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Curious what backpackers do in Brazil? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Two hours flight up north from Buenos Aires you find the Iguazu waterfalls. Located in the middle of the forest, on the border to Brasil. One of the biggest waterfalls worldwide, stretching over 2,5 km.

  • Its all about Motörhead today ( ) Well, and about another "how big can it get?" thing.

    Right behind the border, in Brazil is a city called Foz de Iguazu. And there you can find the second largest water power plant in the world (China is first now, but Brazil had the title a pretty long time).

    It was shitty getting there, going through migrations, the bus not waiting for the three tourists on the bus (but at least I got the Brazil stamp on the passport. Been there, seen it. Check.) So I took a moto taxi into the city, he got me to the right bus, I missed the stop but they are flexible here ;-)

    You then get on a so called panoramic tour, taking you around on the 8km wide wall. The power plant is a project run by Paraguay and Brazil together, producing 80% of Paraguay's and 15% of Brazil's electric power. The lake behind the wall is 170 by 15 km... Of course they tell you about everything good they do, running environmental projects, having a technical university... And if course they don't tell you about the people being relocated when the wall was built.

    After that meeting for a coffee with Silvia from Couchsurfing. She has polish grandparents... You guys are everywhere!
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  • Unsere erste Station in Brasilien. Als Stadt etwas unspektakulär, aber haben zum Glück ein echt schönes Hostel mit verdammt bequemen Betten erwischt, was nach mehr als 24 h Fahrt auch bitter nötig war. Unsere Pantanal Tour ist schnell gebucht, sodass wir noch etwas die Stadt erkunden können. Im Arara Park konnten wir außer den riesigen künstlichen Figuren leider keine lebenden Exemplare finden, aber das kommt die nächsten Tage hoffentlich noch. Auf dem Markt gab's dann noch leckeren Nachtisch als Mittagessen. 😆 Eine Art Acai Eissorbet mit verschiedenen freiwählbaren Zutaten. Extrem lecker!!! 🍨 Falls der Trend nicht in den nächsten Monaten nach Deutschland überschwappt und wir keine brauchbaren Jobs finden, machen wir uns einfach mit so einem Stand selbstständig. Ausreichend Optimierungs- und Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten haben wir schon entwickelt, also kann losgehen. 😎Read more

  • Die Landung war recht sportlich und der Flug...naja. Das Essen war ganz gut, für Fliegerküche. Zum Abendessen hatten wir Pasta mit Käsesauce und am Morgen warmes Toast mit Käse. War beides essbar. Ansonsten war das Flugzeug leider ziemlich unbequem und das Unterhaltungsprogramm war leider nicht ganz störungsfrei. Fabis Bildschirm funktionierte garnicht und bei Olli nur teilweise. Dafür ging der Ton bei beiden nicht richtig.

    Naja verzichten wir also auf das Unterhaltungsprogramm. Schlafen ist auch nur schwer möglich, aber das ist im Flugzeug generell schwierig. Ollis Sitznachbar und Olli nutzen die Zeit zum quatschen, wie es Olli immer macht, wenn er nix zu tun hat und Miguel, so stellt sich heraus, redet auch sehr gern über sein Land und seine Herkunft. Er ist schon recht viel herum gekommen. In Chile betreibt er eine Obstplantage, die Saftkonzentrat und Fruchtpulver herstellt. Er zeigt mir stolz seine Maschinen aus Deutschland. Er erkundigt sich auch sehr interessiert über den Arbeitsmarkt in Deutschland. Im Gegenzug bekomme ich viele Tips über Chile und die Anden. Ich erzähle was wir uns so vorgenommen haben und wie wir uns die Reise vorstellen. Unser Plan ist es ja so günstig wie möglich zu reisen und dabei so viel wie möglich über Land und Leute zu erfahren. Seine Farm liegt südlich von Santiago de Chile. Er lädt uns ein zu sich, wenn wir auf dem Weg zum Flughafen, oder in der Region unterwegs sind. Wir sind noch nicht einmal im Land und schon haben wir den ersten Arbeitskontakt. Läuft also.

    Jetzt warten wir auf den Flieger nach Buenos Aires. Das Wetter hier ist schwül - warm und Olli hundemüde.
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  • Wow wonderfull waterfalls everywhere you look. Today I went to the Argentina side of Iguazu. I booked a tour to save me the hassle at the border controls and getting there with 1 bus instead of 3. Cab's would be more expensive also because you need 1 on each side 😉. So the tour left at 7:50 and we arrived in the parc at 9:20. I booked a boat trip because I love water, everybody knows that😆. My boat ticket said 10:15 and the tour guide brought me and 3 others there. A little jungle tour to spot nature and wildlife but even when you are the first group of the day the wildlife stay in their hiding spots. I would to 😉 since it was a huge truck with 16 people in it. We arrived at some docks and I put on my own poncho which I knew wasn't going to help a lot but thankfully shoes and my bag I could put in one dry bag they gave me. Boarded as one of the first and found a good spot in the front, probably a wet spot but that's the idea 😆. It went of and gained a lot of speed, when the rive grew wilder so could see why the boat was that strong. The current was strong and very twirly as if waves came from all directions. With in no time the boat was at the first waterfall, it must have been the last step of Devils Throat next to the Brasilian side. The skipper went close but not under yet 😉. On the Argentina side he first let everybody take a picture from the front and than called out that everybody protected their stuff from water. I did the opposite since it all is waterproof, while filming he moved directly in to the enormous cloud of water. You feel the power off water and the wind that comes from it. So freakin awesome and everybody wanted again, so we did and even under the waterfall at some parts of the boat. While I think it would flood if he did that to often but the density of this part of the fall made it doable. But for a good sight is was not a great succes haha, it was only for the feeling and I loved it. The boat ended half way the blue trail and I had a beautifull walk to dry up and get on the little train to see Devills throat 😈 from above 😆. I had 20 minutes before the train left and so I grabbed a Subway sandwich and look who was ordering the same... my chinese friend from yesterday, it's a small world isn't it. We went with the train and arrived there around 1400. Amazing the way water falls 😉 even if you see it only in the few seconds between the waves of water that comes all the way up 😂. Nobody lingers here for to long, you would be soaking wet and you gain nothing. We took the train again and said good bye since I had to hurry to do the last trail and he wanted to do the boat trip. I had to start the trail before 15:10 off course I started 15:20 and I was glad I did it. What an amazing views. I walked back a bit faster and was very much on time. The group left at 16:15 and before that I even ordered some food. The trip back was easy, just get in and get a stamp from the Brasilian border and move on to the hotels and for me to take a hot shower this time 😉. I got my laundry back at 1915 and booked a little tour for the day after. I ate lasagna in my hotel and walked around to digest and get some cash 😉 after this it was time for some updates and a good nights rest. Sleep tight friendly friends 😴Read more

  • Vera and I spent the first week of our trip together in the Bahia surf camp just north of Salvador. The camp itself was like an oasis, or bubble as we called it, since it was disconnected from civilization in a quiet resort area with private beach access. Only a surf trip to another beach let us believe that we are actually in Brazil, and we even saw dolphins enjoying the waves there:) This week was filled with nice surfing, skateboarding, table tennis and fun talks. However, we dared to leave that bubble for our last day to explore Salvador city which ended up in rather inconvenient experience for us. Only five minutes after we arrived in the city centre, a guy threathened us with a huge knife and eventually stole Vera's bag!!
    Shocked from this event we changed our plans of a night bus trip and instead flew South to a beach town called Itacaré.
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  • The least fun about traveling is the traveling haha. Flights always leave early morning it seems and that means that the day starts with feeling tired. That's not ideal, so a tip for all travelers, if you want to enjoy travelling be rested or don't go in the morning 😉. I woke up at 4:00 as it seems to happen 20% of the time and even more in Peru 😑. I emptied my stomach last night and I couldn't get this breakfast down. So I ate a few bits and bites because I already was wondering where I got the energy from last days. Everything goes slower that's for sure but I still do a lot except for yesterday 😆. Well now I was brought to the airport by the hotel owner, my flight went much better than Max his flight. Mine was on time and not cancelled 😉. I got back in Lima around 8:30 and could already check in for the flight to Sao Paulo which I did. I used the wifi here to update my social life and went to the Starbucks (where I sat before with bro) to continue that. I had to leave my Coca leaves behind since you're not allowed to take them and especially not in my hand luggage 😂. Almost whoops. So the flight to Sao Pualo was on time also but one thing they didn't tell me.... I changed my seat to a window seat since I wanted rest and not people passing you on all sides. So in the back was fine also.... untill there was no window at all damn😡. Ok just sleep some more.... but no.. this was the most turbulent flight ever and without a view that really sucks because you have no reference at all. 4 hours of feeling like I was on a wild safari with to many big bumps didn't make me catch up some sleep or ease my stomach. Finally in Sao Paulo, shuttle bus to the hotel and at 23:30 I found the bed. Didn't even touch my bags, I needed to get up early, wow really? yeah really haha. Always early but for a good cause: Iguazu, hurray😆Read more

  • That's just awesome 😎, flying over such a huge area off waterfalls is the only way to really see and understand how big it is. From the air I noticed for the first time that the geographics are really linear. It all makes sense that this big river drops off a wide cliff and because the river approaches diagonally (seen from above) it spreads out over the whole length of the cliffs. From the helicopter it looked smaller but never small since getting an overview picture was not easy at all.
    I knew that is was going to be good weather so I booked the flight yesterday, I could show up anytime. So I did when the sun did, between 9 and 10:00. I had packed my bags and stuffed the big one in a locker at the Brasilian Iguazu entrance because it would safe me the trip back to the city. The money I saved I used for a Cab, so I would not have to struggle through people to be early at the helicopter. I arrived when I meant to and this guy who promised me a good seat was the salesman I expected, the front seat was claimed by this old lady (let me say this: not all old ladies are nice and friendly 😑) her pushing resulted in better pictures in the end because I jumped in the heli on the right side next to a window that could open also yeah 😊. Since granny was accompanied by 2 others I sure did claim my open window and didn't let them push me away from it. The flight only takes 10minutes anyway and it was awesome, I would never get enough and flying in a Heli is so much different than in a plane, you really float more. Way more natural feeling with less shocking bumps.
    A little adrenaline but more excitement pumped through my body. I left there happy and it certainly was worth the money. Time to see the Brasilian side up close. Actually this side is more the overview side, you can see the beauty of the opposite side (almost the whole line) but only the devills 😈 throat you see up close from underneath mainly. Certainly worth visiting but it's much less as the Argentina side so do the Brasilian side first and with good weather since it's more about distance views. Also the Argentina side is more a tracking area and the Brasilian side gives you the idea of a theme parc where you can go in several attractions (excluded in the entrance ticket) and go by buses.
    So I was done here when the weather turned bad so that resulted for me to have lunch above the waterfalls and be 4 hours early for my flight. I killed this time easily and before I knew it I was back in the hotel in Sao Paulo where I was 3 days ago. It's really nice if you know your way so no problems just be patient and wait for your ride 😆. Good night.
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  • In the relaxing town of Itacaré we spent a couple of days with good food, nice beaches and even a small reggae concert. A day trip by boat to the islands of Camamu with only brazilian tourists was accompanied with good music and the tiny islands made us feel like in paradise!
    Afterwards, we stayed for some days on the island Itaparica. We went kayaking and explored the green island by car together with a french stage director. The soccer field we discovered there was a bit wet but quite impressive :)
    Now we are up in the air again - heading north this time.
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  • Last week, we visited two cities in the north of this huge country. Fortaleza surprised us with clean and white city beaches that invited to relax. A day trip to Cumbuco - a nearby beach full of kitesurfers was good fun. On a buggy we cruised over dunes and along the beach. The second city we visited, Sao Luis, was rather disappointing as it seemed that it had been totally forgotten by the government. Therefore, besides a few nice old colonial buildings, there was not much to see or do. We used this stay to charge our batteries and are now SO ready for the jungle :)Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilien, Brazil, Brasilië, ብራዚል, Brasil, البرازيل, ব্ৰাজিল, Braziliya, Бразілія, Бразилия, Berezili, ব্রাজিল, བ་རཱ་ཛིལ།, Brasile, Brazílie, བཱརཱ་ཛིལ, Brazil nutome, Βραζιλία, Brazilo, Brasiilia, برزیل, Beresiil, Brasilia, Brésil, Brèsil, Brazylje, An Bhrasaíl, Breasail, બ્રાઝિલ, Birazil, Palakila, ברזיל, ब्राज़िल, Brezil, Brazília, Բրազիլիա, ꀠꑭ, Brazilia, Brasilía, ブラジル連邦共和国, razgu'e, ბრაზილია, Brazili, ប្រេស៊ីល, ಬ್ರೆಜಿಲ್, 브라질, برازیل, Buraziiri, Braziel, Brezílɛ, ບຼາຊິວ, Brazilija, Mnulezile, Brazīlija, Brezila, Бразил, ബ്രസീല്‍, Бразили, ब्राझिल, Brażil, ဘရာဇီး, Brasīl, ब्राजिल, Brazilië, Brési, Braziilii, ବ୍ରାଜିଲ୍, Brazylia, برازيل, Brasila, Burezili, Brasili, Brezîli, බ්‍රසීලය, Baraasiil, பிரேஸில், బ్రజిల్, Brazíl, บราซิล, Palāsili, Brezilya, برازىلىيە, برازیلی, Braxil, Ba Tây (Bra-xin), Brasilän, בראזיליע, Orílẹ́ède Bàràsílì, 巴西, i-Brazil