Cook Islands

Cook Islands

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  • Day2

    Dave is hilarious. He has struggled with the accent, finding coffee, and driving.

    Tipping is killing him. It took a few times to realize when they look at him like he is nuts that tipping is not normal. We finally had to ask some Kiwi's. They let us know that it is only if service is exceptional but basically no. So Dave is feeling weird and is tipping 8% places bc he feels weird not tipping. But he knows to look for a tip jar on the counter and those places tend to be a bit more tip friendly but that tip jar only has quarters in it and Dave is dropping $5. So again,they look at him crazy.

    We drove by a fresh fruit sign by our villa. Dave decided to drop us off and then go back. He turned up the wrong drive (the one in front of the sign not behind it), but didn't realize it, and ended up at a fruit liquor person. Dave felt bad bc he was the only one there and the guy was so excited so Dave bought me some hand made banana wine. Seriously.

    It isn't filtered so I will see particles in it.

    I just can't seem to find the will to open it. Lol!

    Here is a pic of our house from the beach, it looks bigger than it is.

    Oh and for scorekeeping purposes, Evie is the only one adapting the accent. She orders Lemonade (sprite), refers to mosquitos as mozzies, has a dog named Half Dog, and a cat named Evil Cat. The cat only likes Major.
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  • Day1

    This house is so pretty. It comes with kayaks, snorkel gear, etc. We pretty much play games around the table and run around that beach all day. We are on a section of beach that has 1 other house on it, so the beach is very empty and private. It's a two bedroom house but we all slept in the room pictured Bc it has a double ocean view and the other king bed faces the front yard.

    Mosquitos are present here, it's mosquito "light". You see like a couple here and there, not flying around your body, more like 5 feet away from you. We don't have bites so far but we don't open our doors and windows that don't have the screens on them like everyone else does here.

    Btw it's Day 2 and Dave still can't navigate the New Zealand accent. So our food orders, his coffee orders, and any questions he may have are all a surprise. It is quite amusing to see Dave so lost. He also can't figure out how to get a regular coffee. Lol! He ended up with something that got him super wound up this morning. I have had zero problems getting a Diet Coke and while a plain protein that it isn't fried can be hard, we are all enjoying the less sugary and salty foods.

    Dave driving on the right side of car, on left side of road has been a rough adjustment. He has twice tried to make a right and he was lookin the other way and I have had to yell watch out. We almost got hit by a bus and a couple on a scooter had to swerve. :(
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  • Day1

    The kids hate it here. Ha! Just kidding. Evie made it 2 minutes out of the airport before she declared she is moving here and even picked out her own lot. She likes how lush it is and that people seemed to be eco friendly. The greenest foliage, beautiful mountains, and blue waters. I will say, there is no other comparison so far. This is the most beautiful place. It helps that the island itself does not come across as poor and you get such great scenery. Plus the nicest people ever. A cafe owner that is only open 1 day a week, closed his cafe to escort us to our rental house when we were lost.

    Below are some pics from about the third swing they have come across this afternoon. No wonder Major is insisting on bringing one of his friends back here for Majors birthday 😂
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  • Day2

    Evie has decided that this is where she will work when she lives here.

    This center is a must when visiting. It has so much information that you could spend hours here. I know Evie could. This is her happy place. Thankfully, they give you a pass for a year with entry so Evie can come back often.
    You get to touch whale fins, turtle, and shark parts. There is a touch tank. We looked at all kinds of crabs. It is very neat and very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dave enjoyed watching the man across the street make an oar in his shop.

    Another random note- this is the best place to buy stuffed animals.
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  • Day3

    Today the kids finally got to do the water sports in the Harbor. The company is so nice and handle everything with your kids. We didn't have to get in at all.

    You have to be 7 yrs and up, wear a life jacket, and water shoes are recommended.

    So far, this structure was the highlight of their trip. They are super exhausted and happy. Good night to visit the Muri Night Market for dinner.

  • Day3

    This was one of our favorite places to eat. We walked the beach and arrived at the market. There are tons of EZ ups with local food being offered. Major had kid nachos, Evie had butter chicken. Salt and pepper Calamari for an app, and two different currys. We loved them all and we will go back tomorrow.

    We even came home to our new friends. We have three of them at least, that like to raid our food.Read more

  • Day4

    We have been fortunate enough to snorkel many places in many different ways. We have paid a local fisherman $20 to drop us off and come back in 2 hours, rented boats, and done tours. Never, ever, have we snorkeled by a speed boat. Now THAT is the best way to snorkel. You are more engaged bc you can't really fall asleep. You get everywhere quicker, so shorter tours, and you don't have to listen to some annoying person on your tour bc everyone faces forward and the guides are behind you.

    We were alone on this trip so even better!

    They call it a roller coaster on water and that is exactly how I would describe it. So much screaming, hollering, and squeals of delight! The kids said they would never leave. Major loved being airborne. Evie probably loved doing doughnuts the most and jumping big waves.

    We looked for humpback whales, saw their surf spot (which are beautiful barrels), and snorkeled 2 spots (one was a big cargo shipwreck,a first for our family). All in under 2 hours! Now that is how the Darnell's like to roll!

    Evie hit her bucket list for this trip which was to see a black tipped reef shark. She was beyond excited to watch it come from out of no where and travel along the ship wreck.

    How does this snorkeling compare? It's more natural. The coral is very large and deep and no bleaching. We have seen a lot of different fish. It's good snorkeling. I recommend going. We have seen brand new species for us. And snorkeling a wreck, the size of it, and not far from shore are HUGE pluses.

    Grenada is the snorkel winner so far. That snorkeling is more rustic as far as hiring a bartender to drop you off. But you can walk in a few places, or charter. The abundance and variety is the best to date. But Rarotonga is a good second place, and better than Belize, USVI, Turks etc and this island feels much safer than the others including Grenada. So that moves things up a bit. I bet when we move islands in a few days, the opinion could change.
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  • Day5

    Beautiful place to eat. Food is decent. But the best part would be jumping off the dock. Major once again exclaimed that he is coming back here for his birthday.

    After we ate we headed back to the house to grab the 2 single person kayaks and head over to those little islands in the background of our photos.

    The first one was easy and had great snorkeling. It also had something that is huge in our world, Bonefish. Schools of the largest ones you will ever see. They aren't lying when they tell you the biggest live here. Evie got hit in the face mask with one, she screamed. We saw butterflyfish, parrotfish, and different Tangs. We then paddled over to the other island that is more of the party place so to speak and saw lots of big blue fish.

    Dave and I are exhausted and had to ditch the extra weight (kids) on the shore and told them the run on the beach back to the house. Made things easier. I would definitely kayak out to the rocker island that is closest to us again.
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  • Day5

    We arrived and seated at a family style table. We met some new Kiwi friends. They were very nice and their 9yr old niece from New York was visiting. Evie made a new best friend. The hostess yelled out almost every country on the microphone, it was super amazing, the US was called and we were the lone people out of a hundred that made noise. She pointed to our kids and called us the lone wolf. We have never been the lone Americans on an island. It has been fun and very interesting. Back to the show.

    The food was amazing. Major ate 2 plates! He loves a buffet, but I guess he has been starving here.

    The show was really great. Our kids learned a lot. We loved the music, the dancers, and the history. Which by the way, is sad.
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  • Day6

    Ok they can fry chicken like nobody's business. As a southern girl, I praise this place.

    So good.

    Evie has decided Moana was written about this island. The chicken is important so she sees why it was a character. You don't go past the reef and you can see it. She swears she has heard some of the music. She is digging it.

    She loves the fruit being smaller and less engineered.

    She is serious about moving.

    I actually like that their are no beggars and the island is clean. I attribute that to the faith being so strong on the island.
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Cook Islands, Cookinseln, Pulo-pulo Cook, Cookeilande, Kook Nsupɔw, ኩክ ደሴቶች, Cōcīega, جزر كوك, Islles Cook, Kuk Adaları, Кук утрауҙары, Кука астравы, Острови Кук, Kuki Gun, কুক দ্বীপপুঞ্জ, ཀཱུག གླིང་ཕྲེན་རྒྱལ་ཁབ།, কোক দ্বীপমালা, Inizi Cook, Kukova Ostrva, Illes Cook, Cookovy ostrovy, Ynysoedd Cook, Cook-øerne, Cookowe kupy, ކުކް ޖަޒީރާ, Kook ƒudomekpo nutome, Νήσοι Κουκ, Kukinsuloj, Islas Cook, Cooki saared, Cook uharteak, جزایر کوک, Duuɗe Kuuk, Cookinsaaret, Cooksoyggjarnar, Îles Cook, Iles Cook, Oileáin Cook, Cook Adaları, Illas Cook, કુક આઇલેન્ડ્સ, Tsibiran Kuku, איי קוק, कुक द्वीपसमूह, Kukovi Otoci, Cook-szigetek, Կուկի կղզիներ, Insulas Cook, Kepulauan Cook, Insuli Cook, Cookseyjar, Isole Cook, クック諸島, Kapuloan Cook, კუკის კუნძულები, Kuk atawları, Visiwa vya Cook, Кук аралдары, ಕುಕ್ ದ್ವೀಪಗಳು, 쿡제도, Giravên Cook, Ynysow Cook, Insulae de Cook, Bizinga bya Kkuki, Cookeilenj, Isoe Cook, Bisanga bya Kookɛ, Kuko salos, Lutanda lua Kookɛ, Kuka salas, Nosy Kook, Kuki Airani, Кукови Острови, കൂക്ക് ദ്വീപുകള്‍, कुक बेटे, Кук ошмаотывлӓ, ကွတ် ကျွန်းစု, کوک جزایر, Cook Kûn-tó, Cookøyene, कुक टापु, कूक टापू, Cookeilanden, Cookøyane, କୁକ୍ ଆଇସଲ୍ୟାଣ୍ଡ, Кучы сакъадæхтæ, ਕੁੱਕ ਟਾਪੂ, Wyspy Cooka, Ilhas Cook, Inslas Cook, I\inga rya Kuku, Insulele Cook, Острова Кука, Ibirwa bya Kuke, Ìsuli Cook, Cook-sullot, âzûâ Kûku, කුක් දූපත්, Cookove ostrovy, Cookovo otočje, Zvitsuwa zveCook, Jaziiradda Cook, Кукова Острва, Cooköarna, குக் தீவுகள், కుక్ దీవులు, หมู่เกาะคุก, Kapuluang Cook, ʻOtumotu Kuki, Кук утраулары, Kuk Taqim Aralliri, Острови Кука, کک آئلینڈز, Kuk orollari, Quần Đảo Cook, Kapuropod-an Cook, Dunu Kook, Orílẹ́ède Etíokun Kùúkù, 曲克群島, 库克群岛, i-Cook Islands

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