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    • Day 1–17


      February 25 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Heute morgen sind wir um 5.30h aufgestanden, um Douala hinter uns zu lassen, da wir 93%ige Luftfeuchte hatten. Nach dem großen gepacke, hatten wir nach 11/2 Std unser Zielort BUEA erreicht. Und immer wieder wird man mit leckerem Essen überschüttet.Read more

    • Day 4

      Modern Day Royal Residences

      July 1, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 61 °F

      Royal descendants who are the more wealthy locals build huge homes here which are a major contrast to the homes their "subjects" live in. These homes are used only on an part time basis as most "Royals" also have homes in the capital or even overseas in countries like France.Read more

    • Day 167

      Mayo Darle

      April 10, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

      Ich habe es tatsächlich nach Mayo Darle und damit nach Kamerun geschafft. Allerdings hat Violetta es gerade bis hier geschafft und braucht nun entgültig eine vernünftige Reperatur. Die Ersatzteile konnte ich organisieren, die brauchen aber ein paar Tage. Daher haben wir dir Chance das kleine Mayo Darle ausreichend zu erleben. Spoiler: Nach einem Tag kannte jeder die zwei Weißen und wir die zwei Restaurants...😅

      I actually made it to Mayo Darle and therefore Cameroon. However, Violetta has only just made it this far and now she finally needs a reasonable repair. I was able to organize the spare parts, but they take a few days. Therefore we have given you the chance to experience the little Mayo Darle sufficiently. Spoiler: After one day everyone knew the two white people and we knew the two restaurants...😅
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    • Day 3

      Dinner Is Served...

      June 30, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ 🌧 63 °F

      Having dinner at my hotel restaurant I give them an avocado that I had purchased early in the day. I was pleasantly surprised the way they prepared and presented it.. Made my meal and the avocado even more deliciousRead more

    • Day 178

      Wieder an der Grenze

      April 21, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Ohne weitere Zwischfälle haben wir es dann wieder an die Grenze geschafft. Da die Grenze schon geschlossen war, wurde Mission Stempel auf den nächsten Tag verschoben. Und es war alles wie versprochen: An der Grenze wussten sie Bescheid und wir haben es Final in die Republik Kongo geschafft.
      Kamerun war echt ne Herausforderung und ich war selten so froh erst in ein Land zu kommen um es dann auch endlich wieder zu verlassen 😅

      Without further incidents we made it back to the border. Since the border was already closed, Mission Stempel was postponed to the next day. And everything was as promised: they knew about it at the border and we finally made it to the Republic of the Congo.
      Cameroon was really a challenge and I was rarely so happy to come to a country first and then finally leave it again 😅
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    • Day 177

      Sangmelima die 2te

      April 20, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Die Idee war, soweit wie möglich in Richtung Grenze zu kommen. Unterwegs hat sich dann leider die Probleme mit Milano fortgesetzt. Unterwegs wurde ein Großteil des Motors in einem kleinen Dorf gewechselt. Das ganze hat dann 70 km gehalten. Dank Unterstützung von ein paar Lokals haben wir dann Sangmelima und die gleiche Werkstatt erreicht, bei der ich schon war. Praktischerweise konnten wir auch gleich wieder das Hotel nehmen. Schon interessant, wenn sich quasi alle an eine erinnern...😅

      The idea was to get as close to the border as possible. On the way, unfortunately, the problems with Milano continued. On the way, a large part of the engine was changed in a small village. The whole thing then lasted 70 km. Thanks to the support of a few locals, we then reached Sangmelima and the same workshop I was at. Conveniently, we were able to return to the hotel straight away. It's interesting when almost everyone remembers one...😅
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    • Day 174

      Pleiten, Pech und Pannen

      April 17, 2022 in Cameroon ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      Die Glückssträhne halt an. Nachdem Violetta nun gut in Schuss ist und keine Mäzen macht, hat es nun Milano, das Motorrad von Majk, erwischt. Nach meiner ersten Abschleppaktion haben wir es noch bis hierhin geschafft, wo der komplette Motor das erste Mal getauscht wurde. Als Krönung wurde dann hier auch noch mein Handy geklaut... Kamerun du machst es mir echt nicht leicht😅

      The lucky streak stops. Now that Violetta is in good shape and doesn't make any patrons, Milano, Majk's motorbike, got it. After my first towing action, we made it this far, where the entire engine was replaced for the first time. To top it off, my cell phone was stolen here... Cameroon, you really don't make it easy for me😅
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    • Day 137

      Simply stunning

      April 16, 2017 in Cameroon ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

      If first impressions matter, then Cameroon is going to be a corker! After crossing the border I'm greeted with 100 miles of beautiful smooth tarmac sweeping side to side and up and down through the greenest rainforest. I'm in a post malaria euphoria and having a ball.

      Even the small niggles are just entertaining at the moment. On leaving Nigeria I got told off for parking too near the flag pole. Oops! Then on the beautiful smooth road I stopped to water the rainforest - as I finish I hear a crash. The wind has blown over the bike....into a ditch! No problem, wave down the next car, get 4 people to help me retrieve it, then back on the way.

      I arrive in Bamenda earlier than expected, so go and visit one of the many crater lakes nearby. Wow is this a stunning setting, beautiful clear water surrounded by forest.  It's also brilliant because this area is at altitude, and so I have bearable temperatures. That evening I'm back in Bamenda and whilst watching the football in a bar I get speaking to a couple of guys who tell me all about Cameroon. When I said I'd been in Nigeria their comment was "you've passed through hell my friend" - maybe a tad harsh.

      The morning comes around and I'm off to travel the famous Bamenda ring road, 250 miles of mud track in the mountains. Well I'll admit to being a tad nervous, the rains should have started already, and I still don't have a new rear tyre - I have no idea what's coming. Well the answer is a bit of everything. I've had smooth tar, sand, dried mud, rocks...but no rain.

      On the way I stop at a traditional fondom. These are local chiefdoms that have existed several hundred years and have largely been left to exist by the German, British and Cameroon governments. So I get shown around the Fon's complex by one of the Fon's wives, but I'm a week too early for their grass cutting festival. The political structure is really interesting and developed, but too long to explain here. There is also a museum with amazing wooden life size carvings, but unfortunately photos aren't allowed.

      Onwards I move and go to stock up in the last town before the wilderness really begins. This proves quite difficult as today is 'ghost town' day. Every monday the 2 english speaking regions go on strike to protest about the treatment from the francophone government. In these areas there has been no schooling for 6 months and 3 months ago the government cut all internet to the regions. This is one of the reasons my update is late, but it's probably for the best as criticising the government can get you up to 11 years in jail!

      1-3) Lake Awing and surrounding mountains
      4) The bike having a lay down
      5) The Fon's temple
      6) Pimp my ride African style
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    • Day 37

      Strecke nach Tibati

      April 8, 1990 in Cameroon ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Was für eine Nacht, hat geregnet, na ja nichts besonderes. Aber die Geräusche die aus dem Wald ringsherum zu hören waren, die waren so wie man es sich vorstellt was aus einen Dschungel so rauskommt. Auf der folgenden Strecke tauchten tolle Lilien und bizarre Termitenschwamerl auf. Die nach verbrachte ich wieder wild neben der Piste. Hatte kein Bargeld mehr und zum wechseln war nichts zu finden.Read more

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    Republic of Cameroon, Kamerun, Cameroon, Kameroen, Kamɛrun, ካሜሩን, Camerún, كاميرون, Камерун, Kameruni, ক্যামেরুন, ཀ་མེ་རུན།, Kameroun, Camerun, Y Camerŵn, Kamerun nutome, Καμερούν, Kameruno, کامرون, Kameruun, Cameroun, Cameron, Camarún, કૅમરૂન, Kamaru, קאמרון, कैमरून, Կամերուն, Kamerún, カメルーン共和国, კამერუნი, កាមេរូន, ಕ್ಯಾಮರೋನ್, 카메룬, کامیروون, Cameronia, Kameruuni, Kamɛrune, ຄາເມລູນ, Kamerūnas, Kamerune, Kamerūna, Kamerona, കാമറൂണ്‍, कॅमेरून, ကင်မရွန်း, Khameruni, क्यामेरून, କାମେରୁନ୍, کېمرون, Camarões, केमेरून, Kamerûne, කැමරූන්, Kaameruun, கேமரூன், కెమరూన్, ประเทศแคเมอรูน, Kemaluni, كامېرون, کیمرون, Ca-mơ-run (Cameroon), Kamerunän, Orílẹ́ède Kamerúúnì, 喀麦隆, i-Cameroon

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