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  • Day18


    June 21 in Croatia

    Although the train was late in the evening arriving, the front of the popular Croatian seaside resort of Split was bustling with bars and restaurants as I made my way to my lovely modernised studio apartment in the old town. What did we do before Google maps? The town reminded me of a very upmarket Blackpool, busy mainly with young people from all over Europe on holiday.

    After a good night’s sleep I set off to find the main attraction of Split - Diocletian’s Palace - built as a retirement home for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the 4th century AD, only to find it was virtually on my doorstep. I enjoyed a guided walking tour of this fascinating place from a somewhat zany guide, who seemed like she had had had too many years on the wacky backy.

    Given the heat again, I headed for the city beach in the afternoon, only a 15 minute walk away and enjoyed a lovely swim in the sea. Two British lads were showing off their sporting prowess in the water - throwing a frisbee to each other while holding a can of lager. Then in the evening off to cross the Adriatic once again, only a bit further north, this time from Split, Croatia to Ancona, Italy.

    Farewell Croatia, it’s been nice getting to know you, even although it’s been all too short.
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  • Day18

    More Zagreb

    June 21 in Croatia

    Did I say what a beautiful city Zagreb was? Had a lovely walk around today again in the warm sunshine. Took in Ban Jelačić Square - the main meeting point; the twin towered Cathedral of the Assumption of our Blessed Virgin Mary - the emblem of the city; the Dolac fruit and vegetable market; the Botanic Gardens; and some of the lovely Art Nouveau buildings that dot the city. Took the world’s shortest passenger cable railway up to the Upper Town and it was even prettier, with its cobbled streets, St Mark’s Church and the Stone Gate.

    Not one for museums when the sun is shining, I couldn’t resist the Museum of Broken Relationships. This very unusual museum was recommended to me by my friend Lorraine Wilson, in her book Facing Forwards, about her 3 month solo train trip round Europe which has been an inspiration for my trip. Well worth a read. The exhibits have been donated by members of the public and each have a short explanation of how it related to the end of a relationship. It was powerful and I was in floods more than once. To console visitors, the attached café offered ‘beers as cold as your ex’s heart.’

    To recover from all that emotion, I treated myself to afternoon tea at the fabulous Esplanade Hotel, built in 1925 to provide top-notch accommodation for passengers on the Orient Express, which made one of its stops at Zagreb. Apparently the locals were shocked at a performance by provocative dancer Josephine Baker in 1929.

    All too soon it was back in the rails and off to the Croatian coastal resort of Split, with beautiful lush scenery all the way. But I loved Zagreb and will be back.
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  • Day53

    Detour to Osijek

    June 27 in Croatia

    Today, we made a detour to Osijek to visit the 4th largest city of Croatia and the economic center of the eastern Croatian region Slavonia.

    Typical slavonic meal is fish soup, so we ate it even though wi would not order it again. :D

    On the way, we crossed the National Park kopâcki rit
    with many wild birds, lakes and forest.

    In the afternoon, it was not so easy to find a bar showing the soccer game today. When we finally found one, the Croatian TV only showed Schweden vs. Mexico!!! So we had to misuse their wifi to stream the German game via proxy server and watch it on the phone. Unfortunately the game wasn'r really worth as you might know... But life is not over and we had Cevapcici, Pleskavica and as desert palatvcinke :)

    As it was raining the whole afternoon and Wi fell off the bike (wet street..) we took a nice apartment tonight! Both, bike and wi are alive.

    Serbia, we are on the way! (wi)
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  • Day32

    Short stay in Croatia

    September 30, 2017 in Croatia

    Heading South, Henrike was a very nice host to us in her beautiful house in Érsekcsanád and gave us time to replace Silkes worn out chain in her garden.
    A result of the dinner before: Peppers can be really really spicy in the country of the peppers and even burn under the fingernails for days...

    After a cold bath in the Danube we went from stronghold to stronghold along the Hungarian-Serbian border greeting Hungarian soldiers with smiles and finally found a crossing to Serbia.
    In Serbia and later that day in Croatia people started to greet and wave us enthusiastically.

    We had an amazing stay at Tanjas & Ivans place in Osijek and there was no end of adventurous cycling stories (among other trips, the two of them cycled almost 2000km within 10 days in the Alps!). We are super grateful for your hospitality!

    Back in Serbia, we continued along the Danube and stopped by at the impressive fortress in Novi Sad for an extended afternoon nap in the sun. Since yesterday, we are in the aspiring city of Belgrade where we're going to spend a few days enjoying Cevapcici, Kajmak and Rakija - well-earned with 2045km on our clock now :)
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  • Day52


    June 26 in Croatia

    Heute sind wir so früh wie noch nie losgeradelt (7.15 Uhr). Es ging die letzten Meter auf der östlichen Seite der Donau entlang, bis wir mit der Fähre nach Mohács (Dort ist im Februar traditionelles Faschingsfest) über setzten.
    Etwas weiter südlich entdeckte Jo am Horizont einen Aussichtsturm auf den er gerne wollte. Vor dem Turm angekommen waren wir verwundert warum er eingezäunt mitten im Maisfeld steht. Jo fuhr noch eine Seite ab um das Ende des Zauns zu finden (es gab keine) währenddessen gesellte sich kurz eine Streife zur wartenden Wi. Ein Blick auf die Karte gab Klarheit: das Maisfeld war ein Zipfel der Grenze zu Kroatien. Den Zaun hat Herr Ader (Ungarns Präsident) im Zuge seiner Null Flüchtlingspolitik für € bauen lassen. Irgendwie traurig!
    Vor dem Grenzübergang stauten sich kilometerlang LKW an LKW. Wir radelten fröhlich vorbei, mussten dann aber auch unsere Pässe rausholen und warten, da Kroatien nicht zum Schengenraum gehört.
    An einem Weinkeller konnten wir dann nicht vorbei fahren. Irgendwie schmeckt dort der Wein, so nah am Weinberg, besonders gut.
    Danach hatten wir nur noch ein paar Meter zu unserem kleinen Campingplatz, den wir ganz alleine nutzen konnten.
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  • Day28

    Elafiti Islands, Dubrovnik

    July 4, 2017 in Croatia

    A cruise today to three islands off the coast of Dubrovnik - Koločep, Lopud and Sipan. All had beautiful beaches and historic remains. We spent most time at Lopud which had lovely restaurants and cafes all along the waterfront. We also got amazing views of Dubrovnik's Old Town from the boat. A taster for the next day's visit to the Old Town. Lunch was served on board - and drinks were provided. It was an enjoyable day.Read more

  • Day19


    July 6, 2017 in Croatia

    Back in Croatia. Spending the night in Trogir just north of Split. Traffic was very intense, couldn't get the GPS to work properly and the GPS voice yelled all the street names at us in Croatian😡but finally found where we are staying.

  • Day27

    Cavtat Croatia

    July 3, 2017 in Croatia

    We are now in Croatia staying at Cavtat, a town about 20km south of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Coast. The town is surrounded by a very pretty harbour that’s bordered by beaches with a backdrop of high green hills, the setting is lovely. There is a wide walkway bordered by palm trees that runs parallel to the sea. The water is a deep blue with patches of green near the edges where the pine trees are reflected. In that beautiful harbour are fishing boats, charter boats, ferries and just a few yachts almost as big as cruiseliners! Alan and I braved the water this afternoon for a was freezing. Once Rozzie saw the looks on our blue faces she opted out! Sitting now on our balcony looking out over the harbour - so peaceful. Tomorrow we are cruising 3 islands off the coast of Dubrovnik and the following day we will explore Dubrovnik.Read more

  • Day29


    July 5, 2017 in Croatia

    Today we walked the wall of Old Town Dubrovnik - enjoyed every step - a little exaggeration, but it was a real pleasure to see and walk this city for the first time. You can't help but feel a sense of awe as you see the beauty of the old town. The white limestone streets, baroque buildings, the ancient city walls that protected its people for centuries, and the endless view of the Adriatic - certainly was worth the over-1000 steps to complete a circuit of this incredible city! We then strolled through the old town and had a delicious lunch at one of the many restaurants there. Caught the cable car up to top of mountain where we got a panoramic view of the walled city. Had to try some traditional Croation cake - twice!! Fabulous day. Tomorrow we pick up our hite car and hit the road to discover more of Croatia.Read more

  • Day21

    Plitvice National Park

    July 8, 2017 in Croatia

    Left Zadar this morning and headed east over the mountains. Countryside became much greener with farming pastures and also rainforest. We have 2 nights up here to visit the World Heritage Plitvice National Park. Arrived about 2.30. Visited the Barac Caves. Croatia has thousands of caves. Amazing stalactites etc.

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Republic of Croatia, Kroatien, Croatia, Kroasië, Krowehyia, ክሮኤሽያ, Croacia, كرواتيا, ܩܪܘܐܛܝܐ, Xorvatiya, Харватыя, Хърватска, Kroasi, ক্রোয়েশিয়া, ཀུརོ་ཤི་ཡ།, Kroatia, Hrvatska, Croàcia, Chorvatsko, Kroatsia nutome, Κροατία, Kroatio, Horvaatia, Kroazia, کرواتیا, Korwasii, Croatie, Croacie, Cravuazie, Kroaasje, An Chróit, ક્રોએશિયા, Kurowaishiya, קרואטיה, क्रोएशिया, Chorwatska, Horvátország, Հորվաթիա, Kroasia, Croasia, Króatía, Croazia, クロアチア共和国, ჰორვატია, Korasia, ក្រូអាស៊ី, ಕ್ರೋಯೇಶಿಯಾ, 크로아티아, کرۆواتیا, Kroati, Хорватия, Kurowesya, Kroatië, Krowasi, ໂຄເອເຊຍ, Kroatija, Horvātija, Хрватска, ക്രൊയേഷ്യ, Kroazja, ခရိုအေးရှား, Kroaitsiya, କ୍ରୋଆଟିଆ, Croasya, Chorwacja, Croassia, کروواسيا, Croácia, Hurwatsuyu, Korowasiya, Croația, Croazzia, Kroasïi, Chorvátsko, Hrvaška, Korweeshiya, Kroacia, குரோசியா, క్రోయేషియా, ประเทศโครเอเชีย, Kroasya, Kuloisia, Hırvatistan, كرودىيە, Хорватія, کروشیا, Crô-a-ti-a (Croatia), Kroasän, Orílẹ́ède Kòróátíà, 克罗地亚, i-Croatia

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