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  • Daniel Pryt
    Day 96: Cuzco 》Lima 》Sa... 3d
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  • Robert en Ellen
    Pantanal - de foto's (natuur) 3d
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  • Leah Becker
    Galinhos - Bootstour 3d
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  • Patrick Häfeli
    Transfer von Sao Paulo nach... 4d
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  • The least fun about traveling is the traveling haha. Flights always leave early morning it seems and that means that the day starts with feeling tired. That's not ideal, so a tip for all travelers, if you want to enjoy travelling be rested or don't go in the morning 😉. I woke up at 4:00 as it seems to happen 20% of the time and even more in Peru 😑. I emptied my stomach last night and I couldn't get this breakfast down. So I ate a few bits and bites because I already was wondering where I got the energy from last days. Everything goes slower that's for sure but I still do a lot except for yesterday 😆. Well now I was brought to the airport by the hotel owner, my flight went much better than Max his flight. Mine was on time and not cancelled 😉. I got back in Lima around 8:30 and could already check in for the flight to Sao Paulo which I did. I used the wifi here to update my social life and went to the Starbucks (where I sat before with bro) to continue that. I had to leave my Coca leaves behind since you're not allowed to take them and especially not in my hand luggage 😂. Almost whoops. So the flight to Sao Pualo was on time also but one thing they didn't tell me.... I changed my seat to a window seat since I wanted rest and not people passing you on all sides. So in the back was fine also.... untill there was no window at all damn😡. Ok just sleep some more.... but no.. this was the most turbulent flight ever and without a view that really sucks because you have no reference at all. 4 hours of feeling like I was on a wild safari with to many big bumps didn't make me catch up some sleep or ease my stomach. Finally in Sao Paulo, shuttle bus to the hotel and at 23:30 I found the bed. Didn't even touch my bags, I needed to get up early, wow really? yeah really haha. Always early but for a good cause: Iguazu, hurray😆Read more

  • So this morning we got up to a wonerful breafast before setting out to watch a game of football on the full size pitch that is opposite the family home . Unfortunately the game was just finishing, but i got the opportunity to show them a few english skills (not) , a ten year old looked like Messi comapared to me, but I blame it on the flip flops. After 3 mins i was knackered and Bruno suggested we go to "his" farm.
    Elenia and her family have a group of small farms where they have livestock , and i said to Bruno this is the biggest Goat i have ever seen, It was actually a Calf lol. we walked to the top of the holding and my god i thought I was in heaven, the panoramic views and the peacefullnes were surreal (we will return here tomorrow for sunset). we came back to the granmothers house who served us homemade pastries made with freshly milked cows milk and also a glass of milk. This reminded me off when we were kids and treated to the Gold Top. The smell from the granmothers kitchen was amazing and she then brought out the biggest homemade cheese . Heading back to Elenias house we were given the opportunity to get our own mangos from the tree using a long bamboo stick with a plastic bottle attached to the end we scooped our mango and also collected various other things to taste. One of these was a chilli OMG i thought i was going to die (and id taken the seeds out ) my nose ran my eyes watered and when i wiped my nose i then got chilli on this too , it was like a horror movie i coughed and choked went a greater shade of red and was grateful of "my mango" to wash away the taste.
    In the evening we were invited to Aldos house which was in the flavella but my god the views from here were amazing. We were welcomed by Aldos family who presented us with one of the best churascos (bbqs) I have ever had Sicleni and Carlos were great hosts and we all wanted for nothing after we had finished the BBq Sicleni announced she would shortly present dinner .... REALLY !!!!!! BBq was just a starter. By the time i leave Miracema I will be the size of a house. During the party Aldos cousin Souvani shared her hair with me , we drank cacacha ... the first time since I arrived and then drank banana cacacha ... sambuca is binned I have a new alcohol love.
    Back to Brunos home and Bruno left at 1am to head back to the city where he works and studies , but we will join him again on Friday so I dont feel too sad xxx
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  • We hiked up to Christ the Redeemer, but there were too many clouds for us to be able to see it! We're thoroughly enjoying Brazil so far (Nick particularly loves bodysurfing in the waves off the Copacabana, despite the sunburn), but the heat in Rio de Janeiro is really getting to us both. We are looking forward to the sea breeze and higher latitude (and thus lower temperatures) of Valparaiso, Chile next week!

    Edited later to add: whew! The downhill was rough! It was raining pretty steadily and instead of mud on the descent (which we probably could've handled better), it was basically hard clay and rock face. Anyway, we made it, and it was fun! On the way down we also got to see some decent views of the city. During the hike we saw monkeys, a beautiful blue butterfly, an awesomely hairy caterpillar, little copper frogs, birds, and lots of ants of course.
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  • So today we hit the beach for the first time. It was like a little piece of paradise and while Mark ventured towards the sand dunes I took some time just to sit and take it all in. I feel very blessed to be doing what I am and the first few weeks have been like a holiday but now the realisation has kicked in of the enormity of it all. This is the very beginning of the adventure yet we have already seen and done so much. This trip has already changed my outlook so how will I feel in 12 months? We head back to check out of the hostel and our taxi arrives to take us to arraial de Cabo. We arrive very quickly and once again we are really pleased with the hostel. My sister was shocked that we were sharing a dorm but this really is the cheapest option and I'm pretty used to it from my navy days . We intend to walk out to the beach but guess what? ....IT'S RAINING AGAIN! We go into the nearest restaurant and sit down for something to eatRead more

  • So after waking up early we woke to a beautiful breakfast with the family and then set out to explore Miracema city. Brazilians are very religious and in the city square they still have all the xmas decorations up. As we wondered through the square it was so beautiful , all the old men sitting around the park chatting chit chat , Bia then took us to the local church where her cousin works as a secretary.
    Inside the church they still had the nativity scene which was all hand made. The church has a lot of history and the word Miracema means " the tree that comes back to life " as it was made from a dead tree that came back to life so that they could use this to build the church.
    Back in the park we bought a cocunut water and visited the statue of the "mother crying" this statue is about her son who never returned from war.
    Back to the house for a shower and siesta before heading out to "prefeitura municipal" a wonderful natural park that overlooks the whole city, her we met again with some of "the children" trekking to the top of here makes me wonder why i got a shower but hey ho.
    In the nationalpark they lay bird seed in a line and as you approach the little birds all in a line eating so cute ... flowers called Bird of Paradise grow everywhere surreal when we pay so much for them in the uk .
    We are anxious now as Bruno is very near and we head back to the house to await the arrival of "the Prodigal Son".
    Brunos been jumping out of a plane in Rio so we had passed each other in transit , on his arrival we gave him his present of 32 cans of cherry coke (unavailable in Brazil) you would have thought we had given him liquid gold he took us out to show us the city through his eyes, the park at night was exceptional and after our tour we head back to the house for a cerveja and an early night
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  • We get up in the morning to more beautiful food for me to realise that I have left my lonely planet guide at Bronos place in Campus - this is a nightmare as its like my brazilian bible , looks like were heading back to Campos, but at least we'll get to see Bruno and Inacio again. Mark gets up with a head like the birkenhead tunnel and aldos brother is no better.
    Time for a bit of site seeing so we head into the town where Bridget Bardot frequently used to stay back in the 0's (I can see why). Buzious is the playground for the rich and beautiful think i will become a doctor in platic surgery and by a house here . All the designer shops have got in on the action (lecoste etc ) but it is twice the price of England. Mark is a happy man as there is no room in my rucksack so his wallet is safe.
    Alverho and Hennata drive us to the 'tourist" viewpoints then we head for lunch to a place that does crepes filled with what ever filing you could dream of, they were delicious and very filling. A quick cacacha in a bar called Buddha ended up in us getting tickets to go clubbing for free so seeing as it was the boys night last night , how could i say no.
    We head over to the laundrette to do some much needed washing and drying , it has poured down for 2 days now, how am i ever going to get a tan for Carnival??
    On route home we stop off to buy the ladies of the house some flowers to say thank you and mark retires to bed while i get ready to head out clubbing (its hard being married to an old man)
    We arrive to the club and could not see what all the fuss was about . When you enter you are given a card and all your details are taken, every time you go to the bar you hand in the card and when you leave you pay. This is great as it stops the queues and the service is quick. From nowhere the music changes and everyone starts heading to the "curtained area" in the corner of the club. Through the curtains there are shadows of women and as we are allowed through the most beautiful women dressed in very seductive leather outfits with what i can only think are strap ons dangling down. I stood mesmerised for nearly 10 minutes watching and then to my total surpise a random woman approached me , thank god for aldo as she was intent on taking me home ( think it must be the hair) . We arrive home at 4 in the morning and Mark is still flat out , and before log so am i , another brilliant day x
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  • We have been invited out today on the boat, the housekeepers prepare all the meat and drinks and we set off to the Marina. As the boat pulls in I cant beleive my eyes , its a huge speedboat with a 3 berth jetski attached to the back. Everything is loaded onto the boat and we set off. We head out of the marina and do a tour off the small beaches before anchoring off. The bbq is attached and the beers are passed around , before the boys set off on the jet ski. The huge wireless speaker is connected and we now have a rock boat, tke brazillan funk is pumping out so loud my heart is banging to the beat. We dance eat and frolick in the sea and I honestly don't have a care in the world. Mark is offered a go on the jetski and before i can blink he is off . I decide to have a try at the paddle board which is a lot harder than it looks but without blowing my own trumpet I'm quite good at until i need to turn around. I spend minutes paddling to one side but am still going straight, I panic a little as at this rate ill be in Rio de Janeiro before i'd planned. I try paddling on the other side and for some unknown reson this works and i'm heading back to the boat. Bruno(the owner of the paddle board is fantastic on it , doing head stands etc and later in the day comes back from the beach with strawberry Caiprinhas . Food off the bbq is cooked all day and we drink more and soak up the atmosphere. It has not stopped raining here but as we head back to shore Mark and I are both sunburnt. We grab a quick shower and its time to head back to Campos to collect our books. A 3 hour drive and we book into a hotel, after all the sea air and only having had 3 hours sleep I sleep like a baby .Read more

  • I haven't written for a few days but we are in the same place and if i'm honest I have taken a little time out to relax and take it all in . This place is really beautiful the beaches are perfect and the atmosphere is very relaxed or should i say it was till yesterday as lots of people started arriving for the weekend.We have actually met someone English which is really unusual in the places we have been , although lots of the people staying in the hostel are keen to practise their English and my Brazilian is improving daily(with the help of sign language) .
    The hostel we are staying at is really clean and comfortable and we are currently sharing a dorm with 4 other people . Mark went out last night with Josh and rolled in at 4am pissed as a fart asking for the DIB DIB (his word for a remote control) to turn the air con down. As you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon and one of the guys asked to be moved.
    Although it is really cheap out here I have decided to do a little cooking and we head to the supermarket to buy the basics. I have really missed doing the normal things like cooking and cleaning , although i did do hand washing yesterday with the 2 buckets of water and the sink with a washing board built in, oh the joys of backpacking. After dinner we sat and played cards and listened to some music, Mark has said he won't be drinking until carnival now? thats 2 weeks away , we will see!!!!
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  • We get up early in the morning and decide that today is going to be hot hot hot , there is not a cloud in the sky, and as you can probably tell that is unusual so far.
    We have met an Brazilan guy who speaks perfect english so we ask him if hed like to join us , thank god we did because the process of boarding a boat is quite strange here. You have to buy a pass to enter the marina as well as your boat ticket so once boarded we head out for the islands. I can say we werent dissapointed, this place just keeps getting more and more beautiful. One of the islands we go to has a huge tree that looks like a bonsai tree and this place is an ancient indian burial ground . Even though we have factor 50 on the sun is so hot we are still burning. We then ride past a rock called monkey face and it really does look like one although i dont think the pictures do it justice . Heading to the next island Mark and i stay on the boat , and one of the divers pulls a sea urchin from the bottom .
    We head back to sure and i say to Mark about going to see the sunset we follow the sun and arrive at Praia de grande(big beach). It is one of the biggest beaches I have seen and curves around for miles. The sunset is a little dissapointing as there are quite a lot of clouds but even this doesnt take away from the beauty of this place .
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  • It is our last day in Arriaial de cabo and I have to say I am sad to leave this little piece of paradise. The beaches and the waters here are so beautiful and today the waves have been massive but i'm sure our journey will bring many more of these.
    Today we were chatting to a couple of people in the hostel and i said that the one thing i really missed was a bath .... they explained that in Brazil they have Motels , now don't get confused as this is not somewhere you drive to they are basically sex chalets that you can rent on an hourly or nightly basis , they all have baths and some even have extra oxygen ,(dont think we'll be needing this)
    Today i also had my first Brazilian wax (omfg) i arrived back to the beach 2 hrs later walking like John Wayne , but feel well prepared for the Brazilian way of life but whilst away Mark had been leading Buddy astray so i ordered dinner and we headed back to the hostel to pack.
    After a shower we headed down to the nearest and first beach we had seen and participated in an Acai , its like a frozen fruit smoothie and absolutely delicious , (i will definitely be repeating this experience, but not sure about the waxing.) Whilst watching a game of soccer a lovely ending to this week.
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