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Curious what backpackers do in Bulgaria? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day48

    It rained pretty hard in the night. I was half hoping we wouldn't have to get up because it was too wet... but we did 😒 lol
    I'm pretty happy this new system has the option of using my emoticon keyboard 🤓😋🎉🤗
    The neighbours dog was barking all friggen night.
    It was more annoying that the bird who also made its daily appearance. Except today it was around 3am - so later than normal.
    When I got up I was happy that outside wasn't as icey as yesterday. I was fretting that it would be cold and wet and I would hate life. Nope, just wet.
    We swapped groups today so Johanna, Will, Ilse and I went to the rose field by the lake. The view makes the morning a little easier.
    I think I have a slight infection from my splinter/the hole I created in the attempt to get them out in my finger so picking with both hands was a little painful sometimes this morning. The roses were so wet though so my hands became pruney and that would have helped.
    It was so muddy. The boots Will bought were a great investment. It took a little while with only 4 of us because there were so many today!! We had to empty our collection bags several times. I think the water made it twice as heavy though. It sprinkled while we were picking but it wasn't too bad.
    I was exasperated by the fact that it seemed over 50% of the blossomed roses were in amongst the mud and not on the top, easy to reach branches 😪
    We had to wipe our shoes vigorously before getting back in the car.
    We had a trailer this morning ( don't know why) but when Johanna reversed it didn't go straight and ended up ending sideways and hitting the car lol. She is honestly such a bad driver.
    We then went to the long field (the ones we picked 2nd yesterday. Johanna had an awkward, loud disagreement with Danny on the phone about who was picking what field. Apparently Danny pampers the gypsy helpers too much haha.
    Omg the second field never seems to end. It only has 9 rows but they go on forever. Johanna was in a cranky mood so she was on fire and picked like a machine lol.
    Danny then dropped Matthew, Stacey and Johnny (Jowney) off at our field then took the gypsies to the top field for them to pick alone.
    Will and Ilse talked to each other a lot so that was good.
    We were right, she is gay. Her girlfriend is Australian.
    Stereotypes are so funny. They exists for reasons.
    In my head I've diagnosed her with polycystic ovaries - she has a fluffy chin.
    I should be a doctor.
    Once we were done we got driven back in 2 groups so we could fit in the car. I was group 1 woohoo.
    We had French toast for breakfast when we got back. Or was delicious with cinnamon sugar.
    I then went to the tent and finally watched ice age 3. Loved it.
    I got up and had a snooze in the lounge chair.
    We booked our accommodation in Veliko Tărnovo- it's more expensive that I would have liked.. but oh well. We have hardly spent any money the past 2 weeks. We got a private apartment so I'm keen about that - oh. And about having a flushing toilet.
    I've put betadine on my toe and fingers to help with the puss filled war wounds and had a shower. I'm getting over getting dressed on the side of a bath tub. The floor is too dirty to stand on 😩
    I was so hungry. It was 2:50 when we had lunch.
    Wasting away.... ok actually put on like 5 kgs cause of all the delicious food hahah
    It was pasta. Pretty eh but was happy to have something in my tummy.
    I asked Dad if the ancestry DNA results were back and they were! I'll have to check properly on the computer later because my phone doesn't show the results properly but I'm excited to have a proper look. From my quick scan it says I might be 10% from Spain/Portugal area which is kinda cool :)

    I tried to lay in the sun but the wind was too cold so I went to the tent and read a lot of my book.
    Secrets really stress me out in stories and I can't relax until everyone knows the truth ... the secrets out so I can now read in peace and is probably why I was able to read so much in the one setting -I haven't been able to do that all book. I read the first 3 books in this series with in 2 days and I've been on this book for 3 months..
    Hopefully I finish it in the next few days now. 🎉
    We got called to dinner and it tasted disgusting - I was accidentally very, very rude.
    I had a bite and it was horrid so in my brain I thought to myself "hey Will hasn't dished his up yet, I'll give him my plate so that it's not wasted"
    I had good intentions but goodness it was rude of me to take a bite and pass it on immediately in front of the cook. I wasn't thinking and I felt bad 😓
    I think she was offended but I tried to make her forget it by starting conversation.
    We talked a lot about Australian slang.
    The food was a rice, cabbage, mince meat mix. Only I HATE cabbage and the mince meat was the lowest quality I've ever had.
    Now in bed and I want to keep reading but I really should go to bed. I didn't have my second nap today hahaha

    Will has had a scab on his nose since before we left snd it's still there and it's gross. We think he scratches it in his sleep so today I'm putting a bandaid on his face :)

    Will Skyped Sachin for 1.5hours today. He spoke so loudly because a) he was wearing headphone and b) because he always does on Skype - I don't know why.. but it was embarrassing.
    I went over to tell him to shut up and had a quick chat with Sachin too. I said bye once the convo turned back to cars.
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  • Day49

    Was not interested In getting up this morning. I didn't sleep well at all. I heard all of my HP audiobook 😑
    I did, with 3 minutes to spare, haul ass to the car.
    We went to the lake again. We picked in silence, Everyone was cold. Johanna was on a mission and lapped us both.
    Nothing of excitement happened this morning.
    The flowers weren't very dewy this morning though.
    We then went to the next, long field the gypsies helped too woohoo! Except there was hardly any flowers today so it was really quick and we had picked both fields in 2 hours.
    One of the Gypsy helpers kept staring at me this morning and then Danny said "she likes you" " I asked why and he said because she thinks I'm pretty 🤗☺️ which made me smile. He told me she was now all embarrassed and she likes my hat (beanie) but it made the morning a little better. Compliments when they aren't social protocol are the best ones cause they are genuine :)
    We went home, walked to the bakery for a banitza (the bread with cheese in it) - it was fresh from the oven so wonderfully warm then we both went down for a nap.
    I became too hot in the tent again and lay on the grass. About 20 minutes later is when the day went to shit.
    Will came over to me with the news that Pippin was dead, the dogs attacked him too......
    Helen sent us a photo. He wasn't covered in blood but had a puncture wound bearish to his throat.
    I'm hoping he had a heart attack and died at the start of the attack. He would have been bloody terrified. I just have to remember it's over now and he is in doggy heaven with Coco.
    Shit year.
    We facetimed Helen and Jess. Apparently they found Pippin on one of the Big dogs beds. God knows what they did with him 😖😭
    Another tent has appeared in the yard but there has been no talk of a new person?
    It's not sunny today but I can feel the UV. It's full on.
    These temperatures are honestly messing with my head. I can't get comfortable for more than five minutes.
    Every night I wake up in a sweat because I go to bed so cold, snuggle in my sleeping bag which then makes me overhear, I sweat and wake up freezing cause I'm wet 😪
    Then during the day I'm freezing but the sun is warm so I try to position myself in the sun but then it become to hot so I move and become to cold. I can't go to my tent cause it's a fernus and there is no other communal space I can use because there is now 6 tents in the yard.
    Whinge whinge whinge.
    We had lunch. I think Johanna is pissy about something - she was absent.
    We have been such terrible guests and haven't washed up once. I don't really care though - we have offered several times and been told no.
    The Canadian hadn't helped once either hahah.
    The Koreans I think are partially famous in their country. 2 random Korean people drove from
    Sofia to meet them. I went to sit in the tent because it was too weird for me haha.
    We met Baba Penka again this morning. I'm going to try ship her home.
    I need to do washing but am not going to bother today. Weather is shit.
    The mosquito season has started which is pretty upsetting lol. I have a few bites already.
    We can't tell if Wills face scab has improved. He put a bandaid on for the day as well but it annoyed him so it's gone.
    We were in the tent but the sun came out and it got to hot again so I sat on a lounge chair looking at rose products/Workaway hosts and my ancestry DNA results while Will listened to terrible Aussie hip hop music.
    I'm both pleased and disappointed by my results.
    I am thrilled that Dad is official my father 🤗 and sad that I have no other surprise siblings lol
    I like that I'm mainly from Great Britain but I already knew that. Maybe I wish the percentage was smaller or mixed in with more countries.
    I'm stoked that I'm 9% from the Spain/Portugal area though. Thats super awesome. Feeling exotic.
    I'm surprised I have no Scandinavian at all because of my eyes.
    Dad got 2% Mali but I didn't. I want to be a registered African too :(
    My dream of claiming Aboriginal benefits has also been shattered today hahaha.
    I'm happy I'm more GB than Irish. I don't know why but I am.
    I sent Dad an email asking for his interpretation. Keen for his reply.
    But yeah, pumped up about the Spanish bit. I have a higher percentage than Dad meaning Mum must have some in her too? Well I think that's how it would work?
    2 new people arrived. 1 from America and 1 from Mongolia.
    They are both nice and quite confident so that's good - more dinner table chat.
    Will has been drinking so he is being a bit of a know it all so I've told him to shut up.
    He needs to wait to get a feel for people before he goes all in with his politically incorrect views.
    It doesn't help with making friends telling people they are wrong 5 minutes after you meet them. Lol
    Baba Penka came back and i asked her if she would be my grandma and I got rejected hardcore. Hahahahaha
    She said I already I already have one so I don't need another. Hahahah I love her.
    We chatted to the new people for a bit then had dinner. We had to move the table around because we are now 10 people.
    We all had Rakia shots. I MUST sleep well tonight so I finished those who didn't want half of theirs.
    I'm going to have a tea (some water) then go to bed.
    Dinner was delicious. LOVING the yogurt here. I had it with chicken and cous cous.
    I need to buy a scarf. My neck is freezing but everything else is fine.
    The feathers also keep escaping from my poofy jacket so it's getting less effective by the day 😫
    I'm currently waiting for people to finish doing the dishes (not helping again - ha) so I can have a cup of tea lol.
    We don't know how we are getting to Veliko Tărnovo on Wednesday... well by bus but we are still working our the specifics. Lol
    I don't want to get up in the morning 😒
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  • Day50

    Will set the alarm later the morning because he is sick of me pressing snooze 5 times.
    I really need and enjoy my prep time though. 😒
    It rained in the light so the temperature was bearable.
    I've been disappointed the last few mornings - at first there was tea and coffee options but now it's just coffee. Yuck.
    The American (Mary) joined us and the Mongolian (Lilly) went with the other group.
    There was a crap tonne today at the lake but the sunrise was beautiful! The neighbours dogs wouldn't stop barking at us though and didn't seem to understand that we weren't intimidated and just kept going lol.
    I like when the roses are wet. It's fun watching the water drops all shake and fall off when you fling the branch back. The American was having a really bad morning. I saw snot fall out of her nose twice; big booger streams. How often she sniffed was annoying and ruined the tranquility but she couldn't help it lol.
    It took us ages because there were so many.
    We then got dropped off at the second field while Johanna went to pick up the others. I had a completely full sack before the end of the first row. I had more than Will though because I helped him out and picked the low ones on his side too because he is an old man and has started complaining about his back hurting when he bends.
    Nothing of great interest happened this morning either other that it got very hot and I had far too many layers on with nowhere to put them and that I've been making a conscious effort to remove the bugs from the flowers before they go in my sack to avoid as many little lives lost as possible. 🐜🕷🐞🐝🕸
    Johanna got a bee sting though and I got stung by a nettle bush which really does hurt like a bitch. Very much like a bee sting only the pain and itch lasts much longer.

    We got driven back all in the one car - including 2 in the boot and 2 in the trailer.
    Breakfast time which was eagerly anticipated and then Will and Lilly went with Danny to buy gas and pick the white rose field. Will has been given instructions to ask Danny to call the bus company but I very much doubt that he will. He always leaves that stuff up to me which annoys me because I don't like doing it either lol.
    Outcome - it for half sorted so I'm impressed.
    We at least have a lift to the bus stop lol.

    I went to have a shower before and walked in on Stacey but naked. Awkies. She apologized to me for nor closing the curtain haha. It was then nearly lunchtime so I walked down to the store to get some 7Up and Pepsi for everyone.
    I was t hungry at lunch time so I didn't eat.
    I tried having a nap, it for too hot so I joined the others with some gardening to surprise Johanna. We basically just deeweedes and disposed of the roots.
    Will woke up dripping in sweat. It was really gross lol.
    He is debating wether to have another shower or not because he has already had one today..
    Talking to the American and Holland chicks, I really like them. The conversation was easy going as we gardened away.
    6 Singaporean people have arrive in town to pick roses too for 2 days. They can't fit in the yard so they are at some campsite.they are coming over for dinner though so Will is on BBQ duties tonight.
    My toe is so sore. The infection can't get better with all this dirt around.
    We just bought our super secret rose products we have been meaning to do for days and are having them all shipped to Norfolk road :)
    Sending them to the 5 different addresses made the shipping prices ridiculous.
    Pretty excited.
    I love grazing the yard looking for ripe strawberries.
    Because I haven't had a nap today the day feels so long. It's feel like 3 or 4 hours later than it actually is.
    I'm so glad I did gardening because I really could not be bothered to help with the BBQ set up right now. Haha William.
    So I ended up helping with set up anyway - I made the garlic bread.
    The Singapore people arrived an they were classic tourists. They aren't really here to work but sight see, take photos and pick 5 roses each lol. They smuggled roses into a bag in the garden. Super Asian.
    Jowney is sick so Stacey was looking after him so our number dropped to 14 for dinner. It was still extremely crowded. We finally drank the wine Matthew brought from his last work away - it has very purple bubbles. They weren't the usual red.
    Baba Penka visited and I think I'm the favourite. We got photos together ❤️ and I told her I am going to send a postcard. She doesn't believe me but I'm going to try. I told her I have 2 babas and she laughed when I pointed at her. I gave her a hug.
    The BBQ was fab. The wine probably made everything a lot funnier but I had a great time. I really like Mary (American) I think we are quite similar.
    Me, Will and Mary probably made a miss worded xommenr much worse that it was
    The lady next to me was squished between a table and pole and she hit her head and Danny said " sorry we were expecting a smaller person"
    We 3 interpreted that as a fat comment and giggles at the unintentional hole her dug. We found out later Matt and Danny thought we were laughing at the implied racis that Asians are small.
    Amazing culturally different interpretation over 1 word.

    But it was very funny.
    I don't know if Danny likes us. I don't think he is taken by us even though we sometimes make him laugh. He is very hard to read.

    So turns out Ilse is Pan sexual not gay - what ever the crap that means and is in a 4 way relationship.
    As if anyone could be bothered.
    I can understand how it works with a dominant gender with several spouses but not 4 people on an equal playing field.
    She explained it as Bi sexual is where you like woman and men. Pan sexual is where you like people - what ever they identify as may that be nothing or a dog.
    Good gracious you are either one or the other. If you don't feel like either then pick the one you feel most like. You can't not have a gender. 😤😖
    Pan sexual
    Our bus is early tomorrow so we miss out on picking which I'm actually pretty upset about :(
    Our bus is either 8:45 or 9:45 if we miss the first one but we are being dropped off at 6:30 😕
    I missed the toilet earlier hahahahahah but had the decency to clean it unlike the person with a runny poop drop and blood . Not cool. I cleaned it when I went for a wee because I knew that if I didn't the person waiting outside to use the loo next would think it was me 😷
    Still gotta get up early tomorrow which breaks my heart. We have to pack still because there is no electricity in the big room with our bags so we can't see.. we are getting up normal time to say goodbye because I actually really like everyone.
    Only current problem is we Don't know when we can get into our apartment. Hope we don't have to wait but if we gotta then we gotta.
    Ilse wrote me a list of places to see in Netherlands on my little notes document. It's getting lots of good info added to it now - lots of places to see in lots of counties :)
    I'm so keen for a toilet and bed tomorrow!!
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  • Day51

    I woke up at 4:50 and was devastated to discover my alarm would go off in 10 minutes 😒 We got up to say goodbye to everyone, eat breakfast and pack. Danny said he would be a max 40 minutes before he came back to get us. He took 2 hours. Just upset because I could have slept longer.
    He drove us to the next town over to the bus station where we were told different times for the buses - 8:20 and 9:20. Having no faith in the system, he then left us alone in a location of questionable functionality to fend for ourselves. We asked him where to stand and he said under the sign that said Veliko Taranovo.... all letters are In the Cyrillic alphabet... what pointless advice. 😒
    The bus was pretty on time - only 10 minutes late. It was a tiny little thing but we got on woohoo! One stress down! The bus took an hour through windy mountains.
    Veliko Tarnovo looks like a shit hole but it's been really talked up so im holding out hope..

    We got off the bus and Will was about to wee himself so that was job one.
    Job two was find wifi to contact our host but first we for some banitzas at the convenience store nearby.
    We got a lady taxi driver who didn't speak English. I'm so over giving them the address, then saying ok, putting our luggage in the boot, sitting in the car and then the driver communicating they don't know the address. Like, if you don't know where you are going don't let me get in the car 😩
    Anyway she drove us. I was having such bad anxiety the whole way because she didn't understand the address so we "communicated" to take us to the castle - I didn't know if she had understood.
    We were told it was about 3km away. But because today is some Slavic holiday there were road closures and we went on some massive detour. I focused on my breathing. Lol
    We got dropped off at the bottom of a hill near the castle and had to lug our bags up because of another road closure.. -.-
    We found a cafe with free wifi and sat there for a few hours while we waited for our host to reply.
    He never did so we went looking for the apartment. Boy oh boy was that not fun. Why is it so difficult every time? When we put the address into maps it took us to a bunch of trees.
    We, again, had to ask several different people where to go. I was so hot and flustered. It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have our luggage.
    We asked the people across the street and they took 4 minutes to figure out where to go but they found it for us thank heavens.
    The owner was inside so we were thankful the journey was over.
    He was nice but had the worst coffee breath and his English wasn't the best so it really took a long time for him to string sentences together.
    The view is spectacular- it's right across from the fortress/castle and on the best street we have seen so far. The area has a nice vibe - lots of souvenir shops.
    I had a 4 hour nap IN A BED ❤️❤️❤️ and we both spent an unnecessary amount of time on the toilet just savoring the moment.
    After my nap we went searching for food and an ATM. We got rejected from 3 separate ATM's with our travel card so we just used Wills normal bank card which is annoying and would have cost a lot more. We don't know why majority of the Bulgarian ATMs haven't worked.
    There was a congregation of people in the street waiting for a parade or something but as we didn't know the start time we didn't bother hanging around.
    We ate at a pizza/Grill resturant and took the leftovers home to put in the fridge.
    I had a shower but the water turned cold halfway through so I'll have to shave the other leg and condition my hair tomorrow haha.
    We plan to have a sleep in extremely lazy tomorrow - so very excited.
    We have 5 nights here so we have time. There is a multimedia tourist thing across the road I want to go to. it is medieval things out the front - Veliko Tarnovo was the old capital of Bulgaria apparently?
    Will is watching liar liar on the to at the moment.
    I still have nightmares about 'the claw' thanks Trevor. 😰
    I was so thirsty when we went walking. I need to drink more water.
    I don't know if our Johanna and Danny enjoyed having us. Comments they both made this morning kind of put me off a bit. Danny said something along the lines of "rose picking isn't your thing" LOL
    That was probably Will complaining about his back but still little awkward.
    They knew I don't like early mornings but I really enjoy picking. They must just not know me well enough to know the things aren't related.
    I hate getting up for work but I do love my job. Nothing will make me like mornings lol.
    I think Will took the piss too often too. That's a cultural thing though and can't be changed.
    Their loss 😛
    I did like them a lot though.
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  • Day52

    Things I have previously forgotten to add:
    - Will fell in an ant nest when removing stumps/roots and had bites all over his back
    - Jaxon turned 1 yesterday and got diagnosed with chixkenpox
    - Yesterday I was very tired and after my shower went to the room to get changed - Will called out from the other room " uhm, isn't the blinds open on there?" Yes, yes they were... I flashed the entire street - we are Pretty much on ground level.

    Ok so, I slept In Only until 9:45 because Will called Helen and I needed to say happy birthday to her so I woke up.
    We left the house around 12. We would have left much earlier but it was bucketing down with rain.
    It stopped but naturally started again when we started walking.
    I Iike the always flowing bubblers all of Europe seem to have. I like that the water just stays running and you dont need to press a button - it's beneficial for stray animals and birds too. :)
    After about 1km we took shelter in a cafe and had a drink to wait the storm out a little bit.
    The juice I got was expensive- well not really but we have now accustomed to east European prices and this fresh juice was a whopping $5
    Outrageous lol.
    I was so hungry by now because it was 1pm so I wanted to eat asap so I made us go to the first resturant we are across. It was rubbish lol. Will kept giving me crap because once we left we learnt there was a burger shop next door " you couldn't have walked another 5m could you?"
    Hehe oh well. I just wanted to eat because if you don't know the city you don't know how long you might walk until you find the next place.
    After we just kept walking and came across a fresh produce market. I bought a bunch of cherries for a steal! I got about half a kilo for $2 and they look fresh and delicious!
    We went back to a grocery store we had passed earlier and bought some staples i.e. Milk, bread, cheese, cereal, and sandwich ingredients for us to make lunch with. Loving that we have a fridge to store things! I also bought some tea :)
    Will went and got a burger from the store he saw earlier. We walked back to the apartment, taking gorgeous photos along the way and dropped everything off.
    We went across the road to the 'Tsarevgrad Turnov' multimedia centre.
    Even though I didn't have ID I got a student discount woohoo! So it was 20 Lev all up. 10 for Will, 5 for me and another 5 because I wanted to take pictures. I got a little sticker for my photo to say it was an approved device lol.
    There was a school group in front of us so that was super annoying because we had to lag.
    It basically was a museum with figurines showing how life was like in the fortress during the second Bulgarian rule. It showed insides houses, different trades, the king/queen (Tsar?) on their thrones, weapons, clothing and a battle scene of a crusader being captured.
    We were told that there was videos in English - in my Jess I imagines screen sized projections and not the little laptop we walked past early on - so we missed that aspect but oh well. At one of the scenes I accidentally set the alarm off because I was trying to see the facial expression of one of the figurines and must have stuck my head into the exhibit too far haha oops!
    We finished (it wasn't as long as expected) and then went up a set of stairs to a church we hadn't paid entry for - so just stuck our heads in. It was nothing special but still nice - like all before it. I doubt there will be many "ugly" churches on our travels.
    We've come back home (I enjoyed looking at the street art on the way), eaten some Oreos and will go out for dinner soon. We've decided we will always have dinner out but try and eat the other 2 meals at home or take pre-made sandwiches with us. Will is excited, we bought lutenitza** for his sandwich. It's a tomato, eggplant, capsicum spread. I'm very encouraging as it's the only form of vegetable I can get into him! Haha
    At about 5pm Will says to me "you've had something on your neck all day and it's been annoying me" he removed it and it turns out it was a booger. He had let me walk around all day with a booger on my body. Cheers Willy 😑
    I just hope it was mine not his... don't know how it would have got there hahaha
    We found a place for dinner and it was amazing. The food not so much BUT THERE WAS A CAT SITTING NEXT ME 😻😻😻
    He was so cranky it was amazing. He was sleeping on a chair and people came to sit at the table he wouldn't move so they had to sit around him hahaha.
    There was also a dog inside that came over for pats. We wasn't starving - I gave him a potato and he just looked at it and nuzzled in asking for more pats ❤️beat resturant ever.
    The potato salad was a shocker though. It was cooked potato - no sauce.. not good lol.
    But I don't care, anything animal friendly gets bonus points!
    We are back home now and I've been doing my journal book by sticking in bus tickets.
    Will is now playing nostalgic music and we are going to watch Aladdin shortly :)
    We are going to the fortress tomorrow - hopefully the rain stops but first we have a Skype date with mum and dad :) it's been 2 weeks so I'm keen to talk with them 🙃
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  • Day53

    I slept so good ☺️
    We got up and had some cereal on the balcony when mum and dad called through. We chatted for half an hour. I try to think of things to tell them that aren't in this journal but it's hard.
    After we hung up we got ready to go to Tsarevets fortress on Tsarevets hill.
    It was only 6 Lev each which was great. We thought that this was a big enough attraction to warrant the selfie stick so Will quickly walked back home to get it while I tried to navigate my way through the sea of school children.
    We didn't get an entrance ticket only a crappy receipt which I'm disappointed about so I plan to buy a postcard to stick into my paper journal so I can have a token from the fortress.
    We met up and walked through up the bridge to the main entrance. You could so easily imagine people riding there horses up into the fortress. We took a lot of pictures!
    We walked around the edge where there are lots of ruins but still clear outlines of buildings you could imagine as houses or little shops/blacksmiths etc.
    Unfortunately there were no English signs and even the Bulgarian signs were scarce.
    We went up a watch tower which had a set up you could pretend to chop a persons head of with - so we did. I think Will enjoyed it a little too much.
    We went to the very edge and from what I gather it was an execution site. Not sure if they meant this is where the beheadings took place or if this was the wall they threw people off because it was very high and would have been just as effective lol.
    Will does not take safety signs as seriously as me. He wanted to climb down and have a look and I said no because there are signs specifically saying not to do so lol. They have left it as authentic as possible meaning very real DANGER lol. No, I do not want to climb over walls that are hundreds of years old, falling apart and on top of a very big drop!
    His main motive was to try and find a medieval sword... 😏
    We then went walking and then realized we had definitely taken the wrong path. We were just walking in the bush haha. We turned back, and ended up in "the palace ensemble". It was under construction which of course Will ignored so we entered some building. Will thinks it's the reconstruction where the King and Queen lived ( original was destroyed by Turks in the 1200's) but I think it is too small especially for royalty. We walked up the hill to the church - it's interior artwork was so odd! I've never seen designs like it - well, in a church.
    There was a big original slab.
    The school groups are really annoying but I spoke that's how you work out if you are visiting a worthy attraction or not... their presence is a good sign lol.
    We say the outer battle tower then went for lunch.
    The strawberry lemonade was superb 🤤🤤🤤
    We went and got Oreos and juice from a convenience store and on the way home Will was being impatient and tried to overtake a tour group and ended up falling down the hill. Hahahah he went so red and was so embarrassed he got angry at them. "Stupid asians" it was literally all his fault though because he wasn't looking where we was going. He fell into one of them. Silly William. He crushed some of the Oreos and his knee bled a little bit but he gets little sympathy from me because I received none when I fell over at the acropolis.
    Back at the apartment we finished watching Aladdin and watched the Truman show. I did it for English in year 11 or 12 but never actually saw the whole thing.
    Can anyone sayyy A+? Hahahah
    Will wanted to go on a pub crawl but we couldn't find any so we just went for a walk to a place we ate at the other day and had nargile and drinks. The nargile was crap - not enough flavor. The waiter was fantastic though - he gave me a free lemonade and opened up the terrace area just for us so we tipped him - first person in ages.
    Naturally because Will wanted me to look presentable when we went out he asked me to not wear my hiking boots - it poured rain.
    My hiking boots are waterproof but noooo I had to wear my other shoes 🤦🏼‍♀️#poohead.
    We were lucky though because here drainage isn't the best and cars were spraying water everywhere where but we avoided it :)

    Also note today we saw the Asen Dynasty monument. 👍🏼
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  • Day15

    ... dem Wildcampen!
    So komfortabel so ein Campingplatz auch sein mag, aber die schönsten Schlafplätze findet man immer noch in der Natur. Wir verlassen uns dabei immer auf das gute alte Bauchgefühl und ein gutes Karma. Unser Leitspruch dabei: " difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations." Und zum Glück macht unser Bus dabei immer mit. Um jetzt aber nicht alle zum Wildcampen zu überreden, es gibt auch Nachteile wie z.B. sollte man sich immer auf alles gefasst machen. Wir wurden schon von sämtlichen Tierherden und -schwärmen und auch schon mal von der Polizei aus dem Schlaf gerissen. :P
    So wie heute wieder. Aber kein Grund zur Sorge, war nur ein kurzer Check, also stand uns einer weiteren Nacht nichts im Weg :).
    Doch auch der Adrenalinkik, der immer mal mit dabei ist, ist einer von so vielen Gründen warum wir lieber nicht auf einem Campingplatz übernachten.
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  • Day7

    After a hard afternoon and evening working yesterday, we planned to make the most of our last day skiing. We headed up to Markudjik to start the day with spectacular views, running the blue loop half a dozen times before heading down the Musala Path back to the resort. Then up the Sitnyokovo lift and down the blue we'd not done since Day 1 before finally coming down Martinovi Baraki one last time. Having covered almost all the pistes today, Ben decided he wanted to finished on a red...which we both made a pig's ear of but had fun nonetheless! Tomorrow, we have a half day in Sofia before flying home; until then, relaxing!Read more

  • Day8

    Our final day was far more relaxed. After an early breakfast we spent far too much time watching Blacklist (which having returned to the UK is not available in Netflix UK - nightmare!) before catching a bus to spend the afternoon in Sofia. Our excellent guide Stojan led a walking historical tour through the city, taking in Roman ruins through communist era buildings in fantastic weather. We briefly explored the shops afterwards before stopping for a pint of Schofferhofer (great name!) and watching Lincoln v Burnley in the FA Cup. We then retired to the recomended rooftop bar Sense, overlooking the huge cathedral. It was a brilliant view and lovely way to round off the holiday but it really made me appreciate the smoking ban in the UK; smoking seems to be the national pastime in Bulgaria. A short hop to the airport before heading home, and the prospect of work looking large on the horizon.Read more

  • Day28

    Feeling pretty good considering it's 6am.
    It was an easy morning because we hadn't unpacked anything and we had paid so we just quietly left.
    We walked into town but couldn't see a taxi, it seemed as if we would have to walk to the bus station wahhhh
    But out of the mist, a beautiful sight...
    A taxi.
    We jumped in, he was nice and spoke clearly.
    Will got us breakfast from the bakery while we waited for the bus to leave. It was like a feta cheese Pastry thing - was filling.
    Onto the bus we went. I'm always sooooo friggen hot on transport before it leaves. Planes and buses especially. They need to crank up the air con.
    The bus was pretty empty so at the halfway point I kicked Will out so I could have a double seat to myself which was a great idea cause I got some more sleep haha
    It was so misty is was ridiculous. Very horror films inspiring.
    Will said the mist was at its worst when I was sleeping and that you couldn't see 10 meters in front of the bus. Lucky I was asleep or I probably would have been a little scared.
    I hope the next bus is empty so I can kick Will out again. He takes up 1.5 seats with is stupid shoulders so I'm stuck rammed into a corner with a twisted spine all the while dying of heat because he is a fernus.
    We arrived in Skopje around 10:30.
    We bought our tickets to Sofia, Bulgaria. It was only 1900 denars so around 15 euro each. Our bus leaves at 3 so we have some time to kill. It's a long day. It will take another 5 hours to get there.
    We decided to walk to the main square but it was too hot carrying our backpacks with jumpers on so we ducked into the shopping center to eat and hopefully find some ginger tablets for Will.
    And sunscreen - have still remained unsuccessful in this venture. - but hopefully that changes shortly - we were offered insider information - They only sell sunscreen at pharmacies that's why we haven't found it anywhere.
    We are eating at a burgers place without wifi. Boo.
    There is a kindly gym next to me which looks fun, I just keep thinking that the fences are too low, I would have been out in minutes.
    I had a fright on the toilet. I sat down and the whole thing moved and CLANGED so loudly.
    2 of the screws are missing so the whole toilet moved. Didn't expect that when I sat down hahaha.

    Will was successful WOOHOOO!!!!!

    He also got motion sickness tablets. Apparently the worker looked at him like he was a lunatic when he asked for ginger tablets lol. I suppose if you haven't heard of it before that would be an odd request.
    Bulgaria has a different currency so we did our best to spend all of our coinage. I bought lollies at a junk store. The lady was very patient with me and I counted out cent by cent.
    We then bought water for the bus and walked back to the bus station.
    Only 1 hour till we leave now. Will just changed over our Denar to Lev. He has also taken a motion sickness tablet so hopefully it helps.
    I'm drinking the most delicious ice teas ever! It's forest fruits and cranberry flavored. A very pleasant surprise.

    So once again we napped. So did everyone on the bus. The roads are ridiculous. Will made comment in his exasperated, cranky voice "I can't believe this is a national highway"
    It's like being rocked to sleep, you can't fight it, you just become so sleepy.
    I watched as much of the country side as I could. I find the brokenness beautiful. Everyone going on with their daily life's in pits of mud while others go to skyscraper offices in suits.
    I am so hot so I took the big risk and took off my shoes and waited for the smell... but it never came! Woohoo!
    Feeling better now.
    After nearly 3 hours we reached the border. It took so long to get through. There was 3 full buses in front of us and every person needs to be checked and stamped twice - one for exit one for entry. It was the first time in the trip I was bored.
    We got though and to my annoyance, once again Wills passport got stamped before mine so he has bright, clear, readable stamps and mine you can't even see the letters to know what country I was in. Boo hiss.
    I was pretty stamps :( he has a purple one from Thailand.. I want a purple one. Lol
    There was a quick toilet stop just past the border. Will went to the loo and came back in a state of horror. Apparently some girls have used the wrong toilet and left their used pads laying around hahahah he is mortified. Hahaha

    Bulgaria looks similar and yet different. I think it might've the foliage. It's got bigger paddocks and dirt.
    70km away now.
    We just came onto a highway and Wills mood changed. He is approves of its condition. Lol
    Got dropped off at the bus station and found a taxi.
    Showed him the address and he asked a few friends, Nobody knew where the bloody address was......
    lunatic driver. He was dodging traffic, on the phone, didn't have working seatbelts and had to rely on our phone data to have a working map which he kept checking over his back shoulder every 3 seconds.
    After this fiasco ended another one started.
    We were in the middle of what seemed a sleeping suburb with nowhere to go. The place we were dropped off at was wrong -.-
    We went searching. Will has the big shits by this time.
    We tried several buildings and asked 5 different people where the address was. The 5th person, bless her cotton socks was able to tell us and finally after 25 minutes of stressful wanderings in a dark, foreign city we found it.
    And it is great.
    It is like a hotel. It has key cards to open the door and keep the electricity on AND a big shower ! Woohoo!
    We popped down to the local dominos for dinner - we didn't want to venture too far until we know the area a bit better.
    First impressions of Bulgaria is that it's a hole and that a strong breeze will knock it over.
    It's a concrete city.. hopefully the city center is better.
    Keen for another good sleep.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgarien, Bulgaria, Bulgarye, Bɔlgeria, ቡልጌሪያ, بلغاريا, ܒܘܠܓܐܪܝܐ, Bolqariya, Балгарыя, България, Buligari, বুলগেরিয়া, བུལ་ག་རི་ཡ།, Bugarska, Bulgària, Bulharsko, Bùlgarskô, Блъгарїꙗ, Тăнайçи Пăлхарĕ, Bwlgaria, Bulgaria nutome, Βουλγαρία, Bulgarujo, Bulgaaria, بلغارستان, Bulgarii, Bulgarie, Bulgarije, An Bhulgáir, Bulgàiria, બલ્ગેરિયા, Bulgariya, בולגריה, बल्गारिया, Bołharska, Bilgari, Bulgária, Բուլղարիա, Búlgaría, ブルガリア共和国, ბულგარეთი, Болгария, ប៊ុលហ្គារី, ಬಲ್ಗೇರಿಯನ್, 불가리아, بولگاریا, Bulgari, Bulugariya, Bölgarije, Biligari, ບັງກາເລຍ, Bulgarija, Bulgārija, Biolgaria, Бугарија, ബള്‍ഗേറിയ, बल्गेरिया, ဘူဂေးရီးယား, Borgeriya, Bhulgariya, Bolgària, Bolguarii, ବୁଲଗେରିଆ, Болгари, Bułgaria, Bulgarìa, بلغاریه, Bulgarya, Buligariya, Булгария, बुल्गारिया, Bulugarïi, බල්ගේරියාව, Bolgarija, Bulgaariya, Bullgari, Бугарска, பல்கேரியா, బల్గేరియా, Булғористон, บัลแกเรีย, Pokalia, Bulgaristan, بۇلغارىيە, Болгарія, بلغاریہ, Bun-ga-ri (Bulgaria), Bulgarän, Bulgåreye, בולגאריע, Orílẹ́ède Bùùgáríà, 保加利亚, i-Bulgaria

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