Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Day19

    Picked up a hire car this morning to drive north. Al did a champion job driving a manual left hand drive! Managed to stay on the right side of the road. More amazing coastal scenery. Boarder crossing into 🇧🇦 Bosnia & Herzegovina ( Evie- new country to pin on your map!) then headed north again looking down on lush green farming valleys. Such a contrast to the starkness of the rocky mountains.

  • Day5

    The initial impression of Bosnia revolved around the common place business activity - namely scrap car dealers. Must've been 10 in the first few miles. Following that it was mass snakeacide - 4 run over snakes within a mile. Clearly there are snakes around here but they don't have road sense. Great downhill into Mostar (45mph) then the ultimate tactical error - going through the old town with a fully laden bike wasn't smart. Narrow alleyways full of tourists & market stalls. As for getting over the old bridge - lethal - the cobbles were glass like. Massive uphill to the hotel - nice! What was nice was the pool. Happy days. Cooled off & then headed into town to take a closer look at the bridge - a world heritage monument. Very impressive especially from the river bank.Read more

  • Day6

    Usual early start & by prior arrangement a breakie goody bag had been left for me. A massive barm cake, various toppings, fruit & a chocolate pudding. Happily sat outside scoffing & admiring the view of Mostar. Kicked off at just after 7am & headed for my first detour Blagaj Ottoman Dervish site. Basically a site of religious importance at a natural spring. Passed kids going to school - HA! Got there in no time - well just under an hour & it was deserted. The hawkers huts were boarded up, restaurants closed - I had a free reign to go where I wanted for photos. Went up the reserved area for diners only - and could see why - but not for me today...Read more

  • Day6

    It was always in my plans to try & visit Kravica Falls. With now following the cycle route through S. Bosnia it would have been rude not to - that said it was another 10 miles or so, not allowing for dirt track detours of which there were a couple. On one said detour I ended up racing a kid up a hill (him on foot) he found it hilarious. I was just knackered. The climb out of the valley was hard only to discover my gears were knackered. Everything off & running repairs - hopefully the last of the day. With all this the falls had to be something special. They didn't disappoint. A Scottish couple warned that the water was refreshing - a euphemism for fucking freezing if ever there was one & for a Jock to think it's cold... Wasn't too bad.Read more

  • Day6

    Then began the slog to Ravno. The theory was that since there was little or nothing to do in Ravno, the journey was more important. That's all well & good but if you're tired, bed is the thing. Even so the cycle route that was being followed eventually was located & went over a couple of fun bridges. Then the decision point - follow the fun route with tunnels & bridges but is gravel or the paved but not quite so exciting route. No choice... To say it was gravel was exceedingly generous - it was the hardcore unsurprisingly used on rail lines. Not great for road bikes as had been warned at the sign. Pace was slow - not a problem. A puncture - that was a problem. Thankfully it happened at the last point of escape. Headed back to the road & mended it & had lunch. The downside of the paved route was the rail line took a gradual path up the hillside. The road did not. On a brief downhill a pot hole was hit - another puncture. For all the battles the route did offer great views of the countryside. As did the room when I evetually got in. Tea was the mother of all mixed grills. The bar man suggested meat, chips & salad. Little did I think I would end up with a huge selection. Came back to the room to discover the air con had been leaking - moved room & cue lots of puzzled faces & banging.Read more

  • Day7

    And the day all started so well - a lie in of sorts, a relaxed & hearty breakfast on the lawn and some gentle climbing until the bike route started proper. Ambled through the next village of sorts - a restaurant & some tourist type caves. Planned to stop if open but no - only workmen. Pushed on through increasing farm establishments to eventually be 'greeted' by a very irate / territorial dog agressively barking as they do & then jumping up and lunging at me. Got the handlebars causing something of a crash. Eventually the owner gained some semblance of control. Tried to establish damage - seemed to be just a toe clip issue but as a made I hasty exit it became clear the wheel had been badly buckled. Not good. Spoke key out & try as I might it wouldn't be trued. In fact I might have made it worse. Eventually it dawned that, with 29 miles to go cycling wasn't an option at the moment. Help was needed. The question though was who - I was in the middle of no-where. Decided to head back to the workmen & see if any of them spoke English & had any ideas. This did mean getting past the devil dog again. Made sure bike was between me & it. Unfortunately the workmen spoke no English. They got a lady from the cave ticket office who spoke a little, who got her colleague who spoke a bit more. He phoned the restaurant owner who spoke good English & was glad to help (if he could.) He offered to call his cousin who was good with things like this. Failing that either he would take me to Dubrovnik tomorrow or he would phone around & find someone going today. He assured me things would be fine. When I saw his cousin's methods I was less sure - jumping on the wheel to remove the buckle. Didn't work. Lift to Dubrovnik. Theo was all for introducing me to his parents & having me as guest of honour - which would've been an experience but a lift had been found for me & the sooner I was in Dubrovnik the better. Felt very ignorant. As it happened the lift was just back to Ravno, where my actual lift was going from. Here 2 other guys proceded to hammer ten tonnes of shit out of my wheel. I knew this wouldn't have an impact until the spokes were adjusted but god knows what that is in Croatian. My lift appeared, knew where the hostel was & assured me he had a number for a guy who could sort my wheel. Compared to all this the border crossing was a breeze.Read more

  • Day1

    Stats: 14.36km, 202m elevation gained, 14.36 km from the start

    The airport of Tuzla looks more like a small bus terminal. We even walk past the baggage claim area as we cannot recognize it as such. A heavily sweating man heaves all the bags through a hole in the wall and finally even our bicycles.
    We unpack them in the waiting hall, change clothes and within 30 minutes from landing we are already cycling. The first section are only 15km, but with a steep climb before Tuzla. We get a great view from the top of the hill before rolling down into the city.
    Our hotel is easy to find.. check-in and then we start exploring Tuzla on foot.
    A walking and cycling track leads along the river into the city center. There is a group of artificial lakes that has been turned into a public pool. But is is already closed when we walk by. The city center has a pedestrian zone with cafes and bars. Very nice. Pm our way back to the hotal we take a path up a hill and find a large cemetery spreading over the top of it. They built a big mobile radio antena in between all these graveyards. Might facilitate the connection to heaven we suppose.
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  • Day9

    We were a bit sad to move on from our new friends and wonderful guide, but excited about what lay ahead for us.

    We'd reserved seats on Croatia's equivalent of Greyhound (with a little city bus parentage). But the price and the views were totally worth it.

    The first half of ride had the tall white mountains on our left--just like our hike at Paklenica--and the sea with its turquoise coves on our right. The best of both worlds.

    Near the Bosnian border, the land became much more agricultural--figs, olives, cherries, and other fruit trees. The plots of crops were separated by waterways/canals and were relatively small and slightly haphazardly placed. Not like the large organized farms in California. Soon the terrain gave way to larger plots for vineyards, on hillside slopes. Then we reached the border of Bosnia--the country has a 12-mile coastline that cuts into Croatia. The ticket agent on the bus gathered up all of our passports to show at a border crossing gate, that looked much like our agricultural inspection stations in California. We can officially say we were in Bosnia because the bus stopped for a 15-minute break and we got out for a piece of pizza at their cafeteria to take in the road. Road-stop Bosnian pizza isn't anything to rush out for.

    Leaving Bosnia, there were so many floating mussels lines in the water. The road gradually climbed into the mountains, giving us panoramic views of the winding coastline and the many, many islands of all sizes.

    We arrived in Dubrovnik in the late afternoon and were met at one of the city gates by our Airbnb hostess. She is from Vancouver, Canada, living and working in Croatia now.
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  • Day7

    The Tunnel museum was quite an experience! Tram out of the city, a taxi even further away, and a lot of super scary history with the feeling of walking inside the tunnel leading to the Free Boanian Territory. A dry and clean version of the tunnel though. I can't imagine what it must have been like during the siege with mud and rain and darkness and heavy bags walking back and forth.
    Later at the hostel a guy from Belgium tipped us about the sunset, and through steep, narrow streets along grave yards and small houses we almost made it to the good view in time after a GREAT and well deserved dinner.Read more

  • Day8

    Beautifull stories about a community with mixed cultures and religions living not just side by side but as close friends. After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand different oppinions about the muderer got along. During WWII Muslims saved the lives of Jewes. After the siege in the 90's no hade between Bosnians and Serbs is to find. This city seems so peacefull. No wonder it is called the European Jerusalem.
    At night the streets changes completely: people everywhere, the bars are full, and loud pop music is making the soundtrack. It is hard to find a place with a proper drink; it's beer and coffee one can get in this city.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Bosnia Hèrzègovina, Bosnië en Herzegowina, Bosnia ne Hɛzegovina, ቦስኒያና ሄርጸጎቪና, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegofina, البوسنة و الهرسك, ܒܘܣܢܐ ܘܗܪܬܣܓܘܒܝܢܐ, البوسنه و الهرسك, Bosnia y Hercegovina, Босния ва Герцеговина, Bosniya və Herzokovina, بوسنی و هرزقووین, Босния һәм Герцеговина, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bosnya asin Hersegobina, Боснія і Герцагавіна, Босна и Херцеговина, बोस्निया आ हर्जेगोविना, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bozni-Ɛrizigovini, বসনিয়াও হার্জেগোভিনা, བོསྣི་ཡ་དང་ཧརྫོ་གོ་ཝི་ན།, বসনিয়া বারো হার্জেগোভিনা, Bosnia ha Herzegovina, Bosna i Hercegovina, Босни ба Герцеговина, Bòsnia i Hercegovina, Bosnia gâe̤ng Herzegovina, Босни а, Bosnia ug Herzegovina, ᏆᏍᏂᏯ ᎠᎴ ᎲᏤᎪᏫᎾ, بۆسنیا و ھەرزەگۆڤینا, Bosnia è Erzegovina, Bosna ve Hersek, Bosna a Hercegovina, Bòsnijô ë Hercegòwina, Босна, Босни тата Герцеговина, Bosnia-Hertsegofina, Bosnien-Hercegovina, Bosna u Hersek, Bosniska-Hercegowinska, ބޮސްނިޔާ އެންޑް ހެރްޒިގޮވީނާ, Bosnia kple Herzergovina nutome, Βοσνία και Ερζεγοβίνη, Bosnio-Hercegovino, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia ja Herzegovina, Bósnia Ercegovina, بسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnii Hersegowiin, Bosnia-Hertsegovina, Bosnia-Hersegovina, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Bosnie-Hèrzègovena, Bosnien an Herzegowina, Bosnje, An Bhoisnia agus Heirseagóvéin, Bosniya hem Herțegovina, Bosna agus Hearsagobhana, Bosnia e Hercegovina, Vonia ha Hesegovina, बॉस्निया आणि हर्झगोव्हिना, બોસ્નિયા અને હર્ઝેગોવિના, Bosnia as Herzegovina, Bosniya Harzagobina, Bosnia lâu Herzegovina, Bosenia me Hesegowina, בוסניה והרצגובינה, बोस्निया और हरज़ेगोविना, Bosniska a Hercegowina, Bosni ak Erzegovin, Bosznia és Hercegovina, Բոսնիա և Հերցեգովինա, Bosnia e Herzegovina, Bosnia dan Herzegovina, Bosnia ken Herzegovina, Bosnía og Hersegóvína, Bosnia ed Erzegovina, ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ共和国, Bosnia lan Hércegovina, ბოსნია და ჰერცეგოვინა, Bosniya ham Gertsegovina, Busnya ed Hirziguvina, Босниэрэ Герцеговинэрэ, Bosna, Bosnia na Hezegovina, Босния және Герцеговина, Bosnia aamma Herzegovina, បូស្ន៉ី, ಬೋಸ್ನಿಯಾ ಮತ್ತು ಹರ್ಜೆಗೋವಿನಾ, 보스니아헤르체고비나, Босна-Герцеговина, Босния бла Герцеговина, बास्निया, Bosnien-Herzegovina, Босния да Герцеговина, Bosni–Hercegovina, Босния жана Герцеговина, Bosnia et Herzegovina, Bosnia i Hersegovina, Boziniya Hezegovina, Bosnië en Herzegovina, Bòsnia-Erçegòvina, Bosnia e Erzegovina, Bosini mpé Hezegovine, ບັອດສເນຍ ແລະ ເຮີດໂກວິເນຍ, بوسنی و هرزگوین, Bosnija ir Hercegovina, Bosneja i Hercegovina, Mbosini ne Hezegovine, Bosnija un Hercegovina, Босния ди Херцеговина, Bosnia sy Herzegovina, Босний да Герцеговина, Pōngia-Herekōmina, ബോസ്നിയയും ഹെര്‍സഗോവിനയും, Босни ба Херцеговина, बोस्निया अणि हर्जेगोविना, Bożnija u Ħerżegovina, ဘော့စနီးယား နှင့် ဟာဇီဂိုဘီးနား, Босния ды Герцеговина Мастор, Boteniya me Erdegobina, Bosnia ihuan Hertzegovina, Bosna kap Hercegovina, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bhosnia le Herzegovina, बोस्निया र हर्जगोभिनिया, बोस्निया व हर्जगोविना, Bosnië-Herzegovina, Bosnia og Hercegovina, Bosnia e Hertsegovina, Bosna dóó Hetsog Bikéyah, Bòsnia e Ercegovina, Boosniyaa fi Herzegoviinaa, ବୋସନିଆ ଏବଂ ହର୍ଜଗୋଭିନା, Босни æмæ Герцеговинæ, ਬੋਸਨੀਆ ਅਤੇ ਹਰਜ਼ੇਗੋਵੀਨਾ, Bosnia tan Hersegobina, Bosnia at Herzegovina, Bosnia Herzogovina, Bosnie-Érzégovine, Bosnya a Hersegowina, Bośnia i Hercegowina, Bòsnia e Erzegòvina, بوسنیا تے ہرزیگووینا, Bósnia-Herzegóvina, Busna-Hirsiquwina, Bosiniya na Herigozevine, Bosnia și Herțegovina, Босния, Боснія і Герцеґовина, Bosiniya na Herizegovina, Босния уонна Херцеговина, Bòsnia Erzegovina, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Bosnia ja Hercegovina, Bosnïi na Herzegovînni, Bosnėjė ėr Hercuogovėna, බොස්නියාව සහ හර්සගොවීනාව, Bosna in Hercegovina, Bosnia ma Herzegovina, Boznia ne Herzegovina, Bosniya Hersigoviina, Bosnja dhe Hercegovina, Bosnikondre, IBhosinya ne Hezegovi, Bosnien un Herzegowina, Bosnia jeung Hérzégovina, Bośńa a Hercegowina, போஸ்னியா மற்றும் ஹெர்ஸிகோவினா, బాస్నియా మరియు హీర్జిగోవినా, Bóznia no Erzegovina, Босния ва Ҳерсеговина, บอสเนียและเฮอร์เซโกวีนา, ቦስኒያ እና ሄርዞጎቪኒያ, Bosniýa we Gersegowina, Posinia mo Hesikōvinia, Bosnia na Hesegovina, Bosna-Hersek, Bosnia na Herzegovina, Босния но Герцеговина, بوسنىيە ۋە ھېرسېگوۋىنا, Боснія та Герцоговина, بوسنیا اور ہرزیگووینا, Bosniya va Gersegovina, Bosnia e Erzegòvina, Bosnii da Gercegovin, Bô-xni-a Héc-xê-gô-vi-na (Bosnia và Herzegovina), Bosnän e Härzegovän, Bosnya ngan Hersegovina, Bosni, 波黑, Босмудин болн Херцегудин Орн, ბოსნია დო ჰერცეგოვინა, באסניע און הערצעגאווינע, Orílẹ́ède Bọ̀síníà àti Ẹtisẹgófínà, 波斯尼亞, Bosnië-Hercegovina, 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那, i-Bosnia ne-Herzegovina

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