Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands

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  • Day2

    Exporing the island "over the edge"

    December 27, 2017 in Cayman Islands ⋅

    We have a car for a day to explore a bit and show Dominik the island. Walked up to hertz around 11am and couldn’t quite persuade toby to rent the big Volkswagen bus. So white Kia it was ...... we found pur favourite little pub on the water at the north of the island - had a cocktail - amusing that only dominik got carded not Emily. It was lovely to relax as the sun was setting.Read more

  • Day38

    George Town/Grand Cayman

    November 21, 2016 in Cayman Islands ⋅

    Angenehme Temperaturen um 26 Grad und eine geringere Luftfeuchtigkeit haben wir an unserem letzten Reisetag in George Town angetroffen. Sehr schön! Die tropischen Verhältnisse der letzten Tage waren doch sehr anstrengend für uns.
    Die AIDAmar liegt heute auf Reede. Nach dem Tendern haben wir einen angenehmen Spaziergang und Shoppingbumnmel gemacht. Am Nachmittag stand dann das Packen der Koffer auf dem Programm. Für den Abend hatten wir einen letzten Besuch im Buffalo Steakhaus eingeplant.Read more

  • Day17

    Georgetown, Cayman Islands

    November 20, 2018 in Cayman Islands ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Die Caymaninseln - ein Steuerparadies in der Karibik - da die reichen Leute ja genug Steuern sparen, haben sie genug Geld die selbstbewussten Preise dieser Südseeinsel zu bezahlen - ein normaler Tourist kann hier aus finanziellen Gründen (Dose Bier $ 12,-) schon nicht mehr als einen Tag verbringen. Um so mehr wundert es, dass die (zugegebenermaßen) traumhafte Umgebung völlig überlaufen ist...Read more

  • Day50

    To Hell and back!!

    February 27, 2013 in Cayman Islands ⋅

    Well we hit the town, that is after a 40 minute wait for a tender.
    When we finally got to George town it was like first day of the January sales, there where thousands of people milling around.
    We decided to leave the waterfront and take to the side streets, where John spotted a sign for the local bus that could take us to Hell for $2.50 each.
    So on we got and sure enough after about 15 minutes we arrived at Hell.
    The charge was only $2.50 each as I said, with no messing around or the driver asking for tips as is usually the case.
    The driver told is that when we were ready to come back all we had to do was stand at the front of the post office and a bus would be no more than 10 minutes.
    For those who've not been to Hell before it's quite an interesting little place with it's volcanic rocks and quaint little post office.
    For the princely sum of 95 cents you can buy a postcard and a stamp and send it to your family or friends with the postmark 'sent from Hell'.
    We had a good look around and too lots of pictures, then waited by the road and sure enough within 10 minutes a bus came and took us back to the port.
    Once again no hassle or tips wanted.
    We even had a chat with a lovely Jamaican guy who works on the island.
    I wish our pubic transport at home was as reliable and friendly.
    Back in George Town we joined the rather large queue for our tender back to the ship.
    There must have been 500 people queuing for the Oriana tender and only 5 queuing for the Aida Aura tender, obliviously the Germans can organise things far better than us Brits...
    Their tenders went back and forth like clockwork, ours either failed to launch, which happened with one of them, broke down which happened with another or ran aground on the beach which happened with the third one.
    All in all it failed to instil confidence.
    The tenders aside we all had a great day ashore, even of we didn't manage to continue our cultural tour of Caribbean bars as we couldn't find one empty enough to get served in the limited time we had left.....
    Read more

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Cayman Islands, Kaimaninseln, Kaaimanseilande, Kemanfo Islands, ካይማን ደሴቶች, Islas Caimán, Cægman Īegland, جزر الكايمن, جزر كايمان, Islles Caimán, Kayman Adaları, Кайман утрауҙары, Кайманавы астравы, Кайманови острови, Bama Gun, কেম্যান দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, ཁེ་མེན་གླིང་ཕྲན།, কায়ম্যান দ্বীপমালা, Inizi Cayman, Kajmanska Ostrva, Illes Caiman, Cayman Gùng-dō̤, Кайманийн гӀайренаш, دوورگەکانی کەیمەن, Kajmanské ostrovy, Ynysoedd Cayman, Caymanøerne, Kajmany, ކޭމަން ޖަޒީރާ, Kayman ƒudomekpowo nutome, Νήσοι Κέιμαν, Kejmanoj, Kaimanisaared, Kaiman Uharteak, جزایر کِیمن, Duuɗe Kaymaa, Caymansaaret, Caymanoyggjarnar, Îles Caïmans, Iles Cayimans, Kaiman Eilunen, Oileáin na gCadhman, Illas Caimán, કેયમેન આઇલૅંડ્સ, Tsibiran Kaiman, Kajmanski Otoci, איי קיימן, केमैन द्वीपसमूह, Kajmán-szigetek, Կայմանյան կղզիներ, Insulas de Caiman, Kepulauan Kayman, Insuli Kaiman, Caymaneyjar, Isole Cayman, ケイマン諸島, Kapuloan Cayman, კაიმანის კუნძულები, Visiwa vya Kayman, Кайман аралдары, ಕೇಮನ್ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 케이맨제도, Ynysow Kayman, Insulae Caimanenses, Kaimaninselen, Bizinga ebya Kayimaani, Kaojmaanseilen, Isoe Cayman, Bisanga bya Kayíma, Kaimanų salos, Lutanda lua Kayima, Kaimanu salas, Nosy Kayman, Кајмански Острови, കേയ്മാന്‍ ദ്വീപുകള്‍, केमन बेटे, Кайман ошмаотывлӓ, Gżejjer Kajmani, ကေမန် ကျွန်းစု, Cayman Kûn-tó, Caymanøyene, केयमान टापु, Caymaneilanden, Caymanøyane, Kayman Isles, Islas Caiman, କେମ୍ୟାନ୍ ଦ୍ବୀପପୁଞ୍ଜ, Кайманы сакъадæхтæ, ਕੇਮਨ ਟਾਪੂ, Ìsole Caiman, کیمین جزیرے, Ilhas Caiman, Inslas Cayman, Ibirwa bya Keyimani, Insulele Cayman, Каймановы Острова, Ibirwa bya Kayimani, Cayman-sullot, Âzûâ Ngundë, Kaimäni, Kajmanski otoki, Zvitsuwa zveCayman, Ishujt Cayman, Кајманска Острва, Kapuloan Kayman, Caymanöarna, கேமென் தீவுகள், కేమాన్ దీవులు, หมู่เกาะเคย์แมน, Kapuluang Kayman, ʻOtumotu Keimeni, Cayman Adaları, كايمان تاقىم ئاراللىرى, Кайманові острови, کیمین آئلینڈز, Kayman orollari, Quần Đảo Cayman, Kapuropud-an Cayman, Orílẹ́ède Etíokun Kámánì, 開曼羣島, 开曼群岛, i-Cayman Islands

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