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Curious what backpackers do in Brazil? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day11

    This morning we we got our first taste of the Iguazu falls when we explored the Brazil side of the park. Pictures did not prepare us for the sheer size of it all. This place was incredible!
    We did have a rocky start here though..... Right before I got off the bus I read the brochure that said "don't feed the Coati as they could have rabies". Turns out they don't actually wait for you to feed them or yourself. Within 5 minutes of getting off the bus (right after I took a photo of it) I had one jump on me and break into my backpack to steal my sandwich! Thankfully Allan pulled it off before it scratched or bit me!
    Unfortunately after screaming and running around panicking in the crowd of people I looked like the typical foreigner who disobeyed the rules!
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  • Day33

    Heute hat es nicht geregnet.. zwar hat auch nicht die Sonne geschienen aber es war trocken.
    Nachdem wir schon ausgeschlafen hatten waren wir hier im Hotel frühstücken. Das Frühstück besteht aus viel Brot, von süß bis salzig, Früchte, Wurst und Käse, Rühreier, Würstchen, Speck und ganz leckere Käsebrötchen, da ist der Käse im Brötchen drinnen und die sind sowas von lecker. Kaffee, Tee und Säfte gibt es natürlich auch. Danach sind wir zum Strand gelaufen, der ist hier gleich um die Ecke und haben geschaut ob man den Zuckerhut sieht, dessen Spitze war leider total vernebelt aber wir dachten uns trotzdem hin zu laufen um dann weiter zu sehen. Der Weg dorthin erforderte einige Kilometer Fußmarsch. Jedes 2. Auto ist hier ein Taxi aber wir sind Sparfüchse. Nach einiger Zeit sahen wir Schilder und konnten denen bis zum Zuckerhut folgen. Dort angekommen war die Spitze trotzdem noch total vernebelt aber wir beschlossen dennoch mit der Seilbahn hoch zu fahren. Eine Karte kostete 80.00 Real, das sind umgerechnet ca. 22.00 €. Der Ausblick von oben war herrlich. Der Zuckerhut ist kein hoher Berg, gerade mal 396 m hoch. Die Aussicht war super, hin und wieder wurden wir vom Nebel verschlungen der kurz darauf wieder weiter zog um dann wieder aufzutauchen.
    Als wir alles erkundet hatten, liefen wir wieder zum Hotel. Auf dem Weg dahin schauten wir nochmal am Strand vorbei aber die Wellen waren zu heftig und die Sonne schien nicht, da beschlossen wir den Hotelpool auf dem 13. Stock aus zu probieren. Dieser war leider nicht beheizt 😅 war aber auch nicht weiter schlimm. Ich hab die Füße im Wasser baumeln lassen und Vitje war etwas mutiger der ist ganz rein... naja 1.20m tief. Abends sind wir dann, wie jeden Abend auf Essenssuche gegangen. Hatten vorher bei Tripadvisor uns eins ausgesucht, aber das war so voll das wir weiter gelaufen sind bis wir irgendwann vor Erschöpfung uns einfach in eins reinsetzten, bzw. auf die Terrasse. Ach ja, da ich den ganzen Tag schon nach einem Maiskolben schmachte, haben wir dann noch einen geholt.. ich war zwar Papp satt aber das musste sein 🌽 Ich bin hier so begeistert von diesen Straßenständen überall. Das ist so toll, es gibt Popcorn, Obst und Gemüse, Würste und Fleischspiesse und Maiskolben ❤️ und wer weiß was noch alles.
    So aber nun gute Nacht.
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  • Day13

    The sun decided to put its hat on for a little bit yesterday so we ventured to a nearby beach. As soon as we got there we realised we had forgotten a towel so wandered back to get one after half an hour and then went to a much closer beach for a few hours. It was pretty overcast but still a good temperature to have a nap. After a long deliberation as to whether you can get sunburnt through the cloud, Simon is proof that you can get REALLY sunburnt if you don't put suncream on!

    In the evening we did a walking tour and learnt a lot about the history of Paraty. As it's Easter weekend there are a lot of Easter related services happening around the town. There are approximately 5 alters depicting the various events of Christ hidden behind doors throughout the town. You wouldn't know they were there and they only open twice a year on Holy Tuesday and Good Friday. We were therefore very lucky to see them on Friday as they won't be open again until next year!

    Leo who owns the hostel we are staying in plays in a band and they were playing at a nearby hostel in the evening so we went to show our support which was fun!

    Today we went on a boat trip which was good. We stopped at various places and got to jump off the top of the boat and swim in the sea. We also spotted 2 turtles which was incredible!

    Leo cooked up a delicious BBQ for dinner with the most amazing steak and Brazilian sausage! We are now quite rapidly slipping into a food coma so are going to chill at the hostel this evening.
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  • Day9

    After a few too many hours of sleep and two flights we arrived in Foz do Iguaçu, the city on the Brazilian side of the border. We are staying in old shipping containers, a lively quirky hostel called tetris. Slumming it in dorms but the free caipirinhas make up for it and the two cute dogs! After arriving we made a Brazilian friend Edison who had amazing images of the falls and gave us some tips on the days ahead.

    We booked onto a tour of the argentinian side not realising that we would be guided through the park itself. With such a busy park our poor guide Daniel had to put up with German chimney smokers who were as slow as snails, who got lost several times!

    We meandered through highest and lower levels to get the mist breathtaking views of the falls. There are hundreds of waterfalls with crashing sounds and the cooling mists pistyll y rhaeadr has a lot to live up to!

    Later in the day we went on a boat ride which take you right under the waterfall itself. One way to cool down on a very hot and humid day! When we were finally drying out after wringing out our clothes a few times the skies opened for the daily tropical storm and we got even more wet!! With our shoes squidging we made it back to the hostel for our free Caipirinhas!

    Having drunk a mouthfull of untreated water in the park before I thought better of it, the next day for me was spent lying in the hostel common room with the dogs for company. James went exploring the Brazilian falls and in the evening we crossed the border into Argentina and boarded the 17 hour bus to Buenos Aires!
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  • Day22

    We decided to stay an extra night in Florianopolis so that we didn't waste a beautifully sunny day travelling. We visited Joaquina beach which is famous for sand boarding. After a day of sunbathing we headed to the dunes to rent boards and give sand boarding a go. We hired a board which you sit down on and then another one which is more like a snowboard. It was really fun but climbing back up the dunes afterwards was exhausting so we were pooped after an hour. We missed the last bus back from the beach so we decided to walk back to our hostel. The walk was flat and it's nice and cool when the sun goes down so it was a really nice walk and only about 4km.

    In the evening we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. We went to a very yummy Greek place which was very reasonably priced and had Greek salad and souvlaki which was delicious!

    Today we are making our way to Iguazu Falls which will be our final stop in Brazil before we cross over into Argentina.
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  • Day4

    Having fully mastered the metro in Rio we decided to give the bus a go to visit Jardim Botanico. Fortunately for us, we had the nicest bus driver ever who shouted down the bus when we tried to get off the bus a stop early and then when we did get off, kept beeping his horn and pointing us in the right direction towards the botanical gardens!

    Within the first five minutes we spotted a hummingbird and 2 toucans! We didn't spot anymore for the rest of the time we were there so we felt very lucky to see them!

    The gardens were absolutely beautiful!

    This afternoon we did a walking tour of the Rocinha favela. Our guide was a chap called Wellington who used to live in the favela. The locals travel up and down the favela on mototaxi's so in order for us to get a true taste of favela life we jumped on the back of a bike and were driven up to the top of the mountain, weaving in and out of traffic and pedestrians. Literally everyone in the favela travels this way, including little old ladies with their groceries! Crazy!

    From the top you had an amazing view over the city and could see the contrast between the favela and the city. From the top, we walked back down through narrow streets between the houses which are all built on top of each other. We learnt a lot about the history of the favela and the way of life there. The government provides the favelas with water and electricity but in order to connect a home to the grid the locals connect themselves to the main power lines. The result is a messy spider web of wires travelling in all directions. Whilst we were there we saw a man on a step ladder with a pair of pliers playing around with the wires - terrifying!

    Tomorrow we leave Rio and head to Ilha Grande. Our parting thoughts on Rio are that it is a much friendlier city than the horror stories portray. We haven't felt unsafe at all and have really enjoyed our time here.
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  • Day8

    A day relaxing in the hostel before a last meal courtesy of Chef Richard! Off we headed through the street parties to the Sambadrome! This is a purpose built street with a stand either side in which the Samba schools of Rio parade down and compete. This is what you see when the carnaval is shown on tv at home.

    An amazing spectacle, thousands dance down the street in the most colourful costumes, with floats up to three tiers high covered in dancers (sometimes topless!). Each schol will have themes running theoughbtheir performance we saw film villans (including some very cute minions), slavery and nature. It started with the King of Carnaval- Momo walking down the street. On Friday he took the keys of Rio away from the mayor and took over until the end of carnaval.

    Each samba school has a song which is played on repeat throughout their performance. With rhythmic beats they were catchy even if you don't know a word of portugese! Unfortunatley the tourists next to us were more interested in photographing ladies breasts than watching the show!! We danced along with the music and headed back in the early hours... travelling to Iguacu falls tomorrow!
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  • Day6

    After 3 hours on a minibus followed by 30 mins on a boat, we have landed in Ilha Grande. It looks a bit like Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs (think about he scene where they approach the island for the first time with the John Williams score).

    We are staying in the Biergarten Hostel which is really nice. The staff are friendly, it's nice and clean and in general has a much better vibe than the last hostel so we feel much more at home here.

    We arrived on the island late afternoon so didn't do much yesterday.

    Today we went on a 7km hike across the island through the jungle to Lopes Mendes beach. It took us around 3 hours (it was really steep and very muggy) but was very enjoyable (even Simon enjoyed it 😂). And the beach at the end was totally worth it! We have never been on a beach like it. It felt a bit like when Leonardo di Caprio finally discovered the beach!

    After an hour of sunbathing and a brief dip in the sea we opted to get the boat back to have some dinner. Dinner today was a very delicious home cooked meal of rice, carrot, onion and courgette (at least that's what we think it was) in a tomato sauce! Poor Simon misses meat!
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  • Day8

    We didn't manage to write a post yesterday as we got ourselves into a rather long game of Phase 10 with an American guy called Kevin. I can proudly say I (Blake) won!

    On our second day on the island we hiked to a waterfall Cachoeira da Feiticeira. The water was freezing but was very refreshing after the long hike up. It was so humid yesterday, I don't think we have ever sweated so much! It was like when you go into the tropical animals bit at the zoo or as Simon said his family trip to the Eden Project when he was 12!

    After our dip, we hiked to the nearest beach and spent a few hours there before hiking back to our hostel. On the way back we saw lots of little marmosets which were super cute!

    Today we opted for a much lazier day and instead of hiking, opted to take the boat back to Lopes Mendes for a relaxing day on the beach. I'm so glad we did as on the way there we saw lots of dolphins swimming near the boat! We were only discussing the other day how we have never seen dolphins in real life so it was amazing!
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  • Day24

    What was meant to be a 14 1/2 hour coach journey, turned into 17 hours and a bus swap due to technical difficulties. However with 2 very numb bottoms we made it to Foz do Iguacu.

    After staying in 6 bed dorms for the last 2 weeks we decided to treat ourselves to a private room with an en-suite. Our room comes with a pool view (it's literally outside the door). And who said hosteling wasn't glamorous?!

    Around 4pm we decided to head to the Tres Fronteiras (Three Borders) where you can see the rivers that separate Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Each of the three borders have erected an obelisk painted in the national colours of their country. The lady at the hostel advised us that it was great to see at sunset however just as the sun was setting some big grey clouds decided to move in and spoil the show. By staying for the underwhelming sunset, we also missed the last bus home and as the alternative of, in Simon's words, "walking through the ghetto for an hour" wasn't very appealing, we had to pay for a taxi which was a bit annoying.

    In the evening we ventured out to the supermarket to pick up some bits for dinner. We didn't think it was possible but we found an even better supermarket than the last one! Unfortunately, despite access to a vast variety of exotic goods, we still managed to cook ourselves a very tasteless dinner of rice, vegetables and eggs. To quote Simon again, "I could have vomited on my plate and eaten it and it would have tasted better".

    We then spent the rest of the evening watching a huge storm unfold. Quite possibly the loudest thunder we have ever heard right on top of us with flashes of lightening that lit up the entire sky.

    Today was the day we were really looking forward to and the reason why we came here, Iguazu Falls. It was pretty overcast in the morning but the sun was due to come out in the afternoon, so to kill some time we decided to visit a Buddhist Temple which has 120 giant statues, It was a bit random but free so we decided to give it a go. At the very least we enjoyed imitating the statues.

    As promised, the sun came out and we headed to the falls. There is a scenic 1.5 km walk that you take to towards whats they call the Devils Throat. From the moment we stepped onto the walkway the views were breathtaking. At 80m high (not quite the 60km wide like i tried to tell my Dad) and the largest in the world, they really are incredible and like nothing we have ever seen before. The closer we got to the Devils Throat the wetter we became and after putting on our raincoats we ventured across the walkways, right into the middle of the falls. We were soaked!

    Only around 20% of the falls sit on the Brazilian side so tomorrow we are crossing the border to Argentina to view the falls from the other side.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilien, Brazil, Brasilië, ብራዚል, Brasil, البرازيل, ব্ৰাজিল, Braziliya, Бразілія, Бразилия, Berezili, ব্রাজিল, བ་རཱ་ཛིལ།, Brasile, Brazílie, བཱརཱ་ཛིལ, Brazil nutome, Βραζιλία, Brazilo, Brasiilia, برزیل, Beresiil, Brasilia, Brésil, Brèsil, Brazylje, An Bhrasaíl, Breasail, બ્રાઝિલ, Birazil, Palakila, ברזיל, ब्राज़िल, Brezil, Brazília, Բրազիլիա, ꀠꑭ, Brazilia, Brasilía, ブラジル連邦共和国, razgu'e, ბრაზილია, Brazili, ប្រេស៊ីល, ಬ್ರೆಜಿಲ್, 브라질, برازیل, Buraziiri, Braziel, Brezílɛ, ບຼາຊິວ, Brazilija, Mnulezile, Brazīlija, Brezila, Бразил, ബ്രസീല്‍, Бразили, ब्राझिल, Brażil, ဘရာဇီး, Brasīl, ब्राजिल, Brazilië, Brési, Braziilii, ବ୍ରାଜିଲ୍, Brazylia, برازيل, Brasila, Burezili, Brasili, Brezîli, බ්‍රසීලය, Baraasiil, பிரேஸில், బ్రజిల్, Brazíl, บราซิล, Palāsili, Brezilya, برازىلىيە, برازیلی, Braxil, Ba Tây (Bra-xin), Brasilän, בראזיליע, Orílẹ́ède Bàràsílì, 巴西, i-Brazil

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