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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Curious what backpackers do in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day10

    So we departed Singapore late last night after an hour or two in the international lounge admiring more of Singapores aesthetic craziness and general interesting people and shops. Our Swiss Air flight departed on time and we spent the full flight in darkness as we crossed Asia, the middle east and Europe. Managed to sleep on the flight and watch Ghandi the movie to pass the time. Food was a decent beef stew with polenta and a mango mouse for dessert. Swiss beer was awful and coffee was OK.
    We landed in Zurich to a gorgeous Swiss morning. The airport was crisp and clean but not over the top. Food and drink was expensive even by airport standards - Switzerland is meant to be one of the most expensive countries and it's easy to see why!
    Zurich airport made for a nice change in interesting people and accents, definitely a distinct culture change from Singapore and after a croissant, coffee, juice and a few rounds of 500, we caught our plane to Athens.

    As I write this I am gazing at the stunning Swiss Alps with their towering sharp peaks and beautiful river laden valleys. Snow and small villages dot the mountainsides and they disappear beneath us.
    To my left at the moment is Austria and Hungary, soon to be Croatia, Bosnia and Albania; all viewable on this stunning morning. To my right lies Italy and the Mediterranean and ahead the Adriatic sea.

    Touchdown in Athens should be in an hour or so, should be interesting.
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  • Day19

    We knew today's city tour would be subdued. It was a little overwhelming to see the effects of a war that was just 20yrs ago. This lively city has made great strides to recover from the atrocities committed here. The people are so postive & welcoming. It is easy to see how difficult it was during the 4 yr siege of Sarajevo. The city is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps making it impossible for the citizens to escape. Looking down the streets all you see on the horizon is mountains in every direction. In the slowest area to recover, sniper ally, there are still many buildings riddled with bullet holes. On those spots where a mortar took a human life, the locals filled in the dimples with red cement which they call Sarajevo Roses.

    After the tour, we treated ourselves to Sarajevo's best restaurant (per Azur) which did not disappoint and walked around old town enjoying an incredible mix of Eastern & Western cultures.
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  • Day19

    Sarajevo truly is where east meets west. If you stand on the center of the main street of the old town and look east you will see the typical buildings & mosques of the Ottoman Empire who ruled Sarajevo for hundreds of years. But then turn to the west and you will see the European influences from when the Austrians ruled the city. Talk about a split personality. Ha! Ha! But it made it pretty easy to tell where we were and we didn't get lost once! We were so excited to finally get a chance to see the Ramadan crowds after sunset. The old town really came to life. We joined right in enjoying the cool evening with dessert & coffee after our wonderful dinner. Good thing we're doing a lot of walking cause we're doing a lot of eating. We have had so much fun sampling all the local foods everywhere we've been. It's said that if you drink from the Bascarsija Fountain that you will return to Sarajevo. We didn't have a drink but we wouldn't mind coming back some day.Read more

  • Day20

    Welcome to Bosnia & Herzegovina! As our day in Sarajevo ended, we learned our plan of taking the train from Sarajevo to Mostar was not a possibility. It seems the train tracks are under construction. Uh! Oh! We asked the front desk of our hotel what the options were to get to Mostar. They suggested a bus that would make the 2 hrs trip in 3hrs. Yuck! Not what we had in mind! However, as we both went to our phones to figure out what to do, Rebecca connected with Sarajevo Funky Tours. We could get a private tour guide for the day to show us the sights along the way to Mostar as well as in Mostar and drop us at the end of the day. Done deal!!! Nadir picked us up at our hotel in the morning and off we went. We traveled through the beautiful Bosnian & Herzegovinian mountains and made stops at several places. First was the town of Konjic and it's georgeous ottoman bridge. Next, we stopped at a bridge the locals call The Monument of Stupidity. It was blown up by the Nazis at the end of WWII as they retreated. The Yugoslavian ruler, Tito, evetually rebuilt it but then purposely blew it up again for a movie but never rebuilt it again. Next we stopped at the preserved village of Pocatelj to see an example of a typical ottoman village. For lunch we stopped at Blagaj the location of a Dervish house were Dervish monks continue to stop frequently to reflect & pray. Finally, we made our way to Mostar. The Stari Most Bridge rebuilt after being destroyed in 1993 was breathtaking. We wondered around the narrow streets of the old town exploring. We met a fellow American also staying at our Air B&B and we all made our way to dinner to watch the sunset on the Stari Most Bridge. What beautiful way to end a beautiful day! Onward tomorrow to Dubrovnik & the Adriatic Coast.Read more

  • Day72

    Stopped off for a night in Neum to tick Bosnia off the list! Turned out to be the friendliest place, our host did all our washing (for free), cooked us amazing pancakes for breakfast and gave us a free lunch to take on our way.

    The coastal road was a dream and the highlight came when a random man flagged us down and proceeded to empty his crate of satsumas into our trailer.

  • Day72

    Pretty impressive thunder and lightening display rolled in over the bay below us, so being the well educated people we are, we climbed to the top of the hill to photograph it.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Bosnia Hèrzègovina, Bosnië en Herzegowina, Bosnia ne Hɛzegovina, ቦስኒያና ሄርጸጎቪና, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegofina, البوسنة و الهرسك, ܒܘܣܢܐ ܘܗܪܬܣܓܘܒܝܢܐ, البوسنه و الهرسك, Bosnia y Hercegovina, Босния ва Герцеговина, Bosniya və Herzokovina, بوسنی و هرزقووین, Босния һәм Герцеговина, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bosnya asin Hersegobina, Боснія і Герцагавіна, Босна и Херцеговина, बोस्निया आ हर्जेगोविना, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bozni-Ɛrizigovini, বসনিয়াও হার্জেগোভিনা, བོསྣི་ཡ་དང་ཧརྫོ་གོ་ཝི་ན།, বসনিয়া বারো হার্জেগোভিনা, Bosnia ha Herzegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Босни ба Герцеговина, Bòsnia i Hercegovina, Bosnia gâe̤ng Herzegovina, Босни а, Bosnia ug Herzegovina, ᏆᏍᏂᏯ ᎠᎴ ᎲᏤᎪᏫᎾ, بۆسنیا و ھەرزەگۆڤینا, Bosnia è Erzegovina, Bosna ve Hersek, Bosna a Hercegovina, Bòsnijô ë Hercegòwina, Босна, Босни тата Герцеговина, Bosnia-Hertsegofina, Bosnien-Hercegovina, Bosna u Hersek, Bosniska-Hercegowinska, ބޮސްނިޔާ އެންޑް ހެރްޒިގޮވީނާ, Bosnia kple Herzergovina nutome, Βοσνία και Ερζεγοβίνη, Bosnio-Hercegovino, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia ja Herzegovina, Bósnia Ercegovina, بسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnii Hersegowiin, Bosnia-Hertsegovina, Bosnia-Hersegovina, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Bosnie-Hèrzègovena, Bosnien an Herzegowina, Bosnje, An Bhoisnia agus Heirseagóvéin, Bosniya hem Herțegovina, Bosna agus Hearsagobhana, Bosnia e Hercegovina, Vonia ha Hesegovina, बॉस्निया आणि हर्झगोव्हिना, બોસ્નિયા અને હર્ઝેગોવિના, Bosnia as Herzegovina, Bosniya Harzagobina, Bosnia lâu Herzegovina, Bosenia me Hesegowina, בוסניה והרצגובינה, बोस्निया और हरज़ेगोविना, Bosniska a Hercegowina, Bosni ak Erzegovin, Bosznia és Hercegovina, Բոսնիա և Հերցեգովինա, Bosnia e Herzegovina, Bosnia dan Herzegovina, Bosnia ken Herzegovina, Bosnía og Hersegóvína, Bosnia ed Erzegovina, ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ共和国, Bosnia lan Hércegovina, ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა, Bosniya ham Gertsegovina, Busnya ed Hirziguvina, Босниэрэ Герцеговинэрэ, Bosna, Bosnia na Hezegovina, Босния және Герцеговина, Bosnia aamma Herzegovina, បូស្ន៉ី, ಬೋಸ್ನಿಯಾ ಮತ್ತು ಹರ್ಜೆಗೋವಿನಾ, 보스니아헤르체고비나, Босна-Герцеговина, Босния бла Герцеговина, बास्निया, Bosnien-Herzegovina, Босния да Герцеговина, Bosni–Hercegovina, Босния жана Герцеговина, Bosnia et Herzegovina, Bosnia i Hersegovina, Boziniya Hezegovina, Bosnië en Herzegovina, Bòsnia-Erçegòvina, Bosnia e Erzegovina, Bosini mpé Hezegovine, ບັອດສເນຍ ແລະ ເຮີດໂກວິເນຍ, بوسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnija ir Hercegovina, Bosneja i Hercegovina, Mbosini ne Hezegovine, Bosnija un Hercegovina, Босния ди Херцеговина, Bosnia sy Herzegovina, Босний да Герцеговина, Pōngia-Herekōmina, ബോസ്നിയയും ഹെര്‍സഗോവിനയും, Босни ба Херцеговина, बोस्निया अणि हर्जेगोविना, Bożnija u Ħerżegovina, ဘော့စနီးယား နှင့် ဟာဇီဂိုဘီးနား, Босния ды Герцеговина Мастор, Boteniya me Erdegobina, Bosnia ihuan Hertzegovina, Bosna kap Hercegovina, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bhosnia le Herzegovina, बोस्निया र हर्जगोभिनिया, बोस्निया व हर्जगोविना, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Bosnia og Hercegovina, Bosnia e Hertsegovina, Bosna dóó Hetsog Bikéyah, Bòsnia e Ercegovina, Boosniyaa fi Herzegoviinaa, ବୋସନିଆ ଏବଂ ହର୍ଜଗୋଭିନା, Босни æмæ Герцеговинæ, ਬੋਸਨੀਆ ਅਤੇ ਹਰਜ਼ੇਗੋਵੀਨਾ, Bosnia tan Hersegobina, Bosnia at Herzegovina, Bosnia Herzogovina, Bosnie-Érzégovine, Bosnya a Hersegowina, Bośnia i Hercegowina, Bòsnia e Erzegòvina, بوسنیا تے ہرزیگووینا, Bósnia-Herzegóvina, Busna-Hirsiquwina, Bosiniya na Herigozevine, Bosnia și Herțegovina, Босния, Боснія і Герцеґовина, Bosiniya na Herizegovina, Босния уонна Херцеговина, Bòsnia Erzegovina, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Bosnia ja Hercegovina, Bosnïi na Herzegovînni, Bosnėjė ėr Hercuogovėna, බොස්නියාව සහ හර්සගොවීනාව, Bosna in Hercegovina, Bosnia ma Herzegovina, Boznia ne Herzegovina, Bosniya Hersigoviina, Bosnja dhe Hercegovina, Bosnikondre, IBhosinya ne Hezegovi, Bosnien un Herzegowina, Bosnia jeung Hérzégovina, Bośńa a Hercegowina, போஸ்னியா மற்றும் ஹெர்ஸிகோவினா, బాస్నియా మరియు హీర్జిగోవినా, Bóznia no Erzegovina, Босния ва Ҳерсеговина, บอสเนียและเฮอร์เซโกวีนา, ቦስኒያ እና ሄርዞጎቪኒያ, Bosniýa we Gersegowina, Posinia mo Hesikōvinia, Bosnia na Hesegovina, Bosna-Hersek, Bosnia na Herzegovina, Босния но Герцеговина, بوسنىيە ۋە ھېرسېگوۋىنا, Боснія та Герцоговина, بوسنیا اور ہرزیگووینا, Bosniya va Gersegovina, Bosnia e Erzegòvina, Bosnii da Gercegovin, Bô-xni-a Héc-xê-gô-vi-na (Bosnia và Herzegovina), Bosnän e Härzegovän, Bosnya ngan Hersegovina, Bosni, 波黑, Босмудин болн Херцегудин Орн, ბოსნია დო ჰერცეგოვინა, באסניע און הערצעגאווינע, Orílẹ́ède Bọ̀síníà àti Ẹtisẹgófínà, 波斯尼亞, Bosnië-Hercegovina, 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那, i-Bosnia ne-Herzegovina

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