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  • Day12

    Met Steymom at jars of Clay cafe, got some groceries then came out to White Elephant Resort for relaxing weekend together. I worked with her at Healing Home 4 years ago. Very fun young woman who is full of joy. Only $28 for twin room with cooked breakfast. We swam before breakfast. Been sitting around pool since .

  • Day6

    He has always used a cow. Hie sits on the box on the trailer and drives with long handles. Very different. They both cut the rice by hand and tie up each sheath. The family need all the rice they grow for the family to eat, about 20 sacks.

  • Day9

    Thaery is 9 weeks pregnant. She had miscarriage few months ago so she has been quite anxious and fearful. I suggested a scan today for reassurance so off the 3 of went on the bikes. So exciting to see perfect little baby with strong heartbeat.very proud Daddy Makara.

  • Day10

    To store some medicines and equipment . First 2 official patients today. Makara and Thaery very excited, very grateful. Makara very proudly put all his equipment and medicines inside. He is very professional and very knowledgable, we talk a lot about medical things. He knows it all, diseases, drugs, everything, I am impressed ,

  • Day11

    We bought some more medicines so he has enough to start working. Lunch cost us $2.50 for 2 of us , rice and verges for me , rice and spicy chicken for Makara. Had great conversation here at Jars of Clay, is

  • Day6

    Because we are staying here, eating here, sleeping upstairs I see all the action . At the moment young people are practicing dance in the church,2 others having guitar lesson. There has been kids programme here all afternoon, church this morning after music group practiced for an hour. Nearly everything's led by the young people, they are a passionate lot, great to see .

  • Day9

    Thaery , me and her mother having hair treatments, head and shoulder massage etc. lovely, her grandma came with rice cutting scythe, I asked her to stay for treatment, think the rice was calling louder. A great experience here in a tin shed with motorbikes and tractors racing by, some stopping for a chat😄or a look at the foreigner. No tourists here. We also both had beautiful facial with at least 13 creams . It only cost less than $10 for both our hair treatments and blow dry, then a facial each . We were there over 2 hours getting pampered . First time facial for her.Read more

  • Day20

    Slowly came into church building and felt ok to sit down. Many were still looking in the windows and door. They enjoyed all the gifts and food. Happy Christmas kids may you come to know the real reason for the season. Jesus

  • Day5

    Great sleep after nice dinner, meeting Pastor, talking with all the amazing young professionals Geoff has helped to educate from this very poor village School teachers, business. Finance. Nurse Makara. He fixed shower this morning after we went to the market which was another very interesting experience. Will take photos next time

  • Day11

    Always a new experience. Lots of action. He had my big pack in front of seat. I was holding on seat between us a large bag of rice, a bag of shampoos and creams for his sister and my handbag. Only once rice slipped and I yelled stop when it was balancing on my foot. It did fall but we were able to stop.

You might also know this place by the following names:

Kingdom of Cambodia, Kambodscha, Cambodia, Kambodja, Kambodia, ካምቦዲያ, Campuchia, كمبوديا, Kambodiya, Камбоджа, Kamboji, ক্যাম্বোডিয়া, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ།, Kambodža, Cambodja, ཀམ་བོ་ཌི་ཡ, Kambodia nutome, Καμπότζη, Kamboĝo, Camboya, KambodĪa, Kanbodia, کمبودیا, Kambodso, Kambodza, Cambodge, Cambodg·e, An Chambóid, કંબોડિયા, קמבודיה, कंबोडिया, Kambodźa, Kanbòdj, Kambodzsa, Կամբոջա, Cambodgia, Kamboja, Kambódía, Cambogia, カンボジア国, კამბოჯა, ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា, ಕಾಂಬೋಡಿಯಾ, 캄보디아, کەمبۆدیا, Kambodya, ກຳປູເຈຍ, Kambôdja, Kamapōtia, Камбоџа, കംബോഡിയ, Kemboja, ကမ္ဘောဒီးယား, Kambodsja, कम्बोडिया, Cambòja, କାମ୍ବୋଡିଆ, Kambodża, کمبوډيا, Camboja, Kambuya, Cambodscha, Kamboje, Camboggia, Kämbôzi, Kamboodiya, Kamboxhia, கம்போடியா, కంబోడియా, Камбоҷа, ประเทศกัมพูชา, Kamboçiýa, Kemipōtia, Kamboçya, كامبودژا, کمبوڈیا, Cam-pu-chia, Kambocän, Orílẹ́ède Kàmùbódíà, 柬埔寨, i-Cambodia

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