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  • Day10

    Testing border crossing in Corona times

    June 8 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    After some days rest with birthday celebrations we started our next stretch this morning. As the German - Czech border opened last week, we decided to test border crossing in Corona times on our way to Bavaria.
    So we cycled through the "Oberland" region towards the border. Before crossing, we had a lunch stop at the spring of the river Spree in a small town called Ebersbach. Afterwards, we headed straight to the Czech Republic. No border, no controls - exactly as it should be in the Schengen area :)
    The following 60km of riding were absolutely beautiful. We rode through Bohemian Switzerland with forests and valleys, saw cows with giant horns, and arrived at river Elbe. We crossed the river by ferry to get to the bike path on the other side and continued to Tetschen where we found a centrally located campground. After a shower and dinner we went for a walk to explore this interesting town. There were lots of really cool old buildings right next to ugly buildings from the 70s. We also saw many young people in the streets and parks - a bit of a difference compared to the last towns and villages we passed.
    What Corona is concerned, the Czechs seem to be relatively relaxed. They wear face masks in the supermarkets, but are pretty bad in handling the masks - same as us Germans 😉 People sit in bars and restaurants without masks and don't even wear it when entering a bar or ordering. Next to our campground, a fair with rides visited by quite some people was on as well - so this doesn't seem to be a problem either.
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  • Day12

    The center of Europe

    June 10 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    It had rained all night, but luckily stopped when we got up in the morning. We got ready, packed the wet tent and went off along river Eger. The Czech bike pathes were quite challenging again, up and down, through mud, puddles and up on grass. Pretty beautiful nature, but totally exhausting and only slow progress.
    We therefore decided to have a second breakfast in Karlsbad, a picturesque city with nice buildings. Meanwhile, it had started to rain again, so it was pretty cold and we were all wet. Also, the city didn't look that nice with a grey background.
    We continued along the river. The path was still muddy, but almost flat and not too many puddles, so progress was ok. We passed some really remote areas and saw some cool castles. As it didn't stop raining all day and everything was wet and muddy, we decided to stay in a hut instead of the tent. It was pretty simple and "old-school", but at least dry. And we met some very nice visitors at the campground. The guys were very happy to meet us totally crazy roadbikers, as this gives them something to talk about for a month. They also made us try local rum and becherovka and taught us some basic Czech vocabulary. It was difficult to leave the guys who wanted us to try more Czech schnaps - could have been really dangerous 😂
    When planning the route for the next day, the guys also recommended to pass by the geographic centre of Europe (depending on the definition). But as we found out it's on a higher hill, we decided to skip this but have an easier day instead.
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  • Day19

    Last day in Prague

    February 19 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 3 °C

    Well I can't believe I have been here already for 2 days ..... it's gone so fast.

    This city is incredible. The architecture is like a masterpiece on ever corner, waking under arches and over bridges that have been there for hundreds of years. The colour and the vibrancy of the place makes you feel alive right from entering the city. From street performers to smoked sausage and ham on the streets to legends and myths at every corner.

    It has been an incredible experience and one which I will absolutely be coming back to experience again.
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  • Day28

    Traditional folklore evening

    June 26 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    The start of the day wasn't too good. It rained half of the night, so we didn't sleep to well. At 7:15am it stopped raining and we had a 1 hour window to get ready, pack up our stuff and have breakfast (standing). Then the rain started again. We decided to have a coffee to wait it out and left when it stopped again at 9.
    The first part of our ride was difficult as well, all headwinds and lots of puddles on the bike trails and roads. At some stage, we followed a smaller path. But the mud stuck to the tires, so they wouldn't roll anymore. We had to clean it up as much as possible and push the bikes to the next road.
    Luckily, things got better afterwards. The wind turned more to Southern direction which even pushed us a little. The bike path then led along a canal and was paved, so no more mud and only a few puddles now. We saw lots of people relaxing on houseboats on the canal. The region and scenery reminded us of the Netherlands.
    At about 5pm, we arrived in Zlin, our destination for the night. We still had some time before our warmshowers host expected us, so tried some icecream. The Czechs love icecream, you see small shops all around.
    When we arrived at Ondrej's, he gave us a warm welcome. At night, he was going to play a concert with his traditional Moravian folklore band and invited us to come and watch. We cooked up some pasta and then headed to the bar. The concert was really cool. The music was different, but we enjoyed it. They played mainly happy songs and the other people in the bar danced and sang along.
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  • Day25

    Iron Curtain Trail

    June 23 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Breakfast at the lake watching the ducks on the water - what a great start into the day. Today, we cycled on the Iron Curtain Trail, a European bike path from Finland to the Black Sea. The part we rode follows old military roads along the Czech-Austrian border. Thanks to Schengen, we could cross the border 4x today without any checks. The main things we noticed was that signs change and the road in the Czech Republic was usually worse than on the Austrian side.
    The trail in general was beautiful and interesting at the same time. We passed bunkers and museums related to the Cold War and rode on remote roads and forest paths.
    We had our lunch stop in Slavonice. The town seems to be a cycling mekka, so many other cyclists... Many came from nearby Austria, easily recognizable because of their ebikes.
    In the afternoon, we passed a lot of agricultural land. Also, Herbert had tried to plan a short cut again. This was actually quite an adventurous part of a trail, mainly characterized by mud, high grass and rocks 😏 But we made it 👍
    Our day ended in Bitov, a campground next to Thaya river where it flows through an impressive gorge. We decided to go for a Czech meal for dinner. The chef recommended a duck and a beef dish which we really enjoyed. Of course, we also had a beer with it, it cost a third of the coffee we had in Slavonice 🤷‍♀️
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  • Day18

    First day in Prague

    February 18 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    After my overnight journey to Prague I arrives at 8am. I wasn't able to check into my hostel so dumped my bag there and went for a free walking tour.

    This city is incredible. I feel like I'm back in a main spot again.

    Really is something special there.

    Can't wait to go exploring again tomorrow
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  • Day11

    Adventurous Czech bike pathes

    June 9 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    After breakfast at our camp, we left for another day of cycling in Czech Republic. It started with some 25km along the Elbe bike path. For the first time in ages, we had tail winds, so we could go at a decent speed.
    The second part of today's route was quite dull. We had to cycle on some roads and passed average Czech cities.
    The last 50km were kind of adventurous. Komoot (our routing app) sent us on MTB trails with partly 20% elevation gain. Maybe fun on some nice mountain bike, but not that much on our heavily loaded touring bikes. Nevertheless, we could enjoy the views over coal mining sites. After some more interesting and difficult-to-find bike paths through grass or mud, we arrived at our campsite next to river "Eger" where we are the only guests.
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  • Day24

    A beer in Budweis

    June 22 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Finally it was sunny when we woke up! This makes it a lot easier to start. The first part of the route was quite hilly: up and down on forest trails, so we only made slow progress. Especially with tired legs after a long day yesterday. However, we enjoyed the nature and watched the animals along the way. Can you spot the deer hidden in the grass in the first photo? Looks pretty cute when you can just see the ears 😉
    At lunchtime, we stopped in Budweis. What a nice city! Very green, 2 rivers (Moldau and Maltsch), beautiful buildings and lots of young people. Even though it was early, we also had a beer. And as we are in Czech Republic, we were not the only ones drinking beer at noon.
    In order to get to our campsite for the night, Herbert wanted to skip some meters of positive elevation by following a little stream. But after a lot of rain over the past few weeks, half of the stream was running down the trail, so it was wet and muddy. This was definitely harder to climb than the road!
    The last section passed many small lakes and through a remote forest until we arrived at a bigger lake where we set up our camp for the night.
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  • Day29

    Entering the Tatra Mountains

    June 27 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    For today, we had planned a shorter trip. This gave us some time to have breakfast with Ondrej and share some bike touring experiences as well as information about our cultures. In general, we missed these conversations in the Czech Republic due to a language barrier. Our Czech is basically non-existent, so when people addressed in a friendly away (probably) asking about our trip, we had to admit we don't understand anything. Unfortunately, they usually didn't speak English or German either.
    Anyways, we hit the road after breakfast and started straight away with some climbing. The Eastern part of the Czech Republic is quite hilly and reminded us of the Bavarian lower Alps. The mountains are part of the Tatra region which belong to the Carpatian Mountains.
    The second part of the route followed a river. It was steady, but really easy climbing, so we arrived at our campsite before 3pm already. This gave us some time to do laundry, relax and have a last beer.
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  • Day23

    Go Czech again

    June 21 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    When we woke up this morning and looked at the rain radar, we were sure, we would get pretty wet pretty soon. However, we still went on the bikes to get at least some kilometres in.
    The first part of today's section went along river Danube, so this was easy rolling. Then we headed into a hilly region East rather than following the Danube. The new bike path was an old railway, so climbing was relatively smooth. Around noon, we had to stop for something to drink as it had started to rain. Luckily, it didn't go for long, so we could continue after about an hour.
    For some reason, we always missed the rain. We cycled on very wet roads and were surrounded by a dark grey sky most of the time, but stayed dry.
    Climbs got harder the closer we got to the Czech border again. The elevation gain up to Waldkirchen was 14%. We were hoping for a bakery, but everything was closed. So we just ate a whole cake we had carried for an emergency.
    Afterwards, we continued our trip, crossed the Czech border and started looking for some accommodation. This wasn't easy this time: most smaller guesthouses were closed, the bigger ones fully booked and the campground closes. In the end, we found a small apartment to spend the night.
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