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  • Day74

    Bulgarian "rockies"

    August 11 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Most people think of the beaches at the Black Sea when they think about holidays in Bulgaria. However, the country has lots to offer and many mountains to climb and explore. So that's what we are going to do.
    Our destination today was Belogradchik. In order to get there, we cycled on remote roads which were in a semi-good state. Good for us as cars seemed to avoid them 😉 We also passed some villages, but most of them looked very deserted and in decay. In 10 years, there won't be anyone living there anymore I guess.
    We had a stop in one of the busier villages. It had a Sowjet monument in the central park. Around the park, people were sitting in front of the mini shops drinking coffee and beer as we've seen it quite often before on our trip.
    Along the roads, we saw many fruit trees with apples and pears. In a week or two, the fruits will be ripe and we can just pick them - yum!!
    When we arrived in Belogradchik, we went to a campground which could have been nice. But the owner doesn't seem to take good care of it, so it looked a bit uninviting. We cooked some pasta, so we had enough energy to explore the area. Around town, there's some incredible rock formations looking out of the forest. We went on a 2 hour hike to see them from different perspectives. We had never heard of this place before, but it's really impressive. Looking forward to what's coming up next!
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  • Day82

    Bulgarian Chamonix

    August 19 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Last night ended with a spontaneous invite from our campground neighbours from Germany. Over a glass of wine, they told us they would have been on the Pamir Highway this year if it wasn't for Corona.
    In the morning, we left early as usual. There had been a thunderstorm with heavy rain during the night, so we didn't sleep too well. The roads were still wet and dirty, those crystal clear streams from yesterday had turned into mud brown rivers.
    After a 42km descent, we stopped for breakfast, bought some fresh bread at a Lidl and sat down at a typical Bulgarian coffee place. Pretty ugly, but the coffee is good and cheap and we have chairs and tables to eat our breakfast.
    Then we continued going South. First, we could cycle on a quiet secondary road, but had to turn into the main road once we headed into the next valley. We had to gain about 900m of elevation over 24km. It's not too steep, but no fun with lots of traffic. On the way, we saw lots of huge signs next to the road, advertisements for spas, resorts, clubs and alike, so we were already wondering if we had chosen the right place for us. But when we arrived in Bansko, it surprised us in a positive way. Once we had past the resort area, we got into a quiet residential area where our guesthouse was located. The owner was nice, he had received a package with spare bike parts for us. So we could spend the afternoon fixing my rear break.
    Afterwards, we went exploring the town. Part of it is a typical ski resort with lots of bars, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs etc. But it also has a really nice historical center where we also had dinner at a restaurant.
    Overall, Bansko is VERY empty this year, half of the stores and restaurants are closed. Our guesthouse owner told us that they have no foreign tourists at all this year and Bulgarians only come on the weekends. It's sad to see how Corona hit this town. But for us, the situation is kind of lucky as I don't think we'd enjoy the normal amount of tourists here.
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  • Day84

    Camping at Lake Dospat

    August 21 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    The first 50km were easy today, mainly downhill on a nice canyon road. We can feel it's late summer now, as it's colder in the mornings and it takes longer for the sun to climb above the mountains.
    The second 50km were much harder as we had to cycle uphill with some rolling sections as well. Finally, we ended our bike day at Lake Dospat where we went for a well deserved swim in the cold water.
    Our Bulgarian neighbours invited us to a glass of wine, so we stayed up and watched the sunset.
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  • Day87

    Wonder Bridges

    August 24 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Today, we had to cycle a mountain stage. After only 30km, we were up above 1500m after we had started under 200m above sea level. It was a continuous 4-7% climb, so not too hard. The following descend of 800m wasn't much quicker though, as we rode on a trail which was partly muddy, steep and rocky, so we had to go slowly and even push a few sections. However, we really enjoyed having a technical trail again! Plus, no cars and amazing views!
    In one corner, my tyres slipped on the dry mix of sand and rocks though, so I went off the bike in slow motions. Nothing happened to me, but the front fender broke, so we had to dismantle it. We wanted to reduce weight on our setup anyways in the future, so why not start right now 🤷‍♀️
    Our destination today were a natural site of interest, the "Wonder Bridges". In order to get there, we had to climb again. It was a narrow road with lots of potholes, but at least a continuous elevation gain again. When we arrived at the site, we had climb about 2200m today.
    The Wonder Bridges are impressive! It's always amazing to see what nature can create. Can you spot Herbert standing under the bridge in the 4th photo? Good we can camp next to the site and enjoy our dinner at this wonderful place!
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  • Day76

    Canyon roads

    August 13 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Plan and reality can sometimes be a little different. We were planning on crossing the high part of the Balkan mountain range on a main road early morning and then make a big detour West of Sofia to avoid the people and the traffic of the city.
    It all went according to plan until we got on that main road (after 7km only). It was so busy with fast cars and trucks, that we decided to take a different route. So we did some quick replanning and cycled in a Southeastern direction on secondary roads, passed a few villages and crossed the mountain range at a lower altitude further East. On that climb, we encountered exactly 7 cars in 1.5 hours :) The descent was awesome! A steep curvy road led towards Iskar canyon.
    The canyon itself is very impressive. However, cycling wasn't so much fun anymore from this point, as traffic was pretty heavy on the canyon road as well. Plus, it was rolling up and down and up and down which was VERY exhausting. Due to the lack of options, we also decided to go to a campground based in the outskirts of Sofia. It's actually quite nice with very friendly owners and right next to a metro station. So - unlike our plan - we are going to visit the capital of Bulgaria tomorrow.
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  • Day73

    Relax and "big spectacle"

    August 10 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    This morning, we got up early as usual and brushed our teeth. Then we decided to go back to bed (= tent) and have a very easy day at this beautiful quiet oasis. So we relaxed in the hammock which fit both of us.
    Around noon, we wanted to go for a walk in the forest. But after 30 minutes, we went back to our camp as it was too hot to move.
    In the afternoon, we called Joro. Joro is a local who we talked to at the campground last night. He invited us over to a bbq, so we cycled those 3km to the next village. We had a fun night over great food, local drinks and great conversations in a mix of German, French and Bulgarian. Joro is an artist and the director as well as one of the actors of the Vidin puppet theatre. When he tells us stories about his work or travels, everything is always a "big spectacle". He introduced us to the Bulgarian lifestyle: eat, drink, love. We had high quality "Rakia" as an aperitivo and a 5 year old brandy with chocolate icecream for dessert. His house is more of a museum than a living space, full of antique furniture and especially old retro longplays and tape recorders. Joro loves music and played "Lily Marleen" and some other songs on the accordion. Travelling is never boring!
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  • Day88

    More Canyon riding

    August 25 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Before we left our campsite, we took a last look at one of the Wonder Bridges which was lit up by the rising sun. Then we headed down the small road again to continue our tour through the Rhodope mountains.
    We cycled on more canyon roads, passed a ski resort and enjoyed the views.
    In Smolyan, we thought about calling it a day, but it was still early. So we continued further and cooked a meal at one of the picnic places next to a fresh water spring. We thought, we had waited out a thunderstorm passing North of us, but unfortunately, we got caught in heavy rain a little later. The road we were on by now was in construction, so I learned about the use of a front fender very quickly. Too bad mine broke yesterday!
    As we were wet and there was no campground anywhere close, we decided to stay in a hotel where we were dry and could do some laundry.
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  • Day90

    More miles on the iron curtain trail

    August 27 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    The landscape has changed significantly. It's still hilly, but it's very dry. There's still springs along the road, but most of them are only dripping or totally dry. We enjoyed the ride today, as we could go on remote backroads with almost no traffic. Part of it was again on the Iron Curtain Trail.
    The border to Greece is close as well. We were going to go there, but they require a negative Corona test and logistics for this are kind of difficult here. So like some other contries, we'll skip it on this trip.
    At some stage, we crossed a dam. It was interesting to see the two sides: one with lots of water, the other one pretty dry - see picture number 4 below.
    We decided to go to a rabbit farm to camp there. The owners were away, but arranged for us to stay over the phone. So we spent the evening with their two friendly and playful dogs Mimi and Sherry, and their cats. The older man who came by to feed the rabbits tried to talk to us. He had an old fashioned pocketbook with some German vocabulary, so we had a very basic conversation with him.
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  • Day86


    August 23 in Bulgaria ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    As we already arrived in Plovdiv last night, we had a whole day to explore the city. And for the first time in ages, we had a bit of a sleep in before we started our walking tour.
    First, we climbed up to Alyosha monument where we had a great view over the city and its surroundings. Even at 9am, it was extremely hot at only 200m above sea level.
    Afterwards, we spent time exploring the city center with the Roman stadium and the Kapana area. Kapana is the artist quarter of Plovdiv, lots of streetart, little boutiques, shops and stalls and full of cafés, bars and restaurant. It was fun just walking through the little streets and watching the people. In Plovdiv, life feels normal, not many signs of the pandemic.
    After Kapana, we visited the ancient part of the city. It's located on a hill, so sitting in the Roman theatre gives you a view of the surroundings. There's also old churches and houses to see.
    Before heading back to our guesthouse, we stopped on the main shopping street for some icecream and went for a stroll through the Garden of Tsar Simeon, a nice park with a huge fountain. Kids and their parents definitely had fun playing in the water to cool down in the heat.
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  • Day80

    Spiritual mountains

    August 17 in Bulgaria ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Hiking day for a change. In order to beat the crowds who take the lift up to the mountains, we started our hike from our camp at 7am. 550m higher, we left the forest trails and came into a more mountenous area. Here, the 7 Rila Lakes hike started. We were surprised to see many people up there already, mainly elderly women who had slept in the hotel in the mountain. Luckily, there was a climb at the beginning of the trail, so we could overtake pretty much all of them within the first 15 minutes.
    Maybe 30 minutes later, we arrived at a meadow next to the "Kidney Lake" which looked like a popular picnic spot. Some 10-15 people had stopped there. We were a bit confused as most of them started to change into white clothes. At a closer look, we saw rocks on the ground, laid out in huge circles. We decided to wait a little and more and more people arrived from all sides, all wearing or changing into white dresses. One of the younger ladies told us in broken English they were going to dance in circles when we asked her what this was all about. As it got too cold to sit and wait, we hiked further up a mountain and half an hour later, the ceremony started and we could observe from high above. Probably about 200-300 people had come to participate in what's called "Paneurhythmie". It's some cult of a white brotherhood which takes place only some days in August in the Rila mountains. People follow some ritual dance practices, move in circles, dress in white, some musicians playing in the middle of the circles. For those of you interested, google it 😉
    However, we continued our hike along the lakes as it got cloudy already. Further away from the ceremony, we didn't meet any other people, so we could enjoy the nature. We also hiked all the way down instead of taking the lift, as we preferred to spend the lift money on lots of food in the hut where we could camp.
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