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  • Day2

    Leisurely start to the day, free bus to Terminal 2 and then a DIY check in, you even stick your own luggage label on these days! We had a very smooth and quick trip through security and had plenty of time to look around the shops and have lunch and the plane departed on time.

    We had some clear and good views of the Western Scottish coast line and then when we flew over the sea between Greenland and Canada it was very clear with blue skies and we had some amazing views of huge sheets of ice on the sky blue water. The camera was in the locker so we didn't get pictures of the best views but did do a few snaps.

    As we flew into Vancouver we could see the mountains, the green forests, islands off the coast, mills with logs floating in the water, all things that we associated from our last visit to Vancouver 36 years ago! We had a delay getting off the plane as paramedics had to come on for one of the passengers but fortunately the passenger seemed to be ok. We caught the skytrain to Waterfront in downtown and checked into our hotel, Skwachays Lodge which is decorated with aboriginal art.

    The long flight started to catch up with us so we grabbed a sandwich at the local 7/11 store and headed to bed at 7.30 pm!!!! However at 3.30 am next day we weren't quite into Pacific time so had a cuppa and write the blog!
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  • Day30

    BTW... what a walk!

    May 23 in Canada

    I thought it was all done, and with feet screaming, GIVE ME A BREAK, the other side of Victoria’s harbour called.

    With no clouds in the sky and the sun just touching the horizon I set off to discover. Hopefully the pics give you a hint of the two hours of enjoyment and peace. (12500 steps for those interested!)

    Revealed were... Wonderful views, magnificent reflections, seals, geese, people exercising, sea planes taking off, a myriads of boats in marinas, floating homes... and that was all with the perfect stillness of dawn.

    There is a clarity in the light of the far north that grabs the photographer inside me and says, “shoot me”. The clarity is majestic.

    The blessing of the walk is beyond words. But I know my feet will appreciate the long Pacific flight ahead.

    Bon voyage northern hemisphere... We will see you again!
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  • Day29

    Our last night in town

    May 22 in Canada

    As the last touches of spring sunshine fade on the snow-covered mountains we celebrate our final night in Victoria, on Canadian soil, on holidays. It’s been a buzz, a wonderful thirty days abroad.

    With a more than adequate meal at The Local Sheree and I recounted the highlights. We seen the spectrum of spring weather, from below zero with snow and ice to above thirty and hot and dry. We’ve had the majesty of the Rockies, the rolling Prairies, the full to overflowing rivers, the huge green forests and rocky shores, the little villages in back country Alberta to downtown cities - what experiences we’ve had!

    The Canadians are wonderful people. They are a kindred spirit, almost like cousins across the Pacific. There is a real caring, sensitive awareness of others, of society, of environment, of community, of living, that is positive to see.

    Victoria, you’ve been great. Canada, we love you. RVing, what a way to go. Getting out of the work habit for a time, to travel, always shows us much, helps us appreciate what we have, but it gives us an Itch for more.

    We are sad our holiday is finishing but we’re ready to go home, to see family and enjoy Cino. AND It’s also time to start planning our next trip.

    I have to admit, though, our most important task ahead, is to meet and cuddle our newest grandchild, Juliette Rose. We can’t wait to meet you!!
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  • Day4


    May 21 in Canada

    I write this G&T in hand listening to Mike & the Mechanics on our sunny balcony on Victoria Day, a public holiday. What a day!
    We left our excellent hotel on Robson headed down to the floatplane. We were in time to catch the 10.30 Harbourair flight to Victoria. So easy, a bakers dozen on the plane plus pilot, safety briefing on an iPad, calm conditions , we headed out, revved up and away we went, out over the suspension bridge down river and across to Vancouver Island.
    Smooth landing and we wondered where our suitcases were? In the float it turned out. This being Victoria Day the bands were playing , roads closed and festivities going on. The last majorettes passed in time for us to cross to our Parkside hotel. There we left our luggage and headed for Fisherman’s Wharf a couple of km round the harbour. Barb’s renowned F&C and ginormous Ice-creams made lunch. We caught a H2O water taxi back to Empress and thence to our hotel apartment where we had been upgraded to a corner suite with chocs and another anniversary card! Brilliant!!
    We tour ourselves away to book whale watching for the morrow and supermarket for provisions ( I must cook the sockeye in a mo). Pool and now balcony- what more could you ask for. BC Pinot Noir with the fish. More demain.
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  • Day5

    The day dawned brightly and after breakfast we set off towards Beacon Hill Park. The wild flowers were beautiful including purple common Camas and cream Meadow Death Camas. At the lookout the view across to Mt Baker in Washington State was stunning a layer of mist obscuring the coastline with mountains soaring above. From the mist appeared a large container ship in surreal ghostly fashion.
    From here we walked along the coast path towards the town. There was a lady skinny dipping on one beach though surely thermals were more the order of the day?! A bit further on there was a flash of orange which settled on a bush - Anna’s hummingbird! Quite brilliant. Coffee at Breakwater Cafe before cutting inland through James Bay. A liquor store provided more delicious Okanangan Pinot Noir and Thrifty market a few more useful essentials.
    Back to base via Parliament building, for a swim (A) and lunch ahead of a whale watching trip with BC whale tours aboard BC Luna. Captain Jim is a marine biologist and quickly headed the 12 on board to find two Killer Whale brothers heading east through the straits. Awesome!We spent quite a bit of time with them before heading towards the coast and finding our way back to port with the sun still shining.
    Great day!
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  • Day7

    Whales or maybe not

    May 24 in Canada

    Morning dawned a little grey still. Heading into Tofino we had some (dangerous ) time for shopping. Beautiful gallery of Roy Henry Vickers, craft and jewellery shops and Pina. We were booked for rib at 12.00 which we changed for more sedate and comfortable Chinook Princess at 12.30, theoretically to see California Grey whale. In the harbour we saw a Californian Sealion. As we departed with skipper Eth and crew Amber and Jamie, we got the safety briefing, and the sun came out, and we were then informed that the wind had got up and plans changed , so instead of Long Beach we kept within the channels to somewhere a whale had been seen in the morning. It got pretty rough towards the end of the channel which obliged us to turn round. We saw a sea otter on the way back then headed round towards the lighthouse which took us in front of our hotel. Still no whales, so we are granted a second go which we hope will deliver in the morning.
    The remaining afternoon we drove to Ocluelet down the coast and visited the main Pina store where they print clothing to order.
    On the way back we stopped at the Rainforest boardwalk for a memorable walk in the Forrest. There were many birds we heard, but we did also see a Wilson’s Warbler. Time running low we called at The Net for pizza to go which we had with the Five Vineyards Pinot Noir, sitting in our room overlooking the sunny beach, maybe even a sunset?!
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  • Day28

    Somehow in the magic of Sheree's organisational skills we ended up arriving in Victoria, the capital of Vancouver Island, on Victoria Day. We ferried up the Puget Sound from Seattle, a three-hour trek, but sadly not quite in time to experience the parade and celebrations on the city streets. We caught the tail end but gave us a hint of a confident and diverse community.

    Victoria has a long maritime history with a direct link to Australia. Captain Cook put his feet onto Vancouver Island soil in 1778, eight years after his Botany Bay excursion. The city, despite a strong First Nation foundation, became very British [thus the name and the architecture] until about five years ago, according to a local Diner owner. "Many different cultures have discovered the benefits of living in one of Canada's friendliest cities, with it's mild winters and easy access to large cities, wilderness and ocean.

    In today's parade there were Taiwanese, Nepalese, Spanish, Mexican, French, Turkish, amongst other cultures, represented, so this city has changed. And with a building boom matching Brisbane's growth, there is a positivity here that is refreshing. The locals own this space - First Nations included!

    Our arrival an overcast 15 degrees greeted us. By mid afternoon we were in brilliant sunshine and almost cloudless skies around 18 degrees with a slight southerly breeze. Mind you, that breeze was coming straight off the water and the snow-covered Olympia mountain range of the Washington penisula.

    We celebrate our 48 hours in this place and look forward to a whole day appreciating springtime at the famous Butchart Gardens. Can't wait!!
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  • Day6

    Drive to Tofino

    May 23 in Canada

    Another clear blue sky. Shame to leave. Picked up our Subaru Outback from National just down the road and headed for highway 1, Trans Canadian!
    Coffee stop at Green Farms just before Duncan. Stopped for lunch at Little Qualicum Falls - beautiful rapids and falls with glorious wild flowers. Did a circuit of lower falls then up to the higher or start.
    Then on towards Port Alberni and Cathedral Grove where the oldest trees, Douglas Fir, can be found, taller than the leaning tower!
    Temperature up to 28 through the mountains and down the winding road, fell to 15 approaching coast and our destination in Tofino. Chilly now!
    Our room has beautiful view west over the beach, sadly the sun has deserted us, though the g&t tastes as good.
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  • Day29

    Beautiful Butchart

    May 22 in Canada

    After hearing about this place over thirty years ago we were blessed with a perfect day for our visit. It seems like we brings Brisbane sunshine wherever we go!

    If you're into garden design, botanical names, people management and many other things, you would be in heaven. They know how to do gardens and tourists very well.

    Our trip covered the whole garden, taking three hours or so and we just celebrated being here, enjoying the different sections of the gardens, the colours, the design... and the crowds were very manageable as well. Yes, we did take our share of pics.

    Highlights were...
    The fluency of design
    Understanding how to make good feature gardens
    The crowds were manageable
    The place was extremely well run
    Especially enjoyed the Japanese Garden and the glasshouse

    Sadly, six photos don’t do this place justice but it should never lessen the enjoyment and blessing of flowers and trees, their colour and design.

    Would I go back? Definitely, but at a different season - fall, early spring or winter time with snow. This place is a must-do on your bucket list!
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  • Day30

    With sunlit skies we left Victoria to travel to Vancouver airport. We boarded a bus, traveled half an hour and then boarded a ferry at Swartz Bay, sailed a BC Ferry past many islands to Tsawwassen Port and finally bussed through to the airport. All was seamless and very well organised. For me the most delightful part was sitting and enjoying floating past the views.

    Imagine amazing homes with stair ways down to personal jetties ranging to little weekend hideaways featured in our 90-minute ferry journey. Most islands were timber covered, some having some green paddocks with cattle. There were cliffs, beaches and plenty of peaceful little inlets.

    Before heading out to open waters we ventured between two islands where the waters were swirling, the ferry moving about and then it was straight across to our port. As we were doing this two fast outboards zipped past loaded of orca-expectant passengers. Whale watching is huge here!

    Interestingly, as we crossed the bay water changed from deep emerald green to dirty brown, the outflow of a swollen Fraser River [waters from melting Rockies snow]

    On such a brilliant sunny day, their was real delight for me in being able to see Mt Baker, the most prominent mountain in the North Cascade Mountains in USA. Because of its height most of its sloped were still snow covered and it stood tall and proud.

    What a way to finish our last full day in Canada! Blessed, again!
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