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  • In the highlands of Monteverde we had to use our warm clothes for the first time. Ziplining through this special reserve called cloud forest, with the longest line being over 1km as well as with a big swing at the end, made us feel like Tarzan - or monkeys ;). The various hanging bridges and walkways completed this jungle book experience, making this endless looong and curvy gravel paths to get up there totally worth the journey!Read more

  • From the cloud forest we went back to the seaside to visit the famous national park of Manuel Antonio. Unlike all the monkeys there, spotting the lazy sloths hanging high up in the trees was quite a challenge, but we found their cute sleepy faces eventually. On our way across the country to the caribbean side, we visited Stew and his family in Heredia and had a great time together with these lovely ticos!Read more

  • Although we have already seen some really nice beaches in the past few weeks, the Caribbean side surprised us again with black sand, followed by white catalogue beaches that we explored by bicycle. The small hippie town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca treated us well with relaxing cafés and Bob Marley songs on repeat. On top of this, we had our daily portion of fresh coconut water that we collected ourselves straight from the palm trees :)Read more

  • The capital San José was the last stop of our journey together. The city was a lot bigger than we expected, so we enjoyed strolling around the busy streets, visiting the jade museum, drinking great coffee at a small coffee festival and eating our last "casada", the typical meal of Costa Rica. Nadine headed home now, starting new adventures back in Amsterdam and I am on my way to Peru.

  • Today I made my way further south to Manuel Antonio. I am staying in one of the nicest and most comfortable Hostels ever! The place is called Vista Serena with a fantastic view over the sea... Tomorrow there will be some hiking.

  • The day started with a swim in the rain. A family played in the sand, but I was the only one in the water.

    The Sat farmers market was right outside our motel so we stocked up on avocados, mangos, goat cheese and bread. I'm such a bad haggler.

    A sea turtle preserve patrols the beach all night, so anyone can join the volunteers as they search for turtles laying eggs. They take the eggs to the hatchery for protection until they're ready. For two hours, we walked the beach in the dark while the warm rain came down. We didn't see any turtles but the volunteer taught us Costa Rican slang and showed us other beach creatures.

    There is essentially only one main road through town and on Saturday night, people grab drinks and hang out. One bar had a DJ and I got Rory to dance!

    Montezuma feels like a secret. It hasn't been developed like other parts of the country. This trip keeps getting better.
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  • A beautiful day in sunny and warm Costa Rica. We walked on suspension bridges in the canopy of the rain forest-amazing! We are docked in a fishing village and the warm breezes blowing through the fabrics of the stalls of the street vendors made for a pretty site.
    As the sun sets we are watching a tug that is waiting to lead us out of port.

  • RACHEL HAS ARRIVED!! Along with a huge backpack bigger than ours that we're still helping her get used to! Admittedly it felt like a mini Christmas when she passed on all the goodies from parents - thank you! Safe to say her bag will be lighter on her journey home.

    The 3 of us have spent the last few days in Manuel Antonio, a small town just on the edge of the smallest National Park in Costa Rica of the same name. We walked the 40 minute trail through the park spotting sloths, monkeys, raccoons, birds and then arrived at possibly the most beautiful beach we've seen during our entire trip! Beautiful, yes, however this beach was far from relaxing with groups of monkeys and raccoons prowling the beach seizing any opportunity to steal food/belongings! Through the trees we found another pristine yet empty beach. Wasn't long before we spotted a crocodile swimming around in the sea - maybe this had put everyone off?!

    Tomorrow we are heading to Monteverde for 2 nights of cloud forest, zip lining and a suspended bridge walk. Let's hope Rach can put aside her fear of heights for a day...
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  • We're here in Monteverde! The 6 hour journey we anticipated turned into a loooong day of cooking in overheated public buses, waiting around and miles of bumpy gravel road up into the mountains. This morning we all survived the zip lines AND the Tarzan swing (more scary than it sounds!) and Rach was very brave indeed. Excuse the photo quality, just had GoPro strapped to Tom's helmet which was constantly being rained on - but hope you get the idea and can see how fun it was!

    This evening we're off on a guided night time walk to see all the surrounding wildlife. And tomorrow we're getting a 6am bus to head straight back to beach terrain - withdrawal symptoms are starting to set in!
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  • So we arrived in Costa Rica! Unfortunately our sneaky money saving border crossing plans did NOT work out as expected. Silly gringos that we are ended up straight on the tourist shuttle bus without even realising it... It was a little hairy at times; at one point we were stumbling/falling down a slippery muddy river bank whilst carrying all of our bags, then loaded onto an old rickety boat to cross a muddy river. That was easier than paying a small fee to use the bridge above (apparently!) but we arrived safely and that's the main thing, right?

    The last 3 days have been spent in Puerto Viejo, a small, lazy beach town with plenty of cheap Caribbean food and reggae beats booming on the beach. We have enjoyed lots of 'casado' plates - slow-cooked jerk chicken with rice and beans, salad and fried plantain. Our favourite beach was 'Manzanillo', a 13km bus ride south along the coast to an even more lazy vibe and empty stretches of sand. This morning we visited a local animal rescue centre where injured and orphaned animals are looked after before being released back into the wild. Our favourites were the keel-billed toucan, who'd been illegally kept as a pet and had its tail feathered clipped, and of course the sloths!

    Off to San José tomorrow to brave the big city and retrieve Miss Rachel at the airport!
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