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  • I found an Apple Store in town today as well as a huge shopping centre. Bad news is my phone won't hold much data let alone upload to cloud so I have to email myself my pictures to my laptop and then delete them from my ifone make space. Pain in the ass. When I return to Sk I will by a camera. Ntl I have managed to make some space to take a few shots today. Visited the gothic church of st. Peter & Paul, Green Market square and Freedom Square. Check out the cock clock as it is known here. Rings everyday at 11 but should be at noon and no one can figure out what time it is. It was erected(literally) in 2010 and represents when the swedes invaded in 1645. Every new year it's wrapped in plastic to protect it from fireworks so it looks like a giant condom. Only in Europe!Read more

  • It's about 8:30pm as I am writing this post waiting for Mitch to wake up from a nap. I just took one before him when we came back from our walking tour of Vienna (that we'll write about later) which made us both pretty tired. We're almost back to normal from being sick so that's good news but I think a few more naps after long days of sight seeing should do the trick.

    Anyways, I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Cesky Krumlov. We decided to jump to the Czech Republic after being in Hallstatt since it was closer to get there on the way to Vienna rather than backtrack. Since I'd already been to Prague the most popular Czech city we landed on coming to Cesky Krumlov instead because we'd read that it was a smaller Prague with less tourists and cheaper prices. We'd have to agree on the cheaper prices, Mitch was happy about his beers costing only $1.60! There were still many tourists but definitely less then Prague so Mitch was able to get a good feel for a medieval Czech city which is surrounded by a winding river. The history of the town was interesting, especially seeing the recent communist influence 25 years ago.

    Ok, time to wake Mitch up so we can head to dinner and have a traditional Austrian wiener schnitzel which I'm sure we'll post about next time!
    Read more

  • Well here I am again in another amazing city. I am the only one in my six bed hostel (keeping my fingers crossed) and it is an apartment decorated for a queen. I may actually sleep all night. Brno from what I walked so far this afternoon has lots of culture, history and is the Moravian region. It's gorgeous! I will be here for the next 3 days snooping around and then will decide where to go.

  • What a beautiful sunny day today with a crisp note in the air. Walked the city today but all the churches seemed to be closed. There are 4 churches within .5km of each other here. There are also underground tunnels (labyrinths) which I am too chicken to explore by myself. Apparently the dearly departed who had the plague years ago were exhumed and strange things lurk there. Got a roommate, Yuchin from Taiwan bunking with me tonight and she works for Amazon in Bratislava. Will meet up with her when I go back. We had dinner together at a local beer tavern that was super busy and the beer and food was outstanding. Two beers, gulash with steamed dumplings and gravy and hot peppers with tip $10. No fotos because since I uploaded to iCloud I have no storage in my phone. Really ticked off. Will be purchasing a camera tomorrow if I can find a shop so I can take some pictures. It's a must as the sites here are incredible. Highly recommend Brno as a destination to see.Read more

  • So then I find the John Lennon wall. He was never in the republic but they love him here. Lots of student protests and the wall was painted over several times but the graffiti comes back. There is also some nice graffiti here. So I come around the corner and see two guys and one is sitting suspended in the air-wtf? And right across the street is a Thai place where you put your feet into a fish tank and the tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet-pedicure Thai style-so grotesque but busy. I find the senate buildings and a sign says no guns allowed . And then a park for peacocks. A very odd exit day out of Prague.Read more

  • Last day of touring around today and so much to write. Made it to the KGB museum which in itself was quite the experience. The orator I swear was ex KGB. Factoid-KGB established in 1917, several secret branches of it, ring leader and his armies used cocaine to be better leaders and to bring up the spirits of the army personnel. Convicts had tattoos of Stalin tattooed on their chests so that if they were ever caught they wouldn't be shot due to honor. Stalin is still #1 in Russia. Check out the photos. The guide had really rough English but was over the top in acting out scenarios and me and the two Scots ripped ourselves laughing.Read more

  • Took the 10:30 train to Prague today. It was so smooth at 160km/h. Got here at 1:08 pm and walked an extra 8 km before I found my hostel. Google sucks sometimes. But when I got here and found out I was dead centre of the Charles bridge and all the history I booked another night. I don't think I can see this city in two days; it is absolutely jaw dropping and everybody needs to see it just for the architecture and how amazing the buildings are. This is architectural pornography. Sitting at the wine bar next to my hostel and enjoying a 2012 can franc and 2012 Pinot noir. Going for a night tour after to see what's going on.Read more

  • Started off on my your at 815 this morning. It was really misty and kept the mobs indoors. I had walked 15km by the time I sat down for lunch. My feet were numb. All the roads are cobblestone and there are no lines to show drivers where to drive (hard to walk on the cobblestones). I took the funicular up to the top of Petrin gardens and then meandered back down to town. I stumbled across the Templar restaurant and had lunch-grilled chicken breast with grilled potatoes, gravy, salas, bread,beer and mineral water all go $10 with tip. Inexpensive to eat here . At the top of the castle grapes were grown with one vine up and not spread over wires for a continuous canopy. Very interesting.Read more

  • After a crappy sleep I made way out of Prague by 8:30. Columbian guy came in drunk reeking and sat on the floor for and hour and then he made his way to his top bunk and then snored all night .Spanish girl above me crawled in late and then put her sopping wet jacket on the cabinet next to her I get up this morning with a wet bed and my rubber boots are soaked inside( just bought new insoles), ntl I was choked. Made it to Olomouc, which is in the Moravian wine region and very mountainous. The hostel was easy to find and the staff said I had the room to myself for two nights. Yippee I can sleep. Will be here until the 30th exploring and then will head towards Vienna, Austria. There is an astronomical clock here as well as Prague that was built on the 15th century so I will check that out tomorrow. I took a photo of the one in Prague on my way out this morning. Good grocery store around the corner. Bought two bottles of wine, breakfast and dinner stuff for $13. A Moravian cab franc 2009 and Bulgarian cab sav merlot 2010-price of both wines $6. So cheap. The franc is scrumptious.Read more

  • Left Prague this morning, but it won't be the last time. Picked up a rental car, and made an easy exit out of the town onto the motorway to CK. Prague has lots of public transport, but still has traffic jams, as we discovered the previous day when we took a taxi to view the Dancing Buildings. This morning our driver avoided the heavy traffic jams by going into an underground carpark (collecting a ticket going in) and immediately exiting out the other side thus cutting 4 minutes off the trip he told us! Prague has just taken a record off the Italians, it now has the longest urban tunnel in Europe opened just last week (just over 10 km long).

    Great motorway that once out of the city seemed to have no speed limit, though Janine was holding the GPS and kept telling me it was 130. At one stage we drove for 15 minutes at 130 kph and no one got hurt. The car is a diesel Golf with an engine that cuts out everytime you stop, but immediately starts once you put your for on the accelerator again. You must drive with your lights on here. Only jumped one red light, well really just got a head start on the others around me, no damage.

    CK appears to us to be busy, but we suspect it was really a fairly slow day for tourism here. Big weekend in Czech Republic, St Wencesles Day, so a long weekend. We heard plenty of stories about him in Prague and all good. Pity his brother didn't inherit some of the good genes. He had a poor guy tossed off the Charles Bridge, and for that he (the deceased) got made Patron Saint of Bridges. Some consolation.

    Got to CK about 1.00, checkled in to Pension and walked into town, only 5 minutes. Another stunning town, so hope we don't get too fussy about what rates as worth looking out now.

    An essential item for all travellers now appears to be a self stick. They are an example of modern commerce and trade. Most likely made in China, they are mainly purchased by Chinese tourists to take photos of themselves at a particular spot just to prove to their workmates back in the self stick factory that they were indeed in that famous tourist spot recently. Now would be a good time to be visiting China, as no one will be home, they're all here.

    Photo sitting in cafe about 6.00 tonight, wine time, but they don't make good wine generally, and they like potatoes a lot.
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