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Costa Rica

Curious what backpackers do in Costa Rica? Discover travel destinations all over the world of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • A Ficus tree is hidden in the forest and is hard to find. However, you can see a tiny trail leading into the woods which will take you to a hallow tree that you can climb from inside! It reminds a tree from fairy tales and you feel yourself like an elf from the Lord of The Rings. Its a free spot and is perfect for those who is short on budget ( like I was )

  • This is a place for everyone who wants to experience real beauty of Costa Rica with no tourists and fees. Hot springs right next to a small waterfall are hidden in the forest not far from Santa Elena main area. There are two possible ways, a free one and the one where you have to pay 2000 colones (4$) per person to a woman whose property you will cross on your way to the springs. She doesn't speak English, but is very helpful. She has a cute puppy, lots of bills and horses. The view is stunning and you'll enjoy your hike as much as you will swimming in springs. You can also do horseback ride to the springs but we didn't ask her how much it would be. The water in springs is not hot but rather warm and you really feel like you're in heaven, in the middle of nowhere with no tourists and info centers nearby! If you're ever in Monteverde area, just do it!Read more

  • Right in front of the Monteverde Backpackers hostel a tiny coffee shop opens at doors for everyone who wants to sit and relax for a minute. It is a super cozy place which offers many types of coffee for an average price 1000 colones (4$). The staff is very friendly but they barely speak English. Also remember that Costa Rica is popular for its own coffee which they grow, collect and brew right here; and 90% of local coffee shops will always give you local coffee (which is a MUST try in Costa Rica)Read more

  • Heute habe ich ein kleines Paradies auf Erden gefunden. Fernab der Touristenpfade gibt es warme Quellen, in denen man schwimmen kann. Um dorthin zu gelangen, ging es über die Ländereien einer süßen alten Damen. Der Weg führte 30 Minuten durch Wald und Felder und hat mich einfach nur umgehauen. Rings um uns herum grasten die Pferde friedlich, die Kühe muhten und begleitet wurden wir von dem Welpen Rocky. Die untergehende Sonne tauchte alles nochmal in ganz besonderes Licht. Immer wieder blieben wir stehen und bestaunten die Aussicht. An den Quellen angelangt, konnte ich es nicht mehr erwarten ins Wasser zu springen. Das Wasser hatte etwa 30 Grad Celsius und lud zum relaxen und planschen ein. Von den zwei natürlichen Pools aus, hatte man einen fantastischen Blick auf den unmittelbar daneben fließenden Wasserfall. Auch die Geräuschkulisse ließ mich staunen: Das Rauschen des Wasserfalls, das Zwitschern der Vögel und der Wind der durch die Blättern fuhr, machten diesen Ausflug perfekt. Es war wirklich keine Menschenseele vor Ort. Die Quellen sind auch nicht mit im Touristenprogramm enthalten; ein absoluter Geheimtipp also. Wir mussten leider viel zu früh zurück, da es langsam dunkel wurde. Auf dem Rückweg wurden wir noch von einem Regenschauer überrascht, der all die tollen Gerüche noch einmal verstärkte.
    Rocky durfte ich leider nicht mitnehmen, dafür aber all die tollen neuen Erinnerungen an diesen wunderschönen Ort.
    Read more

  • We arrived safely in Playa Hermosa on the Pacific shore of Costa Rica the night before last, after a long (21 hour) but smooth journey. Staying in a little villa with great swimming pool (which Solana doesn't want to get out of!), just a few minutes walk from the beach. We've seen many colourful birds, that we're all enjoying trying to identify. We've also seen some large iguanas, butterflies, a stripy squirrel and some monkeys - great to have so much wildlife on our doorstep. Solana also loved the millipede we found in our villa when we returned from (a delicious seafood) dinner last night - until one of us accidentally stepped on it and she was heartbroken... All in all (millipede aside!), a lovely place to recover from our jet lag and start our adventure.Read more

  • Today started well but turned out not to be the finest of our trip... We went for an early morning walk and saw lots of birds, including at least 9 new species, bringing our bird species total so far to 48. The highlights included toucans, red-lored parrots (a very busy pair - look closely at the photo!), a hawk and, amazingly, a scarlet macaw - very impressive and all worth getting up early for. We then drove to Alajuela, Costa Rica's 2nd city, right next to San Jose airport. I went to at least 6 hotels looking for rooms but found that they were all either full or only had rooms that I wouldn't want my daughter and mother-in-law to have to sleep in (even though they would have been significantly under-budget)! Consequently, we drove back towards the airport for a more reliable source of accommodation. Attracted by the name, we managed to get a room in Hotel Mango, with all 4 of us sleeping in one room. It was already starting to get dark by the time we checked-in but, as the hotel unexpectedly had an outdoor pool, we jumped straight in - it was bloody freezing! On the plus side, the hotel has the added bonus of regular flight departures immediately overhead, to add to the tranquillity... To top the day off, the only places to eat nearby were a fast food chicken joint or an American diner; with reluctance we ventured into the latter and ate an overpriced, too large and unnecessarily sweet meal. Bring back the rice and beans!!! Ah well, the hotel WiFi is free and fast, so at least I can share the experience with you all. Hasta manyana (if we have WiFi at the next lodge).Read more

  • We enjoyed our couple of days in Playa Hermosa, supposedly recovering from our jet lag. We're all still waking pretty early but that is actually turning out to be an advantage, as early morning is a nice time to go out wandering/wildlife spotting before it gets too hot. Temperatures here have been in the early 30s. Solana made a little friend who was in the villa next door to us, a 4-year-old Costa Rican girl called Fatima - they could only understand a bit of what each other was saying but still managed to forge a little friendship. It also made me realise that, although I speak some Spanish, it is not even at the level of a 4-year-old!Read more

  • We're now in the Monteverde area for a few days. Spent the day today in the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve, walking the trails, enjoying the views and spotting wildlife (which is actually more difficult than you might expect in the thick forest!). We saw coatis (a bit like racoons), a pygmy squirrel (very cute but too quick for a photo), some giant millipedes, butterflies and lots of birds. We particularly enjoyed the hummingbirds - could have happily watched them all day. The highlight of the day was seeing the most famous (but often elusive) bird of the area, the resplendent quetzal (the green/blue & red bird in the photo) - it made our day.Read more

  • Yesterday we moved on from Monteverde to Uvita, on the Southern, Pacific, coast of Costa Rica. The journey took about 5 hours but we saw plenty along the way, including vultures and other birds of prey, palm plantations and some massive crocodiles - lots of them! Our accommodation here is nice enough - large room, outside cooking facilities and a small pool - but it is more isolated than we'd expected and quite difficult to get anywhere without a car. Our main reason for coming to this area was to go whale watching but we were informed when we arrived that there are actually no whales here at the moment, so we're a bit gutted about that.... We have ended up hiring a car for a few days, to at least enable us to see some of the surrounding area whilst we're here. Laura is driving and it's an "interesting" driving experience, with only the main roads being made up and most of the minor roads being more like bumpy dirt tracks - plus the idea of road signs does not seem to have caught on here very much at all! This afternoon we went to Cascadas Verde - some waterfalls with pools where you could swim - it was a bit of a treacherous walk down with Solana and she was reluctant to go - but once we got there she loved swimming in the river and didn't want to get out! Afterwards we went for a walk along the beach, which looked and felt very tropical. The temperature here is much higher than in Monteverde - temps in early 30s C.Read more

You might also know this place by the following names:

Republic of Costa Rica, Costa Rica, ኮስታ ሪካ, コスタリカ, 코스타리카, କୋଷ୍ଟା ରିକା, คอสตาริกา, ຄອສຕາລິກາ, កូស្តារីកា, Còsta Rica, Cósta Ríce, Cốt-xta Ri-ca, i-Costa Rica, Khosta Rikha, Kosita Lika, Kositarika, Kosita Rika, Kɔsitarika, Kosta Riika, Kostarika, Kosta Rika, Kɔsta Rika, Kostaríka, Kôsta Rîka, Kosta Rikà, Kosta Rikaa, Kosta Rika nutome, Kostariko, Kostaryka, Kwasta Rika, Orílẹ́ède Kuusita Ríkà, República de Costa Rica, كوستاريكا, کاستاریکا, کۆستاریکا, کوسٹا ریکا, קוסטה ריקה, Κόστα Ρίκα, Костарика, Коста Рика, Коста-Рика, Коста-Рыка, ཀོ་ས྄ཊ་རི་ཀ།, Կոստա-Ռիկա, კოსტა-რიკა, कोष्टारिका, कोस्टारिका, कोस्टारीका, કોસ્ટા રિકા, కోస్టారికా, ಕೊಸ್ಟಾ ರಿಕಾ, கோஸ்டாரிகா, കോസ്റ്ററിക്ക, কোস্টারিকা, ကော့စ်တာရီကာ, 哥斯达黎加