buildings is insane. Despite this, the old town is still a very pretty place and this very obvious and recent history just adds to its character. Our guide had pictures before the war which he showed us at the same locations that they were taken... looking at these was a good way to get a better idea of the history. Cannot recommend these free city tours enough!

    There is a beautiful bridge that goes across the river in the heart of the old town. The bridge is famous for its impressive design that was built in the 1500’s. Unfortunately the original bridge was destroyed during the war. It is now a UNESCO heritage and was reconstructed. There is a diving club that is based on the bridge and as soon as they raise a certain amount of money each day (€30 in summer, €50 in winter) then someone from the club will jump off the bridge. It’s pretty high- 23 meters. We were lucky enough to be there when someone jumped too! Scary to watch. The club also organises trainings to jump which is a half day of practicing on a training platform before attempting it. Bit too crazy for me.

    We spent a lot of time by the bridge, eating ice cream, bird watching and chatting to a local who was telling me all about how it used to be when he was young. We visited a war photo exhibition on the bridge too which was very interesting to see but so heartbreaking. One of the photographers wrote about Mostar: “Though the fighting has stopped, the scars of war, both physically and emotionally, still remain. Mostar is a multi-ethnic city but a divided one; and it will take several generations for this to change.”


    The rest of the day we just wandered and as we were back to cheap prices again, yay, we had an absolute feast for lunch. It was sooooo good. We tried a fried bread called ‘Peksimet’ and a vegetable and rice dish (a bit like ratatouille), called ‘Duvec’. Delish!

    I could easily stay longer here- especially to learn more about its history. A trip to Serbia would be really interesting to compare the different versions of events!
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  • Day217

    Went to the post office this morning and it was issue after issue 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    We first had to open our package - fine, fair enough.
    Then we weren't allowed to send the rakia because they can't send liquids...
    Then we needed to have a Bosnian address????
    Bloody hell.
    This is all happening with a lady who didn't speak a lick of English and had to keep getting s translator.

    We eventually just wrote our Australian address twice and will hope for the best.

    IT COST 75€ 😭😭😭😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Fuck me. This box is ruining my life lol

    But it's gone and on its way now. We are just gonna drink the rakia.

    Our morning adventure made us nearly late for check out. Ran home and pack before the father reappeared and took the keys.
    We went and bought our bus tickets, got brekkie then caught the bus.
    Bus didn't have many people so we got it spread out.

    We napped.

    When we arrived Will was busting for a wee but first had to walk 3km to get to one. I was practically running to keep up with his monster steps.

    Made it 🎉🎉
    It's a new hostel so it's not a great set up but the beds are new and scrumptious.

    We went out and got Bosnian food called Cevapi.
    It was real good and CHEAP 😀
    It's like sausage things that gets served with onions that get put inside bread.

    Pomegranate stands are everywhere - I bought some with our loose change that keeps dropping everywhere. Boys wallets are so stupid not having a zip.

    There is only one other person in our dorm so far and it's 11.15pm so I doubt it's gonna fill up.

    I started reading Sherlock Holmes but there were so many big words in going to have to take my time lol
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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Bosnia Hèrzègovina, Bosnië en Herzegowina, Bosnia ne Hɛzegovina, ቦስኒያና ሄርጸጎቪና, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegofina, البوسنة و الهرسك, ܒܘܣܢܐ ܘܗܪܬܣܓܘܒܝܢܐ, البوسنه و الهرسك, Bosnia y Hercegovina, Босния ва Герцеговина, Bosniya və Herzokovina, بوسنی و هرزقووین, Босния һәм Герцеговина, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bosnya asin Hersegobina, Боснія і Герцагавіна, Босна и Херцеговина, बोस्निया आ हर्जेगोविना, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bozni-Ɛrizigovini, বসনিয়াও হার্জেগোভিনা, བོསྣི་ཡ་དང་ཧརྫོ་གོ་ཝི་ན།, বসনিয়া বারো হার্জেগোভিনা, Bosnia ha Herzegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Босни ба Герцеговина, Bòsnia i Hercegovina, Bosnia gâe̤ng Herzegovina, Босни а, Bosnia ug Herzegovina, ᏆᏍᏂᏯ ᎠᎴ ᎲᏤᎪᏫᎾ, بۆسنیا و ھەرزەگۆڤینا, Bosnia è Erzegovina, Bosna ve Hersek, Bosna a Hercegovina, Bòsnijô ë Hercegòwina, Босна, Босни тата Герцеговина, Bosnia-Hertsegofina, Bosnien-Hercegovina, Bosna u Hersek, Bosniska-Hercegowinska, ބޮސްނިޔާ އެންޑް ހެރްޒިގޮވީނާ, Bosnia kple Herzergovina nutome, Βοσνία και Ερζεγοβίνη, Bosnio-Hercegovino, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia ja Herzegovina, Bósnia Ercegovina, بسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnii Hersegowiin, Bosnia-Hertsegovina, Bosnia-Hersegovina, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Bosnie-Hèrzègovena, Bosnien an Herzegowina, Bosnje, An Bhoisnia agus Heirseagóvéin, Bosniya hem Herțegovina, Bosna agus Hearsagobhana, Bosnia e Hercegovina, Vonia ha Hesegovina, बॉस्निया आणि हर्झगोव्हिना, બોસ્નિયા અને હર્ઝેગોવિના, Bosnia as Herzegovina, Bosniya Harzagobina, Bosnia lâu Herzegovina, Bosenia me Hesegowina, בוסניה והרצגובינה, बोस्निया और हरज़ेगोविना, Bosniska a Hercegowina, Bosni ak Erzegovin, Bosznia és Hercegovina, Բոսնիա և Հերցեգովինա, Bosnia e Herzegovina, Bosnia dan Herzegovina, Bosnia ken Herzegovina, Bosnía og Hersegóvína, Bosnia ed Erzegovina, ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ共和国, Bosnia lan Hércegovina, ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა, Bosniya ham Gertsegovina, Busnya ed Hirziguvina, Босниэрэ Герцеговинэрэ, Bosna, Bosnia na Hezegovina, Босния және Герцеговина, Bosnia aamma Herzegovina, បូស្ន៉ី, ಬೋಸ್ನಿಯಾ ಮತ್ತು ಹರ್ಜೆಗೋವಿನಾ, 보스니아헤르체고비나, Босна-Герцеговина, Босния бла Герцеговина, बास्निया, Bosnien-Herzegovina, Босния да Герцеговина, Bosni–Hercegovina, Босния жана Герцеговина, Bosnia et Herzegovina, Bosnia i Hersegovina, Boziniya Hezegovina, Bosnië en Herzegovina, Bòsnia-Erçegòvina, Bosnia e Erzegovina, Bosini mpé Hezegovine, ບັອດສເນຍ ແລະ ເຮີດໂກວິເນຍ, بوسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnija ir Hercegovina, Bosneja i Hercegovina, Mbosini ne Hezegovine, Bosnija un Hercegovina, Босния ди Херцеговина, Bosnia sy Herzegovina, Босний да Герцеговина, Pōngia-Herekōmina, ബോസ്നിയയും ഹെര്‍സഗോവിനയും, Босни ба Херцеговина, बोस्निया अणि हर्जेगोविना, Bożnija u Ħerżegovina, ဘော့စနီးယား နှင့် ဟာဇီဂိုဘီးနား, Босния ды Герцеговина Мастор, Boteniya me Erdegobina, Bosnia ihuan Hertzegovina, Bosna kap Hercegovina, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bhosnia le Herzegovina, बोस्निया र हर्जगोभिनिया, बोस्निया व हर्जगोविना, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Bosnia og Hercegovina, Bosnia e Hertsegovina, Bosna dóó Hetsog Bikéyah, Bòsnia e Ercegovina, Boosniyaa fi Herzegoviinaa, ବୋସନିଆ ଏବଂ ହର୍ଜଗୋଭିନା, Босни æмæ Герцеговинæ, ਬੋਸਨੀਆ ਅਤੇ ਹਰਜ਼ੇਗੋਵੀਨਾ, Bosnia tan Hersegobina, Bosnia at Herzegovina, Bosnia Herzogovina, Bosnie-Érzégovine, Bosnya a Hersegowina, Bośnia i Hercegowina, Bòsnia e Erzegòvina, بوسنیا تے ہرزیگووینا, Bósnia-Herzegóvina, Busna-Hirsiquwina, Bosiniya na Herigozevine, Bosnia și Herțegovina, Босния, Боснія і Герцеґовина, Bosiniya na Herizegovina, Босния уонна Херцеговина, Bòsnia Erzegovina, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Bosnia ja Hercegovina, Bosnïi na Herzegovînni, Bosnėjė ėr Hercuogovėna, බොස්නියාව සහ හර්සගොවීනාව, Bosna in Hercegovina, Bosnia ma Herzegovina, Boznia ne Herzegovina, Bosniya Hersigoviina, Bosnja dhe Hercegovina, Bosnikondre, IBhosinya ne Hezegovi, Bosnien un Herzegowina, Bosnia jeung Hérzégovina, Bośńa a Hercegowina, போஸ்னியா மற்றும் ஹெர்ஸிகோவினா, బాస్నియా మరియు హీర్జిగోవినా, Bóznia no Erzegovina, Босния ва Ҳерсеговина, บอสเนียและเฮอร์เซโกวีนา, ቦስኒያ እና ሄርዞጎቪኒያ, Bosniýa we Gersegowina, Posinia mo Hesikōvinia, Bosnia na Hesegovina, Bosna-Hersek, Bosnia na Herzegovina, Босния но Герцеговина, بوسنىيە ۋە ھېرسېگوۋىنا, Боснія та Герцоговина, بوسنیا اور ہرزیگووینا, Bosniya va Gersegovina, Bosnia e Erzegòvina, Bosnii da Gercegovin, Bô-xni-a Héc-xê-gô-vi-na (Bosnia và Herzegovina), Bosnän e Härzegovän, Bosnya ngan Hersegovina, Bosni, 波黑, Босмудин болн Херцегудин Орн, ბოსნია დო ჰერცეგოვინა, באסניע און הערצעגאווינע, Orílẹ́ède Bọ̀síníà àti Ẹtisẹgófínà, 波斯尼亞, Bosnië-Hercegovina, 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那, i-Bosnia ne-Herzegovina

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