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  • Day68

    Street Food in Phnom Penh

    April 12 in Cambodia

    We checked into a really nice place called the House Boutique Hotel. Bring your Visa card cause its $16 if you want breakfast included. Pool, Air con, beer, western toilets, pretty swanky for this crew. A little ways to downtown and the banks of the Mekong River but still in the heart of this fascinating city. We went for a walk last night and ate some very questionable street food, probably the limit for the adventurous two in the group. Tell you what we think it was later,
    We were treated to a blessing by some monks this morning, right out front of the place, we got to participate in the whole thing. It was really interesting and the locals were so excited that we wanted to be a part of it. Its the Khmer New Year starting tomorrow. We get the distinct feeling the country, or least major parts of it shut down completely for three days. Off to the mini mart we go for some Angkor beer...dont wanna run out you know.
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  • Day77

    Lilys Secret Garden

    April 21 in Cambodia

    We talked about taking a cooking class when we were over here. It’s a good way to meet people but also to learn the culture and, well, get better at cooking, and so you can make the same dishes you love here, at home.
    Jackie found an awesome home cooking class, that, turns out is literally right behind the hotel, two streets over, called Lily’s Secret Garden. The place is run by Lily, a Cambodian chef as far as we can tell, and her husband Chris, a Belgian who has a flare for business, maybe.
    Chris picked us up in a tuktuk at our hotel and took us to the local market to buy the ingredients for whatever we were cooking. This is the market where only locals shop...astounding place. We took our groceries to Lily’s to meet the chef. I think we all thought she was the one doing the cooking class. They had another character, Darwin, a Cambodian with a great sense of humour. Also a chef at a local high end restaurant.
    Stay tuned for an invite to Cambodian night.
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  • Day75

    It didn’t take any of us very long to reach the limits of our patience with other travellers. We spent about 45 minutes in the departure lounge at Sihanoukville with this group. I wont share the details.
    Here is public enemy number one. If you see her, throat punch her for us.

  • Day67

    Welcome to Phnom Penh

    April 11 in Cambodia

    It’s hot here too. And its nothing like KL. And certainly nothing like Singapore. And that’s obvious from the time you step out into the street and see all the tuktuks lined up ready to take you wherever you want to go. For very cheap. We found Vanton, er he found us, not sure really. He’s got his own ride, and he is learning English between fares. Very nice guy that took us the 10km into town, which was an experience in itself. The streets of Phnom Penh, like lots of Asian cities and towns, are lined with garbage and junk that has accumulated over a long time. And you don’t have to drive on the road, which aren’t great either, hell you don’t even need to go the same direction as the rest of the traffic. Nor do you need to wear a helmet, just hold onto to your cell phone with one hand, your infant child in the other and keep your smoke goin, you’ll fit right in.Read more

  • Day72

    Sihanoukville Ferry

    April 16 in Cambodia

    We checked out of the Eolia Beach Bungalows on Sunday morning for the white sand beaches of Koh Rong. Otres Beach is really pretty, and there are lots of places to stay and eat, but as far as resort type beaches go this one doesn’t rate high. It’s slightly overpriced and very dirty, but we are glad we saw it. Our impression is that its all about to change, with lots of new investment and plans for swanky resorts.
    We took a tuktuk into Sihanoukville to catch the speed boat to the islands. The pier is chaotic to say the least, and thankfully everyone was just as confused as us. And it was hot.
    Amber made friends with a local monk and exchanged names and numbers. More to come on that.
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  • Day79

    All Templed Out

    April 23 in Cambodia

    We had one day left on our passes for the ruins at Angkor. We got up early this morning and checked out a couple more temples and big man made, rectangular lake. The people of these kingdoms were busy to say the least. These temples, though older, were just as interesting. One, Ta Prohm is the one where they shot Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie, never seen it myself but might have to now.
    You get the distinct feeling you could spend a lifetime touring these ruins, there are so many in this country it’s difficult to fathom.Read more

  • Day72

    Longset Beach

    April 16 in Cambodia

    On the island of Koh Rong, Longset Beach is about three kilometres up the beach from all the thumping bars and nightclubs of Saracen Bay. Well not all. There is one nightclub that is a little ways down the beach but it may as well be in front of our cabana. We think it closed down around four in the morning. Thank goodness for earplugs. The beach here is very different from where we just were. There is little to no garbage, the beaches are clean, white and soft like talcum.
    The bungalows, while absolutely beautiful, aren’t exactly “critter” proof. The floors are loose fitting wood plank, the walls, loose fitting mahogany siding, the roof, loose fitting thatch. So there’s bugs. And lord knows what else. But there is mosquito netting over the bed. That is small consolation for Jackie and Amber who aren’t a fan of sharing their rooms with anything from the insect kingdom.
    But the people are nice, actually the owner lived in Ottawa for thirty years and came back here ten years ago and built this resort as her retirement. The place is a hubbub of activity, raking, sweeping, I am sure its a full time job holding back the jungle.
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  • Day74

    Its a Family Affair

    April 18 in Cambodia

    On our way out from the pepper farm, there was a family picking rice in the front of their house. We asked driver to stop so we could get really touristy and take some pictures. We were a little embarrassed that we were intruding and not being respectful, but it didn’t stop us. They put on a show for us.

  • Day72

    Jungle Hike

    April 16 in Cambodia

    We had a decent breakfast in the restaurant and had a really good conversation with the owner and her daughter. Her daughter is visiting from Ottawa, born and raised in Ontario but pretty well connected here in Cambodia. Her mom owns this place, Pura Vita, and her dad owns a business in Siem Reap. She shared her story which is fascinating and her daughter gave us some ideas for the rest of our trip, for which we were thankful.
    There’s lots to see on the “4km beach” as its called, and they recommended a walk to the old pier; the place where the mother used to land in a boat and walk through the jungle, to the location of this resort. By herself. Through a mangrove lagoon, chest high. In the dark. Ten years ago to build this joint. She has guts like no other.
    So we walked along the beach, checked out whatever place we came across, got to the pier and turned around and came back. Pretty amazing countryside.
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  • Day74

    We went left

    April 18 in Cambodia

    There’s not a lot of activity on this beach. And that’s just fine with us. Yesterday we walked to the right, to see what we could see. Today we went left. To the end of the beach. And had a few drinks and lunch and walked back. And that’s a day... well throw in a fire show, and a massage lady beating the living piss out of a gecko, and thats a day.

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Kingdom of Cambodia, Kambodscha, Cambodia, Kambodja, Kambodia, ካምቦዲያ, Campuchia, كمبوديا, Kambodiya, Камбоджа, Kamboji, ক্যাম্বোডিয়া, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ།, Kambodža, Cambodja, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ, Kambodia nutome, Καμπότζη, Kamboĝo, Camboya, KambodĪa, Kanbodia, کمبودیا, Kambodso, Kambodza, Cambodge, Cambodg·e, An Chambóid, કંબોડિયા, קמבודיה, कंबोडिया, Kambodźa, Kanbòdj, Kambodzsa, Կամբոջա, Cambodgia, Kamboja, Kambódía, Cambogia, カンボジア国, კამბოჯა, ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា, ಕಾಂಬೋಡಿಯಾ, 캄보디아, کەمبۆدیا, Kambodya, ກຳປູເຈຍ, Kambôdja, Kamapōtia, Камбоџа, കംബോഡിയ, Kemboja, ကမ္ဘောဒီးယား, Kambodsja, कम्बोडिया, Cambòja, କାମ୍ବୋଡିଆ, Kambodża, کمبوډيا, Camboja, Kambuya, Cambodscha, Kamboje, Camboggia, Kämbôzi, Kamboodiya, Kamboxhia, கம்போடியா, కంబోడియా, Камбоҷа, ประเทศกัมพูชา, Kamboçiýa, Kemipōtia, Kamboçya, كامبودژا, کمبوڈیا, Cam-pu-chia, Kambocän, Orílẹ́ède Kàmùbódíà, 柬埔寨, i-Cambodia

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