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  • Day91

    Fluffy white sand beaches, lush jungle, turquoise waters... this island had everything. As it is a less developed island, we traveled to it without a booking and walked place to place until we found suitable accommodation. I loved our daily $1 fruit breakfast plates. We spent one day lounging at the beach and swimming in the clear warm water where my googles came in handy! Paul and Arnetia, fresh from a NZ winter, got badly sunburnt, turning a distinct tomato red all over. We spent our evening eating barbecued fish on the beach.

    On our favorite day we decided to 'splurge' on an eight hour boat trip that cost us $10 a piece. We went to a great snorkeling spot and fished like the locals with a hand reel (although we didn't catch anything). Our boat trip took us to Long Beach where we played a soccer game with a group of locals (soccer is definitely a universal language). We then had drinks in the waste deep warm water while we watched the sun set over the ocean. Next the boat drivers cooked us a BBQ on the boat. When it got dark we swam with the bioluminescent plankton. It looked like the stars were underwater as people swam past us. It was an amazing experience we will never forget, and definitely worth the $10.

    Sadly, this was our last tropical island for a while. Next stop the riverside town on Kampong.
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  • Day106

    Business Class full but no worries, the service was great. Lovely to be able to lay down, both of us had good a good sleep. Silk Air to Siem Reap - Business Class empty, only Mike & I, so we got well looked after, quite special. Hotel lovely. Went out to Ta Prohm temple this arvo, just amazing place, then on to a school where the children danced and then showed us where they ate & slept, most of them are orphans. Angkor Wat tomorrow.Read more

  • Day107

    Lovely hotel, lovely room. Visited Ta Prohm temple, just amazing with fig tree roots growing over the ruins. Very, very hot, but our bus has lots of very, very cold water. Visited a developing school set up by one man and built into something very special, amazing children.

  • Day108

    Amazing day today with a visit to the temple of Bayon, our guide is great and very informative. Then on to Angkor temple which is amazing set over many hectares. So much history. A climb to the top up a very steep staircase was worth every step, the views awesome. Cambodian people very hospitable & charming.

  • Day15

    Today was an very hard day but was something in definitely glad to have done . We met our tuk tuk at 9 and he brought us just outside the main city of Phnom Penh to the tuol slang genocide museum which is better known as the killing fields . We had an audio guide and a map to follow to go around the outdoor museum . The voice on the audio guide was a man who had survived the killing fields . Tuol Sleng was one of many "killing fields " that were used to murder " enemies" of Paul Potts communist state during the Khmer Rouge Regime . Reasons for being an enemy of the Khmer Rouge included being an intellectual eg a doctor ( sorry Grandpa) , wearing glasses ( sorry mum) or having soft hands. If a man or women was brought to the Killing fields the rest of their family would be brought to to prevent them trying to get revenge in the future. Cambodia was very poor after the Vietnamese war and bullets were expensive . Due to this the victims were not shot but were instead beaten with various weapons and then placed in large unmarked graves. Over 3 million out of 8 million Cambodians were killed during the Khmer Rouge reign. It was horrific to see the site of such tragedy but the site has been made into an incredibly peaceful tranquil place with lots of trees and flowers that attract butterfly's and birds giving it a very peaceful feel . During the late 1980s the site was excavated and the bones were categorised by age , gender and cause of death . They are now stored in a large mausoleum with flowers abs incense burning outside .Read more

  • Day15

    After the killing fields we got back in a tuk tuk and travelled back in to the centre of Phnom Penh to visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This was originally a school but was taken over by the Khmer Rouge and turned into one of 200 prisons where the Cambodian people ( also some westerners , such as an Australian sailor who was arrested while sailing the world after ending up in Cambodian waters ) . Between 12,000 and 20,000 people were imprisoned but there are only 12 confirmed survivors . We had an auduo guided tour. We learned that people were brought here and tortured using methods such as water boarding , starvation and beating until they signed forced false confessions . Once these confessions were signed the prisoners were sent to the killing fields . It was interesting to here what took place here but was horrific to think that humans could do that to each other .Read more

  • Day84

    We said our goodbyes to Thailand (for now) and flew to the Cambodian city of Siem Reap. We felt as if we were transported back in time when we were picked up from the airport in a small tuk tuk and driven through the countryside to our upmarket hostel in the heart of the city. It was fun seeing the small children ride by on huge bikes.. they had to get a running start to jump up onto the seat.

    Our first evening we went to a Cambodian circus (similar to circ de sole and no animals). We discovered that everyone involved in the performance were refugees from Cambodian war and at risk youth. The school trains 1200 performers, musicians, and artists a year. Despite this, they put on a phenomenal show. The whole audience was engrossed and amazed. There was some serious talent in that circuit tent.

    We spent a day exploring the city by bikes and haggling with vendors at the local market. (I think we are finally getting good at this bartering business)

    Our final day we woke up at 4am to see the sunrise over the famous temple of Angkor Wat. It was amazing how many other people had the same idea as us. In the dark we walked with the masses to our viewing spot. As the sun rose we saw a spectacular sight as the temple pillars reflected onto the glassy lake below. It was a very special and surreal experience seeing these ancient ruins. We spent the next few hours walking around the temple enjoying the architecture and the ancient carvings. It is hard to imagine that elephants dragged each stone 40km in the early 12th century. Our tuk tuk driver spent the rest of the morning taking us to other temples. We saw a temple with large heads that reminded us of Aztec ruins, and the temple where they filmed Tomb Raider that had giant trees with their roots wrapped around the ruins. It was an amazing experience we will never forget.

    Next stop, we bus to Cambodia's capital- Phenom Phen.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of Cambodia, Kambodscha, Cambodia, Kambodja, Kambodia, ካምቦዲያ, Campuchia, كمبوديا, Kambodiya, Камбоджа, Kamboji, ক্যাম্বোডিয়া, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ།, Kambodža, Cambodja, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ, Kambodia nutome, Καμπότζη, Kamboĝo, Camboya, KambodĪa, Kanbodia, کمبودیا, Kambodso, Kambodza, Cambodge, Cambodg·e, An Chambóid, કંબોડિયા, קמבודיה, कंबोडिया, Kambodźa, Kanbòdj, Kambodzsa, Կամբոջա, Cambodgia, Kamboja, Kambódía, Cambogia, カンボジア国, კამბოჯა, ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា, ಕಾಂಬೋಡಿಯಾ, 캄보디아, کەمبۆدیا, Kambodya, ກຳປູເຈຍ, Kambôdja, Kamapōtia, Камбоџа, കംബോഡിയ, Kemboja, ကမ္ဘောဒီးယား, Kambodsja, कम्बोडिया, Cambòja, କାମ୍ବୋଡିଆ, Kambodża, کمبوډيا, Camboja, Kambuya, Cambodscha, Kamboje, Camboggia, Kämbôzi, Kamboodiya, Kamboxhia, கம்போடியா, కంబోడియా, Камбоҷа, ประเทศกัมพูชา, Kamboçiýa, Kemipōtia, Kamboçya, كامبودژا, کمبوڈیا, Cam-pu-chia, Kambocän, Orílẹ́ède Kàmùbódíà, 柬埔寨, i-Cambodia

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