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    Yesterday a month ago I started in Munich. It doesn't seem so long ago, because the days on the bike go around really fast. I was hoping the time is ticking more slowly during my trip, but in things that you do like, the pointer rotates faster.

    After a short break in Trieste / Italy, my route led through Slovenia for a day, then on the Croatian Coast to the border to Montenegro. The route along the coast had properly called grains. It went uphill every day at least for 1000 meters. Up - down, up - down. But at any time I had a wonderful sea view.

    After a two-day break in the Paklenica National Park, I drove a stage within the country. No Tourism at all which was an interesting change.

    Mostly at 5 p.m I kept an eye out for a suitable tent site. Previously, I always had the right nose and had sensational camp spots.

    Shortly before the border to Montenegro, I could set up my tent at Markos place. I contacted him over, a platform for cyclist, who fellow travelers give a place to sleep - for free. He lives in the mountains with a idyllic sea view. Situated on a plateau I could put up my tent. A Swiss couple has lived there for two months and building a hut. So who wants to lead a dropout-life is that an interesting place. At the point I'm not there yet :).

    Still, I just enjoy the feeling of freedom: Not having much and to pitch up the tent at amazing places.

    Now I am heading towards Albania.

    Ride on.

    PS. Unfortunately, my laptop stopped working. Therefore first have to serve the cell phone photos. Hopefully I get it running again :(.
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    Six days ago, I started my journey alone again. My next big goal was Trieste/Italy on the Mediterranean Sea. First I wanted to make a few kilometers and had decided on a route with less uphills. So it took me about 600 km and 4000 meters of climbing to get to Rijeka/Croatia. My path went to Switzerland, back to Austria and several days through Italy. During my trip through Italy I cracked the 1000 km mark since my start in Munich. Yeah!

    At the Italian city of Trieste, which lies on the border to Slovenia, I visited a campground for the first time. There were also two cyclists from England and Lukas from Germany, who has hiked in 1.5 months the Alp Adria Trail. After the days where I was traveling alone, talking to somebody felt pretty good.

    When I camped in the outback, I found super nice places and it was no problem at all. Only in one night I had lain down without my sleeping bag in a park. Half asleep, I heard the collar of a dog strum. I straightened up and a Husky was 10 meters away from me. At first, we both did not know who was afraid of whom. But the Husky turned out to be very peaceful.

    Yesterday I set out in the pouring rain in Trieste/ Italy. Before me were laying 60 km through Slovenia and remaining 20 km to the Mediterranean in Croatia. My mood was good until I changed money at the Croatian border and the total mishap happened. I had forgotten to close my handlebar bag with all my electronics and after a short storm, the bag was completely under water. Fortunately, everything is still working.

     Now I am at a campsite right by the sea. Unfortunately the weather is rainy and the prognosis is not better.

    Today, I will only take a short stage and again consult a campsite to plan my further directions.

    So far, my trip is great fun and it runs just as I imagine it. Only the feeling not seeing my family and friends, is still in my mind.

     Cheers Janosch
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  • After two and half months on the road, what could be more welcome than a luxurious stay in an incredible hotel in Dubrovnik. The valet wasn't quite sure what to do when we asked him to park the tandem in the underground car park! I let him off in the end. Saunas and steam rooms were much appreciated. Thank you Pix for a great wedding present.

  • Some beautiful lightweight cycling across Korčula island (we left the trailer in a hotel for a few days) which was heaven on the knees!
    The sun shone all day, the wind died down a bit and all our wet washing finally dried! Hurrah!!

  • After an exciting journey into Split with some storms and flash flooding, we managed to find a lovely little apartment right in the centre of town and even squeezed the bike up the stairs too!
    I had my first ever Hugo cocktail, my new favourite and dangerously cheap! Beautiful old town and amazing sunset, deceptively tasty looking ice cream (totally gross!) but the local dish of cuttlefish and squid ink risotto was deeeeelicious.Read more

  • Our initial plan was to head south down the coastal road from Split. We made it as far as a lovely campsite in Stobreč before realising the coastal road was in fact an uninviting looking dual carriage way with no hard shoulder and lots of mean looking lorries... So a quick change of plan and back to Split we go for some island hopping instead!

  • A late arrival: Without any clue where to go I arrived in Croatia late at night. Luckily, I met some nice Croatian strangers who offered me a room. Having a typical Croatian night, a lot of beer and meeting all the family. The next day I got a private guided tour through the wonderful waterfalls of the national park in Plitvice.

  • Just like Mohacs, this is also an important battle site, but much much more recently. This city of about 70000 people was under seige for 3 months by enemy forces (specifically their former Yugoslav country folk the Serbs). This started as the Croatian war of independence, and escalated to Bosnia and an ethnic war as much as nationalist.

    To say it was dramatic arriving in Vukovar in the morning is an understatement. Right beside where we docked are the remains of a 6 story hotel that is yet to be repaired after the war. Throughout the town there are many buildings still that are damaged, be it just bullet and shell holes, or worse. The population today is about 20000, as many of those who left before the seige never returned.

    Unemployment in the town is around 45% today, so along with the damaged buildings and empty houses and shops, it is no a thriving town. To illustrate the towns historical significance, it has history dating back to Roman times as an important spot on the route from Asia (Turkey in particular) to Europe, Syrian refugees are today trying to pass through just south of Vukovar.

    We had a nice coffee in the town and watched as the automatic doors of a bank just across from the cafe opened and closed repeatedly revealing bags of money stacked on the floor unattended! Eventually the security guard appeared, but spent most of his time chatting to passers by. If the photo is a bit foggy, it is from the smokers in the cafe. (We put up with it for a good coffee which is rare). You can see the bullet holes still in the walls on the building next to the bank in the other photo.

    Most of the people on the boat took coaches to Novi Sad rather than stay on the ship as we did. They expected to get there 1 or 2 hours before the ship, giving time to tour Novi Sad. However, the Serbian - Croatian border crossing took 2 hours alone as the refugee issue escalates close by.
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  • Packed and headed off with my trusty GPS showing me the way to my next stop in Croatia.Stopped at a petrol station to fill up and have a hot chocolate. No hot chocolate!!!! I'm forced to drink a herbal tea - primrose or something, just horrible. That will teach you to go to Europe and not drink coffee or alcohol😢.

    A guy struck up a where are you off to? Croatia I say, staying overnight at Slavonski Brod. Ohh, I'm a truck driver and know the roads well, you'll be crossing into Bosnia & Herzegovina the border comes up close to Slavonski Brod and the road goes through there. Are you sure? (Up very close to me, gets right face to face, but friendly) Yes, have driven many times before....2 border crossings for you my new Australian friend. Okay thanks, you don't happen to have any more garlic sandwiches by chance? Or have you just eaten them all? I have a look at the map and the border is pretty close, now I'm not really sure any more.

    Hope on bike and head-off. Get to a border crossing, leave Serbia and enter another country. The border crossing says welcome to "Republic of Hrvatska". Great now there's a 3rd country thrown into the mix. Where am I? Did I head in the wrong direction (pretty sure I never saw that on a map!!! Now I've been lost before, wrong house, wrong street, even wrong town, but have never been in the wrong country 😲. I look at my passport...yep the stamp says Hrvatska, is that how they say/spell Herzegovina? It doesn't look remotely like the word Croatia!!! I say to the crossing guard (pretty stern looking guy with tazer and gun) - this might sound funny, but what country am I in? He looks at me, then laughs and says "2nd Australia today making same joke - go people waiting behind you". Great, well at least there's another dumb Aussie wandering around whatever country this is, maybe we can meet up and be lost together. I head off and then stop out of the guard's sight and have a look at Google maps (am a bit worried now, if this is B & H my vodafone roaming won't cover me and this might cost a fortune!!!). Well it says I'm in Croatia...whew, Croatia is called Republica of Hrvatska. It's their country, guess they can call it what they want.

    Got to Slavonski Brod, found the hotel car park, and put the bike up on the side stand. Am still thinking, "the border was the first time language and really given me any issue". Spot the hotel and see three women come out of a hotel room door and walk up towards the reception area. Quick as a flash I'm across the road up the stairs and follow them in and close the door behind me. It didn't look like a normal reception, but it had a bar/counter and a lounge so after shutting the door I just sat and waited my turn. The women then realised I'd followed them in and shut the door behind me. First there were 3 blank stares with jaws sorta hanging loose, then a bit of talking between themselves rising in crescendo, a bit of backing away, then a bit of shouting. I offered to wait my turn to book in, then, hmm, took me a few long seconds to work out that this isn't a hotel. Actually, it's someone's house (that happens to be opposite the hotel car park) and these three women (I'd guess grandmother, mother and daughter) had a bearded bike sitting in the lounge room between them and a closed door leading to safety. Eventually we all managed to work out what had happened, we had a bit of a laugh, and I was on my way to the hotel about 40 or 60 metres up the road. True story - I took a pick of the house (first pic), it looks like a hotel doesn't it? Remember some of the hotels are converted houses - you could have easily you made the same mistake.

    The hotel (Garten) turned out to be a quirky little place with room extensions running off everywhere, a restaurant full of old "stuff" and an exceptionally nice owner who, despite my protestations, gave me a home collected jar of her own honey when I left. She even put up a shade umberella to park my bike under in case it rained. Even the three women waived me good bye in the morning 😆

    Okay..Zargreb next hopefully without any navigation problems.
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  • Today we booked a boat to the island of Hvar not realising it was a 3 hour boat ride away. To say the least both Hazel and I were happy to put our feet on terra-firma in Hvar city.

    Hvar is a lovely little island which is the haunt of the rich and famous as born out by the 100 million pound super yachts and the posh totty in the habour.

    It's well known for its all night parties but unfortunately I am writing this on the top deck of the boat on our way home, although it is 9:20 pm we are unlikely to dock in Split until gone midnight. Hazel has found herself a bean bag and so is riding out the waves while zzz'ing. I am amongst a group of muscle bound americans and a lone ozzie who are resting before the partying starts again in Split, the night is young apprently!Read more