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Cape Verde

Curious what backpackers do in Cape Verde? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • A good morning in Praia, a bit cloudy but that made it not too hot. Breakfast opened at 7 and our cab also leaves at 7.... here that means that we are not allowed to touch the food or the drinks that is already been put on the buffet. Typically for here they don't take a single step faster than they need to. But the good thing ;-) the Cab also came to late haha. At 7:40 so that gave us change to have breakfast. When the cab was on the move he even took a de-tour to get some supplies haha. Why not... we leave at 9:00 and maybe will be later also if it's like everything here ;-). But actually we arrived at the airport and got our boarding tickets in our hands even before we were in a queue. Straight through customs they scanned my bag 2 times... but all was good ;-). Only an half hour to wait and it was not landed yet. It landed and it had to be an old school air plane with propeller engines which my brother knows all the details off. Really hot and small from the inside ( it was already filled when we boarded) from the 40 that had my cancelled flight I think only 5 of 6 were left and going to Boa Vista like me. You actually feel like friends travelling together haha. At 9:20 we took off and instead of air conditioning they spray some sanitiser everywhere in the air. It was only a very short flight because in 30 minutes I arrived at Boa Vista.
    Within another 20 minutes I already could give my family a hug before I could get my bag. So when my backpack came I said goodbye to my fellow travellers and grabbed my backpack and really could go with the whole family. To the last hotel and an all-inclusive one to finish it off in a bit more luxury. A cocktail in the hand and a few stories to start off with. A quick look at the beach and a good lunch but not to much rest because we had a dive planned at 14:00 haha. A nice way to start exploring ;-). The dive was a bit messy due to the bad visibility and the over concerned divemasters. The dive for the rest was perfectly fine, but actually being under water is always a awesome feeling so I really enjoyed this especially with my brother as buddy :). Nice and tired we arrived back on the beach and we had a little show of how Cape verdean bring a boat to shore. They just go full speed and surf it 10 meters through the sand almost in the Dive shop haha. Crazyyyyy.
    Now it was time for tea and a few cocktails after this but not to much for diner and the dives tomorrow. It's wonderful to eat with family again and to share nice stories with loved ones back and forth. After all this talking eating and drinking they had a funny show in the hotel and after that it was time for a very relaxing sleep :D.
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  • I woke up in the air above the Cape verdean Islands and the funny thing was that I heard the Captains call that we were going to descent for landing and at that moment the Stewardesses came by to give us breakfast. A quick meal I could use and I must say, I never seen those ladies work that fast, respect for them.
    My arrival in Praia, I can really notice that this is Afrika. You are not allowed to take photo's at the airport I already got a warning.Than after walking over the airfield they send me in the wrong queue, so I stepped to the right one myself because I knew I needed a visum.
    More people came after they were send away when they checked the passports.
    It took 4 minutes per person what took all together 40 minutes to get to the visa desk
    I had to pay 40 dollars for a visa sticker when it had to be around 25 euro's... and they had no change so it became 50 dollars suddenly. Well keep the change grrr. Typical and after 5 days it got worse (I found out that they forgot to stamp the visum).
    My luggage was looped so no worries for that but at customs they asked me this stupid questions and started discussing if they should check me or not. Thank god they didn't, all these checks only to prove they have authority here. From here I went to the Capo Verde office and believe it or not, they were prepared. Buses stood ready to transport us to the hotel.
    First they wanted me in the 1st bus, than I checked my name on a list and got in the second. 5min later they wanted me in the third. After waiting for almost an hour finally we were full and ready to go... but no... it's like Afrika ;-) we drove 10meters and stopped again. 3 persons could fit in extra... yeah why not. So totally packed we moved through the center of Praia and going out of the center again. I think this was the party area since after checkin in I heard actually good music and tried to find it but after seeing more and more thugs and villains I decided to get some sleep and fast forward this day ;-). My hotel had free lunch at 2 so I joined that and heard they had rehearsals for the party tonight. That explained, I went for dinner at 9 with Guillaume who was from France living in Dakar and had the same cancelled flight. We were having some beers somewhere in a dark corner of Praia because the club that was already open but did not start before 12. They didn't even like to sell us a beer at 10:30, so why are your doors open and why are they not thinking about earning some money. They stick to stupid rules everywhere not thinking or walking a millimetre faster than they have to.
    We called it a day and got safely back around 11:30. I rather went to sleep than to wait for a an empty party to start, the day was exciting enough and I looked forward to see my family again and this includes my friend Abou Dia who has nothing in common (except colour ;-) ) with these few Cabo Verdeans that I met that stick to rules and are so short sighted. The music started when I got to bed, with only hearing these nice beats I fell a sleep in no time :D.
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  • Wenn man sieht was die Fischer 15m vom Strand fangen weiß man schnell das man sich nicht alleine im Wasser befinded, aber keine Angst es sind nur kleine Haie und hin und wieder eine Schildkröte usw. mit denen man sich das Wasser teilt. Aber egal solange Papa und Mama draußen am Riff bleiben.

  • Insel Sal/Santa Maria, war bisher mein größtes Abenteuer. Nicht nur mein Magen fand die Reise abenteuerlich. Tropisches Klima und die Nähe zum Äquator waren für uns Europäer ungewohnt. Die Insel ist dünn besiedelt und sehr klein. Wir waren im September beinahe die einzigen Touris auf der Insel. Die Strände waren leer, die einheimischen Inselbewohner waren sehr angenehm zurückhaltend. Wir wohnten in einem kleinen familiengeführten Hotel mit wenig Luxus, dafür geballte Herzlichkeit der Gastgeber. Wie wir auf das Reiseziel gekommen sind?
    Wir haben unsere Koffer gepackt und sind an den Flughafen gefahren. Wir haben das erst mögliche Reiseziel angenommen und sind schließlich hier gelandet.
    Wer Einsamkeit und Ruhe an meterlangen Sandstränden sucht, der ist mitten im Atlantik auf Kapverden genau richtig.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Cabo Verde, Kap Verde, Cape Verde, Kaap Verde, Kepvɛdfo Islands, ኬፕ ቬርዴ, الرأس الأخضر, Kape Verde, Каба-Вердэ, Кабо Верде, Capivɛrdi, কেপভার্দে, Kab Glas, Cap Verd, Kapverdy, Kape Verde nutome, Πράσινο Ακρωτήριο, Kabo-Verdo, Cabo Verde, Roheneemesaared, کیپ‌ورد, Duuɗe Kap Weer, Grønhøvdaoyggjarnar, Cap-Vert, An Rinn Ghlas, કૅપ વર્ડે, Tsibiran Kap Barde, כף ורדה, कैप वर्डे, Zeleni Rt, Zöld-foki Köztársaság, Կաբո-Վերդե, Tanjung Verde, Grænhöfðaeyjar, Capo Verde, カーボベルデ, კაბო-ვერდე, Kepuvede, Cap Verde, កាបវែរ, ಕೇಪ್ ವರ್ಡೆ, 카보베르데, کەیپڤەرد, Bizinga by'e Kepu Veredi, Bisanga bya Kapevɛrɛ, ເຄບວອດ, Žaliasis Kyšulys, Lutanda lua Kapevele, Kaboverde, Nosy Cap-Vert, Зеленортски Острови, കേപ്പ് വെര്‍ഡെ, केप व्हर्डे, Kapp Verde, Cape Verde Islands, केप भर्डे, Kaapverdië, କେପ୍ ଭର୍ଦେ, Republika Zielonego Przylądka, Ibirwa bya Kapuveri, Capul Verde, Острова Зеленого Мыса, Azûâ tî Kâpo-Vêre, Zelenortski otoki, Zvitsuwa zveCape Verde, Капе Верде, கேப் வெர்டே, కేప్ వెర్డే, เคปเวิร์ด, Muiʻi Veti, Yeşilburun, Кабо-Верде, کیپ ورڈی, Cáp-ve, Orílẹ́ède Etíokun Kápé féndè, 佛得角, i-Cape Verde