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  • The last cyclingday of our trip in south America. There was only 80 kmand a big climb between us and our final destination Medellín. We decided to start cycling at 7 to avoid some of the heat and traffic. But it was already hot. The many road construction made that we had to wait a lot of times. Luckely we could bypass some on our bike. The climb was not to steep and steady. But 6 km before the top Nino got a flat tire. So after a quick patch we made it to the top.

    Being at the top it was only 40 more km downhill to Medellín. So we thought a pleasant warm downhill. But South America wasn't done with us yet. We got the craziest rainstorm we've had so far. So it turned out to be a cold and wet downhill. But soon we found ourselfs on the main road trough Medellín. We survived the 4 lane highway and found our hostel. We did it! Now we need some rest.
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  • We planed on doing only 60 km today. But we ended up doing 110. There is only one climb and 80 km between us and Medellin now. So if everything goes acording to plan we will be in Medellin tomorow. But first we need a good nights sleep.

  • Because taxi's with a bike are really expensive we decided to ride to a hostel next to the airport. Medellin is beautifully situated in a valley. So if you want to get out you have to climb. and it was a tought climb. With our bikeboxes folded on the back of our bikes and our baggs in total chaos the bike handled like a freight train. But we managed to get to the airport. So now we are boxing the bike and getting ready for our flight to Panama tomorow.Read more

  • Just walking around La Candelaria, some parts are pedestrian only streets. But they are mobbed with people and street vendors, like a Times Square flea market! But we did find Juan Valdez! Oh, and the drivers are insane. The cab ride from the airport to the hotel was more dangerous than the flight.

  • We toured the Branch, appropriately 2 hrs from our hotel in Bogota. So many hugs, kisses, and the Friends showered us with numerous gifts to take home too!

    OK, so we will NEVER complain about anyone's driving back home. A road with 3 marked lanes of traffic in one direction - at one point there were 7 vehicles wide! Motorcycles (like our dirt bikes) are everywhere. And they drive BETWEEN the cars and trucks. So imagine: motorcycle/car/motorcycle/truck/motorcycle/bus/motorcycle. Oh, and pedestrians just randomly walking in between. The branch was a piece of paradise surrounded by insanity.Read more

  • So, over 100,000 total attendance between La Macarena and tied in sites. Brother Sanderson had the last part with the release, but it's not available in Spanish yet. The reason is that the revised edition of the New World Translation hasn't been released in Spanish yet. So the GB decided to hold off on releasing the publication in languages that don't have the revised edition.
    By the way, all of the delegates feel like celebrities as everyone wants to shake our hands, give us hugs, kisses and gifts, then get a photo with us. Many of the local friends are also very proud to have learned a few words of English for us.
    Also there were lots of friends with signs and banners welcoming the delegates...
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  • Just some quick facts: Baptised in Medellin: 85. Baptised at the other 59 regional conventions: 1574. Attendance at Medellin: 9345. Attendance at the other 59 regional conventions: 116,917.
    Today there was an overwhelming outpouring of love by all. Banners and signs everywhere. No one wanted to leave after the session. It had been arranged by the delegates to sing three songs a capella after the session ended - song 122 "Myriads of Brothers", song 60 " He will make you strong " and song 134 "See yourself when all is new".Read more

  • This is our first stop out of North American waters. We had our first taste of rough seas all day yesterday-it was very dramatic. It's fun to see everyone staggering through the ship and we know it's not from alcohol!
    Santa Marta is the oldest city in Colombia. It is hot and very lively. There are lots of vehicles, most of them honking at once!
    Jeff and I have never been to South America so this is uncharted territory for us. Jim and Nancy have been here before on their sailboat travels, but it won't be too long before we are all visiting places that the four of us have been talking about for the last year and a half!Read more

  • OK, so we traveled over an hour to meet with the Rionegro and El Bosque congregations and go out in field service. We were each paired with a local publisher who fortunately was fluent on Spanish, but unfortunately not so much in English. However, we all clearly spoke the same language spiritually as their love was overwhelmingly apparent. We couldn't break away.

    BTW, here is a picture of our "car group" for service. There were 38 of us, plus another 38 (the local publishers) on another bus - in one territory! Over 75 preaching in one territory at the same time! Geoff's partner was Victor. He placed 4 sets of magazines in maybe 8 doors. Almost everyone was similar. But they only make return visits if they get the name of the person since so many live in the same home. We used Google Translate app alot. It can sometimes get the point across, but often has some weird translations that don't make sense. For example, Victor wanted to know if he could "tragedy a gift" when he wanted to give a gift to someone. :-)Read more

  • We have arrived safely after a short flight. First impressions: pretty, ocean , and HOT, HOT, caliente. Near 90 in daytime; only down to 80 at night. Our suite is gorgeous and spacious here-- much larger than the other 2 stays!