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Curious what backpackers do in Brazil? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • A day relaxing in the hostel before a last meal courtesy of Chef Richard! Off we headed through the street parties to the Sambadrome! This is a purpose built street with a stand either side in which the Samba schools of Rio parade down and compete. This is what you see when the carnaval is shown on tv at home.

    An amazing spectacle, thousands dance down the street in the most colourful costumes, with floats up to three tiers high covered in dancers (sometimes topless!). Each schol will have themes running theoughbtheir performance we saw film villans (including some very cute minions), slavery and nature. It started with the King of Carnaval- Momo walking down the street. On Friday he took the keys of Rio away from the mayor and took over until the end of carnaval.

    Each samba school has a song which is played on repeat throughout their performance. With rhythmic beats they were catchy even if you don't know a word of portugese! Unfortunatley the tourists next to us were more interested in photographing ladies breasts than watching the show!! We danced along with the music and headed back in the early hours... travelling to Iguacu falls tomorrow!
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  • Caught a shuttle bus service up to see Christ the Redeemer. We arrived around 11 and it was already crowded around the base of the statue. People cram in for the best selfie shot , even lying on the ground. It took away a little of the spectacle of such a great monument.

    Chilled for the rest of the day ready for the carnaval start in Friday! Had a look around the Uriganian market for Carnaval outfits. There were streets upon streets if stalls and shops selling all sorts! Our outfits chosen - a pirate and a flower fairy countdown to the lapa blocos beganRead more

  • Today didn't start brilliantly, with being left behind on the platform of the Metro underground system. Sara 0-1 Rio's transport system. First attempt: James got on the train and the doors slammed shut on me, and I watched asJames disappeared into the distance. A few minutes of panic before James popped back on the opposite train. He will tell you he was on the right train. It wasn't direct like the one I wanted but it did go in the right direction! I'll call it a truce.

    Once succesfully in Cococabana the beach was beautiful with white sand and clear blue sea. We sat and had a few beers before walking along the water which was gloriously cold compared to the blazing heat. We went on to the botannical gardens which were beautiful just not for us.

    The carnival spirit is starting with the streets a bit busier and people dressing up. Tried a Capirihina and I think many more will follow.
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  • It's Friday and Carnaval kicks off in ernest. We spent the day at the beach fending off sellers left right and centre.

    Back to the hostel and the atmosphere was great with people returning from a day of partying in all sorts of costumes. Chef Richard had cooked Jerk Chicken with fruit punch. We donned our outfits and headed out into Lapa's bloco Boehmia as a group from the hostel. With alcohol stalls every 10 meters we were never going to be short on drinks. After the bloco finished we wandered and found another. We followed the beating drums down the street dancing with the Cariocas. I took out my old sony ericson phone took a lot of blurry photos! Only these 2 survive.Read more

  • We joined a walking tour for downtown Rio today. They have always been a good bet to get to see the sights with some of the history behind them. Highlight of the tour were the Selaron steps created by a Chilean artist who wanted to bring something back to Rio. He encouraged use of tiles to decorate the stairs and they were sent by people the world over. It only took me a minute to find a Welsh tile from Conwy! Unfortunately the artist came to a tragic end, he crossed the wrong people and died by being set on fire.

    We had lunch in a 18th century tea hall beautifully decorated with mirrors with amazing food and pastries.

    Late afternoon we grabbed an Uber (so cheap) and headed up to sugarloaf mountain. You go up by cablecars and we enjoyed a nice cold beer at the top whilst waiting for the sun to set. Amazing panorama of the whole of Rio, and a direct view of christ on the mountainside.

    Headed out in the evening to a club with a live band and salsa. We were the only gringos there and the locals were loving the music. We had a larger gentleman shimming his bottom at us most of the night as he tried to charm a lady friends next to us!
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  • Et voilà nous voici projetté en plein dans le carnaval de Rio. Une chose est sure c'est que les brésiliens savent faire la fête!
    Grâce à nos hotes airBNB nous avons même pu aller à notre premier blocos déguisés ... bon nous étions un peu hors sujet car le thème était "sirènes" et nous étions en chat et chinoise, mais c'était vraiment très sympa!
    Demain on remet ca a 7h du matin... ils sont fous ces brésiliens 😂Read more

  • Rio Grande ist unser erster Hafen in Brasilien. Da heute der letzte Karneval Tag ist, und die Stadt komplett leer sein soll, alle Geschäfte geschlossen sind, und auch für die Sicherheit nicht garantiert werden kann, legen wir hier nur einen technischen Stopp ein, um die Einreiseformalitäten nach Brasilien zu erledigen. Wir bleiben an Bord und haben ein volles Programm an Aktivitäten hier.

  • After over 17 hours of travelling we have made it!!!! It is roasting and bets should be on how long it takes the palest person in Wales to turn lobster!
    We are staying in Lapa the 'party area' of Rio but during Carnival the whole city must turn into one big party. The hostel has a poster with a bit of welsh in the garden so I like the place already.
    Found out today that I have an Anaesthetics post for the next 2 years so out we went to explore the area and the bars! Our livers are in trouble... over half a litre of beer costs 2 pounds!
    Having a chilled night in the streets around the hostel tonight as we barely slept on the journey here. Plan to explore Cococabana tomorrow!
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  • Although we could have stayed even longer in Rio, we went a day out of the city to cruise around the many beautiful islands and beaches of Ilha Grande. The water there is so clear that no snorkel gear is needed to see all the fishes swimming with you as you jump in from the boat. One day was definitely not enough, but it is a good reason to come back :)
    Our last stop in Brazil was Foz do Iguazu, from where we crossed the border to Argentina to see these pretty falls that spit massive amounts of water. After we waved goodbye to the country we spent the last couple of weeks in, we are now on a 18 hour bus ride southbound.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilien, Brazil, Brasilië, ብራዚል, Brasil, البرازيل, ব্ৰাজিল, Braziliya, Бразілія, Бразилия, Berezili, ব্রাজিল, བ་རཱ་ཛིལ།, Brasile, Brazílie, བཱརཱ་ཛིལ, Brazil nutome, Βραζιλία, Brazilo, Brasiilia, برزیل, Beresiil, Brasilia, Brésil, Brèsil, Brazylje, An Bhrasaíl, Breasail, બ્રાઝિલ, Birazil, Palakila, ברזיל, ब्राज़िल, Brezil, Brazília, Բրազիլիա, ꀠꑭ, Brazilia, Brasilía, ブラジル連邦共和国, razgu'e, ბრაზილია, Brazili, ប្រេស៊ីល, ಬ್ರೆಜಿಲ್, 브라질, برازیل, Buraziiri, Braziel, Brezílɛ, ບຼາຊິວ, Brazilija, Mnulezile, Brazīlija, Brezila, Бразил, ബ്രസീല്‍, Бразили, ब्राझिल, Brażil, ဘရာဇီး, Brasīl, ब्राजिल, Brazilië, Brési, Braziilii, ବ୍ରାଜିଲ୍, Brazylia, برازيل, Brasila, Burezili, Brasili, Brezîli, බ්‍රසීලය, Baraasiil, பிரேஸில், బ్రజిల్, Brazíl, บราซิล, Palāsili, Brezilya, برازىلىيە, برازیلی, Braxil, Ba Tây (Bra-xin), Brasilän, בראזיליע, Orílẹ́ède Bàràsílì, 巴西, i-Brazil