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  • Day53

    Prague - last day

    July 29, 2017 in Czech Republic

    The train ride to Karlstejn was a good way to get more views of Prague as we crossed the River and then some outer suburbs before the scenery changed to beautiful green countryside. It was about a 30-40 minute walk to the main entry of the Karlstejn Castle, however, if you stop at all the stalls and souvenir shops along the way, it could stretch to about 1 hour. There are different tours you can do at the castle or you can just wander around the areas where you are allowed free entry. We did the "private and representative halls of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV" - a mouthful but it was a good tour.
    Tomorrow we fly to Frankfurt where we pick up a hire car for about a month as we tour through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia before heading to Milan to drop off the car and catch a train to Venice for 5 days.
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  • Day49


    July 25, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is divided by the Vltava River. Nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” it's known for its Old Town Square, the heart of its historic core, with colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval Astronomical Clock, which gives an animated hourly show. Unfortunately the clock is being renovated so you could only see part of it. We walked A LOT today from Cech Bridge up to Letná Park where we got great views of Prague and where Hanavský Pavilion, a gorgeous building is located which was originally built for the National Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 and later moved to the park. On to the Prague Palace (Prazsky Hrad) - amazing!! Dates back from the 9th century. It is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic. The castle was a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia.
    We then walked back down with a quick stop to sample the famous trdelnik, described as a kind of spit cake made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix and filled with either nutella and ice cream or fruit salad and ice cream. Delicious but once is enough! Then on to the Charles Bridge, the most famous of Prague's bridges. It is lined with statues of Catholic saints as well as lots of artists - selling their work and/or drawing portraits for those who stop. Great views from the bridge too if you are lucky enough to get a spot to take a photo. We then walked to Wenceslas Square. It has changed a lot since we were there 3 years ago. The main change is that the trams no longer drive along the Square. It has become a mall. Two of the old trams have been turned into a cafe in the Square which I like because it adds a little charm in amongst the many fashion and souvenir stores along the Square. If that wasn't enough in one day we moved accommodation at about 9pm! Today is a rest day 😩
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  • Day14

    Lovely Prague

    September 12, 2017 in Czech Republic

    After spending one and a half day of sightseeing in Prague, we are both really impressed how gorgeous this city is - especially all the alleys with their old buildings and cobbled stone streets. Some of the sights we visited were the old town, the jewish quarter, the historic Charles bridge, and the Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathredal.
    Leaving this beautiful city behind us we continued cycling South - cresting again one mountain after another (yes, this part of Czechia is quite hilly).
    Right now we're at Matt's home in Sedlčany who is already our third Warmshowers host (we fell in love with the hospitality of the Warmshowers hosts!). Matt is British and teaches English at a local school. This morning we're visiting one of his classes to talk with his Czech students about our trip and everything that might interest them about us and Germany. Looking really forward to this experience! :)
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  • Day51

    Prague -day trip

    July 27, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Today we went on a tour to Kutná Hora 70km from Prague), a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site which gained its wealth thanks to its prosperous silver mines and became the second most important town in the Kingdom of Bohemia after Prague. It has hundreds of medieval and Baroque buildings including the former central royal mint, the interior of The Cathedral of St Barbara and the nearby Ossuary which is famous for its elaborate (bizarre) decorations made of more than 40,000 human bones! The outside of The Cathedral of St Barbara is even more outstanding than the inside with its Gothic architecture. Hopefully the photo will capture it. Although this is the second time Alan and I have seen the "Church of bones"/Ossuary/the Church of All Saints, I am still not sure what I think of it! It's one of those experiences where you can't quite come to terms with what it is but would not want to miss out on seeing it for yourself! Included in the tour was a 3-course traditional Czech lunch in an old Bohemian tavern. Czechs do like their cabbage! I DO like their apple strudel 😉Read more

  • Day51

    Prague - night tour

    July 27, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Our night tour started with a 45-minute tour through the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter and the New Town after which we boarded a boat and embarked on a 3-hour cruise along the Vltava River which included a buffet-style dinner and welcome shot of Slivovice an alcoholic beverage made from plums - comes in a shot glass and you drink in one gulp - burns in your throat for a few seconds and then leaves a nice warm feeling down to your stomach. It is a digestive aid - you need that for all the cabbage!! The weather was not great but we still had lovely views of Prague.Read more

  • Day52


    July 28, 2017 in Czech Republic

    We have been without Internet for a few days so some late postings.
    Friday 28 July - Relaxing day walking around the Old Town. We walked around the Jewish Quarter then onto the Charles Bridge again and down to the riverbank where there are restaurants, pubs and cafes as well as some lovely parks and interesting artworks and sculptures. Then we just randomly chose laneways and alleys that we had not walked before - nice easy day. Tomorrow is our last day in Prague. We plan to go to Karlstjen Castle making our own way there by train.Read more

  • Day40

    Kutna Hora

    July 27, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Day bus trip to Kutna Hora, a town 70 km outside Prague. First stop was Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church)- qualifies as the creepiest place I've ever visited ( surpasses even the bone catacombs we visited under Paris). Then on to Kutna Hora- UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Originally a silver mine and where the coins where made centuries ago. Also has the beautiful st Barbara Church. She is the saint for silver mining. Back to Prague in the late afternoon for a cruise on the river.Read more

  • Day15

    Discovering Greenways

    September 13, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Greenways is a cycle route connecting Prague with Vienna we got to know from Matt. Thanks for that and the opportunity to talk to your English class - it was a great experience for us!
    We're getting more and more used to the Czech hills, cycled through beautiful forests today and learned about the destruction of Novych Mlynu (Neumühl) where we touched the border to Austria.
    The Greenways took us to a gorgeous lake in Osika where we gonna spend the night - and if we're in a good shape tomorrow, we will crack our first 1000km :-)Read more

  • Day39

    Beautiful Prague, Czech Republic

    July 26, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Arrived in Prague to rain on Monday afternoon but happily is was fine the next day. Crossed the river from the main old town to walk up stairs ( yes many more stairs!) to the castle. This area is a little township and just beautiful with great views down over Prague across the river. The church in the palace area has the most amazing windows. Walked back over the Charles Bridge- has huge statues on either side of the bridge all the way over the bridge. Prague has just so much to see.Read more

  • Day53

    Castle & town Cesky Krumlov

    August 9, 2017 in Czech Republic

    In the morning we did a walking tour of the town and up to the castle. This is the 2nd biggest palace complex in Chez R after Prague Castle. The town and castle here are world heritage listed and wonderfully preserved with frescoes on many of the buildings. Town is on the winding Moldau River with hundreds of people canoeing down- only one way due to the Rapids.

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Czechia, Tschechien, Tsjeggië, Kyɛk Kurokɛse, ቼክ ሪፑብሊክ, Republica Checa, Cecland, جمهورية التشيك, ܬܫܝܟ, República Checa, Çex Respublikası, Чэхія, Република Чехия, Ceki republiki, চেকিয়া, ཅཻག་སྤྱི་མཐུན་རྒྱལ་ཁབ།, Republik Tchek, Češka, Txèquia, Ripublica Cecca, Česko, Czeskô Repùblika, Чешьско, Gweriniaeth Tsiec, Tjekkiet, ཅེཀ་རི་པབ་ལིཀ, Tsɛk repɔblik nutome, Τσεχία, Ĉeĥio, Tšehhi Vabariik, Txekiar Errepublika, جمهوری چک, Ndenndaandi Cek, Tsekin tasavalta, Kekkia, République tchèque, Rèpublica tch·èca, Republiche Ceche, Tsjechje, An tSeic, ચેક રીપબ્લિક, Yn Pobblaght Sheckagh, Jamhuriyar Cak, Češka Republika, צ׳כיה, चेक़ गणतंत्र, Republika Češka, Čěska republika, Csehország, Չեխիայի Հանրապետություն, Republica Tchec, Republik Ceko, Chekia, Tékkland, Repubblica Ceca, チェコ共和国, ჩეხეთის რესპუბლიკა, Jamhuri ya Cheki, Tjekkia, សាធារណរដ្ឋឆេក, ಚೆಕ್ ರಿಪಬ್ಲಿಕ್, 체코공화국, کۆماری چیک, Res publica Bohemica, Tschechesch Republik, Lipubulika ya Ceeka, Tsjechië, Repubbrica Ceca, Repibiki Tsekɛ, ສາທາລະນະລັດເຊັກ, Čekijos Respublika, Ditunga dya Tsheka, Čehija, Repoblikan'i Tseky, Чешка, ചെക്ക് റിപ്പബ്ലിക്, झेक प्रजासत्ताक, Republik Czech, Repubblika Ċeka, ချက် ပြည်ထောင်စု, Republik Czechia, Tsjekkia, Czech Republic, चेख गणतन्त्र, Républyique Tchèque, Republica Chèca, Čeehi, ଚେକ୍ ସାଧାରଣତନ୍ତ୍ର, Чехи, Czechy, Repùblica Ceca, چېک جمهوريت, Chik Suyu, Republica Tscheca, Chexiya, Repubulika ya Ceke, Cehia, Чехия, Ripùbblica Ceca, Čhekkia, Ködörösêse tî Tyêki, Česká republika, Češka republika, Jamhuuriyadda Jek, Republika Çeke, Tjeckien, செக் குடியரசு, చెక్ గణరాజ్యం, สาธารณรัฐเช็ก, Lipapilika Seki, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Чехія, چیک جمہوریہ, Cộng hòa Séc (Czech), Tsyegän, Republika Czeka, טשעכיע, Orílẹ́ède ṣẹ́ẹ́kì, 捷克共和国, i-Czech Republic

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