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  • Jan4

    Trekking in Santa Elena Reserve

    January 4 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    Our guide led us on a lively hike through the preserve. As expected, temperatures are lower and there is some misty rain. We learned a lot about the plant life and how the rainforest differs from the forests we see at home.Read more

  • Day147

    Border crossing no. 9: Costa Rica

    February 1 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We left San Juan del Sur at 7am and cycled against strong headwinds to the border to Costa Rica. It's our 9th border crossing (8th by land), so we are getting into a routine.
    Leaving Nicaragua was easy: we paid 1US$ tax to some woman when entering the migration office, then 2$US for some other fee at the lady who checked the passports and got our exit stamp.
    Then we cycled some 300m to the Costa Rican migration and had to wait in line. We used the time to exchange the rest of our Nicaraguan Córdoba into Costa Rican colones. We had to queue for about an hour until it was our turn at migration. (If you pay the right person enough money like some other people did, you can actually skip the line and go directly to the migration desk.) Quick questions about our profession and our first place to stay, then we got our stamps. Next, we had to unload the bikes in order to have our bags scanned. Like in Nicaragua, noone looked at the screen, so it's a totally useless procedure. Then we could load the bikes again and were in Costa Rica.
    In Costa Rica, we passed a long line of trucks waiting to enter Nicaragua. After 5km, I stopped and asked a guy how long it usually takes to cross if you go by truck. He told me they had been waiting since the day before and were hoping to cross tomorrow. He also said that it's all dependent on relationship and you should better have a relative or a friend working at the border to accelerate the process. Hmm, and we thought 1.5 hours was already long... We continued passing the line of trucks which was 12km long in total.
    Even though it was only 1pm, we decided to stop in La Cruz and call it a day. We found a hotel, discovered a well-organized supermarket with Paderborner beer (!), prepared dinner and the central square and enjoyes the sunset view.
    At first impression, Costa Rica seems greener than Nicaragua, people are very friendly and it's more developed (and more expensive) than the Central American countries we visited before. Let's see what is awaiting us here in the next few days.
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  • Day150

    Remote Costa Rica

    February 4 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Carlos and his mother sent us off with a big breakfast of Gallo Pinto (rice & beans), eggs, cheese, ham, tortilla and Costa Rican coffee. Thus, we were ready for a day on the bikes. The first 40km were relatively easy rolling on a paved road. It was cloudy, so not too hot, and not much traffic, so we could enjoy the ride.
    Then the tough part started. We turned right onto a pretty remote road leading to Laguna de Arenal. In order to get there, we had to gain 700m in elevation over 14km. The first half of the road was paved, the second half pretty rocky gravel. After the heat in El Salvador, we thought we couldn't sweat no more, today prooved us wrong. We may as well have had a bath in a lake with our clothes on...
    The lagune area is quite touristy, so once we got there, we noticed some tourist buses and cars with foreigners. The road here was paved again, so the last rolling 30km to Tilarán were a little easier again.
    In Tilarán, we stayed with Cristian and his partner Jose who rent out a spare room as an AirBnB. Cristian welcomed us with homemade lemonade and coffee and cheese and crackers. We could use their kitchen to cook dinner and Jose even took us on a short tour to the Tilarán lookout and the centre of the village. We really enjoyed staying with them and were lucky that we found this place!
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  • Day151

    Green hills to Monteverde

    February 5 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The name Monteverde pretty much describes the landscape we cycled through today: green hills with cow farms and trees. Beautiful views, but one of the most exhausting rides we've had on our trip so far...
    We left Tilarán after Cristian had prepared a big breakfast of Gallo Pinto, eggs, quesadillas, sausage, coffee and watermelon juice. He told us today's ride would be beautiful. We'd have to climb a little, but nothing too steep. The road would be rolling, but without much elevation gain.
    What we learned is that you should never believe a non-cyclist when it comes to elevation! What we experienced today: Tilarán is at an altitude of about 550m, Santa Elena (the town where we are staying tonight) at 1350m (= elevation gain of 800m instead of nothing). Indeed, the road was rolling, in total we climbed over 1700m. However, this was far from easy: on AVERAGE, we climbed at 9%, my computer showed a maximum of 20%! (and this was not only one exception) I'd definitely say that's steep. And as 30km of the road were unpaved and we had strong headwinds most of the time, this was about the maximum we can do with our setup. In Santa Elena, my bike computer showed the lowest average speed we've had so far: over 5hours for 40km, average speed 7.44km/h 😯
    Therefore, we didn't do much once in our hostel: cook, get a beer, enjoy the views, sleep!
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  • Day152

    Awesome downhill ride

    February 6 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Yesterday's climb was totally worth it! After a relaxed breakfast with a view from our hostel terrace, we could enjoy an absolutely epic downhill. A 20km descent on a recently paved road with awesome views and curves, passing some villages surrounded by palmtrees and rivers.
    After the downhill, the road was rolling with steep hills, but we were still thrilled by the downhill, so no problem today 👍
    After almost 40km, we got to the Panamerican highway again. The traffic was aweful, so we took the next turn onto a backroad. No traffic here, just some iguanas which even posed for a photo. On this backroad, we could go almost all the way to El Roble where we were going to meet Alex, our host for the night. We dropped our luggage and decided to visit Puntarenas, a village located on a thin stretch of land, surrounded by the sea. We got a treat and bought some icecream before going for a swim and returning to Alex's.
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  • Day153

    Dream beaches

    February 7 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Beach day today! As Alex left early to film some surfers with his drone, we decided to leave the house with him at 5:45am and have breakfast at the beach to watch the surfers.
    We continued on highway 27, a very busy road with only a limited shoulder, quite scary! And unfortunately no backroad to avoid it. After about 30km, we turned onto the coastal road. Still lots of traffic, but not as bad and more stretches with a shoulder. You can also tell Costa Rica is wealthier than the other Central American countries, we saw more Porsche cars today than in the last 3 months in total.
    We passed some great landscape and nature though: beaches, rainforest, a river with crocodiles in it and even saw a couple of red aras in the trees (unfortunately too high up for a decent photo).
    In Jacó, we stopped to get something to drink. It's a famous holiday town with a nice beach, but also some big hotels. We decided to continue to Esterillos beach in order to go for a swim. Here, we found paradise! A remote beach, only a couple of small hotels hidden in the palmtrees, no people, smooth waves, crystal clear water... We spent some hours to relax and swim. We also met Julio and his family who shared some of their delicious ceviche with us.
    It was hard to leave this perfect beach, but we had to cycle another 20km in order to get to Parrita where we are staying the night.
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  • Day158

    Be aware of the monkies

    February 12 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Today was exploration day. We followed the 245 which led us to the very Southeast of the peninsula. The road was bad gravel, so not much fun with our bikes to cycle. But in general, the area is extremely beautiful and we saw and heard lots of different animals: different types of monkeys, red aras, uncountable birds, spiders, crabs, and a black Jaguarundi (which we googled afterwards). We also passed some remote beaches where we could sit under palmtrees and watch some surfers. Our destination was a waterfall, also advertised as part of the tours. You can get there on your own by hiking for about 20 minutes from the small road. However, when we got there, we only found a dirty puddle and no water from above. So unfortunately, we couldn't swim.
    On the way back, we met an elderly German couple taking photos of some monkeys playing, swinging and chasing each other in the trees. We stopped for a chat and were happy to wear our helmets as the monkeys started throwing coconuts off the tree. Cheeky animals!! Luckily, they missed all of us.
    Back in our room, we were quite exhausted from the ride on the gravel road. So we went to bed early after a good rice salad for dinner.
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  • Jan5

    Crossing Lake Arenal

    January 5 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 77 °F

    Taking a short cut this morning to get to Arenal. The water is super choppy, which is not uncommon here. We are pointed towards the volcano but the view is foggy. We will see it better from town tomorrow, I hope.Read more

  • Jan2

    Pizza with local family

    January 2 in Costa Rica ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    Dinner was homemade pizza with a local family who serve as local hosts. It is part of the community tourism model we are exploring. It also brings in additional income, important now since they list their coffee plants to a fungus.Read more

  • Jan5

    Wind energy

    January 5 in Costa Rica ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    Costa Rica uses renewable energy in the firms of wind, solar, hydro, etc. they are just about at 100% renewable electricity. Use of gas/petroleum is still an issue when we look at all energy needs. Still, it is quite an accomplishment.Read more

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