Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands

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  • Day2

    Exporing the island "over the edge"

    December 27, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    We have a car for a day to explore a bit and show Dominik the island. Walked up to hertz around 11am and couldn’t quite persuade toby to rent the big Volkswagen bus. So white Kia it was ...... we found pur favourite little pub on the water at the north of the island - had a cocktail - amusing that only dominik got carded not Emily. It was lovely to relax as the sun was setting.

  • Day5

    Parasailing fun

    December 30, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    We decided to try parasailing this morning and booked for 10am. Oliver wasn’t feeling up to it so I decided to take the plunge. Not really a plunge - more of a feeling of being let out like a kite. Amazing fun and amazing views. Would very much recommend it. Even to us scaredy cats 🐈.

  • Day4

    Sunsets from our patio

    December 29, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    Feeling very fortunate where our little apartment is located. We have a lovely quiet spot and a direct view of the ocean as well as the favourite spot for lots of lizard life. Sitting on the patio reading and enjoying the late evening softer heat is perfect.

  • Day8

    Pirate week

    November 12, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    The pirate ships pulled into the bay to lots of cannon fire. Some redcoats went to meet them and staged sword fighting. Then, the Pirates captured some red coats and held them hostage while walking down the street from the bay to the starting point of the parade. Once they got to the starting point, the parade started. We were able to watch the parade from the balcony of one of the gift shops. Very fun. After dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, we strolled down to visit the pirate ships. Guess who we met?!Read more

  • Day8

    Beach snokeling

    November 12, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    Today was primarily spent snorkeling from a couple of different beaches with a rest break in between to do some shopping. Our first stop was cheeseburger reef. Got it's name from the fact that it is located directly in front of the downtown Burger King restaurant. Was pretty cool. Star attractions for me were sea urchins, a puffer fish and cuttlefish. Knew the names of those and hadn't seen them yet! Our late afternoon stop was at Spotts Beach. It is known for sea turtles. We did see them too, along with a few rays. Wonderful time!Read more

  • Day1

    7 Mile Beach

    June 15, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    Cayman Islands has a beautiful stretch of sandy beach called 7 Mile Beach (for the reason that it used to be 7 miles long). The apartment we stayed in for the week was located on this stretch and we were spoiled with the endless walks, swimming and dining it has to offer.

    One evening we went to Tiki Beach, a restaurant located right on the beach, which offered beautiful sunsets and some amazing food.

    - Chris
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  • Day68

    Georgetown Grand Cayman

    November 23, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    Ton ging spontaan ijs halen in het restaurant toen we lagen te zonnen. Nam geen bord maar 4 ijsjes in de hand. En na 150 meter kon je precies zien waar hij had gelopen, het liep hem Door de vingers heen😝en niet zo'n beetje ook. Maar het smaakte goed.

    Gisteravond ons weer lekker laten verwennen. Er stond o.a lobster tail (kreeftenstaart) op het menu. En dat laat je niet lopen natuurlijk, voor Annet was het de eerste maal en ze vond het heerlijk. Toen ff kort gedanst in de lounge en naar het theater geweest. Leuke show. De klok ging 1 uur vooruit en dan is het alweer 1 uur als je gaat slapen.

    Vandaag kwamen we om 11 uur aan op de Kaaiman Eilanden. Excursie gedaan naar een zandplaat midden in de oceaan . Hier zwemmen heel veel stingrays. (Stekelrog) Deze roggen worden al vele jaren gevoerd en komen dus op de mensen af.
    Deze kun je op de arm nemen en aaien en natuurlijk voeren met squid (inktvis). Echt heel leuk en een unieke ervaring. Sommige zijn wel 150 kilo of meer.
    Alles rijd hier links, blijft vreemd.
    Met de tender weer terug en om 5 uur weer aan boord en gauw ff een klein hapje eten. Zwemmen maakt hongerig.

    En dan loopt de cruise weer bijna op het einde. En we vinden het allemaal jammer om die verwennerij achter ons te moeten laten. Maar ja komen nog weer mooie dagen bij.

    Vandaag Thanksgiving en er zal ongetwijfeld kalkoen op het menu staan. Morgen Black friday en blij dat we dan met die gekte nog op zee zitten.

    Groetjes van ons allemaal
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  • Day6

    Stingray City

    November 10, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    The trip to Stingray City was definitely a highlight. We went with a stingray whisperer. Instead of calling them in with food like other boats he slapped on the water and made missy noises at them. The funniest part is that they came. He called them his girls. You were able to walk around on the sandbar looking at and petting stingrays, but the big reason for being there was "the events". First, the captain put the stingray on our back so we would smell like stingrays instead of tourists, then we held the stingrays, last we learned how to give them a kiss.Read more

  • Day5

    East side and iguanas

    November 9, 2017 in Cayman Islands

    Highlights from today: weather was beautiful and sunny. I got to see and learn about the blue iguanas. I managed to get pictures of two of the iguana statues. Michelle and I haven't gotten sick yet from the raw coconut water and coconut slime that we had on our iguana tour. We were told it is good for us. Not sure either of us are convinced of THAT! We had a wonderful lunch on the east side of the island. We basically drove around the whole island and made it back in one piece! That seemed like quite the accomplishment at the time given the traffic around George Town. We drove into a private residence looking for an obscure lighthouse and the woman didn't shoot us and even let us turn around on her grass. Laura and I went swimming at Rum Point. It was refreshing. I didn't get trapped under the pier (the current was a little strong) and I saw a few fish and got real good at navigating over sea grass. I even saw some cool looking gulls, shore birds and small crab. Tomorrow morning we go snorkeling with the stingrays.Read more

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Cayman Islands, Kaimaninseln, Kaaimanseilande, Kemanfo Islands, ካይማን ደሴቶች, Islas Caimán, Cægman Īegland, جزر الكايمن, جزر كايمان, Islles Caimán, Kayman Adaları, Кайман утрауҙары, Кайманавы астравы, Кайманови острови, Bama Gun, কেম্যান দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, ཁེ་མེན་གླིང་ཕྲན།, কায়ম্যান দ্বীপমালা, Inizi Cayman, Kajmanska Ostrva, Illes Caiman, Cayman Gùng-dō̤, Кайманийн гӀайренаш, دوورگەکانی کەیمەن, Kajmanské ostrovy, Ynysoedd Cayman, Caymanøerne, Kajmany, ކޭމަން ޖަޒީރާ, Kayman ƒudomekpowo nutome, Νήσοι Κέιμαν, Kejmanoj, Kaimanisaared, Kaiman Uharteak, جزایر کِیمن, Duuɗe Kaymaa, Caymansaaret, Caymanoyggjarnar, Îles Caïmans, Iles Cayimans, Kaiman Eilunen, Oileáin na gCadhman, Illas Caimán, કેયમેન આઇલૅંડ્સ, Tsibiran Kaiman, Kajmanski Otoci, איי קיימן, केमैन द्वीपसमूह, Kajmán-szigetek, Կայմանյան կղզիներ, Insulas de Caiman, Kepulauan Kayman, Insuli Kaiman, Caymaneyjar, Isole Cayman, ケイマン諸島, Kapuloan Cayman, კაიმანის კუნძულები, Visiwa vya Kayman, Кайман аралдары, ಕೇಮನ್ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 케이맨제도, Ynysow Kayman, Insulae Caimanenses, Kaimaninselen, Bizinga ebya Kayimaani, Kaojmaanseilen, Isoe Cayman, Bisanga bya Kayíma, Kaimanų salos, Lutanda lua Kayima, Kaimanu salas, Nosy Kayman, Кајмански Острови, കേയ്മാന്‍ ദ്വീപുകള്‍, केमन बेटे, Кайман ошмаотывлӓ, Gżejjer Kajmani, ကေမန် ကျွန်းစု, Cayman Kûn-tó, Caymanøyene, केयमान टापु, Caymaneilanden, Caymanøyane, Kayman Isles, Islas Caiman, କେମ୍ୟାନ୍ ଦ୍ବୀପପୁଞ୍ଜ, Кайманы сакъадæхтæ, ਕੇਮਨ ਟਾਪੂ, Ìsole Caiman, کیمین جزیرے, Ilhas Caiman, Inslas Cayman, Ibirwa bya Keyimani, Insulele Cayman, Каймановы Острова, Ibirwa bya Kayimani, Cayman-sullot, Âzûâ Ngundë, Kaimäni, Kajmanski otoki, Zvitsuwa zveCayman, Ishujt Cayman, Кајманска Острва, Kapuloan Kayman, Caymanöarna, கேமென் தீவுகள், కేమాన్ దీవులు, หมู่เกาะเคย์แมน, Kapuluang Kayman, ʻOtumotu Keimeni, Cayman Adaları, كايمان تاقىم ئاراللىرى, Кайманові острови, کیمین آئلینڈز, Kayman orollari, Quần Đảo Cayman, Kapuropud-an Cayman, Orílẹ́ède Etíokun Kámánì, 開曼羣島, 开曼群岛, i-Cayman Islands

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