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Curious what backpackers do in Chile? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Today wasn't the toughest, but certainly the longest hike I've ever done. I started a bit before sunrise in the dark and got to my next camp just after sunset. A total of 13.5 hours on the trail.

    So in short: Patagonia rocks! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

    Here's a 360-view of one of my favorite spots along the hike :)

  • Blurry eyed at 5:30 we hustled our day bag together, strapped on our headtorches and headed into the darkness towards the towers. A 1.2km hike up a very steep incline for sunrise, its the only path shaded red for difficulty so even the Patagonians rate it hard. That means its STEEP.

    Many of you who have come across me early in the morning know that I don't function... at all. Barely any words come out and most communication and tasks are impossible. So imagine what poor James had to overcome with me without caffine or any breakfast. With a LOT of cajouling we fumbled our way up in an hour, a good 30 minutes before sunrise.

    Picking a sheltered spot, we sat down and waited to see what happened at sunrise as the towers were shrouded in fog. As sunrise came the towers remained hidden but the orange haze and a rainbow gave it a moody magnificence. When we started down the clouds started to fade so climbing back up off the path we saw them clearly with blue skies behind.

    We had 4 hours to get down to the hotel, a quick noodle breakfast and we headed off, smiling at the day trippers as they huffed their way up. We made good time, again in brilliant sunshine and celebrated with a beer at the bottom. W trek completed!!

    A sleepy bus ride back, and a very long hot shower we headed out and eat our own bodyweight in meat, before having a long deep sleep.

    I was never sure before the hike that I would make it. I am really quite proud of myself: as a novice hiker I complete over 70km with a backpack and little luxury!

    Number of blisters= 0!! - well done boots
    Number of holas= must have been a thousand passing all the daytrippers
    Number of km= 11km
    Whole trip around 70km
    Happy backpackers= 2
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  • For now, today was my last day of trekking in Torres del Paine. I wish I could keep going!

    But I had a ferry to catch.

    So I woke up at 6am, left before sunrise and hiked in the dark for about an hour. And was rewarded with a fire-red sky once the sun came up. I made it back to Puerto Natales in time and am now on my ferry to Tortel, which is 2 days north of here through the fjords of Patagonia.

    I loved the trek. It wasn't at all crowded as I had been warned. I was by myself almost all the time, and the scenery and weather were stunning. Yay Patagonia 💙
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  • After two days of nonstop hiking, today was an easy-going trek. The campsite by glacier Grey was about 4 hours and from there, I went and explored the glacier tongue coming down into lake Grey for a few more.

    Today's trek itself wasn't the most exciting part of this trip, and it was super windy, slowing me down a bit, but I was in no rush and so I was relaxed and focused on my audio books "The power of habit" (highly recommend it) and then "Oliver Twist" (haven't decided if I like it yet). And the glacier was totally worth it. I wish I had another day to spend here to see more of this giant carpet of eternal ice and a few more glacier lakes that it produces higher up.Read more

  • It's unbelievable how fast 48 hours can go by! Together with new friends from France and Germany, I set out on the first part of our journey north - 2 days on a 600km freight ferry ride through the Chilean fjords west of Patagonia.

    Like all my time in Chile so far, the weather was a mix of rain, sun, storm, and everything in between. I really enjoyed just sitting outside, soaking up the views, the fresh air and some great music in my ears (which has been full of Italian pianist Einaudi lately). Besides the 3 canteen meals per day, a fond routine became the after-dinner wine drinking which we had to skillfully hide from the crew and which revived memories from being, well..., much younger ;)

    During perfect weather, we stopped at a small, remote fishing village "Puerto Eden", where I feel in love with Helen (pic 4) and found the ship wreck of the Titanic ;) (left boat on pic 5). From Caleta Tortel, as far north as the ferry goes, we'll now continue to the on-land part of our adventure, on the famous and remote carretera austral.
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  • After having only spent 3 days in Chile, all I can say is I LOVE CHILE. It's by far the most beautiful place I've been on this trip.

    The actual journey into Chile was a bit of a faff as crossing the border took 3 hours whilst the immigration police ransacked people's bags looking for fruit, cheese and meat (but ironically no mention of drugs or guns). After that it was pretty much plain sailing to Punta Arenas and then Puerto Natales, the base for Torres Del Paine.

    I've spent the last 5 days (4 nights) camping in Torres Del Paine, one of Chile's national parks, as I've been hiking the famous W trek which is about 75km walking and I was so lucky to be blessed with such good weather (after hearing horror stories about how bad the wind/ rain/ snow can be!).

    I won't bore you with all the details because it will literally make no sense to anyone who hasn't been, but it was 5 days of intense walking with a big rucksack, camping and chilling in the refugios, meeting some really nice people, having jokes along the way and seeing some of the beautiful nature and countryside that Chile has to offer - it's truly serene/ still/ out of this world. Next off I'm back into Argentina to El Calafate, for one of my last stops in Patagonia before I head back up north where hopefully it's a lot warmer.
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  • The first stop on our way north is Tortel, a tiny harbor town, built into the mountain facing the fjords of Patagonia. The most remarkable thing here is that there are no roads, paths or trails, it's all stairs! So to get from A to B, you climb stairs. Up and down :)

    Every house has its own little stairway and they all connect to create a little web through town. We shared a little cabin and enjoyed the views and sunshine, before heading out to catch a bus going north 3 hours. May the roadtrip begin!Read more

  • Arrived in Chile I took a bus to the desert San Pedro de Atacama. The driest place in the world offers an incredible landscape with many vulcanos that go up to 6000 m above sealevel. My first trip was to Valle de la Luna, an amazing spot in the desert.

  • Wooooooaaaaahhh, morgen früh geht's los! 😍

    Alles ist gepackt, je 3 Mahlzeiten für 5 Tage durchgeplant - ich bin super aufgeregt und gespannt was ich alles zu sehen kriege und erlebe!
    Die Wettervorhersage ist super, meine geliehene Ausstattung ist vom Top-Quality-Fan (der mittlerweile Business Partner und guter Freund geworden ist), ich kenne die Karte des Nationalparks in- und auswendig, kenne mehrere Leute, die auch morgen aufbrechen bzw. die nächsten Tage meinen Weg kreuzen und bin mittlerweile Expertin im Zeltauf- und abbauen. 😀
    (Ich bin die deutsche Stimme in den Erklär-Videos und habe den Text selbst übersetzt bzw. geschrieben und dafür 50% Rabatt + ein paar Extras bekommen. 😉)

    Nächstes Wochenende bin ich zig atemberaubende Bilder im Kopf reicher! 😊
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  • I did it! 😊 Ich habe das "W" im Torres del Paine Nationalpark absolviert! Bevor es zu sehen gibt, was ich gesehen habe, hier meine kleine Foto-Dokumentation, um einen besseren Eindruck von meinem Alltag abzubilden.

    Schlafplatz aufbauen war natürlich kein Problem! 😊 Tatsächlich haben sogar andere Kunden von dem Verleiher meines Vertrauens bei mir abgeguckt. 😉
    Die Campingplätze waren alle recht gut ausgestattet und es gab meist eine natürliche Wasserquelle in der Nähe. Ich bin mittlerweile so verwöhnt dass ich Waser aus dem Hahn nun skeptisch gegenüberstehe... Das Wasser dort war richtig gut!

    Da Kochen nur auf dem Campinglatz gestattet war, gab's nach dem Poridge (gepimpt mit Trockenfrüchten und Nüssen) zum Frühstück Tortillas und Müsliriegel als Snacks für unterwegs. Das hieß für mich bis zu 3 Lunch-Breaks (= Mittagspausen) pro Tag. 😊

    Der "Wanderweg" führt oft durch scheinbar unbegehbare Flächen, wie Steinfelder oder einen Wasserfall hinauf... "Stay on the trail" (= Bleib auf dem Wanderweg) war deshalb nicht immer so leicht zu befolgen, da auch manchmal einfach eine Brücke in eine/n Riesenpfütze/Fluss führt oder die Brücke selbst nicht besonderes stabil aussah (und eine zusammengefallene alte Brücke daneben noch weniger Vertrauen erweckt).

    Snickers waren die Rettung in harten Zeiten, nach besonders anstrengenden Teilen und vor großen Herausforderungen. Ich war echt überrascht zu welcher Leistung ich selbst nach einem halben Snickers in der Lage war. 😮 Zum Beispiel das berühmte Finale des "W", der Sunrise-Hike to the Torres (Details folgen) war nur mit Snickers absolvierbar.
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